Learning Styles and E-Learning

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This post is going to be somewhat different than in the past, specifically a result of the argument of the effectiveness of learning styles and if they even exist. No one mentioned e-learning which was part of the reference, specifically related to retention. Micro-learning?

The Secret to Helping Sales Managers Become Better Coaches


When it comes to improving reps’ performance, one of the best productivity investments that an organization can make is sales coaching. Yet many sales managers still fail to provide enough high-quality coaching to their teams. Develop a Goal-Focused Coaching Plan.


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Learning & Development: How To Do It Right (2020 Update)


With high stakes riding on the success of our training and development strategies, it’s time for us to unpack the importance of polished learning programs and, even more crucially, better understand how our training programs have failed in the past. What is Learning and Development?

Qualities of Exceptional Online Teachers

360 Training

Just like any other job, online instruction requires specific qualities and skills to perform it in the best possible manner. In this blog, we have highlighted a few of the qualities that make an exceptional online teacher. The most important quality of “good teachers” is the passion to share their knowledge and dedication to guide the students towards the right path. Be a mentor, a coach that they need to succeed. Interested in teaching online ?

Managers and Employee Learning

The Performance Improvement Blog

Managers of employees have a critical role to play in employee learning. By asking questions, by assigning opportunities to apply knowledge and skills, by modeling expected behavior, by providing timely information, by coaching application of learning, and by giving performance feedback, they can facilitate learning and, therefore, performance improvement of their direct reports. . Managers must make continuous learning part of everyone''s job. .

Accelerated Learning: Where Does It Fit In? | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Accelerated Learning: Where Does It Fit In? by Barbara on March 28, 2011 in Instructional Design , performance support Accelerated Learning Mind Map While I was taking classes in curriculum design, we discussed, at great length, different learning styles: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. But now I wanted to find out more about Accelerated Learning.

Media Options for Conversation-Driven eLearning

Experiencing eLearning

With good actors and production quality, this gives your course the feel of a TV show intro. My Story-Based Coaching and Mentoring Course for Cine Learning Productions used this technique with a video introduction. If using more intensive multimedia will subtract from the resources to create more realistic practice exercises or other valuable learning experiences, you should cut the complexity of the media.

Media Options for Conversation-Driven eLearning

Experiencing eLearning

With good actors and production quality, this gives your course the feel of a TV show intro. My Story-Based Coaching and Mentoring Course used this technique with a video introduction. Try a comic book or graphic novel style with conversation bubbles. I created this brief example with photos and conversation bubbles debunking the learning styles myth. Storytelling and Scenarios is the collection of all my posts on using stories and scenarios for learning.

Staff Education Challenges for Global Business

Your Training Edge

The age of Artificial Intelligence has arrived and while most of the businesses are focused on how it will affect their operations like R&D and manufacturing, only a few are wondering about the other crucial business areas such as learning & development (L&D). The AI Learning Solutions. AI also makes it easier to evaluate and suggest tailored learning solutions. Learning Styles. On-demand Learning. Customized Learning. Blended Learning.

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Microlearning for Millennials and Generation Z


When it comes to learning, however, there are still gaps between what new generations of workers want and what is available for delivery. Some of these workshop-style courses lasted an entire day, and included what some participants considered the highlight of the training – lunch! They were also based strongly on the way Baby Boomers and Generation X workers learned. It is quality learning delivered in smaller units that can be learned and applied immediately.

How to Choose an Effective Employee Training Program


It’s time to implement effective learning and development programs’ best practices and invest in top training programs for employees. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits and features of employee training. Elevated coaching culture. Quality User Experience.

Evaluation Reinforces Learning

The Performance Improvement Blog

Evaluation of training and other learning interventions (e.g., coaching, Web-based programs, mentoring, internships), when done well, enhances learning. A New York Times article by Benedict Carey that I cited in my recent blog post about learning styles, also addresses the value of causing the brain to re-examine content that had been learned but then forgotten. The idea is that forgetting is the friend of learning,” said Dr. Kornell.

9 Clever Elearning and EdTech Trends You Must Try

eLearning Brothers

The web has been a good provider of multitudes of online resources and it helps boost one-of-a-kind learning experiences. A lot of effective, new types of learning style never cease to emerge. These 9 clever EdTech trends will help you achieve a more interactive, unique, and appealing way of learning. Through this site, teachers can easily provide guidance on the learning process of the students. Guest post by Gabbie Keegan.

Training on a budget: Cost-effective ways to grow your employees’ skills


Employees not only value learning opportunities but also when they don’t get any, they’re more likely to leave. If this wasn’t alarming enough, there’s also a link between poor compliance training and poor employee engagement that in turn results in errors and overall quality decrease.

How to Maximize Your Sales Training ROI

Training Industry

Salespeople listen to copious tips, scribble notes on technique, discover account strategies and learn other exciting selling methods. No sooner does the team get back to the office and all that learning quickly begins to disappear. Whether online or in person, classes and seminars are the “seeing” and “hearing” components of learning. Assess your salespeople to identify their skill gaps and learning styles. Reinforce the learning through coaching.

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10 Elements That Will Destroy Your Communication Skills Training

eLearning Brothers

No Coaching. Providing skills coaching during training is essential to the success of any training program. Your employees want to do more than just learn new skills. Ignoring Different Learning Styles. As you plan training, remember that there are four different learning styles : Visual. Speaking to only one of these learning styles ensures that your training will fall short of its goals.

Why Customization is Key in a Sales Training Program

Training Industry

Individual learning styles are taken into account. Everyone learns differently, and adult learners especially, benefit from a tailored learning experience. Incorporating assessments into a sales training program allows the larger learning trends of a sales team to be reflected in the curriculum, and results in higher levels of engagement and retention.

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How to start an online tutoring business and make $10,000 per month?


If you wonder whether online tutoring is a lucrative opportunity to pursue your career and generate revenue, online learning is projected to reach $325 billion by 2025. The online education industry continues to expand, offering an ever-increasing range of online learning tools to individuals, businesses, and institutions. . are revolutionizing online learning into the predominant global education force. Long back, private tutoring was a person-person business.

RETHINKING THE RAZOR “ILT HAS THE SHELF LIFE OF MILK” or an INTRODUCTION TO Instructor Led Interactive Learning (ILIL or Live Action Learning)

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In the midst of a project where I’m conducting quality control on both online and ILT courseware I came across this video: [link]. Yes, but… ILT is not repeatable – so unlike an online learning course – how can an employee (for example) revisit content or a methodology to clarify, refresh, relearn since left with only their legacy materials they have no first hand source from which to seek help? Let’s call this Instructor Led Interactive Learning (ILIL or Live Action Learning).

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Free L&D webinars for October 2018

Limestone Learning

Tuesday, October 2, 2018, 9AM – 10AM PT: How to Deliver a Coaching Training Program Managers Love! Coaching is much like a foreign language and requires practice and application; therefore, this webcast will teach very specific methodology of how to not only train managers but what support requirements are needed to help them transition from management to management coaching. We have moved from course catalogs and compliance to micro-learning and personalization.

Free L&D webinars for April 2020

Limestone Learning

The coronavirus may have robbed us of face-to-face interaction, but it can’t rob us of learning. The effect that coaching has on employee engagement, job satisfaction, productivity and retention is profound. Help employees learn how to learn.

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A Look Back At The Years Best From Learning Science And Instructional Design

Mike Taylor

Every Friday I post a weekly recap of the best articles, posts, and resources I find from the intersection of learning, design, and technology. I like to keep tabs on things related to workplace learning, technology, social tools that generally help people power up their learning so that they can work smarter. Here is a collection of the best learning science and instructional design-related posts from 2018. 2018 Blended Learning Studies: The Year in Review.

The accelerated transformation of corporate learning

CLO Magazine

Corporate learning and development has undergone a digital revolution in recent months — and a much needed one. Getting this right will propel organizations into the world of “learning for the digital age.”. This period has been a learning journey for me, personally.

A Functional Perspective to Managing Change in Learning: Part 3

Connect Thinking

Over the last couple of months I’ve blogged about change management when introducing technology (e-learning) into a learning strategy (see part 1 – setting the context , and part 2 – organisational perspective ). Today is the third of five posts on the topic of change management, this time looking at how a learning technology strategy impacts Human Resources and the Learning and Development team and function, and how the change can be managed.

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The Sound of Silence | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS The Sound of Silence by Jim on April 7, 2011 in eLearning At what point does narration really add anything to an eLearning module, and at what point is it simply being added because “it’s what’s expected?” The usual rationale given for why eLearning needs both text and audio is that it accommodates multiple learning styles.

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Unlocking the Ultimate Employee Experience


Programs of Quality at Scale. One of the biggest L&D challenges is delivering high-quality L&D programs at scale. Effective solutions are often too expensive for a larger rollout, resulting in a tradeoff between quality, affordability and scale. Scalable learning solutions such as an employee handbook and eLearning courses are affordable but yield less than desirable outcomes. AI and smarter software offer a more seamless learning journey for employees.

Honoring International Women's Day


We’re equally strengthened by a remarkable group of outspoken female customers, who are making tremendous impacts on their organizations, as well as on the learning and development (L&D) space at large. Sandy Sultz, Adult Learning Manager, Girl Scouts of San Diego. But what’s even more special is their unique understanding of the subtleties of global education, varying ideologies and specific cultural learning needs.

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What Is Call Center Training?


In particular, you’ll be able to assess how well your employees are implementing through live calls what they learned in theory classes. When it comes to accessibility, speed, transparency, and engagement, online learning is on top of the game. appeared first on ProProfs Learning.

Investing in Social and Informal Learning Klass Capital Acquires Controlling Stake in Docebo

Training Industry

The private equity firm made its first investment in the company in February of this year; the initial $3 million in growth equity was raised by Docebo to accelerate the growth of its Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprise e-learning platform. We also believe that Docebo is in a strong position to address the social and informal learning management needs that exist in the market.” Harvard Business School recently saw the benefits of combining technology and informal learning.

The Rise of the Consumerization of Learning


One of the core failings of business training is that it has for too long ignored the lessons of adult learning theory. Is the consumerization of learning a similar trend or is there more substance to it? . The Latest Learning Trends: Fact or Fiction? Therefore, we all went down the road of learning styles – since shown to be largely mistaken (e.g.: Riener and Willingham, The Magazine of Higher Learning ). What is Learning? Learn More.

How Micro-Learning Boosts “At the Moment Performance” - Tip #114

Vignettes Learning

We can say with confidence that the goal of leaders, managers, and learning professionals is to help workers achieve optimal "at the moment performance." Then as learning professionals we converge at the moment of performance. Specifically, in the past, our momentum in learning and training is “teaching something.” Teaching was based on rigid curriculums , testing , design , multimedia , presentations , retention , tracking , traditional learning styles and many more.

Online Video: the Perfect Social Learning Tool? | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Online Video: the Perfect Social Learning Tool? As support, Anderson provides examples in which exceptional performers (elite dancers, TED Conference speakers), learn from their counterparts around the world by watching them online. Because video is, apparently, a perfect manifestation of social learning theory. I think social learning must be informal and fun.

Free L&D webinars for September 2018

Limestone Learning

New learning helps too, and September is full of free webinars that can add to your knowledge stores! The key to learning success in these instances, though, is getting this high-quality material to trainees as quickly as possible. During the session, you will learn: About the latest eLearning trends, tools, and strategies to consider when building an engaging and future-proofed training program. Paula will also share her favourite learning evaluation resources!

Developing Leaders in the Facebook Age

CLO Magazine

But that doesn’t mean technology is all leaders need to learn. The Power of Information Learning Being open, approachable and vulnerable in an age where information can be had in the blink of an eye is a bit like a high-wire balancing act with many moving parts. To develop leaders in the Facebook era requires that learning professionals create offerings to enable the proper mix of all these ingredients as well as help to ensure leaders can connect through multiple mediums.

How to create a training plan

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Although there is a saying that there is no such thing as planned happiness, in the case of learning, planning is a prerequisite for success. A clear plan allows you to control the learning process, and to assess how close the target goal is. Certainly, there is not just one right way to learn, as it is necessary to match different possibilities and the most desirable learning styles. The efficiency of the learning process can be improved.

Learning on the Fly

CLO Magazine

Imagine if companies could customize their training so that it met the exact needs of every learner, giving them only the lessons they need and making sure they learned those skills before moving on. This is the premise of adaptive learning and it is going to change the way learning leaders think about training and the content they provide to their people. It uses intelligent educational technology to predict what the learners know, and what they need to learn next.”.

How To Train Remote Employees In A Virtual Learning Environment

Obsidian Learning

Through the prism of the 10 Principles of Customer Strategy, this article examines the question of how to train remote employees in a virtual learning environment. The scale and impact of this event may never be fully appreciated, but from our view as learning and development professionals one thing is clear: for some time to come there will be limited in-person training, coaching and mentoring and more online, virtual, digital training, coaching and mentoring.