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JIT Performance Support Mobile App Development

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I mentioned before in one of my posts about the growing use of smart phones application as a form of Just-in-Time performance support; as mentioned before ; I feel eventually technology will enable individuals and not just companies/departments to deliver applications. When developing applications for just-in-time performance support, here are some items I keep on my checklist.

Leveraging Mobile Learning Platforms As Performance Support Systems

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This post specifically talks about how a Mobile Learning Platform can be used as an effective Performance Support System. What is a ‘Performance Support System’? A ‘Performance Support System’ or PSS refers to any system that improves worker productivity by providing on-the-job access to integrated information, advice and learning experiences. Upside2Go: ?

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

This month's LCBQ is What are your Predictions and Plans for 2011? Tony Bates - eLearning Outlook for 2011 1. Of course, you can’t look at learning in 2011 without mentioning mobile learning. Some Mobile Learning Predictions for 2011 Mobile learning will get its own identity. Here are my top 10 eLearning predictions for 2011. We would welcome lots of discussion.

CERT and performance support

Clark Quinn

They’re focused on communication and task support as really the two key things. In addition to the training, they’ve provided resources and very specific performance support tools. hope I never have to, but I feel better knowing that if I do, there’s a lot of well-designed support.  I recommend both that you consider getting CERT training, and also look at how they’ve taken a very tough task and broken it down into a command situation. The plan is that volunteer teams trained to take initial action as a mechanism to save lives. The

Microlearning Whitepaper: Small Bites, Big Impact

continuously improve performance and increase competitiveness, they must move from. the job well and positively impact business performance. change that results in improved job performance. Better performance. Populating a knowledge-on-demand performance support resource with. When employees lack the knowledge they need to be top performers, their.

Make Learning Supportive and Available Everywhere

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This year's 2011 Lectora user conference provided my first opportunity to hear learning futurist Elliot Masie ( of The Masie Center ) speak live; he didn't disappoint. One thing that struck me was how often Masie recommended that just-in-time electronic performance support would often meet an organization's needs instead of traditional training. By Jay Lambert. mobile).

Performance Support In Our Daily Lives

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Chances are you’ve noticed performance support has entered our daily lives. It’s also quite possible it has missed your attention even if you are using performance support tools to do everyday tasks more effectively and with less effort – probably with better results. One common performance support tool we use is GPS navigation system while driving. Is it?

12 Most Popular eLearning Posts: January 2011 Monthly Roundup

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Performance Support In Our Daily Lives. Discusses about two performance support tools that would enable us to do everyday tasks more effectively and with less effort – probably with better results. January was a month of varied topics. From Games to Instruction Design, to eLearning and Microlearning, it squeezed out every bit of knowledge from our best bloggers. Nothing!

Your Brain: The Ultimate Electronic Performance Support System

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performance supportLately, I’ve been giving greater thought to how the influence of the internet has changed who I am, and how I operate.  This reverie was sparked a few weeks ago when I noticed that I have increasingly stopped reading online news articles to their completion, and have instead begun moving on to the next item as soon as I’ve figured out the main points. .

eLearning Conferences 2011

Tony Karrer

This list is focused mostly on the first half of the year: January to June 2011. link] December 1-3, 2010 Online Educa Berlin International Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training, 16 th , Hotel InterContinental, Berlin, Germany. link] January 2011 January 2-5, 2011 International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN), 12 th , Bangalore, India.

2011 Predictions

Clark Quinn

system-generated content.  I also think we’ll see the further demise of “courses über alles” and the ‘all-singing all-dancing’ solution, and movement towards performance support and learning facilitation driven via federated capabilities. Taking the steps now have some immediate payoffs in terms of optimizing content development streams and looking anew at what are important interactions, but the big returns come in creating optimized learning and performance interactions. These trends are precursors to some very interesting nascent capabilities, essentially web 3.0:

Top 50 eLearning Posts For 2011

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So we thought it would be interesting take a journey down our blog for some of the most popular and noteworthy posts of 2011. So without much ado, here are Top 50 eLearning Posts of 2011 from our blog as determined by you, our readers. JIT Performance Support Mobile App Development. One week into the New Year it’s the right time to look back on the year gone by. March.

13 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 25

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We recently concluded a great show at mLearnCon 2011. mLearnCon 2011 Backchannel – Collected Resources. This post collects the resources shared via the backchannel of the mLearnCon 2011, that was held between June 21 and 23 in San Jose, California. 2. The mLearning flavor spills over into this week too as we scour the web for the best in mobile everything.

Performance Management is Broken

The Peformance Improvement

What is intended to pass for performance management in too many organizations today is the annual compulsory  performance review. To label this a “performance management system” is to give the process much more credit than it deserves. leary, Why Is Performance Management Broken? Industrial and Organizational Psychology , 4 (2011), 146–164.). Pulakos and Ryan S.

Innovative Performance Support by Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson

Nigel Paine

I am just finishing Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson's latest book called: Innovative Performance Support and I have enjoyed it. Two concrete examples: the chapter headed ‘supporting performance at all five moments of need' is a thoughtful insight into comprehensive learning issues around engagement. It has two really powerful virtues. have never seen this before.

eLearning Conferences 2012

Tony Karrer

Past years eLearning Conferences 2011 , eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. Note also that some events will be cancelled at a later date, such as those in Tunisia and Egypt in early 2011. December 2011 November 27-December 1, 2011 Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE): Reaching Across Boundaries, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Online.

Strengthening Social Learning In the Workplace

Social Learning

social learning custom training Harold Jarche IT user adoption Jay Cross participant guides performance support screen shots simulations subject matter expertsThe training industry has seen plenty of debate around whether or not organizations can and should take steps to strengthen social learning.  just don’t buy it.  believe Harold and Jay are missing the point. 

Four Phases of Learning

Social Learning

Performance: Applying the New Knowledge and Skills. Performance: Applying the New Knowledge and Skills. With immediate application—and the proper coaching and support—learners typically retain 90% of the new knowledge and skills. The goal of the Performance phase is to help learners apply and extend their new knowledge or skill to the real world.  Real-world simulations.

Mobile Learning: A Quick SWOT Analysis

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One of the most relevant tools (currently) for performance support. Myriad number of operating platforms, device types and variations in supported technologies make it difficult (and at times impractical) to create a unified solution which works well across the board. One of the best ways to offer quick, real-time on-demand performance support. Weaknesses.

e-Learning Programs' Support Services to Learners


However, how do we support our learners before, during, and after an e-Learning course, program, and (or) certificate? By focusing on the support services before the the e-Learning course begin you will attract and prepare the learners. By focusing on the support services during the e-Learning course you will enhance learning. By focusing on the support services after the e-Learning course you will have an online learning community of professionals with same interests. With training’s limitations under scrutiny, it may be performance support’s time to shine.

Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

mLearning Trends

How On Target Were My 2011 Predictions? It’s time once again to take stock of what happened in enterprise mobile learning and see if any of my 2011 predictions hit their intended targets. If 2010 was the year of the pilot, 2011 will be the year of the deployment. Flash will still not be supported on iOS devices in 2011 but this fact will matter far less over time.

Five Practical Mobile Learning Tips

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Find a problem with learning or performance first , think about learning next, and mobile learning last. Look for a learning/performance problem and analyze carefully if mobile learning is a possible solution and not the other way round. Collaboration is another area where mobile technology can enhance and support performance and learning. Content pull? Collaboration?

The Storytelling Element of Instructional Games

Kapp Notes

Well designed educational games blend a task-related story with interactive game elements to help the player learn the desired behaviors, actions and thinking patterns that support the desired outcome within a particular context. Games can provide a visual and narrative context for player performance. Simple games like tic-tac-toe are not guided by a story. Content Guide

Front-End Analysis: Improving Performance

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As I am straddling the line between performance improvement and instructional design, I have been mulling over the use of Front-End Analysis and thinking about whether it would apply to the performance problems that we so often see associated with implementing ERP systems. The Human Performance Technology Model. Identify the performance gap. Cause analysis. Evaluation.

Mobile Learning Revolution – Round-Up Of Our Best mLearning Posts

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Today, mLearnCon 2011 opens it doors to hundreds of visitors from in and around the US. We would be delivering a Master Class session based on this new platform titled ‘ Mobile Learning and Performance Support with Upside2Go ’, scheduled at 12.45 PM on 21st June. Mobile Learning has been on our minds and for all the right reasons. See you there. What Is Mobile Learning?

Four Phases of Learning

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Performance: Applying the New Knowledge and Skills. Performance: Applying the New Knowledge and Skills. With immediate application—and the proper coaching and support—learners typically retain 90% of the new knowledge and skills. The goal of the Performance phase is to help learners apply and extend their new knowledge or skill to the real world.  Real-world simulations.

The Smart Worker : needs immediate access to solutions to performance problems

Jane Hart

Tweet In the second of a series of blog posts on helping L&D move forward, I look at how we need to help workers gain immediate access to “learning&# that solves their performance problems. In the same way employees want solutions to their performance or learning problems, NOW, and in a mouse-click. Jeff Bullas pointed out in  How the iPad is changing our lives , that.

12 Reasons to Support Teleworking

Voice of Clarity

in 2011, and by 2016, that number is expected to reach 4.9 Coincidentally, two studies were published in support of corporate telework programs. Last month, Stanford University researchers published a study of a Chinese travel agency with more than 12,000 employees that found that working remotely actually increases performance. million teleworkers in the U.S. million.

#LAK11 analyse your learner/worker interactions with SNAPP to increase #elearning outputs, pedagogy and #performance

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Many of us use learning management systems, and some of us even track students to support learning processes, but let's face it: tracking does not always result in clear visualization of the interactivity that is taken place amongst learners. By mapping interactions, you have a better overview of what people are doing and how they learn/perform. Here is where SNAPP comes in.

Questioning Gagné and Bloom’s Relevance

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made this comment as part of the interview: It’s easy to get caught up in theories without really looking at whether the research support is there. Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction might be helpful as a designer, but they aren’t really supported; you can skip everything but practice with feedback without much change in results. Gagné’s Nine Events. Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Bloom 126

Training to Learning & Performance – It’s evolution baby!

Learning Cafe

The press release stated that on the 14th September the IITT would complete a planned name change to become the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI). Learning and Performance Institute Chief Executive Colin Steed has said of the change   “For IITT members, becoming the Learning and Performance Institute is about being part of a body which is transforming itself to meet the needs of today’s learning professional.”  Be great to hear your views… Learning & Performance Learning Trends Change Evolution Institute Learning Performance

Instructional Design for Beginners – What Motivates People To Learn?

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Help learners estimate the probability of success by presenting performance requirements and evaluation criteria. Ensure the learners are aware of performance requirements and evaluative criteria. ? Provide feedback and support internal attributions for success. ? Over time, I realized that most Instructional Design theories are rooted in common sense. What is the ARCS Model?

Do We Train, or Do We Guide?

Living in Learning

I've just returned from several days at Training 2011, and I am impressed by an urgency of things to come that are going to test the limits of traditional training. businesses are going to start hiring later in 2011. Continuous Learning Performer Support Sustained Capability Technology BPG business process guidance GPS learning LinkedIn performance support performer supportWith almost two trillion dollars in cash reserves, U.S. They are also going to start buying new technologies to work smarter not harder.

Guide 30

Close to the Edge: The Radicalization of Training

Living in Learning

Continuous Learning PDR Learning Continuum Performer Support Technology BPG business process guidance EPSS learning continuum LinkedIn performance supportAs I reflect on this title, I can imagine some rather extreme images springing forth in the minds of long-time training purists. I say this with confidence because the topic of facilitating learning at the edges of the ecosystem has freaked out both platform trainers and instructional design professionals before. Yeah, and yours truly was that source of disruption.

Improving Communication in High Performance Organizations

The Peformance Improvement

Building Support for Organizational Change. To make a change of this size, Bill and his team would need company-wide support. My colleagues, Leslie Stambaugh and Jim Stilwell, and I have published an ebook to illustrate principles and best practices of effective communication in organizations. The situations are: Facilitating Cross-Functional Projects. Organizational Transparency.

Walking to Work or Carrying Your Lunch? Putting Content Into Context. Part I.

Social Learning

What performance support asks us to do is to put ourselves inside the learners’ experience. Einstein was clearly an early adopter of performance support. This is where informal learning and performer support absolutely shine.  Perhaps one of the most readily available and relatable examples of electronic performance support is a GPS.  Never. 

Friday’s Finds for 2011

Learning and Working on the Web

call it Friday’s Finds and here are some of the more notable finds during 2011. It provides a way to a) better support non-hierarchical organizations such as cross-boundary teams, and task forces, and b) quickly and effectively model emergent work and complex activities that have multiple variables and frequent exceptions. Blogging. Learning. Networks. Knowledge. Never.

Top 50 Posts on Working Smarter for May 2011

Jay Cross

May 1, 2011 to May 31, 2011. List of the top 100 Twitter influencers in Australia -  Ross Dawson , May 31, 2011. CERT and performance support -  Clark Quinn , May 31, 2011. Monday Video – Doodling -  Nancy White , May 31, 2011. MoveOn Co-Founder Talks Social Networking -  Jay Cross , May 31, 2011. Reasons Why Activity Streams Will Save You From Information Overload -  Luis Suarez , May 4, 2011. A big question -  David Weinberger , May 1, 2011. This will be fun: Mother of all MOOCs -  George Siemens , May 19, 2011.


Getting Started With Mobile Learning?

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Our sales and consulting team provides guidance and support to prospects to understand mobile learning and take them through the initial steps of evaluation and implementation of mobile learning. Will mobile learning integrate with other corporate systems or does it need to? - Who will handle any needed user support? Performance support. Mobile learning is in the air.

Mobile learning – Push or pull?

E-Learning Provocateur

So I propose we turn the prevailing notion of m-learning on its head… Let’s think less in terms of “training” and more in terms of “performance support” Create the content once in a central repository (such as a wiki or an intranet) where it can be searched, explored and discovered on-the-job, and just-in-time if need be. learning constructivism content development informal learning learning model mlearning mobile mobile learning performance support pull push standardisation standardization training

Mobile learning – Push or pull?

E-Learning Provocateur

So I propose we turn the prevailing notion of m-learning on its head… Let’s think less in terms of “training” and more in terms of “performance support” Create the content once in a central repository (such as a wiki or an intranet) where it can be searched, explored and discovered on-the-job, and just-in-time if need be. learning constructivism content development informal learning learning model mlearning mobile mobile learning performance support pull push standardisation standardization training

Three Reasons Why Corporate Training Departments Could Become.

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Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Three Reasons Why Corporate Training Departments Could Become Extinct by Jon on April 26, 2011 in Development Tools , Training Development , Video , budgeting , eLearning For some, the idea that a major corporation could do without it’s training department is unthinkable.

Do You Walk To Work or Carry Your Lunch? Putting Content Into Context. Part II.

Social Learning

When verbally describing performance support I have referred to it as a Microsoft-Help- that-actually-works.  I don’t know about you – but I have used Microsoft Help only a couple of times and it is a very frustrating exercise.  Performance support is such a beautiful and powerful solution for so many reasons.  Learners will give up.  They are frustrated. Beautiful.

Thinking through performing and learning

Clark Quinn

That includes not only the performance skills but also meta-learning, and I decided it was also time to take another stab at capturing the concept as a graphical representation. Here we are interested in how do we evaluate our own performance, look at what we’re doing and how we can get better at it, and support ourselves through the change.  Does it make sense to you?

The Big Question: how to assess informal learning

Clive on Learning

The Big Question on the ASTD Learning Circuits Blog is long enough to fill a post all by itself: How do you assess whether your informal learning, social learning, continuous learning, performance support initiatives have the desired impact or achieve the desired results? Employers are not interested in learning, they’re interested in performance. Can they perform?

Emphasizing Noteworthy Content in eLearning

Integrated Learnings

We know that we should limit training to “must know” information, eliminating the “nice to know” stuff that does not directly impact learners’ ability to perform the objectives. Below are some ideas for providing this type of support in eLearning. The intent is to support, not limit. Instructional Design Performance Support Writing Tips eLearning Training Transfer AttentionBy Shelley A. Interestingly, we received feedback that learners were taking excessive notes. Naturally, this prompted us to rethink how to help learners take notes productively. Highlights.