How to Use an E-learning Company to Develop Training Assets

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You have recently got a brand-new Learning Management System (LMS) installed in your organization. Now, you wish to populate it with SCORM compliant digital learning assets which could support your vision towards digital training. You can hire a team of learning experts, instructional designers and multimedia developers to develop the resources or. Outsource the requirement to an e-learning development company. Microlearning or Mobile Learning Modules.

Advantages of HTML5 over Flash

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E-professionals are gradually showing a paradigm shift from Flash to HTML5 , which has evolved as a potential alternative that runs on various systems and is compatible with the latest learning management systems. Moreover, most of the e-learning authoring tools give HTML5 as output.


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Training Remote Workforce: Can Managed Learning Services Help?

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83% decided to convert to digital formats (1). If you have considered outsourcing your training needs a managed learning services partner might give you the advantage you are looking for. What are Managed Learning Services Vendors? Developing a New Learning Strategy.

Learning Management System | ecadema it’s time

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A learning management system is a cloud based technical platform enabling learners and facilitators to empower training and learning development virtuallyA A Learning management system facilitates 24/7 access to elearning courses through Course Management System or "E-Learning Platform".

My Journey from Instructional Design to Learning Experience Design

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Recently, InfoPro Learning acquired another learning company with a substantial amount of content for leadership and organizational development. How about transforming this new content into a blended learning program?” Very briefly we discussed the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of my new project and at the end of our brief conversation I was left with a new term; “learning experience”. But then, the bell of “learning experience” kept ringing.

What are the benefits of Training Process Outsourcing?

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This past year, there has been a significant shift in the world of learning and development. As a result of a growing demand for high-quality digital learning content, many enterprise organizations have turned to outsourcing to streamline the L&D process.

6 Ways to Knockout the Challenges in E-learning Localization

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While localizing your e-learning course, keeping tabs on region-specific changes is a challenge. Employees expect the e-learning or online training to be culturally appropriate with appealing colors, symbols, and more. When it comes to currency , converting it to that particular nation’s currency is the best way to localize. For example, when you localize an English course for Chinese employees, you need to convert the currency to Yen from US dollars.

How AI and Machine Learning Addresses Challenges in Educational Content Creation and Instruction

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Huge amounts of data fill today’s world, and that data is driving big breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) research and the field of machine learning. As the volume of data surpasses humans’ ability to make sense of it manually, we’ll rely more on automated systems to process and learn from lots of data, and the changes in that data, to continue to make data useful in improving systems, services, products, and so on.

Here Are Your E-learning Tips for 2017

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For example, some of the media companies I referenced no longer exist. In 2007, when Flash was king, I stated that the e-learning tools would evolve and become easier to use. You’d no longer need to learn specialized skills like Flash and ActionScript. Catching the Rapid E-Learning Bug. I consulted for a company that serviced non-profits. They needed help figuring out “this e-learning thing” and how to get their training online.

A Thanksgiving Letter to PowerPoint from an E-learning Developer

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Jack is an e-learning developer who works for a reputed technology-enabled learning solutions provider. You are endowed with amazing capabilities which go a long way in improving e-learning development efficiencies. Simple interface which reduces the learning curve considerably. I join other members of the e-learning development fraternity in thanking the wonderful interface this Thanksgiving Day, for making our lives easy. Easy to convert courses into videos.

Knowledge is Hope: Training in Times of Change & Challenge


In the world of corporate learning, companies are hurrying to implement a better LMS and find ready-to-go video content that takes the place of onsite training classes. And in the learning world, we can continue to support people with knowledge that enriches their lives.

What should be the inevitable qualities of an elearning authoring tool?

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The e-learning companies USA, have so many decisions to make when it comes to using authoring tools. Therefore, such companies need to evaluate, what kind of clients they will acquire in the future their demographics, and their choice of devices.

To Buy or Build Your E-learning, Which Road to Take?

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Once you have made the decision to implement e-learning in your organization, the other big decision you need to take is whether to buy the e-learning or build it in-house. Of course, the decision to build your e-learning courses depends on whether you have the required resources. If not, you can outsource your requirements to a vendor who provides customized e-learning solutions. Might not meet your unique learning needs .

How to Create Mobile Learning Apps Without any Coding or Programming


Learn How to Create a Mobile Learning Apps without Coding and Scripting that saves your Time and Money, which is simple, robust and complete. How to Create Mobile Learning Apps Without any Coding or Programming. The future of learning is mobile.

Course Checklist to be followed by elearning companies USA

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E-learning companies USA have a high focus on creating content now. Such needs are also determined by their roles in the company. Elearning companies USA need to gauge the level of understanding of learners. Blogpost eLearning elearning companies USA Elearning content

Medical animation videos are enlightening and empowering! Know how?? 

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In the following ways, the medical e-learning is helping doctors and patients: Better surgeon training through virtual reality: The virtual reality, that transports the learner to a different simulated world, is the future of medical training.

Don’t Believe the Hype. Learning Management Systems Are Alive and Well

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Recently, Carol Leaman wrote an article for this publication in which she proposed that learning management systems are so five years ago. LMSs, the undisputed Goliath of the corporate learning world, are having their lunch eaten by David,” she wrote. Learning leaders are embracing new platforms that are mobile-first, cloud based, drive voluntary learner engagement and incorporate advancements in cognitive science that map knowledge to how learners best acquire it.”.

Steps for creating a training-plan

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The companies are focusing on e-learning now to ensure that their employees boost their skills. But companies have to understand what managers want in terms of training due to which needs analysis is quite important. The company’s next job is to create a training plan.

Top 10 virtual training platforms

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Virtual training has become an essential part of today’s learning landscape. Recent technologies have enabled us to make remote learning more engaging than ever. Virtual training is learning that is mediated by a computer. Some of these include: Anytime, Anywhere Learning.

How should companies plan compliance training for 2022?? 

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The New Year is finally here and the companies have to make some changes to their training routine. The companies should evaluate their current training plan, whether they are effective in terms of being accessible to the target audience.

How can SMBs manage the conversion from ILT to elearning?

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The companies are also switching to e-learning because of the ongoing pandemic, due to which the employees can’t attend training in person. However, small and medium businesses(SMB) can still save money even when they implement e-learning.

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How should companies plan compliance training for 2022?? 

Creativ Technologies

The New Year is finally here and the companies have to make some changes to their training routine. The companies should evaluate their current training plan, whether they are effective in terms of being accessible to the target audience.

How Do E-learning Vendors Price Their Services

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You have heard about e-learning and are looking to contact vendors for a quote. But before doing that, it is a good idea to understand the typical services e-learning vendors provide and how they price those services. Services provided by e-learning vendors and how they are priced. Established e-learning companies typically provide the following services: 1. E-learning design and development. E-learning course components you want to outsource.

How Health and Safety trainings are vital in the face of modern threats

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Failure to comply with the established laws renders companies and individuals liable to prosecution. This can be accomplished through various online methods of learning which aren’t restricted to MCQs or ILTs.

Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/12/2006

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Media-Convert. Media-Convert is a free web application that allows you to rip a movie to your iPod: Mac or PC. Experiential Learning - You Tube. The Real Learning Company's unique approach to experiential learning. Can Internet communication sustain us? - Internet users tend to have a larger network of close and significant contacts -- a median of 37 compared with 30 for nonusers. Wanted: Authentic Leaders - Forbes.

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How to Incorporate mLearning to Your Workforce Training


The traditional format of training and learning in different organizations is shifting towards a more mobile environment partly due to the limitations of the traditional classroom method and partly due to the need to keep pace with this tech-driven world. The classroom mode restricts the learning of employees – they have to leave their day jobs to receive training to improve performance at work. This is where mobile learning or mLearning emerges in workplace training.

Best Content Awards 2020

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I felt that having awards only for learning systems, wasn’t enough, because off-the-shelf content plays a huge role. In all seriousness, without content you wouldn’t need a learning system of any sort, just give folks binders of paper (like the old days). E-Learning 24/7.

Leverage the Benefits of Rapid Authoring Tools

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Ever wished for a magic wand that could make the development of e-learning courses a breeze? Well, rapid authoring tools could be the answer considering the benefits they offer to the process of e-learning development. As the table indicates, rapid authoring tools are the versatile solution to e-learning design and delivery efforts which are making more learning companies adopt them. Learning Technology rapid authoring tools