How We Use Social Media for Informal Learning

Bottom-Line Performance

Vendors talk about social learning like its something revolutionary, but I’m here to tell you its not. Social media tools are just another platform we use to learn from each-other and find information serendipitously. We’ve found our own niche in the social media solar system… and it takes our team 30ish minutes a week to fully participate. There’s no box to check when learning socially with peers.

Campaign Strategy: How To Build And Monitor Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns


Every business should have a well-designed social media marketing strategy , but the execution of a specific campaign demands a plan of its own. In this post, we will show you six practical ways to build and monitor your social media marketing campaigns.


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Election Day – Using Social Media Campaign Methods to Enhance Learning Programs


Election Day – Using Social Media Campaign Methods to Enhance Learning Programs. In order to provide a thorough campaign platform, I’ve opted into solely discussing innovative approaches parties are taking in the realm of social media. But people from all over the US have had this date circled on their calendar for years. Some of these methods are very significant from a social media standpoint.

How we keep up our Social Media Marketing game?

Hurix Digital

Kami Huyse, the Oprah Winfrey in the world of public relations, says, “The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. The world is becoming smaller, thanks to the magnitude of information available on social media platforms alone. A BFSI sector client advertising on social media has to navigate a veritable minefield of rules, regulations and norms. Unraveling the Social Media Strategy.

Integrating The Top 5 Social Media Platforms Into Your eLearning Course


Social media is an integral part of our lives. Each and every day we log on to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks to catch up on the latest news and reach out to friends and family. Social media platforms can also be an invaluable tool in eLearning course design. In recent years social media sites have steadily risen in popularity. Here are some useful tips for each of the 5 top social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing and Management for Course Creators with Tina Todorovic from Social Web Suite


Learn about social media marketing and management for course creators with Tina Todorovic from Social Web Suite in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Tina and Chris get into several topics around social media and automation for course creators and membership site owners. Social Web Suite is a social media management tool that helps entrepreneurs with navigating the complicated and ever-changing world of social media platforms.

The Twitter Chat Conundrum (Part One)

Learning Rebels

We could learn from social media managers and build an events calendar. I can look at the calendar and perhaps actually black out dates for a specific chat – the one I do not want to miss! This goes beyond the normal chat etiquette, but as self-directed, socially minded gatherers of knowledge, what is our role? Put on your rose-colored glasses and let’s not be media specific. My name is Shannon and I used to be a twitter chat addict.

Social networking is king

E-Learning Provocateur

Another principle that resonated with me was, in my own words: Social networking is king. Social networking has been around since the dawn of time. Over 5000 enthusiastic members chat online, comment on the blog, post messages, upload photos, and keep track of their calendar of events. Simple: it’s a social network for people who are interested in scrapbooking and crafts. instructional design participatory culture social media

Research Shows Companies Should Encourage Social Learning


For example, informal learning happens effortlessly when people: Read a statistic or story on Facebook or another social media network. Peruse someone’s profile on a social media site. Become knitted into a company’s culture by attending work-related social events. Humans used to learn primarily informally, or socially. Social learning is as powerful as it is undervalued and underestimated. Why have they not boosted their social learning campaigns?

ID Live: This Week with Jane Bozarth

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Join us this week on Friday, September 10 for a chat with Jane Bozarth, author of the newly released Social Media for Trainers: Techniques for Enhancing and Extending Learning. Put it on your calendars and join us at this link: Tags: social media jane bozarth edtechtalk ID Live It’s another round of the ID Live Show on EdTechTalk!

Utilizing Social Learning for Workplace Learning: What Can Learners and Managers Do?


Social media is here to stay. Modern users are utilizing social media in a number of ways – get updates, shop, connect, collaboration and even learn. Social learning tools which are easily accessible to all can be extremely effective for corporate trainings as well, aiding and re-enforcing the effects of formal learning initiatives. What can Learners do to ensure Social Learning success? What can managers do to ensure Social Learning success?

Friday Finds | March 9, 2018

Mike Taylor

Social technologies in business – the impact, the benefits, the issues ”. You might also be interested in: Global L&D-related Conference Calendar. Curation Digital Literacy Friday5 Instructional Design learning PKM Social Media Training video Workplace Learning #lrnchat Microlearning social technologies Visual design“There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two.

Social Learning Examples

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

At DevLearn, many people lamented the difficulty of explaining the benefits of social media to their managers and peers. Jane mined the submissions of her delightful tools database and came up with 100+ ways to use social media for learning. Next, Jane details using social media for different types of learning. Tags: social tools We talked about building a repository of web 2.0 learning applications.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Sync Google Calendar with Outlook and more with WideLens" (Alex Barnett)

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Two Huge Losses: Gary Gygax and Arthur C. Clarke | Main | 100,000 iPhone SDK Downloads in First Four Days » March 19, 2008 "Sync Google Calendar with Outlook and more with WideLens" (Alex Barnett) Man, I really WANT this.

The dark side of online interaction

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

Articles about social media often emphasize the benefits: we can now start our own movement around something that concerns us ( in seven easy steps! ), without costs talking with people all over the world (via skype ), or become famous via youtube (like Esmee Denters ). I am excited about the new possibilities too and would not like to return to the days before social media. However, you must not be blind to the drawbacks and the dark side of social media.

Keeping Up - April's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

It is tough to stay on top of all the great stuff being offered out there, but the blogs and social media certainly help. Cloud Blogging Social Media Twitter Google e-Learning Cloud ComputingApril's Big Question from Learning Circuits is "How to Keep up?" This is in reference the immense and rapidly expanding technology tools. It is tough to stay on top of all the emerging tools. However, being involved in an e-learning community is a big help.

Learning from others through Enterprise Social Networks (ESN)


Observational learning is a major component of Bandura’s social learning theory. Social learning through networks. Social learning occurs pretty much all the time these days. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, online encyclopedias and group discussion boards are just some of the more popular social media applications being employed today. This is why within the workplace, L&D departments are often incorporating social learning into their programs.

Brilliant backchannel tweeting: a before-during-after guide

Good To Great

Over the next couple of weeks – in the run up to Learning Technologies, the largest event in the UK L&D calendar and one with an extremely active Twitter backchannel – I’ll be sharing my tips. Learning and training Tips and examples collaboration conference social mediaOver the past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on how I use Twitter, observing how others use it and actively trying to improve my use of it.

Oh crap, it’s my day for the book tour.

Janet Clarey

That weekly calendar pop up I received every week for the PAST SEVERAL WEEKS reminding of the day I was to contribute to my good friend Jane’s book tour just kept getting pushed back. 10 Things you can do with Jane Bozarth’s new book, Social Media for Trainers : Read it, of course, then… Casually drop the book on the desk of a frustrated coworker who says he just doesn’t get all the “social media&# stuff…or.

Learning is Everybody’s Business

Origin Learning

In this section, we focus on how learning has pervaded every sphere of life in a manner that is informal and social. Basically, learning per se has become a social cognitive process. Let’s look at what informal and social learning constitute –. Social learning sweeps across people – conversations, networking, collaboration etc.

Brilliant backchannel tweeting: a before-during-after guide

Good To Great

Over the next couple of weeks – in the run up to Learning Technologies, the largest event in the UK L&D calendar and one with an extremely active Twitter backchannel – I’ll be sharing my tips. Learning and training Tips and examples collaboration conference social mediaOver the past few months, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on how I use Twitter, observing how others use it and actively trying to improve my use of it.

eLearning Around The Web

The eLearning Coach

Brief History of Social Media. Brett Borders has written a history lesson of social media that may surprise you. Happy New Year to those using the Gregorian calendar. Tags: DESIGN ISD RECENT ARTICLES elearning social media Here is an end-of-the-year roundup of eLearning and related articles you might find helpful, interesting or enjoyable. They cover all kinds of topics. 12 Top Notch Online Presentation Tools.

Top 7 Custom eLearning Articles on our Blog in 2013

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Agile learning design , Experience (Tin Can API) , social learning , and increasing the interactivity of eLearning were all hot topics at the major eLearning conferences this year. Learning Trends and Technologies: New White Paper by Sharon Boller - This white paper was our single most downloaded piece of content in the calendar year. This article has been widely shared as a case study for using social learning in an organization.

Get shorty

Learning with 'e's

The strapline on the official website declares that the awards are there to honour 'the best producers of short content on social media'. But if you wish to vote for your favourite tweeter, categories you may be interested in include blogger, science, video blogger and social media. Everyone will get rid of their 2011 calendars What are some big Twitter faux pas? Blogger social media Twitter shortiesThe Shorty Awards are with us again.

How To Maintain Momentum in Blogging

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I reschedule that time if needed (I’m writing this on a Monday afternoon because I had a migraine last Thursday), but I never cancel that appointment on my calendar. I have often turned email or social media questions into blog posts.

Do Low-Cost, All-Inclusive LMS Packages Exist?


Also, eLearning training tools, administration functions, mobile accessibility, and social media communication features make LMSs attractive to organizations. Furthermore, administrators need not have any IT/coding knowledge when using a social learning management system that has intuitive administrative functions. Social media communication features are among the most popular LMS features.

Going viral

Learning with 'e's

Viral content is content that becomes quickly popular when it is shared by many across social media platforms. It is certainly not in my estimation, worthy of consistently attracting over 10,000 views each calendar month. creative commons sharing content social media amplfication viral Katie HafnerMany bloggers would give their right arm to be able to write posts that are widely read.

#ATD2015 It’s a Wrap, Part Two: Jean Marrapodi

Learning Rebels

This year I was privileged to attend a dinner coordinated by Michele Lawson of the Red Feather Network , where I met Austin and Richard, Denver videographers from Sage Media. I watched over his shoulder as he used Evernote to capture pieces of the workshops, annotated the speaker’s slides and tweeted out ideas on his multiple social media channels. Make a point to schedule a conference on your calendar, and work to get the budget to help you get there.

May Big Q: Workplace Learning Technology 2015

Clark Quinn

from a competency map or learning path), about the content available (from a content model), and their tasks (from a job role) and their current context (their location and what’s on their calendar) to serve up just the right information. Social media systems will be much more integrated into the workflow, and LMS will have become just a cog in the ecosystem, not the ecosystem. Tags: games mobile social technology virtual worlds

eLBX Session Sneak Peek #1

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Is Monday, June 11, 2018 circled on your calendar yet? We can’t wait to share more session sneak peeks with you—keep your eyes on the blog and social media for more! Maybe with a big orange smiley face or star? Do you have your countdown going? We do. It’s 31 days until eLBX 2018, in case you were wondering. You’re probably also wondering what you’re going to hear about and who you’re going to learn from at this amazing conference we have put together for you.

8 Productivity Tips for Online Course Creators


Mark deadlines on your calendar to remind you when you need to finish each stage of production. Block your social medial accounts. Many people use social media as a way of procrastinating tasks that require a lot of mental effort. Overcome the habit of looking at social networks by blocking them on the computer you use for work. On a mobile device, you can use an app such as Stay Focused to block your access to social media apps during certain times of day.

Attract and Retain Millennial Employees with LMS Collaborative Learning Features


They’ve been learning with social classroom tools and chatting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every waking hour. One way to do this is by investing in a social learning management system (LMS). A company leader can effectively draw millennials by ensuring that workplaces are equipped with social learning management systems. He stated, “The millennial generation thrives in social environments.

Customer Experience Key to Product Design

Origin Learning

Let’s start by presuming that your social learning flight has taken off. Why did the retailer have to look at one more dimension of social learning? Ubiquitous access to web-based social LMS powered by Origin Konnect and enabling constant communication for employees. Contextualize the current language of ‘social’ User-experience intuitive, contemporary, and in sync with social media (FB, YouTube, Flickr,among others).

Custom 122

My Twitter Weekly Links Digest for 2011-08-28

Jane Hart

My webinar slides “Social Media and its impact on how we learn in the workplace&# now available here [link] # sociallearn #. link] <OMG, no social learning there then #. What happens when social networking collides with the corporate Intranet? Social learning: the freedom to act and cooperate with others [link] #. Here are 20 social calendaring tools.

Covid-19 Aid: Free Tools and Resources for Virtual Learning and Remote Work

Talented Learning

Normally as the calendar shifts from March to April, we celebrate the arrival of warmer weather. Digital badges , peer-to-peer recognition and social capabilities. Social Media Management.

Mike Taylor’s 2019 Top 10 Learning Tools

Mike Taylor

You’ll find everything from social media graphics to presentation slides and even print documents. I’ve seen some amazing uses including my L&D Conference Calendar , performance support, resumes, websites and more. My 2019 Top 10 Learning Tools. Jane Hart has been collecting the top tools for learning for over a decade now. (I´ve I´ve voted in all of them and this is my Top 10 for 2019.). Jane´s Top Tools for Learning global survey.

What Kind of Learning Makes Professionals from Students?

Your Training Edge

Social, physical, psychological and cultural factors are as important as technological tools. Nominate a specific time to study each day, and incorporate this in a calendar. Stay away from social media, your mobile or anything else. Whether you are black or white, Hispanic or from Chinese descent, everybody should have the opportunities to have a bright future.