LMS Innovation: Where’s the Value?

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If you follow my writing — even casually — you know how excited I am about the direction of LMS innovation and its ability to help organizations create business value. We founded this blog to research the industry and provide fiercely independent reporting and analysis of learning for measurable business impact. Lately, I’ve been teaming up with other like-minded experts to deliver a series of free webinars on LMS innovation to help spread the word.

Podcast 23: Open Source LMS Advantages – With Lars Hyland of Totara

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KEY TAKEAWAYS: Over the past decade, open source software has become pervasive in business environments. The primary advantage of an open source LMS is flexibility, so you can customize, modify and scale learning solutions as your business needs change. . With an open source LMS, you also gain access to a community of technical and business experts who are committed to advancing the platform. REPLAY THE WEBINAR NOW! So, let’s quickly clarify your business model.

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How Is Digital Transformation Shaping Customer Experience?

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Daniel is an author, speaker, blogger and educator who works with leading technology brands to help businesses around the world embrace the benefits of digital transformation. As I’ve often said, digital transformation is about one thing – creating business value by improving customer experience. RSVP FOR THE JUNE WEBINAR NOW. That’s how inextricably linked your business goals and customer experience need to be. REPLAY THE WEBINAR NOW! REPLAY THIS WEBINAR!

Social Media Learning: how to integrate intellectual, working and human capital…

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SMAC or the social, mobile, analytics, and cloud computing power can be harnessed in evaluating social learning solutions. A webinar link says, “by 2018, digital jobs will have increased 500%. Do you know how companies are preparing their employees to succeed in their future business operations?” “Breakneck speed” is a term that can best describe the explosion of data and information in the current digitally-disruptive era.

AI and Learning Systems: Is This Combo as Great and Powerful as it Seems?

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But first, lets look at what other sources say… AI Trends In Business. Despite confusion about its definition and its business value, AI continues to find its way forward. That means AI will be everywhere, thanks to enabling technologies like cloud computing, the open source software movement, AI Platforms-as-a-Service, conversational AI, virtual assistants and more. Talented Learning Webinar Poll: Innovation Hype vs. Reality. REPLAY THE WEBINAR NOW.

Top 10 Benefits to Partnering and Outsourcing Learning & Development in 2018


Align Learning & Development to the Business. But the development, management, and delivery of training could be a distraction or worse—it could be completely misaligned to critical business priorities. Your people may be learning skills that are not immediately useful in their current roles or to the goals of the business. Can businesses use learning and development to create new sources of revenue?

5 Must-Have LMS Integrations for Commercial Training Companies

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But when your business depends on training content revenues, those subtle differences directly impact your level of success. Meanwhile, under the hood, commercial LMSs need to tightly integrate with a full stack of robust, reliable and complementary technologies to support end-to-end business operations. However, both of these options were so costly, complex and time-consuming that small businesses and startups couldn’t afford the risk. 3) Cloud Storage.

Customer Training Pricing and Packaging: What’s the Best Strategy?

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It’s also a powerful business strategy that fuels a continuous cycle of revenue and profit. It depends on your business model, product positioning, competitive landscape and customer base. RSVP FOR OUR SEPTEMBER WEBINAR! Given the potential business benefits of free content strategies, why would anyone charge customers upfront for training? REPLAY THIS WEBINAR NOW! How to Package Customer Training: Digital Business Examples. REPLAY THE WEBINAR NOW!

Gartner’s top tech 2012 predictions: Impact on learning at 3 levels

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You can access the presentation and webinar here This blog posting attempts to translate these trends into how it will impact the learning in organisations. The crux of the article is that IT budgets and responsibilities are moving out of the control of IT departments and into the hands of others, thanks to trends such as consumerization and cloud computing which is making centralised controlled of IT difficult. Learning Cafe Webinar

Custom Learning Experiences: Next Commercial Training Trend?

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It happened with cloud computing and the cloud LMS. If you choose a weak learning platform, you’re jeopardizing revenue streams and long-term business viability. REGISTER FOR OUR JULY WEBINAR! Meanwhile, under the hood, commercial LMSs must be tightly integrated with a full stack of robust, reliable, complementary technologies that support end-to-end business operations. REGISTER FOR THE WEBINAR NOW!

Top 10 Tools to Use in 2020 for Remote Teams


Google Drive is a cloud-based storage platform. With its cloud computing technology, it is right at your fingertips to access, no matter where you may be. This means everything is hosted in the cloud. It also assists with business travel and tracking of market hours.

8 Ways You Can Develop And Prosper In Your Chosen Profession

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You can also attend a business event and catch up with the acquaintances and contemporaries who belong to your sector or professionals who are influential. Don’t forget to take their business cards and be in touch with them after the event. The organization that you work for may integrate new technology like the artificial intelligence, internet of things, or cloud computing into their operations.

The new normal: Six articles about life during and after COVID


As we continue to weather the COVID-19 pandemic together, it’s interesting to see how people and businesses have adapted to the “new normal.” WEBINAR 7 Tips for Remote Training. SDxCentral) – COVID-19 will affect the data center; at the very least it will change how businesses address storage as we know it. Sidney Sawaya discusses the impact, the role of cloud computing, and what the new normal means for businesses moving ahead.

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Ready? Set? Go! Seven articles that will help you hit the ground running in the post-pandemic world


This is especially true as everyone returns to doing business, while anticipating the arrival of summer; even if 2020 will be remembered for working from home and stay-cations. If you haven’t started thinking about how to leap back into business life, here are some good reads that’ll show you how to hit the ground running. WEBINAR 7 Tips for Remote Training. All of a sudden, all doubts about the cloud model — especially with security and hidden costs — evaporated.”.

e-Learning Forecast: Cloud Authoring Has Tons of Benefits


Lately it’s been looking pretty cloudy—think cloud authoring—and we predict that this will continue in the future. Working in the cloud has tons of benefits for your organization and its online training program. . Simon Birt discussed a few of these cloud benefits in a recent Lectora® Unscripted webinar. Choosing cloud-based solutions has a ton of benefits. You have no upfront infrastructure expenses because your cloud provider takes those on.

How Does Cloud-based Virtual Training Fit into Your Digital Transformation?


According to research from Gartner, 87% of senior business leaders feel it’s a do-or-die undertaking. trillion was spent on DT in 2018 alone, the Harvard Business Review reported 70% of companies failed to achieve their goals. Transforming traditional to virtual training with the cloud. While DT can involve various technologies, when it comes to benefiting training, it’s really about cloud computing. WEBINAR Customer Education and Training in 2020.

Why GDPR Compliance in the Cloud Matters


The May 2018 effective date of the GDPR is around the corner now behind us, with all European and non-European businesses active in the European Economic Area (EEA) affected. Training Webinar: Predictions for 2020. and CloudShare for this great webinar on January 14 at 1pm ET! GDPR and the Cloud. So what does the GDPR mean for cloud service providers (CSPs) in particular? The post Why GDPR Compliance in the Cloud Matters appeared first on CloudShare.

Ensuring Continuity in Learning in the Times of COVID-19

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As state-imposed lockdowns continue to hamper business activities, companies are finding out ways to mold themselves in this ‘new normal’ situation. As such, universities and enterprises are turning to online methods to engage with learners and offering them a wide range of courses like PMP training , cloud computing courses, Azure training, and more. Guiding employees to stay busy and productive is what can help companies in the long run.

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Got LMS Implementation Questions? Ask a Learning Tech Analyst

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REPLAY THIS ON-DEMAND WEBINAR NOW. LMS implementation is generally much faster, cheaper and easier than it was a decade ago, thanks largely to the massive shift toward cloud-based applications. That’s because the LMS landscape has mushroomed to more than 1000 systems in recent years (also thanks to the rise of cloud computing). REPLAY THE WEBINAR NOW! Today, even small businesses rely on expansive digital ecosystems. JOIN THIS ON-DEMAND WEBINAR.



Learning doesn’t just happen during business hours in the office or in the classroom. Learnnovators: Where do you see Lectora in the cloud computing scenario? What are the advantages of the cloud model? Eric: Several of our products take advantage of cloud computing, including Lectora Express – The Easy LMS and Lectora Online. There’s no lengthy installation and no hassles with this cloud-based LMS, plus it hosts everything for you.

Learning in the Times of COVID-19

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Apart from video lessons, you can also download ebooks or join webinars hosted by industry experts. Professionals who are busy meeting targets or deadlines of their projects, often keep on delaying their upskilling tasks. For example , professionals interested in cloud computing can gain certifications offered by Microsoft Azure. COVID-19 is spreading at a rapid pace and we are witnessing a global economic slowdown.

2009 Technology Trends That Impact Online Learning

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Cloud Computing. Cloud computing refers to delivering capabilities as an online service accessed from a web browser. The number of applications and services that rely on cloud computing seem to be growing exponentially, impacting both the development and delivery of online learning. While online applications for webinars, presentations and mind maps provide new ways to learn and collaborate online. Tags: BUSINESS RECENT ARTICLES

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The 5 Investments Your Company Should Prioritize


?There is no one-size-fits-all strategy when it comes to business investing. This is why it is particularly challenging for most businesses to find the appropriate investments that would yield higher revenues and fewer risks. Data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed that the business investment market fell by 0.5% This enables you to achieve employee satisfaction and retention, which are common key performance indicators for business success.

Salesforce Learning Solutions: AppExchange Buyer’s Guide

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Last week in San Francisco it was impossible to miss the presence of Salesforce , with more than 170,000 customers, employees, developers and business partners swarming the streets during the annual Dreamforce conference. Analysts at IDC estimate that the Salesforce economy — the platform and its community of customers and business partners — will directly create 3.3 million new jobs and drive more than $859 billion in new business revenues worldwide by 2022.

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How Do Associations Drive Lifelong Learning? It Depends

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RSVP NOW FOR THE DECEMBER WEBINAR. And because our members are busy medical practitioners, we aim to provide learning experiences that are innovative and engaging. JAKE SAYS: Our LMS includes more than 300 elearning courses and webinars , tagged by topic. You’ll find all kinds of topics from cloud computing and energy conservation to parliamentary procedure and service animals. REPLAY THIS WEBINAR NOW! Replay the Enti re Webinar!

Talented Learning’s Greatest Hits: 2017 Edition

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We don’t perform on a live stage to sell-out crowds, but we do produce thought leadership webinars that attract hundreds of global attendees. but after four years of nonstop blogging, webinars, research and reviews, we have attracted a following of tens of thousands of extended enterprise learning fans and practitioners from around the globe. We published 33 in-depth blog posts and produced 14 original webinars. Top 3 Webinars of 2017. REPLAY THE WEBINAR NOW!

10 Sales Engineering Experts You Should Be Following on Twitter


A piece of popular business advice you’ve probably heard before is, “ who you spend time with is who you become.” . We were privileged to have John do a webinar with us on the topic of “ The 2024 Sales Engineer ” which you can watch on demand. Tom and Nick are co-founders for Up2Speed , a learning organization with offices in India, Germany, and Singapore that serves various international business clients. CloudShare — Simplified Sales Engineering Starts in the cloud.

The Augmented LMS: New Life for Talent Management Learning?

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REGISTER NOW FOR THIS OCT 5 WEBINAR! Along came a groundswell of mainstream innovation – cloud computing, mobile technology, ecommerce and social media. While talent management providers were content to rest on their laurels and ignore their LMS roadmap, cloud-based LMS vendors were born. Instead of trying to sell these solutions to HR, they marketed and sold them directly to the business units responsible for external audiences – customer support and sales.



With the rapid expansion of technology in our lives and the subsequent specializations of solutions being offered in the eLearning field in recent times, an LMS can no longer be perceived as a standalone system in the elearning domain, but rather is an integral part of a vast digital business ecosystem. It is considered to be the Number 1 CRM in the market and is one of the USA’s most successful cloud companies. .

It takes a village

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These scholarships will provide them with technical training and access to Udacity’s 40 nanodegree programs, which delve into topics such as data analysis, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital marketing, product management, autonomous vehicles and programming. The 20-minute coaching session is followed up with a toolkit of resources, including free webinars and blogs that will help guide them through the career transition process.

18 Top Learning Systems Trends to Watch in 2018

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It is real – backed by evidence from business scenarios. But we do have a ton of data from learning technology buyers and sellers and we have decades of experience in evaluating, recommending, marketing and implementing business learning platforms. Among the more than 700 vendors participating in today’s LMS marketplace, we continue to see a wave of learning solutions designed to solve “niche” business challenges. RVSP NOW FOR THIS LIVE WEBINAR!

How Associations Bridge the Skills Gap With Digital Badges

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Before the rise of social media and cloud computing, associations competed to attract new members — but only in a subtle “non-profit” sort of way. So increasingly, non-profit associations must compete in a “for-profit” manner to win business for their continuing education programs. Traditional education isn’t producing enough qualified people to support today’s rapidly changing business needs. WATCH THE WEBINAR REPLAY NOW!

Association Learning Systems: Why and How to Invest in a Specialized LMS

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And they often turn to associations first for reliable continuing education in all its forms – webinars, self-paced learning, online courses, virtual meetings, videos, blogs, conference materials, reference guides, mentoring programs and other content that helps them learn and reinforce skills, obtain certifications and stay competitive. Instead, focus first on these steps: 1) Clarify Your Learning Business Strategy. RSVP FOR OUR APRIL WEBINAR! RSVP NOW FOR OUR APRIL WEBINAR.

Eric Schuermann – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Learning doesn’t just happen during business hours in the office or in the classroom. Learnnovators: Where do you see Lectora in the cloud computing scenario? What are the advantages of the cloud model? Eric: Several of our products take advantage of cloud computing, including Lectora Express – The Easy LMS and Lectora Online. There’s no lengthy installation and no hassles with this cloud-based LMS, plus it hosts everything for you.

Podcast: Selecting Association Software – With Chad Stewart of SmartThoughts

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But now with cloud computing, it’s more important to focus on the front-end of the process , helping clients find the right fit. REPLAY THE WEBINAR NOW! For example, a customer relationship management system (or CRM) is the terminology most businesses use when talking about customer-focused systems, right? RSVP FOR THIS LIVE MAY WEBINAR! Every few weeks, I find another system that I may not have known, or a vendor goes out of business.