What Is the Business Value of Online Learning?


Is online training for businesses worth the investment? You’ve heard a lot about online learning, but how do you know it’s the best solution for your organization? However, there’s a good reason why online learning has proven to be such a popular choice with many businesses.

Learner Lifetime Value: A Key Metric in Building and Scaling a High-Margin Learning Business

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If you have experience selling digital or physical products, you are familiar with an enormously critical metric – Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Whether you are operating a recurring subscription business or selling individual widgets, this valuable metric helps keep the entire lifecycle of your customer acquisition and retention rates in perspective. Online Learning LLV Scaling Learning Metrics Learner Lifetime Value Customer Lifetime Value CLV


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Learner Lifetime Value: A Key Metric In Building And Scaling A High-Margin Learning Business

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Learn more about the Lifetime Learner Value (LLV), a metric which factors in money spent on online learning, minus the cost to acquire the customer. eLearning Market eLearning Marketing Free eLearning eBooks Learners Engagement Online LearningThis post was first published on eLearning Industry.

What Is The Business Value of Online Learning?


How valuable is online training for businesses, and how can they calculate ROI? You’ve heard a lot about online learning, but how do you know it’s the best solution for your organization? Many businesses have ample need for more efficient training, whether it be for new hires, continued learning, or leadership development. Should they invest in online learning, finance courses at an outside institution, or hire a specialist to conduct traditional classroom learning?

eBook Release: The State Of Online Learning For Enterprises

Dan Keckan

The current state of online learning for enterprises is full of great opportunities but also traps. eLearning Trends Corporate eLearning Best Practices Corporate eLearning Trends eLearning eBooks Metrics

eBook 55

Is Your eLearning Training Successful? The Top 5 Metrics Your Business Must Track


As you start to evaluate if an LMS is worth the investment for your organization, it’s important to evaluate the right metrics that will help you gauge whether or not your learning management software is a success. From cost reduction to increased customer satisfaction levels, you should be prepared to show the value of your investment in online learning technology across multiple business fronts.

3 Strategies to Engage Students in Online Learning

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Despite the popularity of online programs, online-only students tend to struggle more than those in face-to-face courses. While 79% of online students view online programs as at least as good – if not better than – traditional courses , online courses typically have a 10-20% lower retention rate. Here are three practical, proven ways to engage students in online learning programs.

The Secret to Connecting Online Training to Business Performance


It’s time to burst the training bubble and fully embrace what can be done with online training. . In the book 70:20:10 Towards 100% Performance , author Jos Arets outlines Fredrick Winslow Taylor’s influence on the concept of separating learning and working. . Across the corporate learning landscape, this theory established an overly-formalized approach to learning that ignored the potential impact of informal learning. . Focus on the Conditions for Learning.

Benchmarking Online Learning

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WHAT KEEPS WORKERS FROM LEARNING ONLINE? 41% find current online learning not relevant to their need. 26% find learning content uninspiring. 22% learning objectives are not clear. WHAT DO LEARNERS VALUE HIGHLY FOR LEARNING? 49% live online learning. 47% self-paced e-learning. Twelve years ago, my friend Laura Overton (we worked at SmartForce together) founded Towards Maturity to benchmark learning across organizations. .

How Machine Learning and AI are Making Online Learning More Beneficial


Online learning ( aka E-Learning ) is now considered to be an integral part of the education sector. In simple words, online learning refers to the type of learning where the learning process is mediated by the internet i.e. the learners use the internet to learn. Online learning is gaining tremendous popularity. ML and AI have made learning to become personalized and adaptive. Personalized and Adaptive Learning.

New MOOC Research: What the Findings Mean for Corporate Training

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Aside from the time savings, the cost savings , and the boost in learner engagement, one of the biggest areas where massive open online courses (MOOCs) provide benefit is education research. MOOCs generate a huge amount of data, which can be collected and analyzed to gain insights into how people learn, what teaching methods are most effective, and many other areas related to learning. Online learning works, so let’s shift the conversation to how to make it successful.

Why Data Should Drive Your Training Strategy


In just one year, the number of learning and development professionals who said data plays a significant role in their work rose sharply – jumping from 47 percent to 83 percent. Globally, more and more leaders from all industries are pressuring their organizations to justify learning and development investments with hard data that demonstrates improved performance. Even better, deploy a learning management system (LMS) that keeps track of all that information for you.

How to Integrate Behavior Change into Online Learning with Chris Taylor from Actionable


Learn how to integrate behavior change into online learning with Chris Taylor from Actionable in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett from LifterLMS. is, “Learning alone can’t create change.” One is called learn a process.

Podcast 36: How to Deploy B2B2B Certification Rapidly – With Ha Nguyen McNeill

Talented Learning

WELCOME TO EPISODE 36 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW! To learn more about this podcast series or to see the full collection of episodes visit The Talented Learning Show main page. It’s a self-paced learning experience. WANT TO LEARN MORE?

Developing Online Programs Efficiently and Effectively


As entire departments and schools migrate to virtual classes, there is an increasing demand for online learning and working. At CourseArc, we excel in developing tools so that online learning is a seamless extension of face-to-face programming. Engagement Enables Learning.

4 Best Practices for Transitioning From Offline to Online Learning


The sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus has forced many companies all over the world to shift their operations online. However, transitioning from offline to online training is a challenging process. You can simply use your existing materials and resources to create your online courses.



ABOUT JOHN HINCHLIFFE: John Hinchliffe is an internationally recognized award-winning digital learning expert with over 13 years in the field. He also is the founder of the Global Learning and Development Community (GLDC) , and has served on the Board of Directors for the eLearning Network.

What Happened to the Promise of One-to-One Online Learning?

Kapp Notes

This does not seem to be happening in the world of e-learning. The ideal strategic situation would be to have, in a corporate setting, performance-based metrics (number of products sold, number of initiatives presented, projects finished, etc.) tied directly to elements courses or course pieces within a Learning Management System (LMS). Design Education learning design Learning Objects

Web resources to help you transition from classroom to online learning

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A big part of the new reality is moving classroom-based learning to online platforms. Depending on how much online training an organization does already, this transition may be relatively smooth, or terribly painful. From In-Person to Virtual Learning — The Time Is Now!



Bob has been an active and influential leader in the learning and training industry for over 30 years and is renowned worldwide for his pioneering role in new approaches to learning. Bob has also been the Learning Advocate for the Masie Center for the past six years.

Measuring ROI of Custom eLearning Development Solutions

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An online learning program can be effective when the value outweighs the cost. Organizations delivering personalized training programs use ROI as an essential metric to evaluate workforce performance, measure training impact, and unlock business success.

ROI 273

Top 5 Online Course Platforms for Educational Institutions

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Educational institutions across the world are increasingly shifting to online teaching as an essential means to support both classroom and distance teaching. Also Read: Learning in the Times of COVID-19 – How to Develop Your Online Learning Material.

Things You Must Consider Before Selecting an eLearning Company

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As the world goes digital, enterprises and educational institutions are increasingly taking the eLearning route to fulfil their learning and training objectives. While setting up enterprise eLearning, rather than just taking the plunge, it is important to first define the objectives and key metrics that can help you measure tangible outcomes and allocate budget and resources to ensure smooth set-up and implementation. online learning elearning elearning company employee training



Her focus has been on utilizing the disciplines of educational psychology, instructional design, and behavioral science to promote and support the improvement of peoples’ lives through sustainable long-term learning and behavioral change. Instead we should ask: “how would I do that online?”

5 Ways to Determine Which Online Course is Best


With so many online courses available on nearly every topic, how do you decide which one is the best for you? Let’s say you want to learn a business skill like online marketing. Most people they would go to Google and search for an online marketing course. Even if you were able to narrow this list down to 10 courses, how do you decide which online course is best? Getting accreditation for an online course is not easy. online learning

The 3 Key Employee Training Reports to Help Prove Value to Your Manager

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This has also been a huge influence on learning in organizations, especially those with employees located in more than one place, or travelling locally or abroad. In addition, the rise of social media has changed the way people think and the expectations from centrally provided learning systems and content are much higher now. Here we discuss the top 3 metrics that can help you along the way in this endeavour. #1 1 Online Assessment Results. LMS eLearning Metrics

5 Steps to Identifying Strategic Goals for Employee eLearning

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As with any project, deciding on strategic goals for your eLearning process helps you create your action plan and decide what metrics will be used to determine when something is a success. eLearning online learning corporate training L&DWhether your eLearning will be used for employee training purposes, onboarding, or something else, strategic goals guide the development of your eLearning materials.

7 Ways to Measure ROI on Customer Training


Here are the metrics that you need to track to give you the data to successfully work out ROI. Retention is a crucial metric when it comes to measuring customer training ROI. While there will always be a learning curve after implementation, this curve should start to flatten over time.

ROI 57

eLearning Challenges & How to Overcome Them


After all, you’ve spent valuable time researching, planning and launching your online course. To achieve high engagement rates, you need to remove barriers to learning and make sure your learners get the most out of your eLearning programs. No time for learning.

How to Offer Private Tutoring and Mentorship on LearnDash


One-on-one private sessions, tandem learning, and mentorship are all important ways to support learners. Every online educator knows how challenging it can be to help a learner cross the finish line on their course. LearnDash online learning

Completion Rates Plague MOOCs


People are often quick to give praise to online courses. It is a major reason why massive open online courses (MOOCs) have hundreds of thousands of active students taking courses online. Major universities like Stanford, University of Michigan, Yale (and others) offer online courses because it helps them reach more perspective students and is good for their brand. Truth be told, completion rates are quite dismal for online courses. MOOCs online learning

How Does Self-Paced Training Improve Training Efficiency?


Now, self-paced training, for the most part, can deliver the learning results and learning experience that most training teams want. Self-paced training helps you deliver content that works for different learning styles. Imagine learning how to fish with photos!).

Developing a Roadmap for Your Customer Training Program


One of the pain points we hear over and over again from our customers (predominantly software companies) is that their training program isn’t scalable and it provides a plain, non-interactive learning environment that doesn’t work for customers.

Self-Paced Training vs. Instructor-Led Training


But could choosing the right learning environment and style hold the key to training success? This article looks at the advantages, disadvantages, and use cases of both instructor-led and self-paced training — and weighs which delivery method produces better learning outcomes.

When those not in L&D or Training are overseeing your learning system

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What if Mollie, the head of customer service is designated to provide learning to all the employees, because the head of HR just fired err laid off the entire L&D department, including the person overseeing it? HRIS is overseeing the learning system. Tie-in to the Learning System.

Zoola Report Focus: Course Enrolment Chart View

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One of the most common metrics of success for online learning is number of enrolments in courses. To provide stakeholders a pulse on enrolments in your LMS, you can share the Course Enrollment Chart. Out-of-the-box, this report can be filtered for course categories, course name, and/or by date. This means that you can take a look at enrolments across the LMS or narrow your view to a specific course. Zoola Newsletter LMS Analytics

Report 100

The Best Online Learning Platforms for K-12 Education


Driven by the success of digital learning formats such as learning management systems, interactive games, and other hands-on learning methodologies, the market is flooded with online learning platforms with the promise of enhancing student learning outcomes.

Planning, Executing & Measuring Microlearning Efforts To Drive Competitive Success


To impart a personalized learning experience and restructure the entire learning process, microlearning has become an optimal choice. When micro content is delivered in a consistent way, organizations gain the ability to impart a continuous learning experience, develop knowledge competency and drive long-term behavioral changes. Few key metrics that measure every micro content effort are discussed here: ? m-Learning Microlearning

Learning Analytics: Big Demand, But Bigger Challenges?

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When I stepped into the extended enterprise learning world 25 years ago, the concept of data-based decision-making was vastly different. So how are learning practitioners responding to this need? Learning Analytics: Top of The “Hot” Trend List. WANT TO LEARN MORE?

In Summary: E-Learning Trends for 2020


Although we’re all still mourning the loss of summer, many of us are starting to prepare our learning strategies for the year ahead. As we move into 2020, we enter into a new era of e-learning, and we at Docebo have compiled all of the important e-learning trends set to impact the year ahead, so you can be ready. Here’s a summary of what you can expect in the full report: Learning Content. It’s up to learning technology providers to help organizations through this.