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2 Critical Factors Of LMS Switching

Upside Learning

Have you ever thought as to why LMS switching is a highly conscious decision? will tell you why. It’s not only because it calls for heavy investments and cumbersome processes pertaining to LMS selection and implementation, but it also brings along a factor of ‘change’ that affects the learners in the process, significantly. Options Research. Selection. Migration. Implementation.

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Performance Support: Hiding in Plain Sight in Life, but Not So Much in the Training World


I went into Starbucks this morning. It was packed, yet all the drink orders came out correct; a really low error rate. On each cup is a simple checklist job aid, completed when the order is made that tells the barista how to make the drink. Performance support. I had always been confounded when completing my tax retun. But now, Turbo Tax hides the complexity and, after asking me a variety of simple questions, a miracle (at least to me) happens: my tax return comes out of my printer without me having to know anything about the pretzel logic of the tax code. Performance support again

Insights: Experiential learning is an important part of the architecture

Clive on Learning

This post continues my commentary to the Learning Insights 2012 Report produced by Kineo for e.learning age magazine. The sixth of ten 'insights' is that ‘Experiential learning is an important part of the architecture'. As learning and development professionals we are most alert to those opportunities which will help employees to ‘learn to’ carry out some task or fulfil some responsibility. We want to get ahead of the game, to equip employees with the knowledge and skills they need to meet the requirements of current and future job roles. Because, if something goes well, we want to repeat it.

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10 characteristics of authentic learning

Learning with e's

I argued yesterday that authentic learning is a vital part of education in the 21st Century. The need to create learning opportunities that are grounded in reality, and form a concrete basis for real world transferable knowledge and skills has never been more important. We also need authentic assessment for learning. But exactly what is their success or failure? But it can be nurtured early. 2002).

[Study] The Anatomy of a Training Course

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New Workflow App for Captivate

Adobe Captivate

Hey Captivate Developers , Have you ever wondered. 1. How to bring in beautiful HTML animations created using various tools inside a Captivate course? 2.How to publish your courses as Native Apps to various devices and platforms like Android and iOS ? I am sure some of you would have tried either one of the above and have [.].


Networked Learning in BC…

Spark Your Interest

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted the L&D community in BC to be a dynamic sharing group of progressive professionals. Associations, special interest groups and like-minded people have taken many a run at it over the years. Groups still exist, but are more general training interest groups. I’m trying again for another round (either an eternal optimist or a masochist!) to find a tribe who is keen on less traditional methods of learning, or at least sees learning as a continuum that includes traditional, but extends beyond as well. Cheers!

Leader Learning Library

The Peformance Improvement

Online resources for leaders and wannabe leaders are quite extensive these days. We are witnessing the democratization of leadership, making the "servant leader" even more possible. Everyone can become a leader (as well as an effective follower) by learning about leadership when and where it is most convenient and applicable. And I have the honor of having my blog included in that list.

Receiving Video Quiz Results in Moodle

Visual Lounge

Do you use both Camtasia Studio and Moodle in your classroom? Want to make it easier to record the results of your Camtasia Studio quizzes in your Moodle gradebook? If you answered yes, read on to learn more! With the correct production settings, you can use SCORM to report the results from your Camtasia Studio quizzes directly into Moodle. (No idea what SCORM is? Can’t see the video?


Take Charge of your eLearning environment

PDI Ninth House Introduces Assessment-Driven Leadership Development Model

CLO Magazine

The service aims to blend PDI Ninth House's simulation-based assessments with live and online elements. London — Nov. 29 Global leadership services provider PDI Ninth House has announced the launch of its GreatLeaderGPS, a service that blends PDI Ninth House's simulation-based assessments with live and online elements. This combination aims to make GreatLeaderGPS accessible and affordable for companies seeking a way to accelerate the readiness and development of mid-level leaders. Source: PDI Ninth House

Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Multiple-Choice Bath Water

E-learning Uncovered

Multiple-choice questions are often maligned by instructional designers. I’ve heard the following at conferences. Multiple-choice questions don’t measure anything.”. “It’s too easy to guess them.”. Real life doesn’t have multiple-choice questions, so why should our course?”. So are they truly that evil? No, they aren’t if they are used properly. The problem is that it is quick and easy to write and program bad multiple-choice questions.  An unskilled instructional designer can look for simple facts in the content and ask simple questions about it.  What was in the quiz?

No Excuses

ATD Learning Technologies

I haven't been directly impacted or had any significant experiences related to accessibility. Other than being colorblind (I'm not sure which type), I don't have any disabilities. I've never had to design content specifically for anyone with a disability, though maybe I should have. care, and write about this, because I want every person to have an opportunity to learn. We can't ignore the disabled, or write them off as an insignificant portion of our audience, not worthy of our attention or design. Click here to read full version

This Week on #TalkTech: Infographics for eLearning, When Gamification Goes Bad, Simple Social Media Policy

Bottom-Line Performance

Topic 1: How can infographics be used as a fresh way to present ideas in eLearning? eLearning, especially the kind produced with rapid authoring tools, tends to have a similar look and feel no matter who designed it. Navigation on the side. Next button in the corner. Text and activities in the center and, if you’re lucky, a stock image or two. When do you think this approach can work?

Get an Exclusive Articulate Storyline Game Show Template from eLearning Brothers

Technostress for a webinar

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

Flickr Photo via Cambodia4kidsorg This week I engage in daily blogging on my Dutch blog. It was an idea which occurred during a blogchat twitterchat. liked the idea because I think daily blogging may stimulate me to try out new styles. Unfortunately (or fortunately for you?) I can't cope with translating all my daily posts to English too. It would take me too much time. We decided to divide tasks.

How to Prepare for CompTIA Network+ Certification


So you’ve decided you want to take your career to the next level by getting Network+ certification. Smart move - a technical certification demonstrates to your employers that you’re committed to continuing to grow in your field. But how do you stay focused on that commitment? I can say from experience that studying while holding down a full-time job is not easy. IT Certification