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Create an Old Time Movie Effect with Camtasia Studio 8

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In this tutorial, I’ll discuss ways to gather clips and media to create an old time movie effect. I’ll also show you how to use Camtasia Studio to build and produce your Old Time movie. Here is a sample old time movie made with Camtasia Studio: [link].

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Adobe Captivate 6 Tutorial now available on

Adobe Captivate has announced a new tutorial for Adobe Captivate 6 presented by David Rivers. Here’s one of the movies from the course, where David explains [.]. Rapid Authoring Rapid eLearning Training and Tutorials Whats new "Elearning authoring tools" Adobe Captivate 6 Adobe eLearning Suite captivate training Captivate tutorial rapid elearning

Design Tutorial, Part 1: How to Make Your Own iPad-Inspired Icons (and a Free Template!)


While she doesn’t text, IM, tweet, or blog, her iPad is her go-to tool for web surfing, reading books, playing games, shopping, watching movies, and writing email.

Photeo Development: The Tutorial (Part 3 of 5) by Stephen Haskin and Megan Torrance

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A Photeo is the digital evolution of the movie montage: it supports continuity and engagement by telling a story. In this article and the next two, you get the hands-on tutorial you’ve been asking for, beginning with Articulate Presenter!

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Captivate Widgets Tutorial: Create your first Widget

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We will ignore the ‘Preview’ window and the last part of the skeleton code which is used to pass parameters from the widget to Captivate (we will deal with these sections in the next tutorial). Captivate widgets , widget tutorial , captivate widget documentation.


Instructional Design: The Process – 1

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There have been all types of blend in learning, using all possible avenues from brick-and-mortar classrooms, virtual classrooms, eLearning, digital tutorials, videos, to xAPI tracking all forms of social or informal learning. Does the smell of fresh popcorns trigger a movie time memory?

Captivate 4 tutorials

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Captivate 4 , Captivate tutorials. Late last year, I had blogged about a set of Captivate 3 tutorials on the Adobe website. Also on the Adobe website are a set of video tutorials on Captivate 4 basics (some of these are present in the product itself). These Captivate movies can be accessed here: Adobe Captivate workspace. These were specifically crated for the education industry and most of our readers have found them very useful.

How to Make a Video Presentation in PowerPoint in 5 Easy Steps

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Apart from images, you can impress your audience with interactive quizzes, YouTube and Vimeo videos, Web objects and Flash movies just using the toolbar in your PowerPoint. eLearning Tools For DigitalChalk Users Online Training Software Tips and Tricks Tutorials Learning Management System

7 Technical Tips for Creating Video Lectures

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With the vast array of free and paid software solutions for creating recording tutorials, screencasts and video lectures, it’s easy to get out of your depth and start making the wrong choices. Create engaging educational videos with no hassle or specific training?

Attributing Derivative Works in your eLearning Courses


Having read so many Stephen King, Sydney Sheldon, Nora Roberts and many others, I feel a sense of déjà vu when I see a derivative movie based on the novel. Many times, the author of the book on which the movie is based is never mentioned.

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Draw and Talk Over Your Images to Communicate Clearer

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Narration is common in movies and storybooks, but it’s also proven to be a great tool in academics and business. Have you ever watched your local weather reporter draw a weather pattern on the screen? Or a sportscaster draw on-screen to analyze a sports play?

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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Looking to develop interactive training and support videos, flawless screen capturing for tutorials, etc.?

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Top 10 Screen Recording Software for Windows

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They can be used to: demonstrate processes step-by-step in a tutorial. The ability to make a screencast video can also be used to showcase your creativity when playing games like Minecraft and recreating scenes from movies and/or filming music videos in simulation games like The Sims.

Dev Team Highlights from 2014


This allows sellers to offer a short video, much like a movie trailer or commercial, informing learners about the course. You can search for relevant topics, browse through FAQs, watch video tutorials, or easily access contact information and social media for our team.

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Are Your Video Transitions Helping or Hurting?

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Doing a home repair tutorial and literally waiting for the paint to dry? I would stay away from fade to black transitions in narrative “movies” or short films you produce. Think about the movies and TV shows you watch–they rarely, if ever, do a fade to black transition.

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Free images and a great storytelling technique for eLearning


You don’t need a blockbuster movie budget to incorporate some cool techniques from movies. In fact, a lot of what I learn from movies and TV is more about storytelling than special effects. I’ve created a video tutorial on how to use a single image to create a scene here.

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Congratulations ScreenChamps!

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Backyard FX FINALE Sword Stab Tutorial. Teach viewers how to recreate popular digital effects from their favorite movies, TV shows, and videogames. Worked well as a teaser, which could lead to a more in-depth tutorial. Introducing.our 2011 ScreenChamps!

Product Review – Articulate Storyline 2

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Tutorials when opening the product – Good, but. Tutorials and Help that in order to use you have to be online. Upon entering Storyline 2, you are immediately provided with a few options on the left side of the screen, tutorials in the middle of the screen. .

New version of Camtasia for Mac bends time and space

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Watch tutorials: Clip speed | Remove a color. So you're watching a movie and there's a scene where the clouds are racing overhead at an impossible rate.and cars are streaming along the freeway like a solid river of light.

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Ten Ways to Use Video in the Classroom

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Streamline group projects by having students create videos and then have a movie screening day rather than stand-and-deliver presentations. Record tutorial videos of how-to basics and spend your time with teachers working out implementation in the classroom.

My First 72 hours with the Blackberry Playbook

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This is why I was very pleasantly surprised when I tapped the Help app and found loads of video tutorials for many of the applications included.

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Four Essential Tips for the Rapid E-Learning Pro

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With a rapid elearning tool, you’re using PowerPoint’s easy authoring environment to create Flash movies. A key is to see each slide (which becomes a Flash movie) as a piece of information. A good way to learn more is to find some illustrated images that come with tutorials.

The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 1


It’s also popular enough that there are also a lot of tutorials on webpages and on YouTube to help you learn how to use it to handle most basic audio editing tasks. Deciding to embrace eLearning for your employee training has become a no-brainer nowadays.

ET and E-Learning

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Well, if you thought that was what I was referring to, then you have the wrong blog – I think the movies section is somewhere over there — ET in this case refers to emerging technology. When you think of that word what comes to mind?

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Become Better at Screencasting: Tips from Anton Bollen

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He had already been an intern for a few years, and was deep in the middle of our tutorial creation process. I had the privilege to continue to work with him over the next several years, continuing as an intern and then as he joined full time to create tutorial videos.

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PowerPoint 2007: Insert YouTube Videos

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Click here  for a good tutorial. Locate Movie and paste in the URL for the video you would like to use.

10 Tips to Help You Get Started

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When I first pick up a video camera, I don’t expect to create Hollywood movies. Learn more: If you’re an Articulate user, there are two good books and the user community with hundreds of tutorials and thousands of active members.

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Three Time-Saving Rapid E-Learning Tips

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Check out the tutorial below. Click here to view the PowerPoint tutorial. To learn more check out the tutorial below. Click here to view the tutorial. Click here to view the tutorial.

eLearning Weekly » Teacher Training Videos

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Let Others Inspire Your Interactive E-Learning. Here’s How.

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It’s a lot easier dissecting a 30 second commercial than a 2 hour movie. Click here to view the tutorial. Many people are stuck in the world of linear, click-and-read content. Sometimes it’s because that’s all the organization wants.

The Corporate University Shift: Why Great Companies Invest in Custom Learning


From Google to Zappos, corporate universities have taken on more meaning than just an afternoon of mandatory video tutorials. The workplace culture is such that Pixar management hopes to keep employees around for 25 years (and another few decades of amazing movies).

Thoughts about the first eLearning Guild Academy offering and my sad life ; )

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I was at the end of a heavy travel schedule – 40 nights away from home in the past three months – and this movie was one I wouldn’t expect my husband would want to watch with me. Maybe a couple hours of video tutorials is good enough for you.

Over 75 Free Rapid E-Learning Resources

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Also, here’s a link to the 200 free rapid elearning tutorials I posted a while back. Screenr : free screencasting tool; great for tutorials and simple software demos. Windows Live Movie Maker : free and simple-to-use video editor. Here’s a tutorial.

Psst. You wanna buy some features?

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Video and movie streaming (basically video streaming is growing). Training – common includes online webinars, walkthroughs and tutorials, sadly sometimes vendors charge for online support. LMS vendors are continuing to add some very unique features in an effort to set themselves apart from the competition. These expand past the standard feature sets, which I call 90/10.