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Artificial Intelligence: Value-add


What if your platform knew your learners’ preferred learning style and medium automatically? Surely, having a digital learning platform completely driven by AI is the key to freeing up L&D admins from day-to-day repetitive tasks and giving them the freedom to strategically implement and achieve organizational objectives. Imagine having a Learning Experience Platform (LEP) that can read and listen to every learning item it is connected with.

The Docebo Discovery Lab: Building A Smarter Learning Platform with Artificial Intelligence


Docebo has evolved from a top-notch cloud-based learning management system (LMS) to an AI-Powered enterprise learning platform that combines a core LMS (Docebo Learn) with social learning ( Coach & Share ), and external training ( Extended Enterprise ) to produce a holistic and comprehensive, learner-centric approach to learning. Building a Smarter Platform with Artificial Intelligence . Innovating the Core Platform.


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Social Learning for Associations: What to Expect in a Modern LMS

Talented Learning

Increasingly, we see member-based organizations investing in association-wide community platforms like Higher Logic and then later integrating it with an LMS. But it’s part of our 2018 product roadmap because our target audience…wants to be engaged, and they want to control that engagement through social capabilities.” Content tagging and following functions, for easy content categorization, retrieval and lifelong learning. Social learning.

Say Hello to Artificial Intelligence-Powered Enterprise Learning, The Docebo Way


release unveils the first steps along its path to becoming an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform for learning. And while the goal has always been to deliver the best possible learning platform equipped with the best possible technology, it’s right now that the company’s vision for the future of learning, borne from the mind of its CEO, truly comes to life. release initiates a seismic shift in enterprise learning with Artificial Intelligence (AI) functionalities.

Elevate Social Learning With AI-Powered Invite-To-Watch


Be Mindful of The ‘Bad Tagging’ Trap. Properly tagging learning content is absolutely crucial to making it discoverable within your learning platform, and is particularly important for content derived from social or experiential means. Better yet, imagine how much time you’d saved as an L&D admin and how much more effective your tagging would be if you didn’t have to do it manually!

The ultimate guide to personalized and adaptive learning


Personalized and adaptive learning are two of the hottest trends in L&D and they’re here to stay. 2018 results: Don Taylor’s Global Sentiment Survey. You can do this with focus groups or by tagging a quick survey onto the back of each piece of content. Look for authoring platforms that make iterative design, editing and re-releasing super easy so you can act on what you discover.

Is E-Learning Possible Without Learning Management System?

Your Training Edge

It is software that enables you with an online platform for delivering learning material and managing all the movements through numerous tools. E-Learning Trends. Let’s have a look at some eLearning trends that leads to the end of LMS. By offering customized learning paths based on the feedback of previous courses, by tagging learning material and by creating smart courses, adaptive learning is trending high and broad.

The Role of Technology in Digital Publishing


To simplify, technology in an eBook or digital publishing business can be broken down into three components – content, devices, and platforms. Also read: Top Trends Higher Education Textbook Publishers Must Follow. While large vendors like Hurix , Aptara , Manipal can enable trade publishers with anything from typesetting to XML tagging to book apps, most of the publishers use the services only for page conversions. million units in 2018.

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