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The questions prompt quite a lively and interesting discussion among online community members.

Top Social Learning LMS Features

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In the 1990s, the social LMS feature set included threaded discussions, coffee groups, collaboration centers, forums, FAQ and chat — typically occupying a seldom-used tab in the navigation menu. Blogs — Often these look more like threaded discussion than WordPress.

If Content Is King, Context Is Queen


Thanks to “semantic” tagging, software can now easily decode the meaning of smart content—no humans required. This is particularly important, because prioritizing durable content over content with a short half-life is one of many ways to manage budgets and increase ROI.

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Folksonomy (11) Knowledge (233) Off-shore (7) Leadership (44) Creative Commons (16) Back when we still had hope that folksonomy (tagging) would make sense of the flood of content. The years associated with Wiki suggest it was more discussed a couple years ago and now is discussed less. roi - old enterprise – future and old games – still popular This is definitely something that I'll be using as I go forward.

Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

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It was designed to be a small to medium size group discussion, but because the room was large it was very challenging to do that successfully. I discussed a bit of these issues in First Thoughts After ASTD Sessions. I'm writing this post for both attendees of the session to have some notes and for people who were not at the session to hopefully get value from the discussion that happened there. Provide thoughts around the content and the discussion.

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