Conversion of ILT Material Into eLearning Courses – Case Study

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An LMS can eliminate all sorts of complexities that faced during the traditional classroom method learning.

Best Practices to Switch From Instructor Led Training to eLearning

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Instructor Led Training- this word gives you a picture of Instructor in the classroom with a PowerPoint (PPT) and the learners with their notebooks. As new learning… Corporate Learning eLearning Instructor-Led Training digital content development Elearning eLearning course Gamification instructional design strategy Instructor-led training Microlearning Online training scenario-based learning story-based learning traditional ILT method training and development training programs


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What it Takes to Convert PPT Decks into Winning Online Courses

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eLearning Design ILT to eLearning conversionCheck this blog to know what it takes to convert a PowerPoint presentation into an engaging online course.

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7 Simple Steps to Convert PPT Files into Engaging Online Courses

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Learning Technology ILT to eLearning conversionCheck this blog to know what it takes to convert a PowerPoint presentation into an engaging online course.

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Don’t Chuck That PPT – Convert It Quickly with Rapid ELearning

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eLearning Design converting ilt to elearningOrganizations spend time and money on creating PPTs that – although boring, are full of valuable information. Here’s what you can do with them.

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ILT is turning WBT in2 ILT online – its not working

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I focused on what makes WBT tick, what is the differences between WBT and ILT. They all were used to the ILT approach. They assumed that WBT, was like ILT but just online. . Because in their past, someone had followed that mantra and create courses based on ILT principles. It was ILT. ILT – the evil empire. ILT serves some purposes. Books, presentations, blogs that state follow the PPT mantra. I’m tired of hearing the excuses.

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6 Ways to Add Sizzle to Your Classroom

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People would much rather put their skills to practice than sitting nicely, watching your PPT deck progress while the life ebbs slowly from them. Take Pictures: At the end of each module (or lesson) have participants take a picture of the flip-chart, the PPT screen, or something (or people) in the room that will remind them later of the topic.

A Case Study On Using An eLearning Mobile App To Digitize Instructor-Led Training

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Today, Instructor-Led Trainings (ILT) leverage on technology and use newer approaches to support delivery both in the classroom and virtually. In this article, I showcase a case study on using an eLearning mobile app to boost the impact of ILT. In this article, I share a case study to demonstrate how we helped one of our customers provide facilitated training by digitizing ILT using a learning app (or an eLearning app). Support ILT.

How to Convert PowerPoint into eLearning

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Self-paced eLearning vs Instructor-led training (ILT). There are two types of online training; self-paced eLearning and instructor-led training (ILT). Pros of virtual ILT: It’s engaging and cost-effective. More affordable than in-person ILT.

Best Practices to Convert Training Presentations into Engaging Online Courses [Infographic]

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Related Posts How to Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Interactive E-learning Courses: Free E-book 5 Ways to Formulate an Effective Blend of Learning Methodologies [Infographic] 4 Reasons to Convert ILT to E-Learning for Product Training [Infographic]. eLearning Design Convert PPT to E-learningTraining managers create hundreds of presentations during the course of their job, handling an array of topics. These presentations serve as useful aids to train people face-to-face.

5 Signs it’s Time Your Company Should Switch to E-Learning

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A perfect example of deploying content rapidly is TalentLMS – all you have to do is drag and drop your PPT presentation, and it’s automatically transformed into a video! 4 Signs… How Much Do MOOCs Cost Compared to ILT? eLearning Featured Featured Posts Learning & Development Talent Management ILT learners productivityIt all starts with school; did you know you can earn an entire degree without ever stepping into a classroom?

7 Proven Tips to Create Effective PPTs For Knowledge Transfer

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Knowledge transfer is done through training initiatives such as ILT and e-learning. As a training manager, you know that ILT is one of the methods of knowledge transfer and PowerPoint presentations are an integral part of ILT training. These are some design aspects you should keep in mind when preparing your PPT: Use sans serif fonts such as Arial or Calibri for your slides. Colors too play an important role in PPT design. eLearning Design ILT Training

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Is Your Classroom Training Course Worthy of Conversion?

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It’s also quite common for these companies to convert their existing instructor-led training (ILT) resources into online courses instead of creating eLearning courses from scratch. If you are considering converting your ILT resources to eLearning courses, hold on until you’ve read this blog – you just might want to reconsider. You probably think that: Converting an ILT course is cheaper and quicker than creating a course from scratch.

3 Rapid E-learning Myths Busted

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Online courses are developed just by transferring content from PPT files. It is true that the rapid e-learning development methodology leverages existing instructor-led training (ILT) content such as PowerPoint presentations to create online courses. However, this doesn’t mean the PPT files can be published online, as they are, using a rapid authoring tool.

Instructional Design: The Process – Part 2

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These inputs help in defining the following: Learning modality and materials – ILT (instructor-led training), WBT/CBT (web-based or computer-based training), or blended learning with virtual classroom. The main activities of this phase include, but are not limited to: Storyboard Design or ILT Deck. Detailed Storyboard (on MS Word or visual on PPT) with audio script or trainer notes for Modifications. Train the Trainer (in case of ILT or blended learning).

10 Best eLearning Development Companies


ILT & VILT. PPT to SCORM package conversion. Top eLearning companies provide great service to training companies, enterprises, and training managers with their eLearning development solutions. These solutions include: eLearning authoring tools. online courses and templates.

Webinar: Writing Much More Better

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A – I like your idea of avoiding the PPT altogether and just presenting the software. The learners are the focus, not me and not the PPT. If it’s for an instructor-led training (ILT), I ask the client if they could reward the participants with a nice, but affordable, prize for gaining a certain number of points. You can also preview content by way of a good introduction to the course as part of the ILT or WBT.

May Edition: E-Learning News and Notes

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In this month’s issue, my tribute is to the 80′s a time where the Net wasn’t around, ILT was the dominant force, CBT was up and coming and WBT was just a dream. Even the strongest proponents of ILT are realizing the inevitable, that e-learning is not only here to stay but is growing stronger. As a result, ILT vendors are embracing e-learning through a variety of ways. Too many vendors are in the ILT space to just toss it aside and embrace e-learning.

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Preference of E-Learning – Structured or not?

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People who were running training/L&D always viewed blended to be paper and ILT (pre-WBT). When WBT appeared, there was an “AHA moment” The early adopters recognized that web-based training not only could work, but could do a better job at training and learning, that the current mode of ILT and paper. There is plenty of data out there that supports the notion that WBT can equal and even surpass ILT for retention, comprehension and synthesis. Trends are funny.

Docebo vs Absorb LMS: Find out which tool is better?


Users can upload and share training materials such as PDF, PPT, Tin Can, Video, and SCORM files. Absorb LMS supports ILT training and is capable of importing SCORM content created by another party.

Learning Styles and E-Learning

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A PowerPoint is not an effective means of e-learning, although one person told me what did a PPT have to do with any of this? Many people pre-COVID preferred PPTs in their classroom, seminars, and now with ILT and other webinar presentations.

10 Customized e-Learning Solutions

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With its PPT to SCORM feature, you can convert your old training materials into vivid interactive e-learning material PPT to SCORM. Features: Authoring tool, editable content library, Canva media library, microlearning & gamification template, PPT to SCORM, mobile learning.

TechKnowledge 2012 – Post Assessment

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I was surprised at the number of vendors offering a blended product – with ILT as more of the focus then their WBT counterpart. For PPT lovers, you can synch video files with PPT with drag and drop. While there were some things that made me think, uh oh, for the most part it has potential – especially in the education/academia space – for the online components, not ILT. You can also connect the iPad PPT to a monitor and show it there.

EdCast vs Degreed vs Fuse – The Analysis

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This is for virtual ILT. Virtual ILT (vILT) is a necessity in today’s new business environment. The days of attending a physical ILT F2F session are gone. Show Content (PPT, Video, other) during session. Where do you start?

27 Best Online Learning Platforms (updated 2022)


You can craft interactive content with PPT, PDF, video, and more. Offers instructor-led training (ILT) features. Supports blended learning methods – ILT, webinars, PowerPoint presentations etc. Provides ILT and virtual classroom capabilities.

UpSkilling – Change the Mindset

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Let’s look into our crystal ball of the past and remember: Physical ILT – in your conference room, in a training classroom, at a hotel, at a trade show. Teaching your employees, Powerpoint – or how to create a deck in PPT, is the past, the new reality – teach them how to shoot video and utilize it in an effective means for delivering knowledge, insight and communication. . But virtual ILT only works to a point. Remote workers. Deskless workers.

2014 Authoring Tools – State of Affairs

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Use of PowerPoint in ILT and now those folks are moving over to WBT. Use of PowerPoint in rapid content authoring tools – this has been a big irritant of mine, since the days when PPT first made its appearance in rapid content authoring tools. Some vendors use chapter-page approach with PPT, but there are plenty who do not (why?). Even with just content only – like PPT or video files. I’ve been reading a lot about the color green.

With L&D in Focus, Here is How an LXP can Help Achieve Desired Outcomes and Improve Performance

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Almost the entire training at various stages – from onboarding to leadership skill enhancement were conducted through an Instructor-led Training approach or ILT. There has never been a greater focus on Learning & Development in the workplace than now, and has been so since last year.

Change and a Hot Dog


Get out from in front of your PPT screens and get excited! . The possibilities are endless: ILT, WBT, m-learning, e-learning, social learning, blended learning – the ability to communicate, to collaborate, to share, to disseminate information has never been easier. .

The 19 Best Employee Online Training Software (A Comparison Guide)


You can craft interactive content with PPT, PDF, video, and more. It provides ILT and virtual classroom capabilities. It offers instructor-led training (ILT) features. It supports blended learning methods – ILT, webinars, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

How to create an online course in TalentLMS


You can add PowerPoint (ppt, pptx), MS Word (doc, docx), Excel (xls, xlsx), and Adobe PDF (pdf) files. – Instructor-Led Training (ILT). An ILT content entry works as an equivalent to an in-person training session. To add a new ILT entry, first click on the calendar on the “Add Instructor-Led Training” form to select its date. In the popup, you can give your ILT session a name and description, and set its precise start time and duration.

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Low Cost LMS - Help Needed

Tony Karrer

We have roughly 500 learners and would use the LMS for mainly tracking and registration of ILT courses, communication (possibly through message boards), and posting of class materials. inexpensive ("learning management system" OR lms) 2007.2009 filetype:pdf ~inexpensive ("learning management system" OR lms) 2007.2009 filetype:ppt This netted some interesting material including the following list that is the list in the Brandon Hall report.

Product Review:

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Each PowerPoint slide appears in order, following your PPT order. For example: your first PPT slide is on the timeline then you add a word document, next an image file, another slide (your 2nd one in the deck u uploaded), then audio/movie and so on. ppt slide, quiz, image, etc.). Unless you planned to use the course in the classroom, which in this case, it would be an ILT course. Again, “presentation&# – ILT.

Don’t Just Transfer Classroom Training to E-learning – Transform!

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When you move your instructor-led training (ILT) programs online, you need to come up with the right e-learning design strategy to present the subject matter effectively. So, when developing e-courses from ILT material, first identify the best format to deliver the courses. – Is It Just a Glorified PPT? Simple Ways to Convert ILT Courses to E-learning 7 Effective Remedies for Engaging E-learning Courses [Infographic].

LMS Review: Litmos

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For example, I had to hunt for the ability to add an instructor and facility — and finally found it under the ILT integration listing. Supports multiple formats — avi, wmv, mpg, mov, flv, m4v, ppt, pptx, pdf, mp3, zip, doc, or swf. Manage ILT and virtual sessions from same workflow. See More Vendors in our LMS Directory.

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Instructional Design Basics: What Is ADDIE?

Convergence Training

Select the training delivery method(s), such as classroom-based instructor-led training (ILT), elearning, virtual classrooms, etc. All your slides for things like PPT.


Wake UP CLO’s – Change Now

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Dump ILT and paper. I should add that he kept all his training notes, ILT sessions, training records, I also know CLOs who have jumped into the online learning world but deep down wish the ILT and more traditional way of learning would be prevelant and not where it is. Thus, the approach I would go is to use VR in replace of your ILT. But the idea of blended with ILT as a fixture is the wrong mindset.

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Product Review:

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Inability to have course be non-linear when live; it stays linear (another typical ILT feature), hint: WBT’s power is non-linear. Cannot move slides in the arrange mode – i.e. once you upload the PPT with the slide order, you cannot move say slide #9 to spot #4, rather you have to do this in PPT and then re-upload. I have been following Mindflash since it started as a beta. The product continues to add new features that overall are surprisingly solid.

20 Frequently Asked Questions About E-learning Rapid Authoring Tools

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It is one of the most crucial decisions you must make to successfully convert your ILT material into e-learning courses. If they are in the PPT format, you can convert them into PDF files and then import them into Flipbook Maker. With hundreds of e-learning development software available in today’s marketplace, choosing the right one which fully meets your training needs can be a major challenge.

Build Gr8 Micro-Learning Course

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People coming from ILT who have never built an e-learning course. Usually I find the PPT driven approach, due to it. Create a mini storyboard, you can use paper with blocks (which you create), you can use PowerPoint (with each slide being a component of the storyboard – I should add that people that use PPT for a storyboard, like the flexibility of it, you can use storyboard software – even if it is for making a movie or whatever).