Improve Your Training Program With Mobile Learning

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Learning Technology Tools to Enhance Safety Compliance Programs

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To achieve this, organizations have to enhance their existing safety training programs. There are many learning technology tools that can help you take your safety training programs a step further by taking into consideration the rules OSHA mandates.

10 Creative Online Learning Strategies for Intensive Learning – Free Slide share

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Access the slideshare for insights on ten creative learning strategies to develop effective online training programs. Learning Technology Rapid eLearning

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: 27 Inspiring Women Edubloggers

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Thursday, October 09, 2008 27 Inspiring Women Edubloggers 27 Inspiring Women Edubloggers View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. tags: education women ) Im humbled (in that "feeling like a fraud" sort of way) and also inspired to be included with some really great bloggers -- some known to me, and some brand new. Thanks, Zaid !

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Recommended Research: Constructivism & Learning Technology

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Here is the recording and slideshare. Last week, we had an awesome virtual class on how to implement an effective gamification strategy within a corporate learning environment! In class, we briefly touched on some learning theories and research related to constructivism and the effective use of technology, games and gamification within the overall learning environment.

A Great Start to 2010

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We have been included as a Winner in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2009 Program for the second year running. This program ranks the top 500 public and private technology companies with the fastest annual revenue growth rates in Asia Pacific over the past three years. To know about some of the other milestones we’ve achieved on our journey so far, take a look at our “Upside Five years&# Presentation available on SlideShare.

[Free Webinar #2!] Convert Classroom Training to Blended Learning Using Your Creativity and Adobe Technology

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Check out the recording and the slideshare.) Understand how the Fluidic player can help you leverage fully blended courses in your training programs. I recently did a webinar on this topic. We had an awesome group who shared tons of ideas, so we’re going to do the webinar one more time! Join us on April 2 at 9AM Pacific. Register for free with eLearning Industry.

Using MOOCs: Finding and Onboarding New Employees

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In his SlideShare presentation “ Putting MOOCs to Work ,” Josh Bersin identifies seven ways companies are using MOOCs, starting with identifying and training new hires all the way through to customer relations and facilitating innovation. Companies can sponsor MOOCs or even full programs.

Train your new employees with the help of a Staff Induction Software now and see the change immediately


Our LMS platform has the capacity to provide training with modalities such as competency-based, learning paths or the implementation of fully customized training programs that would meet the needs of your company.

The Most Popular Blog Posts for 2016


And today some of the presentations went live on slideshare. So I'm glad I stumbled onto their slideshare and their company called Picmonic. Planning and research are vital to the success of your online training program.

Behavior Research Links

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He also has several really useful slideshares here: [link] net/sawendel. Dan just joined the Carnegie Mellon Design School — it might be useful to look at how they are defining things: [link] edu/content/program-framework. So, I was just talking to someone interesting in doing user research for behavior change, and I put together a set of links for her.

2014: The Year of the Corporate MOOC?

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But many companies remained skeptical about MOOCs, perhaps waiting to see their results in higher education before overhauling their own training programs. Companies are using digital learning environments to expand the reach of their training programs.

Getting Started With Mobile Learning?

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Along the way we’ve shared quite a few blog posts , a few SlideShare presentations , and a whitepaper about mobile learning. As part of a blended program. Mobile learning is in the air. It’s the buzz word in training these days and you can’t escape all the noise surrounding it.

Learning Activities that Matter

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We want people to remain engaged in the program. Encourage them to find videos, Slideshare, research documents etc. It is time to move away from just movement…to learning activities that matter.

How to MOOC: Technology-Enabled Learning Tools, Part 2

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Social media integration is one of the main advantages of MOOCs over traditional e-learning models, and MOOCs offer many ways to incorporate social media into training programs: Discussion boards. Wikis are easily updated to reflect the most current knowledge and they can help instructors identify strengths and weaknesses in the training program. Google Docs , TitanPad , and other collaborative document programs track each user’s contributions in real time. Web 2.0

What Are Your Training Metrics Actually Measuring?

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So, assuming that you are tracking some metrics for your training programs, what are they actually measuring and how can you gain more insight into what’s working and what’s not? Their model, shown in this slideshare , has four categories: Activity — What are we doing?

Thank you voters! Epignosis eFront LMS Won the Best of ELearning! Award


Awards are the exclusive reader’s choice awards program for elearning products and services. To view the original PR and stay up to date with our latest news, please follow us and check out our uploads on Slideshare : Epignosis eFront LMS wins Best of ELearning! ELearning!

7 Most Used Online Corporate Training Platforms


Using a well-structured employee training program, you can shape them into the ideal and efficient employees who will make every effort to help your business grow. L&D teams and corporate trainers may design effective training programs, but without the right delivery platform, the training still remains ineffective. It offers recurring certifications based on completion of courses and learning programs. You can get insightful reports about the employee training program.

Cammy Bean, "Writing Better eLearning Scripts" Training 2015


How can we write better programs?" -Aim Today''s slide deck is available on Slideshare I''m in Atlanta for Training 2015. Our friend Cammy Bean so often live blogs other people''s conference sessions, including some of mine, I figured I''d return the favor. Aim for short & snappy -How do people talk to each other? Write like that. Use a lighter, accessible tone.

What is SCORM? Advantages of using SCORM with authoring tools such as isEazy


Well, SCORM is nothing more than a programming language for e-learning courses. To give you some context, you should know that before the existence of SCORM , companies used proprietary programming languages for the pedagogical content they created.


6 Lessons from the Trenches of Digital Learning Game Design at #ASTDTK14

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You can get a sneak peak at the slides we’ll use (and the example) on Slideshare. However, BLP has lots of smart people and we didn’t recognize this issue until we programmed an initial prototype that we called “Story Shuffle.”

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What’s a learning culture anyway? 4 essential attributes for bringing it to life


Unfortunately, many organizations confuse these two ideas and believe that a well structured and resourced L&D program justifies the inclusion of “learning” in the list values they have hanging in the lobby.

My Twitter Weekly Links Digest for 2011-07-17

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RT @ slideshare : ‘SchoolNetSA Opening Keynote ‘ is featured on our homepage. RT @ CLOmedia : A new poll found a generational gap in workplace training programs. Tweet. RT @ WendyTagg : I’ve blogged about @ c4lpt ‘s 30ways social media programme [link] <Thanks Wendy #. Infographic: Google+ vs. Facebook, the Only Comparison Chart You’ll Ever Need [link] #. And now we have [link] to shorten ur Google+ username. I’ve done it [link] #.

What differentiates isEazy from the rest of the tools?


With the passage of years, most software has enormously improved its user experience, but a great many programs continue to need the user to take a short course or tutorial to be able to make the most of all its benefits.

What’s in Your Technology-Enabled Learning Toolbox?

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This blog will explore more than 60 tools and technologies for successfully implementing each of these elements in your technology-enabled training program. All training courses and programs should have learning objectives. SlideShare — upload and share presentations.

Making Sense of Responsive E-Learning Design


Here is a slideshare presentation that depicts some interesting use cases and real-world examples. Register yourself on DominKnow’s website if you are interested to participate in the Claro Flow Beta Program. The Quote.

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Generation Z is Here. Are You Ready?


What does the appearance of Gen Z mean for your recruiting efforts, learning and development programs and company culture? Sparks & Honey created a great SlideShare , supporting characterization of this generation as: Digital Multi-taskers : Smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets….

How to Sell Online Courses from your own website – You Should Know


Even to teach Microsoft Excel and SQL programming to business and sales analysts. Don’t get me wrong – Technical programming skills are not required. Share a couple of presentations on SlideShare. Run affiliate programs, and find affiliates for your courses. When I was on a payroll, I often used to complain about work pressure. I used to clock at-least 9 hours a day. which made the most of my limited stretch of time.

Big Data & Training 101: What You Need to Know


And that data is useful for evaluating both your employees and your program’s efficacy -- not to mention planning future training initiatives. We recently created a SlideShare presentation that goes over some of the basics of using Big Data in training, which you can check out below.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Online Course in 2018


Good courses for a MOOC are: STEM Sciences (Math, Physics, Programming, etc.). – Learners will be able to discriminate between the program’s peculiar features. Slideshare : Using the embed code of a SlideShare presentation you can easily include it in your courses.

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The Connected Educator: Building a Professional Learning Network

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Many students are participating in PLNs to learn skills that are not taught in their schools (computer programming, photography/videography, graphic design, foreign languages). Slideshare Presentation). Torrey Trust is my guest blogger.

The Connected Educator: Building a Professional Learning Network

Allison Rossett

Many students are participating in PLNs to learn skills that are not taught in their schools (computer programming, photography/videography, graphic design, foreign languages). Slideshare Presentation). Torrey Trust is my guest blogger.

Free eLearning Badge. We support Free eLearning Resources


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How Can You Choose The Right Learning Management System?

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For example, key features that both upper management and your L&D team agree are necessary for a robust online training program. Perhaps you need online training webinars, videos, audio files, slideshares, or maybe a combination. In that case, you typically need more programming experience in order to utilize the LMS effectively. As a result, you have the power to enhance your online training program and maximize your ROI.

Justifying eLearning: ROI and Key Metrics


You can easily name a number of reasons why a company should take advantage of eLearning programs. As it appears from the abbreviation, ROI is a measurable unit that represents an excess of value received over the cost incurred for the program. Justifying eLearning: ROI and Key Metrics.

7 lessons how to use social media in an event with social media beginners

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Co-create your event and program with a wider group of participants Traditionally a small group of people/volunteers design the event and make decisions about the program, themes and speakers. The exciting thing about social media is makes it easy to call for wider participation in program design. and the organizers still had a large part in designing the program. on slideshare ).

Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning


Users do not need to perform any programming tasks, but rather going through a graphical user interface to generate the learning object. Creating simulations requires experience of the Java programming language to create a numerical model of the system/concept being simulated.