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Interactyx and Traliant Announce Partnership To Deliver Online Sexual Harassment Training via TOPYX LMS


BONITA SPRINGS, FL – Interactyx, the developer of TOPYX® , a leading learning management system (LMS), and Traliant , an innovator in online compliance training, today announced a partnership to integrate workplace discrimination and harassment training into the TOPYX learning management platform.

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Why anti-harassment, bullying, and discrimination training is important

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Recent research from LRN reveals an encouraging sign: when it comes to observing misconduct or unethical behavior in the workplace, most employees who see something, say something. But when the misconduct in question involves workplace harassment, bullying, or discrimination , the research presents a greater organizational challenge.


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Compliance training for employees is an essential aspect of workers’ education , designed to ensure that an organization’s employees adhere to legal standards and internal policies that govern behavior and actions in the workplace. What Is Employee Compliance Training?

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Launch Online Training to Target Desired Behaviors


Changing behaviors is hard — even if the behavior is just getting people to take training! We can’t rely on our employees to be compelled to enter our platforms just because we tell them that it’s “suggested” or “required” training. Get people excited that it’s coming, and aware of the date when the training will “drop”.

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Creating a culture of respect: Proactive strategies for workplace harassment prevention


We all know that workplace harassment is wrong. But declaring opposition to harassment isn’t enough. And focus, instead, on workplace harassment prevention. But there are also some actionable steps you can follow to create a workplace where harassment isn’t just addressed, but prevented. And how prevalent is it?

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How to Deliver POSH Training Effectively


#MeToo became a trending hashtag in recent times, with men and women of different backgrounds, working for different industries coming forward to voice out the sexual harassment at the workplace. It became a worldwide movement, with new reports of harassment coming up almost every other day. Why is POSH Training Required?

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How to revamp your sexual harassment training for the hybrid workplace


Sexual harassment training probably didn’t rank high on most lists. No matter your office situation, now’s the time to re-evaluate and revamp your approach to sexual harassment training for employees. In this article, we’ll go over why harassment training matters now. Here’s why.