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Our webinar series is all about bringing you helpful eLearning development information—so you can do your job easier and faster.

Geenio Update: Calendar of Assignments, Course Collections and more


It’s been not so long since we’ve released scheduled course assignments back in April , and now we’re introducing the next step to simplify the learning management with the set of new features: the calendar of assignments, collections of courses, new course catalog design and user action log.

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar - Chinese Gender Calculator

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2018 International E-Learning Events to Mark on Your Calendar 


If you want to find out the latest developments and trends in mobile learning, this event should be marked in bold on your calendar. It is the topic they focus on, since every professional needs additional information, training or inspiration in a certain field of the vast e-learning subject.

It Happens. Employees Forget What They’ve Learned

CLO Magazine

According to a January 2017 survey on employee information retention by corporate learning management system provider Bridge by Instructure, 45 percent of employees spend at least 15 minutes per week looking up information that was taught in a company training session.

Mark Your Calendars for The Forge in December plus Ian Oszwald

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Information about The Screencasting Handbook , written by Ian. You can see past episodes and information about The Forge here. It's that time again. Tune in to the next Forge live on December 2 at 2pm EST here on the Visual Lounge Blog. The theme will be all about music and fun!

Bob Mosher Workshop on Informal Learning

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To all of my local Massachusetts colleagues and readers, be sure to put this event on your calendar and then get yourself there! Hope to see you there! ** Mass ISPI Fall 2010 Workshop, O ctober 21 Informal Learning: Are We Missing a HUGE Opportunity? Bob Mosher Global Chief Learning Strategy and Evangelism LearningGuide Solutions Thursday, October 21 7:30 AM-11:30 AM Some research suggests that up to 80 percent of learning in the workplace occurs on an informal basis.

Adobe Learning Summit 2011 – Mark your calendars

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Join leading eLearning designers, developers, trainers, industry experts and Adobe product teams in a collective explosion of information, imagination, and inspiration. The Adobe Learning Summit 2011 registrations are now open. Date - 21st March 2011 Venue – Hilton, Walt Disney world resort, Orlando. We will be co-located with Learning Solutions 2011.

How We Use Social Media for Informal Learning

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Informal learning is an everyday thing. Social media tools are just another platform we use to learn from each-other and find information serendipitously. Other times, they neglect to post mission critical information in the new location.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Sync Google Calendar with Outlook and more with WideLens" (Alex Barnett)

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Clarke | Main | 100,000 iPhone SDK Downloads in First Four Days » March 19, 2008 "Sync Google Calendar with Outlook and more with WideLens" (Alex Barnett) Man, I really WANT this.

Hangout on Implementing Informal Learning this Saturday

Jay Cross

Why isn’t L&D supporting informal learning? Informal learning is important. The CLOs reported “…there is little knowledge about how exactly to support informal learning.”. Informal learning is a top priority in most corporate L&D plans.

Moodle: A fantastic tool for informal learning - and not just “e-learning”

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Along with two of my colleagues at BLP, we showed attendees OUR Moodle site - and attempted to illustrate many of the cool features Moodle provides and how Moodle facilitates informal learning and not just functions as a place to house and track e-learning. 3) Moodle can provide a company-wide calendar of learning events that everyone can see. Moodle is going to be a major help to us in developing employees and fostering informal learning.

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Effective Employee Training in 6 Key Steps [Infographic]


Graphics acknowledgements: Key by il Capitano, clapperboard by Iconfactory Team, megaphone by Gregor Cresnar, checklist by Hans Draiman, calendar by Oksana Latysheva, graph by Shmidt Sergey from Noun Project.

Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Informal Learning at Nick.com

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Nick.com is promoting an active community for kids to share information. technologies, we can be philosophical about the value of informal learning versus formal learning, we can tout the virtues of “collective wisdom” but in the end…none of that matters.

Connect with us in February 2015 – Where will TechSmith be?

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More information about this show is here. They’re also happy to get feedback about events and what information is helpful to you. News & Events TechSmith Events calendar conference Conferences Events February news and events schedule Tradeshows Are you interested in connecting with TechSmith at an upcoming event? Check the list below to see where TechSmith employees will be next month. We’d love to see you! TCEA 2015. February 2-6. Austin, TX.

After the Classroom: What Can You Do to Make Sure New Skills Become Old Hat? [Infographic]


The brain has to weed out useless information for efficiency. Research has demonstrated that if you can reinforce information six times within thirty days, you can retain 90% of the information.

Informal Learning Blog » Marc, Allison, Jay, New York, Free, March 25, 8:30 thru cocktail hour

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Learning is Everybody’s Business

Origin Learning

In this section, we focus on how learning has pervaded every sphere of life in a manner that is informal and social. Learning is happening all the time, and by extremely informal means, in and around the organization especially by the Millennials – the Gen Y, that is.

Integrating Social Learning In The Workplace


One cannot inset social learning in the training calendar and feel happy about it. To transition from a hierarchical to a networked and transparent culture requires a conscious untangling of all the unspoken assumptions and biases that inform the present culture and values.

Forget Me Not So Much

CLO Magazine

Basically, online access via mobile devices is omnipresent and will become more so, leaving humans with constant contact to information in just a few swipes of a screen. Forgetting Information Hurts. It’s an intuitive thought that more training would help employees retain information.

Customer Experience Key to Product Design

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The sheer power of juggling and curating information of over 700 world-leading brands can be equated to the powerful hum of a car engine as you feel the controls in your hands! An integrated calendar is available to show both learning and work schedules.

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Blended Learning is Splendid Learning

Growth Engineering

Social learning functionality lets the learners help each other and it lets the training managers tap into the huge well of informal learning. Classroom events can be managed through the Academy, letting learners book courses they see on their calendar. What is Blended Learning.

Create the best eLearning experience using Paradiso Free LMS


Constantly update information. Create spaces to share information and communicate. Discussion forums: Your students or employees will be motivated to keep researching and sharing the content and information through the forums with the appropriate moderator.

Challenges to Overcome in Mobile Corporate Training

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Information on any subject imaginable is accessible through the touch of a button. Mobile calendars organize life. Mobile devices are now an integral part of daily life far beyond just dialing a number.

eLBX Session Sneak Peek #1

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Is Monday, June 11, 2018 circled on your calendar yet? There’s a great difference in likely outcomes between teaching that supports the process of learning and a well-intended presentation of crisp, attractive, well-organized information.

E-Learning Trends For 2018: From Flux To Focus


In most organizations, L&D teams are happy conducting annual skill gaps, creating training calendars to plug those gaps, delivering the same and other training requirements that come up from business during the year.

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A quick chat!

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This will be an anonymous and informal chat session and you or your organization will not be quoted anywhere. If the answer is yes, write to me at pjaising@adobe.com and we can block our calendar for a fun chat session! I’m looking to have a quick chat with training and eLearning professionals to know about their content creation workflow, challenges, and requirements.

The Future of the LMS

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With the addition of informal learning opportunities, hopefully, learners will stop thinking of the LMS as “the place to go to get to the training&# and start viewing it as “where I can find what I need to know.&# The LMS becomes a true repository for learning, housing job aids, coaching guides, and courses, along side videos created and uploaded by learners and informal wikis run by study groups. LMS/LCMS emerging trends and technologies informal learning LMS Web 2.0

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: My Top Ten Tools for 2009

Learning Visions

Google Reader Its how I stay informed on the latest blog posts and news. Not only is Twitter great for the occasional laugh, but also a great source of information and links. Google Calendar This is the first year I havent had a paper-based engagement calendar, which is weird. My iPod Touch I know that this is a piece of hardware, but it makes learning and recording information on the fly a breeze, at least when theres wireless around.

Getting Started with The eLearning Development Process: A 40-Lesson eCourse

Tim Slade

The goal was to provide information that would be immediately applicable to any eLearning designer starting a new project. Mark your calendars!

Webinar – How to Refer an LMS Client and Get Paid


We will provide all of the information you need to see if someone you know may be interested to learn more about how a LMS solution can help their business. ” If you are new to the LMS industry, we have a lot of great information to help get you started.

Three ways to connect with the Docebo team at ATD 2016


Check out our calendar to reserve a 15-minute customized demo of our learning management system. Here’s how to learn more about Docebo LMS at ATD 2016. Mile-High City, here we come.

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Development Time for Corporate Learning: A Reality Check

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While there is value in seeing this data over time, the authors acknowledge that the research did not gather enough information to answer key questions, such as: Are these estimates for internal developers or vendors? But then you look at her calendar: Friday.

The Top eLearning Conferences to Attend


Mark the date on your calendar and we might see you there! As a major event in the international industry’s calendar, DevLearn brings together a community of experts shaping the future of learning. The LearnUpon team attends every year with it being a major event in our calendar.