Performance Support In Our Daily Lives

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Chances are you’ve noticed performance support has entered our daily lives. It’s also quite possible it has missed your attention even if you are using performance support tools to do everyday tasks more effectively and with less effort – probably with better results.

8 Effective Scenario Ideas for Instructional Designers

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Elements of Effective Scenarios. Here are some elements that designers should consider when creating effective scenarios: involves mentally processing and connecting the content presented to the question/task. Here is more research done about the effectiveness of scenarios.).

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7 Innovative Ideas to Enhance Workforce Effectiveness


That means employing strategies that translate to increased efficiency and boost employee performance. After all, you believed they could perform those tasks, which is why you hired them in the first place. Get an MRI scan, mixed dementia test and know what has been going in your head!

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How Sleep Affects Performance?—?And What Companies Can Do

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Lack of sleep and fatigue contribute to both performance deficits and bottom-line costs for companies. Lack of Sleep Decreases Your Performance. What’s more, getting 4 hours or less is equivalent, in terms of performance, to being legally drunk in most U.S.

Performance Support Tools Your Employees Can Start Making Today

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Performance support tools (PSTs) are used by learning and development professionals to encourage “just-in-time” learning. In this post, I want to share types of performance support that learning professionals deliver. Most are eye-catching, easy to scan, and tell a story.

Effective Training Visuals—Directing the Eyes


This is the second in a series of blog posts intended to help you evaluate elearning courses by considering the effectiveness of the visuals they include. Consequences” sequence, and as our eyes scan to the right, we see that the sharp blade is an example of the “What?”

A Way With The Fairies


From the get-go, the map was so high level it was effectively useless. The app allows you to upload an image or a video, which appears or plays when you scan a real-world trigger with your device’s camera, hence augmenting reality. When I scanned my iPad’s camera over the rose… Voila!

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What Does Being Strategic Look Like?

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As a certified executive coach, I have formalized into a leadership platform what I endeavored to do for many years as a business executive: Coach people to help them go places — higher levels of performance or career direction — they wouldn’t go without my leadership or influence.

Digital (Learning) Readiness: A Call for L&D Action

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Employees need to get the necessary digital skills to survive and to remain effective. On the other hand pioneering L&D leaders from our network understand that modern day learners across the business need to be supported in their ‘consumer journey’ if they are to deliver top performance.

“Digital Mindset”: What Is It All About?


Agility in this context encompasses the skill of being able to scan the landscape and ecosystem of one’s domain of work, keep pace with what is happening at the edges, and evolve to remain relevant.

How We Cracked the QR Code

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On Tuesday, February 28th, Bottom-Line Performance hosted “Cracking the QR Code,” an interactive scavenger hunt through Central Library in downtown Indianapolis. You can share a wider range of content and make your QR codes especially effective by doing this.

How do you build eLearning?

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If we have defined the project well though, then development will be effective with minimal wasted resources. Michael Allen’s Guide to E-learning: Building Interactive, Fun, and Effective Learning Programs for Any Company. When it comes to building eLearning, how do you do it?

Emerging Learning Technologies: Promise vs. Hype

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A quick scan of the landscape reveals that motion sickness with VR is a common problem (25% – 40% experience it). The best use case is going to be cases where learners need to build skill prior to being able to perform on a job.

3 Steps to Chunking Your Online Course

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Are your learners performing poorly on their course evaluations? Chunking is especially useful for material presented on the web because readers tend to scan for specific information on a web page rather than read the entire page.

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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Bite sized learning for performance support. With the increasing trend towards mobile learning, is also an increasing speculation and awareness about how to make it more effective. When the worker scans the object in front of him, the app uses the device’s camera to ‘understand’ it.

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Top 5 Learning Technology Trends for 2016

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The coursework components like quizzes, tests and assignments would all be generated through tools that are able to effectively scan the course content and determine its most critical aspects that must be tested.

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Augmented Reality: The Trending Buzz for the Sales Organizations to Boost Employee Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction & Overall Business Outcomes


In today’s digital era, AR provides an effective learning experience for the modern workforce, especially in niche domains. The users could simply open the app and scan the product with the QR code to start the animation. Consequently, they fail to effectively sell the products to their customers, leading to poor workplace productivity and business growth. More than 5000 downloads within a month reflected the program’s increasing demand and effectiveness. ?

Collateral damage

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The antagonism stems from the popularity of learning styles in the educational discourse – not to mention vocational curricula – despite a lack of empirical evidence supporting their effectiveness when incorporated into instructional design.

Take Learning to the Next Level

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L&D professionals know how important knowledge retention is, and there is viable data showing the effectiveness of learning through an engaging experience. AR can take training sessions to the next level and provide tangible real-world experiences to test performance under pressure.

Top 18 Incredible Resources on Using QR Codes in E-Learning & M-Learning


We have been doodling about leveraging the possibilities these quirky square codes offer while developing cost effective and powerful mobile performance support solutions. What are the possibilities these offer to make e-learning and m-learning effective and powerful? QR Codes serve as one of the most effective and intuitive ways to input our request to our mobile devices. This code, when scanned by a smartphone, reproduces the message with a synthesized voice.

The Music of Your Sphere – The Multiple Ways Your Brain is Wired for Music


Using brain imaging technologies, including fMRI and PET scans, neuroscientists have discovered that music engages multiple parts of the brain. Listen to just how accomplished he was in this rare recording of him performing. Communicate effectively with language.

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Taking Life Sciences Training to the Next Level with AI-Powered Chatbots

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The bot can identify the gaps in learning and map it to employee performance. Performance-Support. Performance-support at the point of need is a key requirement for the life sciences domain. This content repository can be leveraged to create various performance-support questions.

Why companies are turning to Virtual Reality to engage and train employees faster


The training types that reach many associates at scale aren’t as effective; yet, the beneficial, in-person trainings are more expensive, both in employee wages as well as any operational slowdowns that result. . Strivr elevates performance through immersive experience.

Benefits of a Proactive Culture

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This means that they may wait until detrimental situations occur to make changes, for instance, waiting for an economic crisis before constructing a more effective budget. The organizations asses the business environment, scanning for trends and changes for the improvement of performance and contribution to success. Data is used to optimize organizational performance. They are also cost-effective.

Assessing Organizational Readiness for Change in Your Business

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There’s no doubt that effective change management is essential to maximizing an organization’s adaptability. If you perform a simple search online, you can find an endless amount of (often contradictory) advice on measuring change readiness.

11 Custom Learning Trends in 2018

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While VR can be effective in teaching skills and risk-management tasks, and performing complicated actions, AR can be a game changer in providing just-in-time learning. Scanning a QR code can give them instant access to the desired piece of information. Performance Support.

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8 Responsive Design Techniques to Optimize Mobile Learning

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Before you get started, here are 8 tips to maximize the effectiveness of your design and to help steer you away from some of the less obvious pitfalls when working in a world full of myriad devices. However, beware of the “candy-cane” effect. Keep performance optimization in mind.

Sales Enablement Training: 5 Ways to Empower Sales Reps

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It is believed that high performing sales organizations are twice as likely to provide ongoing training in contrast to low performing organizations. Trainers need to provide real-time business knowledge and deliver it quickly, easily and effectively.

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Retail staff training ideas: 4 ways elearning can help


Point-of-need performance support. A solution that lets staff check the details when they need (just-in-time performance support) rather than swot up ahead of time (just-in-case product training) could be a much better investment.

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Why companies are turning to Virtual Reality to engage and train employees faster


The training types that reach many associates at scale aren’t as effective; yet, the beneficial, in-person trainings are more expensive, both in employee wages as well as any operational slowdowns that result.

How to Make Workplace Safety Training Modules Future Ready


Future proofing means creating a software or product in such a way that future technological advances do not render it useless or less effective. Delivering training on mobile devices has numerous benefits- portability, anytime access, monitoring performance, tracking progress etc.

Seeing the Brain Through the Eyes of an Artist: Elizabeth Jameson


There is mounting evidence that performance arts enhance brain development at any age. A similar effect can be attributed to dancing , a topic I’ve addressed previously.

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What It Takes To Become A Top eLearning Content Development Company

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Today, we work with several global corporate academies as a strategic partner adding value to both formal training and Performance Support solutions. Our Learning and Performance Support solutions: Drive knowledge acquisition, retention, and application.

7 Characteristics Of A Digital Mindset


On the other hand, people with a growth mindset are likely to take every opportunity to pull the resources they need to perform better. It requires people with different mental models and divergent worldviews to do so effectively.

Elearning Predictions 2019

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While scanning for new tools and technologies that can help us, the “help” part is much more important than the “new” part. For example, looking back in time, we will find two simple yet super valuable resources to guide us toward the most effective and efficient solutions for our future learning and development work. For starters, Thomas Gilbert has given us a simple and efficient method of troubleshooting performance issues and recognizing potential solutions.

9 Tips for Awesome User Documentation (with Examples)

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What is the action you’d like your audience to be able to perform after reviewing the documentation? Unbounce does a fantastic job of writing effective titles and subtitles throughout their user documentation. Providing information in a manner that’s easy to scan helps users save time.

Developing an Enterprise Learning Strategy That Produces Results

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A winning strategic learning plan must include the identification, design, prediction of value, development, deployment and evaluation of effective curricula. Identify gaps between the current skill levels and needed performance levels. Leading effective teams (about the team).