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Defining ERG Roles and Responsibilities for Success


Defining ERG roles and responsibilities is essential for workplace success. Plus, effective leadership is key to achieving the full benefits of ERGs , including a more inclusive culture, diverse workforce, positive work environment, employee satisfaction and increased retention.

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How To Leverage Learning & Development To Retain Employees


Informal learning is when co-workers observe and practice skills, including mentoring and cross-discipline training. Mature organizations may even put formal support around informal learning, such as a coordinated company-wide mentoring program. Informal learning through peers and mentors also helps employees build their networks.

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Five Signs Your Mentorship Is Working


So you’ve finally found a mentor or a mentee who you think is a great fit. How do you know that your partnership is actually working? And what do you do if you suspect it might be time to find a different mentor or mentee? When mentoring, it’s important to establish one simple guideline off the bat: How often will you meet?

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Grow multicultural leaders with coaching, not just business English

CLO Magazine

HR and L&D leaders will likely begin by considering what role communications coaching and language learning programs can play in helping to meet the development need. Conflicting working styles across diverse teams. Uncertainty around professional etiquette norms. Sameer’s Story.

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3 ways to use storytelling to build resilience

CLO Magazine

He positioned the transformation effort itself as a story, framing the leaders themselves as part heroes, part customer-mentors, and part supporting cast in a sweeping technological epic. Who’s the mentor? First, he carefully crafted a state of the union presentation to deliver to his leadership team. Who is the protagonist? (To

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The Importance of Retaining the High-Potential Employee (aka the HiPo) 

Acorn Labs

A high-potential employee (HiPo) is an individual with the drive, desire and ability to succeed in strategic and senior roles. Yes, you want all employees to work well together. They'll be able to articulate complex ideas, adapt to others' work styles, and advocate for peers. They don't choose their own work.

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Learning Styles for Career Development | ecadema it’s time

Professional Online Learning | ecadema

Identifying your learning style plays a pivotal role in your career growth. Learning style helps you to correlate your professional goals in the fastest and most effective manner possible. Knowing about our learning style prevents our time in learning the strategies which don’t work.