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With a quick search you are sure to find the image you’re looking for.     As tempting as it might be to use images found via a Google search in your project, I’d caution against it.   Still wanting to search the web for an image of a puppy to use in a work project?

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With a quick search you are sure to find the image you’re looking for.     As tempting as it might be to use images found via a Google search in your project, I’d caution against it.   Still wanting to search the web for an image of a puppy to use in a work project?

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eLearning: Google Gets Into Online Learning with "Power Searching with Google" Course

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by AJ George  I have recently written about  how to use Google to search for eLearning images you can actually use  and  how to search specific websites using Boolean operators in Google search queries. Those  Those skills, however, are just the tip of the Google search iceberg. Starting today (July 10), you can take a free virtual course called "Power Searching with Google" straight from the folks at Google.

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Social Media: How to Search for (and Actually Find) Your Old Tweets

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Searching through old tweets (particularly when you are a frequent tweeter), however, can be a bit of a nightmare. Topsy Advanced Search. Topsy Advanced Search  is also fast and easy, but with more specific search options. This could save you a lot of time if your search query returns a lot of results.    My search was very simple, so Snapbird was all I needed. As with Topsy, you can use Google search to omit results.

Making a search doc that recognizes text, and then plays the corresponding audio file

Adobe Captivate

I’m trying to make an interactive search tool, but it needs to recognize the text input, and then play the correct audio file. The post Making a search doc that recognizes text, and then plays the corresponding audio file appeared first on eLearning.

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Google Slides: The ULTIMATE guide


Whether you’re a student, in business, or a software pro, there’s little doubt that you’ve heard of Google Slides. However, while the name may ring a bell, we know that many of you won’t have had the time to delve deep into Google Slides’ functionality.

9 Google Slides features we wish PowerPoint had


At BrightCarbon we also love using Google Slides. Google Slides benefits from being a browser-based application, and has some unique features that we think are pretty impressive. So we’ve whittled down our 9 favourite Google Slides features that we think Microsoft could take on board!

Here’s Why Slide Count is Irrelevant to Your E-Learning Course

Rapid eLearning

I get a lot of questions about number of slides or screen count per hour of instruction. Don’t Auto-Advance Slides. The problem with this is that if the person is a fast reader, it’s frustrating to wait for the slide to catch up. The same can be said for slides with narration.

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Stunning Free Update to Adobe Captivate 2019 Raises the Bar with Quick Start Projects & Productivity Enhancements

Adobe Captivate

The clear headliner is the new built in Assets and the associated search tool. The new search tools in the asset panel make it easy to go shopping for sample slides of virtually every time. This summer just got a lot hotter!

Set Variables With Interactive Sliders – Part 4 The JavaScript

Adobe Captivate

The JavaScript will be added to the slide as an OnEnter action. Basically, we just have a single timing event… setTimeout(function, milliseconds); which will run the function after a set time of 1000 milliseconds or just one second after we enter the slide. find which says to go look at that iframe and search the contents to find an ID called slideRange. Adobe Captivate Blog Tips and Tricks blog JavaScript jquery on enter actions slide

How Online Learners Are Using Interactive Video Transcripts [STUDY]

3Play Media

In many cases this had to do with our transcript search feature , the ability to search for a keyword and jump to that specific point, not only in the lecture but throughout the course videos. “It’s We’ve all become accustomed to a world where information is just a search away.

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Javascript help!

Adobe Captivate

I am trying to create script that will check the lesson status and based on that status go to a certain slide. For example, if the course is not completed, I want them to go to slide 2, but if they have completed the course, I want it to go to slide 1 (from my understanding, the first slide in Captivate is actually slide 0). I have been searching around on the internet a lot, but cannot figure this one out!

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Light Up Your eLearning with Lightboxes in Storyline 2

eLearning Brothers

As the days grow shorter, we start searching for ways to add more light to our days. As our eLearning development progresses, we start searching for ways to add excitement and innovation to our courses. In the scene shown above, selecting slide 3.1

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Canva Just Keeps Getting Better & Better

Mike Taylor

Whether you need a quick graphic for social media, slides, a flyer promoting an event or a whole host of other things, Canva has got you covered with 10’s of thousands of pro design options. For the right scenarios, you might even consider using Canva to create and present your slides.

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Free templates unworkable

Adobe Captivate

I have downloaded several free templates but find most of them unworkable due to elements that are clearly in the live version of the slide, yet they are hidden in the timeline itself. I need to edit or change something in the slide but I cant because it isn’t in the timeline.

ADOBE CAPTIVATE 2019: Three Cheers for Improved Assets in Version 11.5

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  In the image below, I searched for "checkmark" and was presented with two options.   I selected the image I wanted, clicked the Insert button and the image appeared on my slide.

Making a splash!

Learning with e's

The search algorithms on Unsplash are quite sophisticated. Now that's quite specific, but if you insert the search string 'neon lights wet road', you are immediately presented with dozens of quality images, each of which fits the criterion.

Adobe Announces Major Updates its Technical Communication Suite

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Explore FrameMaker’s endless possibilities faster with reorganized and more logial menus and the new Command Search. Help users find relevant content faster with best-in-class search, including search auto-complete.   Presenter transforms your PowerPoint slides into interactive eLearning with stunning assets and quizzes. Adobe annnounced a major update to its Technical Communcaiton suite on January 31.

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eLearning: Fun Photo Editing Toy

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For example, I did a  Google Image search for images that were marked for commercial reuse with modification  (click the link to learn how to do that if you don't already know) using the keyword  school.

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Webinar: Future of eLearning – The Millennial Apocalypse and Modern Learning Solutions

eLearning Brothers

Twenty years ago, “eLearning” was introduced as the web became ubiquitous and authoring tools accessible; yet their limits resulted in a plethora of online slide shows.

ARTICULATE STORYLINE 3 & 360: SRT Files Make Quick Work of Closed Captions

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Closed captioning allows you to display a slide’s voiceover audio as text that is synchronized with the voiceover audio. You can learn more about each of these file formats and how to create them with a simple Web search. by Kevin Siegel, COTP.

Six PowerPoint Add-Ins to Help Educators Create Sleek Slideshows


Here you go: PowerPoint Labs PowerPoint Labs is a wonderful add-in that is aimed at helping users with creating better effects and animations in their slides. You can make use of ShapeChef's instant search feature to find the graphics you're looking for.

Strange Issue

Adobe Captivate

I changed up the timing a bit and pulled up a “From this Slide” preview and the sound file was duplicated meaning the track would start where I had it placed originally then a second track would start to play at the time point that I moved it to.

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MSTP for E-Learning: Parallelism


The mathematical precision behind their ‘parallel’ architecture is what gives traction to the long, serpentine body of the train to slide over them at tremendous speed. The Search command on the Start menu locates the document, and you can then open it.

Nine West Expoze platform heels

Kapp Notes

The first three slides are teaser but contain valuable information and then you hit the “toll booth.&# ). For Some Examples: Go over to Slide Share and search for “worlds best presentation&# examples. __.

Resources for Two Recent Presentations

Kapp Notes

Here are slides, links and other information from two webinars I conducted. Here are the slides from the NETWORKS presentation. Here are the slides I presented for the eLearning Guild’s Online Forum.

Weekly Bookmarks (3-21-2010)

Experiencing eLearning

10 Search Engines to Explore the Deep End of the Invisible Web. Search engines for finding information in databases, books, journals, and other places not indexed by Google. tags : search , invisibleweb. A large project (80-150 slides) should take 8-10 hours to produce. I Came, I Saw, I Learned…: Development Times for Captivate eLearning. Estimates for the production part of Captivate development.

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Best of 2018

Yukon Learning

Sidebar search. As we here at Yukon Learning close 2018 and our 10-year celebration, we would like to share a few of our favorite blog posts with you, too: How would I create my own slide transition? How can I create a spotlight on a slide to highlight some information? As 2018 comes to a close, we reflect back on all of the wonderful things that happened this year. Yukon Learning celebrated its 10-year anniversary and Articulate came out with some amazing updates.

Captivate 8: Working with Text-to-Speech and Voices

eLearning Brothers

” Surprisingly, a quick web search did not reveal an easy answer! A dialogue box appears (shown a few pictures down), allowing you to select a slide and add the text which the selected voice will speak, at least to the best of its ability. Guest blog post by Erik Lord.

Create an Animated Title Clip Using PowerPoint & Camtasia Studio 8

TechSmith Camtasia

I will use a default size slide in PowerPoint. You may want to size your slide to be the dimensions of your particular video. But, leave some white space on the slide since you will need to frequently resize things. I searched for “butterfly” to find this picture.

Replace an image on the screen to another image and maintain the dimensions

Adobe Captivate

I searched high and low for the answer but had no luck. Whenever I change the image on my slide with another from the library, it always adjusts the size of the image back to the new image dimensions. I’m puzzled by this simple task. Is there a way to change the image and maintain the same dimensions as the previous image? So a replace image plus crop at once.

Three Rules for Supplying Memorable Content to Employees


Teams should also be able to easily search and quickly navigate to precise operational information the moment they need it—on demand and just in time. Content displayed in videos, flashcards, and slides, on the other hand, make content more visually engaging, which increases our ability to recall it (and not to mention more interesting to read and easier to absorb). A knowledgeable and well-trained labor workforce is a productive workforce—an easy enough concept in theory.

ARTICULATE STORYLINE 360: Recolor and Crop Content Library Images

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During our beginner Articulate Storyline classes , we emphasize the importance of using images in a project instead of relying on dense, text-heavy slides.   From within the Search Photos dialog box, I typed horse teeth and I was pleasantly surprised when several candidates appeared.

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Learning Interactions in PowerPoint: Add Engagement to Instructor-Led Training

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

All of us know that slides after slides of ‘training’ content can be boring. Using the add-in, people can search and add interactions to their presentations in a single click. e-Learning course designers have traditionally turned to traditional classroom instruction for insights in instructional design. Now with a couple of decades experience of e-learning, classroom instruction can incorporate some of the best practices in e-learning.

A New Year’s Resolution: Remove the Fluff from eLearning

Integrated Learnings

If you had to offer business justification for each slide and activity in your eLearning lesson to your client, could you consistently make a compelling case? Word searches, crossword puzzles, hang man – I see these games in eLearning from time to time. Generally speaking, I’m not sure that word searches, crossword puzzles, or hang man are reliable methods for accomplishing the bullets above. By Shelley A. Gable.