Adobe Captivate 8: Responsive Projects for mLearning

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To accommodate the many screen sizes, your only recourse was to develop several Captivate projects, sized specifically to work on each screen size. Of course that also meant that you'd have to edit and update several projects. Want to learn more about creating responsive projects? Join

Adobe Captivate: Update Image Usage Project-Wide

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Once the image has been added to the project, adding additional instances of the image to more slides is a snap. Once an image is imported into a Captivate project, a link is automatically established between the version of the image within Captivate and its source file.

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The Importance of Corporate Communication: Putting Your Plan into Action


You know communication is important in your personal life. However, the importance of corporate communication in the business world is equally as important. Bad communication leads to unhappy employees, turned off customers, and in the end bad profit margins.

On designing a great L&D communication plan


A good communication plan that is carefully built and followed through can help with a lot of the issues. Continual and consistent communication from the L&D team helps it become more visible and credible to everyone in the business.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Your authoring tool should be able to communicate. risks would be ideally suited to a test challenging. be used when they suit your learning goals, and your. suits them – creating the challenge of making. communicate key details about major new.

Adobe RoboHelp: Apply a CSS Project-Wide in a Snap

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by Kevin Siegel    If you want to ensure that the appearance of your topics is consistent project-wide, one of the first things you should think about doing is creating a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and then assigning the CSS to all the topics in your project.

Six Project Management Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them


Project management lends a structured, strategic approach to task completion and draws on relevant staff knowledge, skills, and appropriate tools in the endeavor to reach project planning and goals successfully. Project Management Pitfalls. Course 2: Project Management: Planning.

Adobe Captivate 5 & 5.5: Change the Mouse Pointer Project-Wide

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He needed to change the appearance of his mouse pointer throughout the project. To change the mouse pointer shape project-wide, first change the appearance of any mouse pointer on any slide. Adobe's Technical Communication Suite Captivate eLearningby Kevin Siegel.

Adobe Captivate 5: One Quick Way to a Project Template

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During my Advanced Captivate class , we spend quite a bit of time creating a project template from scratch. Templates are simple enough to create via File > New Project > Project Template. Once you have created the blank template, you would go through the process of adding placeholders , master slides, object styles, actions and anything else you think you'll need in projects that would use the template. Adobe's Technical Communication Suite Captivate

Adobe Captivate 5.5: Show For the Rest of the Project. Or Not

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If you'd like to repeat an object over a majority of your slides, one of the easiest ways to proceed is to select the object and, on the Properties panel, Timing group, select Display for rest of project. The rest of project option is compelling because it's so simple.

Reduce the Size of a Captivate Project

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Adobe's Mukul Vinay Lele has written an article that includes a workaround for bloated project sizes that you might encounter in your Captivate projects. Tags: Adobe's Technical Communication Suite Captivate According to Lele, "Adobe Captivate customers have always been very active on the forums. It has been a great place to interact with customers, resolve their issues and learn more from them.

The Social C-Suite

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If the C-suite increases its social media use internally and externally, it could be used as a tool to impact organizational competence. The state of employee engagement is a troubling organizational predicament, and many leaders wonder whether internal social media and social learning could help to drive it: Should the C-suite become more involved? How does its use by the C-suite affect adoption of social learning in the organization?

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Adobe Captivate 5: Make Quick Work Out of Adding Audio to a Project

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Adding audio to your Captivate project is one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of the lesson. For instance, if you want to add audio to the project slide, you would choose Audio > Import to > Slide. Adobe's Technical Communication Suite Captivate

What is Project-Based Learning? A Guide for Corporate Trainers


And that’s what Project-Based Learning does. Taking a Project-Based Learning approach to corporate training has advantages for both learners and trainers alike. What is Project-Based Learning? Project-Based Learning or PBL is learning while doing. A HR team project.

Adobe RoboHelp 8: Can Word Footers Be Used in a RoboHelp Project?

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Question of the Week: I'm linking MS Word documents into a RoboHelp project. On a smaller RoboHelp project, I copied and pasted the footers into the body of the text because the footers were not showing up in RoboHelp. The project I have in front of me has way too many footers and will be updated too often to do that, but I haven't figured out how to do it automatically. Tags: Adobe's Technical Communication Suite Help Authoring RoboHelp

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Adobe Captivate 5: Cached Projects Can Save You Some Cash

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You will see two options in the Default Locations area: Publish at and Project Cache. The Publish At option makes sense (you can specify where your projects are published), but the role of that pesky Project Cache is about as clear as mud. According to the folks at Adobe, the Project Cache folder will house components of all of your projects until you click the Clear Cache button. by Kevin Siegel.

Partnering With the C-Suite

CLO Magazine

The key to harnessing this advantage, however, resides in partnering effectively with members of the C-suite, helping them to view learning and development as a critical business investment. With a single-minded focus on investment showing ROI, the CLO becomes an unbiased business partner, strategic consultant and team player in the C-suite. These examples highlight partnerships in which the CLO treated C-suite members as clients no different from external organizational clients.

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How To Improve Online Collaboration In eLearning Projects

Adobe Captivate

In this article, I’ll share 6 top tips to streamline the online collaboration in eLearning Projects. 6 Top Tips To Improve Online Collaboration In eLearning Projects. Even in situations where they have a single office, they may have separate eLearning projects.

Managing Global E-learning Projects? Play Your Part Well

CommLab India

As a project manager, it is your responsibility to ensure the modules are developed on time, within the budget and of course, surpass the expectations of your client. Understand the key business objectives of the project. Discuss the cost and timeline of the project.

Adobe RoboHelp: Merging WebHelp

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by Willam van Weelden    I've previously taught you how to create  links between Merged HTML Help projects. Merging WebHelp differs from merging HTML Help in that you select the RoboHelp project to merge instead of the output. Prepare a Master Project.

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Adobe Captivate: Copying Library Assets from One Library to Another

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I was recently working on a new Captivate project and needed to grab several assets that had been used in an older project. I could have inserted each of the assets into the new project manually (I knew where the original assets were located on my server). by Kevin Siegel.

Adobe RoboHelp: Create Merged Help

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by Willam van Weelden    Merged help is the process of combining outputs from multiple RoboHelp projects into a single help system. While the content is created from multiple projects, your users see a single, integrated help system. Master Project and Child Projects.

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Adobe Captivate 8: Geolocation

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For instance, you can create a Captivate project for learners who live in the United States or Australia. The first step to adding geolocation features to a project is creating the project as you normally would. I created the project as a branching scenario.

Adobe Captivate: System Time Variables

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First, you need to capture the lesson's start time using this Advanced Action:   At the desired point in your project, capture the time and calculate the  timeElapsed. by Lori Smith    Last week I showed you Captivate's date variables.

Adobe RoboHelp: Embed a YouTube Video

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by Willam Van Weelden      Last week, Kevin taught you how to  embed YouTube videos in your eLearning projects. This week I'm going to keep with the YouTube theme and show you how you can embed YouTube content into your RoboHelp project.

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Adobe RoboHelp: Working with Twisties

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Open or create a RoboHelp project. Go to the Project Manager pod ( View > Pods > Project Manager ). Double-click the project's style sheet to open it for editing. Adobe''s Technical Communication Suite Help Authoring RoboHelp Technical Communications

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Adobe Captivate: Six Ways to Use Voiceover Scripts

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Let's say for example that your eLearning project will be developed in Adobe Captivate. Adobe Captivate Adobe''s Technical Communication Suite e-learning eLearning TCS5 TechComm Technical Communications voiceover audio

12 Top eLearning Project Management Tools You Need to Try


At LearnUpon, we’re big fans of eLearning project management tools. We’ve used many in our time and find them incredibly helpful when working on projects. We collated a list of our favorite project management tools – 12 altogether.

Adobe RoboHelp: Show Variables in Topics

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As a brief review, variables can contain information that occurs frequently in your project, such as a product name, company name, or copyright notice. Assume your company name now appears throughout your project and now you want to change it.

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Adobe Captivate: Bookmarking Without an LMS

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 With a few simple clicks, you can enable bookmarking within any Captivate project. Open or create a Captivate project and choose  Project > Table of Contents.

Adobe RoboHelp: List Images

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On the  Project Manager  pod, double-click your style sheet to open the  Styles  dialog box. by Willam van Weelden      When you create a list, there are several list styles you can use in RoboHelp: bullets, squares, lowercase alphabet, and numbers.

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Adobe Captivate 8: Custom Theme Colors

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The first step to creating custom Theme colors is to apply a Theme to a project. Adobe Captivate Adobe''s Technical Communication Suite Captivate e-learning eLearning mLearning TCS5 TechComm Technical Communications training UA User Assistance

Adobe Captivate: Learner Notes

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To add learner notes, open or create a project in Adobe Captivate 7. On the Timing group, set the Display For time to Rest of Project. Adobe''s Technical Communication Suite Captivate eLearning HTML5 mLearning Technical Communications Technology training

Adobe RoboHelp: In Word We Trust

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To solve this, RoboHelp projects must be added to Word's trusted locations. I'll show you how to both Enable Word Macros and add projects to the trusted locations. Add RoboHelp Projects to Trusted Locations.

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Adobe RoboHelp: Embed Captivate HTML5 Output

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Create or open a RoboHelp project. Adobe''s Technical Communication Suite Help Authoring Help Systems RoboHelp Technical Communications Technology training by Willam Van Weelden.

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