A Primer for 2014 ASTD International Conference and Expo eLearning Attendees

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Tips for the 2014 ASTD-ICE and a Peek at WCW’s Design Manifesto Session. Now that spring has finally sprung, my excitement for the 2014 American Society of Training and Development International Conference and Exposition (ASTD-ICE) on May 4–7 in Washington D.C

Here’s How to Convert Click & Read to Interactive E-Learning

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One of the most frequent questions I get is how to convert linear, click-and-read courses to something more interactive. October 17 : Bloomington, IL ( CIC-ASTD ). October 23: Milwaukee, WI ( SEWI-ASTD ). October 24 : Milwaukee, WI ( SEWI-ASTD ).


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Talking eLearning ROI

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The SWOT analysis, business objectives, strategies, market analysis , and price projections must then be converted into a multi-year financial projection for your eLearning initiative. Are you an eLearning expert with an excellent idea for a new initiative or online education program?

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ASTD Follow-Up

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Last week at ASTD TechKnowledge , I did a keynote on Work Literacy and eLearning 2.0, Is there a simple way to convert info from a blog into an existing training program, such as a new employee orientation (so you can edit and update the orientation program as you discover things that need to be covered from your new employee's blogs)? an online Q&A Session for the Virtual Conference and a session on using Web 2.0 Tools for eLearning.

The Next Generation of E-Learning

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Any slide you create in Storyline (or import from PowerPoint) can be quickly converted to a drag & drop interaction. Learn how easy it is to convert any slide to a drag & drop interaction. I’ve even converted a few of the free PowerPoint templates to Storyline templates.


A Simple PowerPoint Technique to Make Your E-Learning Courses Look Good

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But it will help you quickly convert existing slides that may be a bit sloppy and inconsistent into something that looks better and is intentional in its design. July 18: Knoxville, TN ( Smoky Mountain ASTD ). July 25: Portland, OR (ASTD). July 31: Austin, TX (ASTD).

Here’s a Simple Screencasting Tip That Will Save Time & Frustration

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For example here’s a recent tweet about a free video converter and elearning & training jobs. April 17 : Virginia ( SEVA ASTD ). July 25: Portland, OR (ASTD). July 31: Austin, TX (ASTD). I’ll be in town so the Austin ASTD is hosting a free Articulate jam session.

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Top 7 Myths Of Mobile Learning

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I’d suggest staying away from converting existing elearning courses to mlearning unless you have a strong reason to do so. Identified as one of the barriers to adoption of mobile learning in a recent ASTD research , this is probably the most valid myth on this list.

A Counterpoint to Ruth Clark’s “Why Games Don’t Teach”

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” This was actually the second time she has written an article with the same title… the first appearing on the ASTD Learning & Development blog. In February’s Learning Solutions magazine, Dr. Ruth Clark started quite a buzz.

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How to Create Interactive E-Learning

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It’s simple, but it’s an easy way to convert your click-and-read content to something more interactive. July 18: Knoxville, TN ( Smoky Mountain ASTD ). July 25: Portland, OR (ASTD). July 31: Austin, TX (ASTD). August 15 & 16: Houston, TX ( ASTD Houston ).


8 Things we MUST do in 2013 to seize the potential of mLearning

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Resist the temptation to simply convert your eLearning desktop to HTML5. Here''s a recent Keynote Presentation I delivered for ASTD Houston: [link]. 2012 has been an amazing year for mobile!

How Can Infographics Produce Better E-Learning Courses?

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That’s very similar to what we do when our subject matter expert hands us a 300-slide PowerPoint file to be converted to an elearning course. April 10 : Jacksonville, FL ( NEFL ASTD ). April 17 : Virginia ( SEVA ASTD ). July: Knoxville, TN ( Smoky Mountain ASTD ).


Three Ways That These 70 Rapid E-Learning Tips Will Help You Build Better Courses

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Get more life out of your graphic assets by converting them to silhouettes. August 16 : Atlanta, GA—ASTD: I’ll be doing two sessions, a pre-conference workshop on elearning (3 hours) and the other on elearning graphics. September 15 : Lincoln, NE (ASTD)— Become a Rapid E-Learning Pro.


E-Learning Jargon: What you might think it is.well…

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Some people might convert their PPT to a video (it can be done) OR they have that production facility and shoot their own high quality videos OR they purchase 3rd party content video courses. ASTD now called ATD - Once referred to as Association of Training and Development – a worldwide association for T&D folks, they changed their name to ATD – Association of Talent Development. As many of you are aware the e-learning world is well known for its jargon.

7 Secrets to Getting the Graphics You Need for Rapid E-Learning

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Use Image Filters to Convert Boring Clip Art & Bad Photos. Most graphics editors (and PowerPoint 2010) offer simple filters that help you convert your image. It’s easy enough to take photos in-house and then convert them to silhouettes.

You May Already Own the Tools to Create Simple E-Learning Avatars

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Considering how fast it converts the images to speaking avatars, I’m pretty impressed with the overall quality. Convert Static Images on the Slide: You can also add the image to the slide. September 15 : Lincoln, NE (ASTD)— Become a Rapid E-Learning Pro. $80

Book Review: Mastering Mobile Learning – Chad Udell & Gary Woodill

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This section discusses converting e-learning to m-learning, creating digital publications, and designing for iOS, responsive design, HTML5 based mobile apps, etc. Are you contemplating implementing mobile learning in your organization?Unsure Unsure of how to do it?

Quit Wasting Time Trying to Find the Right Look for Your E-Learning Courses

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The goal is to place the learner in the rain forest so we walk through the process of converting a simple PowerPoint slide to something more immersive. Louis (ASTD). April 10 : Jacksonville, FL ( NEFL ASTD ). April 17 : Virginia ( SEVA ASTD ).

Take A Leap Of Faith With Mobile Learning

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Interestingly, these statistics are only marginally better than those reported by ASTD for the US market in May 2012. This is like the mad rush to convert all ILT training to eLearning that we witnessed a decade ago.

Avoid the Curse of the Frankencourse

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Most rapid elearning tools are like Articulate Presenter and convert PowerPoint slides to Flash (and soon HTML5). July 18: Knoxville, TN ( Smoky Mountain ASTD ). July 25: Portland, OR (ASTD). July 31: Austin, TX (ASTD). I’ll be in town for business so the Austin ASTD is hosting a free Articulate jam session. August 15 & 16: Houston, TX ( ASTD Houston ). October 17 : Bloomington, IL ( CIC-ASTD ).

6 Steps To A Better Mobile Learning Strategy

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Check out this webcast from ASTD covering Qualcomm case studies). We sometimes find organizations trying to convert their existing elearning to mlearning. Mobile learning is a relatively new domain and is rapidly evolving as well, which makes its implementation a not so easy task.

8 Things To Follow While Implementing Blended Learning Via An LMS

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With an LMS, you can convert all your manual assessments into an online format, which will not only make conducting tests and assessments easy for the administrator, but also for the learners to take them online. ASTD ICE 2013 | May 19 – 22 | Dallas, TX, USA | Stand #839.

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Let Others Inspire Your Interactive E-Learning. Here’s How.

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Perhaps you can take one of your linear courses and convert it to an interactive scenario using the same structure and outline as the soldier scenario. Louis (ASTD). April 10 : Jacksonville, FL ( NEFL ASTD ). April 17 : Virginia ( SEVA ASTD ).


Here’s Some Background Information for Your Next E-Learning Course

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As you can see we took what’s a typical looking slide and converted it to one that has more visual appeal. April 10 : Jacksonville, FL ( NEFL ASTD ). April 17 : Virginia ( SEVA ASTD ). October 17 : Bloomington, IL ( CIC-ASTD ).

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Learner Engagement – Are Games the Answer?

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If you read industry journals like “T&D” from ASTD or Associations Now, you’ll see that engagement is hot. So they ask us to “convert” their learning into a game. Everyone is talking about increasing engagement, and many are turning to gamification, social learning networks, and anything else they think will work to increase learner engagement.

Adobe Captivate, TechSmith Camtasia Studio, Articulate Storyline: Production Times

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Assuming you are satisfied with the original PowerPoint content, and you don't need to add additional content (beyond possibly a quiz) in the eLearning tool, the production time for converting PowerPoint to eLearning should be no more than 1 hour of production time for every minute of eLearning playtime. We teach a one-day  class covering that tool through ASTD.

Who Trains the Trainers?


We are looking for ways to convert many of our classroom workshops to online modules. Many organizations like ASTD , Training Magazine , and others offer free webinars you can participate in. Are you someone who has ‘fallen into’ your role?

Free and Open Source Text to Speech Tools for e-Learning


Text reader converts text to speech automatically. SpokenText SpokenText lets you easily convert text in to speech. Record (English, French, Spanish or German) PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint files, and web pages, and convert them to speech automatically.

Do You Have the Skills to Succeed?

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There’s even a generic course on how to take a PowerPoint file and convert that to an elearning course. If you want to build more engaging courses at work, then convert one of the typical courses into something more engaging. April 10 : Jacksonville, FL ( NEFL ASTD ). April 17 : Virginia ( SEVA ASTD ). July: Knoxville, TN ( Smoky Mountain ASTD ). August: Houston, TX ( ASTD Houston ). October 17 : Bloomington, IL ( CIC-ASTD ).


The Designer’s Toolbox

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You don’t hear about tools like these at ASTD meetings and traditional training gatherings. My other objective was to advance my thinking about converting today’s dysfunctional corporations into tomorrow’s lithe value-creating organisms.

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M-Learning 101: I’ll Take My Rapid E-Learning to Go

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Then you’ll need to convert it to a format that plays on the iPad. There’s an iPad preset so all you need to do is click one button and convert the video. Following is the Duarte demo that I converted to video. September 15 : Lincoln, NE (ASTD)— Become a Rapid E-Learning Pro. $80

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3 Simple Ways to Measure the Success of Your E-Learning

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And besides, the rapid elearning tools are so easy to use there’s not much of a difference in production time between creating a job aid and converting a PowerPoint file to Flash. September 15 : Lincoln, NE (ASTD)— Become a Rapid E-Learning Pro. $80

Amy Jo Martin, Thursday Keynote at #ASTDTK14

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These are my live blogged notes from the Thursday morning keynote at ASTD Tech Knowledge in Las Vegas. Access > Connection > Relationship > Affinity > Influence > Conversion (impressions don''t convert, but influence does convert). Curriculum on demand -- some titles: Twitter, FB 101, Social Event Activation, Social Crisis Communication, Measurement and Monetization, Community Management, Converting employees to brand ambassadors.

Do You Know the Answers to These Rapid E-Learning Questions?

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We need to be more intentional when converting from one type of learning experience to another. April 10 : Jacksonville, FL ( NEFL ASTD ). April 17 : Virginia ( SEVA ASTD ). October 17 : Bloomington, IL ( CIC-ASTD ).

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Are You Getting the Most Value Out of Your Rapid E-Learning Tools?

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In a previous post I mentioned that the PowerPoint-to-Flash tools convert your slides to Flash movies. November 4: San Diego, CA (ASTD)— Your Turn to Learn. November 14: Minneapolis, MN (ASTD)—Articulate Workshop: Build Interactive E-Learning…Rapidly.

4 Simple Tips for Recording High-Quality Audio

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We once converted a storage closet into a makeshift recording room. Tidbits: I’m at the ASTD 2009 International Conference & Exposition this week. Good audio is critical to your elearning success.

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