Simple SCORM Video Player 5.0

JCA Solutions

Simple SCORM Video Player 5.0 JCA Solutions is proud to present the latest version of our SCORM video packaging app, Simple SCORM Video Player ! Simply put, if you have a video file and you have an LMS, Simple SCORM Video Player can create a SCORM package for you in minutes!

What an offline player means for your learning community


Well, we are getting towards this with an Offline Player for your LMS. An offline player, in the context of elearning, is a program which allows learners to download elearning content when they are connected to the internet, then complete the training later when disconnected. Read on and find out what an offline player could do for your employees. This is why we have developed the Paradiso Offline Player, so that learning isn’t dependent entirely on an internet connection.


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Ready Player None: The Pitfalls of Gamification

eLearning Alchemy

Like all learning efforts, gamification is a solution that should be designed to solve a specific business problem. You should never set out to build a gamified course, you should always set out to solve a business problem. Length: 777 words. Reading Time: ~3.5 minutes. It’s hard to have missed the rise of gamification in the learning industry over the past few years.

Player 109

Gamification of Problem Solving

Your Training Edge

Gamification of Problem-Solving: It’s a relatively new term and may be a little trendy, possibly overhyped, and tends to be misunderstood as a subject. In essence gamification presents an innovative way to solve real-world problems in a simulated environment. How can you solve problems through Gamification? This is where gamification problem-solving projects like the U.S. Another example of gamification related to problem-solving also took place back in 2011.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8: One Smart Player

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Although your learners will not need Camtasia installed on their computer to use a SWF, they will need a modern web browser and the free Adobe Flash Player ( According to Adobe, the Flash Player is installed on most of the world's computers.    But SWFs have a problem. When you produce a SWF in Camtasia, the output includes a  Smart Player. The Smart Player automatically detects if the learner's device or browser supports Flash.

Player 139

How to make students fall in love with your video courses with Presto player


We have today Adam Preiser, creator of the very popular Presto player for WordPress as the guest for this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett. Now more than 40 thousand sites are using Presto player! A lot of people ask Chris how is Presto player different from Vimeo Pro?

Newest Flash Player Update Breaks Captivate Published Content

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

It appears that the latest Flash Player update (10,1,102,64) is causing much angst in the Captivate community. It seems that if you are using Captivate 5 and included text animation in your projects, the published lessons will not play correctly in the newest Flash Player. And there is a fix for the problem here. If you spent the Thanksgiving holiday away from your computer, the Internet and Captivate then you missed all of the excitement.

Making Learning Games Effective: 5 ways of ensuring that players LEARN


With the advent of computers, internet and communication technologies games have become more accessible, less costly, highly engaging and lots of fun for players of all ages. A Conflict or challenge or a problem to be solved. Games designed for entertainment need to make sure that by utilizing the above attributes, the players enjoy playing and keep coming back for more. As long as the games appeal to their target players, they can be successful.

Player 213

Team Players: Collaborating in Business


Being a team player is one of the most coveted traits that employers look for in new candidates. What does being a team player mean? Millennials grew up participating in sports and being team players from their earliest days of playing tee-ball. What happens if you don’t think you are a team player? Yet there are situations where the team player approach may be less effective. The post Team Players: Collaborating in Business appeared first on KnowledgeCity.

Installing adobe Captivate 2019 problem

Adobe Captivate

I download a trial version of Adobe Captivate 2019 from Adobe site, when I try to install it on my PC, it gives me a blank screen, only CP logo, I take the same files and try to install it on my brother’s PC, it works without any problem. My laptop is: Dell precision M6500, windows 7, 8GB Rams, last version of Flash Player installed, Java installed, and I have more than 100 free space in PC system drive.

Lesson II, Part I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player.


Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter LearnNuggets Nuggets of Learning Stuff Home About Resources Tags articulate , eLearning Lesson II, Part I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player by Kevin on July 13th, 2010 In this lesson, we’re going to learn how to build the graphics for the skin of your player. The ‘skin’ of the player is all the look & feel pieces and parts of the final player. I like to keep with Web Safe colors just so there are no problems.

Firewall Problems and Solutions

Clark Quinn

I would love to hear back from people on this as I received a question around firewall problems and solutions that I've not heard as much in the past couple of years. I couldn't tell from the message, but it could be the case that they are using some kind of custom player. My sense is that using a custom Player is still a really bad idea in most cases. Anything else, especially ActiveX or Java is likely going to be a big problem.

Solving Problems at Work: The Techniques and Soft Skills Your Employees Need


There is always a need for those who have premium problem-solving skills in the workplace. The pace with which companies are adopting technologies is increasing, and some of those technologies are also assisting with the problem-solving process. What Is Problem Solving?

Firewall Problems and Solutions

Tony Karrer

I would love to hear back from people on this as I received a question around firewall problems and solutions that I've not heard as much in the past couple of years. I couldn't tell from the message, but it could be the case that they are using some kind of custom player. My sense is that using a custom Player is still a really bad idea in most cases. Anything else, especially ActiveX or Java is likely going to be a big problem.

The Biggest Players In the Microlearning Industry Today

Ed App

Of course, where there are big problems big solutions are soon to follow. So here is a run down of the biggest players in the microlearning industry today. Two of the biggest players in the corporate microlearning industry today are: LinkedIn Learning. One of the biggest players disrupting the education industry with microlearning is the Khan Academy. The post The Biggest Players In the Microlearning Industry Today appeared first on EdApp Microlearning Blog.

ROI of continuous training: HR Directors’ unsolvable problem?


Does this solve the main problem of HRs? If you’re skeptical about the benefits of gaming, I invite you to take a look at the proportions of video games players per age ranks in France in 2018. 2 options are available if you’re looking for qualitative content: look for the experts in each skill fields or look for training players who chose the quality of content as the main part of their editorial lines.

How Gamers Learn: The Game Player’s Brain

Growth Engineering

With games, the player is thrown into an environment and they’re often given no instructions on how to proceed. Games are rich in interactive elements which keep the player engaged and because they seldom come with a rule book, gamers have learned to think outside the box in order to solve the problems they encounter. The post How Gamers Learn: The Game Player’s Brain appeared first on Growth Engineering.

HTML5 in E-learning – Signaling the End of the Flash Player

CommLab India

For years, the Flash Player reigned supreme in the world of e-learning. It seemed that the Flash Player was destined to rule the technology-enabled learning world. However, all that changed with the statement of one person – Steve Jobs, who declared in 2010 that iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system would not support the Flash Player. This means that many learners could not access online learning on mobile devices, using the Flash Player.

Expanding the problems we solve for our customers

Rustici Software

We spend a lot of time at Rustici Software talking about what we build, what problems we solve, and why we do it. We’re always trying to find new ways we can help people with their eLearning integration problems. In a lot of ways, 2019 is business as usual at Rustici Software. In other ways, it’s a brave new world.

Adobe Captivate 4 and Flash Player 11 Issue

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate 4 has issues when Flash Player 11 is installed on the machine. Please follow the steps below to fix this problem - Download a file to fix this issue in Adobe Captivate 4 from here - Instructions – Close [.]. It throws error message specifically when you try to work with Widgets.

Having Problems with your eLearning Courses Using Adobe Flash?


To get started, click the “Check Now” button to automatically detect whether you have Flash Player installed on your computer. The post Having Problems with your eLearning Courses Using Adobe Flash?

Having Problems with your eLearning Courses Using Adobe Flash?


To get started, click the "Check Now" button to automatically detect whether you have Flash Player installed on your computer (see below). . If you reach “Enable Flash Player” (either step four or the link you followed, depending on where the first step led you), follow the specific instructions relating to your browser and the steps for your operating system (Mac OS or Windows). .

Solving Real Problems with Learning Technologies [Webinar Q&A]

gomo learning

In our webinar ‘Solving Real Problems with Learning Technologies’, gomo’s Mike Alcock, Jeff Fissel, and Dawn Baron discussed the challenges they heard from L&D professionals they’d met at recent industry trade shows like Learning Technologies 2019. If you missed the webinar, no problem—we’ve got you covered, with a recording (done in gomo Video, of course!). Does it exist in the content player?

dominKnow Mobile Player Opens Up Content Delivery by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

No problem! dominKnow’s new mobile player provides. Slow Internet connection? No Internet connection? organizations with an integrated, secure way to deliver training content to any user—at home, at the office, or on the road. Design & Development Tools Learning Systems Mobile Learning

Two Key Players Create Value from Competency-Based Learning

CLO Magazine

Employers want to be sure the talent they recruit has at a minimum basic, cross-cutting competencies such as communications, teamwork and problem solving. Tags: competency-based learning , partnership , strategy The post Two Key Players Create Value from Competency-Based Learning appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. Higher education’s use of competency-based learning (CBL) delivery approaches may be the key to mitigating the skills gap.

CLO 38

Getting that E-learning Course to Work When SCORM isn’t the Problem


And, sometimes the reason is because there is a problem with the SCORM set up. When your SCORM package isn’t tracking right, your vendors can help you test the SCORM to see if there is a problem. What if SCORM isn’t the problem? Videos require a player (often “Flash”) to run. Over time, the player on your computer may have become outdated. Try these basic “tests” to run down the problem.


How To Solve the Biggest Problems With Video

KZO Innovations

There are ways to still reap the rewards of video learning while minimizing the problems associated with it. . Problems arise when using older operating systems or web browsers that are not compatible with the video player being used. Although problems can arise, overall they are easily solvable. Contact us today and learn how your company can solve the biggest problems with video! . Video has become an integral part of corporate development.

Learning at Large Ep7: How to solve real-life business problems through learning design


Listen to this episode now: Subscribe to Learning at Large: Or search for “Learning at Large” on your podcast player of choice. People hear the word innovation and think it’s all about crazy ideas and creativity and technology, and actually, one of the things our team is laser-focused on is that innovation is creative problem-solving. [ And I’m going to delve into the way you deal with creative problem-solving later on. Because it’s solving that problem, right? [

Stakeholders in An eLearning Course Development Process


Here is an overview of the key players involved and the teamwork that takes an idea to fruition. In case of a problem the project manager either takes it upon himself or discusses possible solutions with the team to fix the problem.

One Simple Trick for Troubleshooting Technical Problems with E-Learning Courses

E-learning Uncovered

There’s a technical problem with the course, and they need you to solve it. I’ve been able to use the information provided by to determine that the user didn’t have a Flash player. In other cases, the details themselves may not solve the problem. The post One Simple Trick for Troubleshooting Technical Problems with E-Learning Courses appeared first on E-Learning Uncovered It’s bound to happen sooner or later: you get “that” call from a customer.

E-Learning Specialist: What’s Your Perspective? Key Players For Development!

Designing Digitally

The problem is that E-Learning has evolved and one individual can’t tackle all training challenges effectively. Sometimes company executives aren’t clear on the true nature of their problems or how to address them. Traditionally, people think in terms of an individual who masterfully does it all. He or She designs, develops and evaluates content that will be used for training. Technically savvy, he or she modifies and improves existing course material to make it even more engaging.

Avoid Confusion: Hide the SumTotal LMS Player Controls Using Articulate Storyline 2

CommLab India

The problem arises if you are making the course WCAG or 508 compliant. Now click the Web based Training Tab, select General and find the Content Player Settings. Uncheck Hide content player navigation. So if you want to Hide the SumTotal LMS player controls, you need to apply these steps for every SCORM compliant eLearning course. Every eLearning course includes navigational elements by default. What if your LMS provides navigation options too?

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): GDC Update 5: Player Generated Content in Casual Games

Mark Oehlert

» February 20, 2008 GDC Update 5: Player Generated Content in Casual Games Player Generated Content in Casual Games One of the presenters is Kris Soumas and dig this title - "VP of Games, Lifetime Television" I wonder if they even have a CLO.but they have a VP of Games. e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « GDC Update 4: A Basket of Stuff | Main | GDC Update 6: Game Studies Download 3.0

Apple iPad: Who Is It Really For?

Upside Learning

The only problem I see is the large power-draining LCD screen on the iPad which would make the battery look small. MP3 Players? While the iPad may have an impact over the music industry, it don’t think it would affect the mp3 players market at all. If you just have to listen to music the iPod Nano had great size advantages over the iPod Touch and that explains why iPad won’t impact mp3 players.

Apple 174

3 Eye-Catching Ways to Add Interactivity to Your Screencasts


Step-by-step problem solving and other. Course & Page Design Course Creation e-learning interactive video interactive video elements interactivity ivideo video playerSoftware animated demonstrations – which more recently have come to be known as “screencasts”- have generated new interest as a promising learning tool. Those videos walk users through the successful and immediate accomplishment of a task and serve adequate learning scenarios, such as: Computer applications.

Game Based Learning: Is It Appropriate For My Association?

Association eLearning

Here are the top 3 game features more tailored to male players: Mastery – while women want to achieve mastery of relevant tasks, men seem to be driven to master any challenge, regardless of the context. Badging works well here, allowing male players to achieve the highest levels. If there’s a way to promote this player’s achievement publicly, even better. Male players want a challenge, so motivating them with “scores to beat” is very effective.

eLearning Thought Leaders: OpenSesame

eLearning Weekly

We’re solving the interoperability problem for course developers and end users, while making diverse courses trackable on a variety of systems. TT: We believe in collaborating with our technology partners to solve problems and create elegant features for elearning professionals. JB: A SCORM video player. Interview eLearning eLearning Start Up LMS Open Sesame SCORM Video Player Thought Leaders

Breaking Down the Learning Game Helping You Identify Fake News

eLearning Brothers

As an eLearning professional, I was intrigued to learn about a game developed by the University of Cambridge designed to address this pervasive and potentially dangerous social problem.

Games 91

Good Games, Good Learning

Upside Learning

In fact, nothing happens until a player acts and makes decisions. Then the game reacts back, giving the player feedback and new problems. The observation that games give the players new problems is particularly cogent; eLearning interactions don’t change the environment itself based on player actions, games constantly do. I stumbled across an interesting paper linked to in a post by Karl Kapp.

Games 186

Articulate Storyline: The Cure for Overlapping Notes

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Kal Hadi     When enabling player notes in published Storyline projects, you might end up with overlapping text. This can happen if your slide titles are long (requiring three lines at the top of the notes pane in the player). Note that adding extra space should be done with paragraph "Space Before" or "Space After" otherwise consistency is going to be a problem.)  Separator lines are on by default via the Player settings.).