How To Convert Your PDFs into eLearning


Moreover, pdf’s have a reputation of a “research document” which means it’s inevitably a long read. In this article, we suggest some key essentials to apply on a pdf file to convert it into a mobile/tablet/notebook/desktop friendly interactive eLearning object.

How does customizing of learning help to improve competencies?

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What does a multi-national company with years of hard-built reputation do, especially when it is aggressively entering newer markets , expanding and adding newer products or lines to its already overflowing basket of products?

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When Companies Should Invest In Custom eLearning

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Whether or not to convert to custom eLearning can be a big decision, especially if leadership is partial to ILT and your reputation hinges on the outcome.

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HTML5 Interactions: Why business platforms are converting Flash courses

Adobe Captivate

You can now convert flash courses to html5, where the readers find it more comfortable to read the course materials. It is necessary for eLearning platforms to convert their Flash-based courses to HTML5. You need to get your Flash-based course converted to HTML5. The converted courses are compatible with mobile devices, and support gestures on the touchscreen, like dragging, swiping, double tap and so on.

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

project charter Whether you’re converting a curriculum from instructor- led to online, or building a new online or blended. We’re proud of our reputation for being flexible and innovative, and of our award-winning work with clients across the world. Developing a. Results-Driven.

Quick Tips for Large-Scale Flash to HTML5 Migration

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Why the rush to convert Flash to HTML5? You can still salvage your Flash eLearning content by converting it into HTML5. The answer is to convert them to the more popular coding languages of today. Why convert your Flash content into HTML5?

Education Sales: 3 Factors That Limit Them

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You then need to make sure that you really convert these people to be long-time audience members. The reputation of the presenter or teacher is one of the most important factors when someone is deciding to make a purchase.

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5 AdWords Marketing Tips for Your Online Course


There’s not much point in restricting your audience if your chance of converting them is just as low as if you were using a broad match. If your keyword is often associated with another set of terms that aren’t likely to convert visitors to your business, negative keywords can help you avoid wasting money on poor-value clicks. You’ll be increasing your brand reputation, and building new sales avenues for the future.

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Microlearning: Leveraging Your Business Results From Effective Training


G-Cube is one of the eminent e-learning service providers, which created a Spaced Learning Program for a reputed automobile company to facilitate classroom as well as online learning experiences.

Engaging Audiences Through Gamified Learning At Workplace


For instance, learners might not be able to align themselves with the e-course, but because of social reputation, they are more conscious about their scores and grades, leading to increased participation in the e-learning program. Those badges are then converted into goodies or discounts.

Personalize Your Learning Experience Using the Modern LMS App


Also, m learning authoring tools convert as PowerPoint and Word documents into HTML5 to ensure a flawless training experience. . ? In today’s tech-savvy world, many organizations are focusing on using mobile learning management systems to train globally dispersedemployees.

Learning Pool Labs Saves the World

Learning Pool

HT2 are true pioneers in learning technologies, with a well-earned reputation for creating leading-edge learning solutions that use modern technology to deliver innovative business outcomes. Earlier this year Learning Pool acquired HT2 Labs, the Oxfordshire-based learning innovation company.

The show must go on: How physical events are moving into a virtual realm


Though many argue meeting in person is the best way to drum up excitement about new launches, the risk to employees – and impact on reputation should a company appear to take this too lightly – makes video conferencing a wise option.

How to Make Workplace Safety Training Modules Future Ready


After this announcement, organizations around the globe are hurrying to convert all their Flash-based content to HTML5. Safety training is an indispensable part of organizational training.

Why Should You Outsource Your Content Development

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An LMS has a set of tools which you can use to convert your print documents into digitalized versions. Before choosing a company, it is good to do some research and choose one with a good reputation and credentials so that you get good value for your investment.

A Thanksgiving Letter to PowerPoint from an E-learning Developer

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Jack is an e-learning developer who works for a reputed technology-enabled learning solutions provider. Easy to convert courses into videos. He has been using PowerPoint to create online courses since 2010.

Enhance Healthcare & Quality Patient Satisfaction Via Employee Engagement


Building a reputation requires high quality healthcare services and satisfied clientele. With the platform being accessible across multiple devices and offering the ability to easily convert content into rich, multimedia formats, including gamification and fun activities, high levels of engagement and motivation can be achieved.

Towards Maturity 2015 benchmark shows just how much we've got stuck

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And therein lies the problem, for the call seems only to be heard by the already converted. Compliance has so damaged e-learning that I fear its reputation is now damaged beyond repair.

3 Ways to Use Adobe Connect

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It has this reputation because it is user friendly, feature rich, reliable, and provides an identical experience for all users on all systems that support Adobe Flash. Event hosts can upload these ahead of time and Adobe Connect will convert them to a Flash format. by Jonathan Shoaf. Adobe Connect is one of the leading virtual classroom products on the market.

By Crafting Extraordinary Apps – Xpertcube Has Propelled Its Way to the Top at GoodFirms


Furthermore, expert designers will discuss the ideas to convert them into realities. Hence, for converting the ideas, the designers at Xpertcube will first outline the roadmap to give the clients positive outcomes and by turning the visitors into the users for a long-term period for clients’ businesses. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

Free eBook: 7 Learning Strategies To Transform Your Corporate Induction And Onboarding Training For Success

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A poorly structured induction and onboarding can impact your organization’s reputation and in the worst case push the new hires to reconsider their options. 5 Examples On How To Convert Induction And Onboarding Program To Blended Or Fully Online Training.

Sharpening Your Axe

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Generally speaking, eLearning has a poor reputation for being an effective solution for workplace learning. There was a woodcutter. He used to work incredibly hard to ensure a good livelihood, but he always felt that his work was not giving him enough output.

E-learning Tools: A Developer’s Review of Adobe Captivate 7


Using Captivate, developers can convert PowerPoint files into more advanced web-ready digital formats with added interactive and tracking functionality. This research is brought to you by SweetRush’s senior software engineer, Andrew Kubay.

Public LMS Pricing: Proof You Can Overpay

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Cloud LMS vendors just need to keep a steady and growing flow of web traffic and a certain percentage will automatically convert into paying customers at any price point. It is too easy to overpay for an LMS in 2016.

How to Sell a Lot More of Your Course or Membership with Copywriting Expert and Sales Strategist Marc Allen


It is a simple email template you can use right away to convert your audience into paying customers. That’s why people are not converting something like that and that’s the problem. That is time and then identity and then money and then energy and then reputation.

Social Media’s Impact on Workplace Communication & Learning


Winning new clients or building your professional reputation, LinkedIn connects you to your peers, and ideal business partners.’ Social Learning for our Workplace – The Whys & Hows Learning Through Social Networks Don’t attempt to convert e-Learning to m-Learning – they’re different. Social Media is here to stay. No point debating that. It’s utilization in the workplace – now that’s debatable.

How we keep up our Social Media Marketing game?

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This would then generate leads and these viewers would eventually convert into customers. Being recognised as a top Social Media Marketing Company on DesignRush, we had a reputation to live up to and we did not shy from the challenge!

Here are 5 Investment Mistakes you Should not Make in 2020


Or you can invest in reputed or multinational shares but beware of small-company stocks. Liquidity in finance means if you can convert your investment into cash in your financial emergency.

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How to Register my Business on Google Maps?


Putting the address on Google Maps will make your business more dynamic to find, giving you more chances to convert a user into a customer. It is therefore important to monitor your online reputation by providing good service.

PowerPoint: Sites for Slide Sharing (Say that 5 Times Fast)

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What if I'd uploaded a presentation that could be damaging to my reputation or my company? After uploading your presentation, you can edit settings, share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, download as either a Flash or a PPT file, or convert to a video. SlideBoom is by the same people who make  iSpring converter, which I have previously written about (and liked). 

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Learning Goals: The Why and the How


A good amount of courses collect dust because of their bad reputation! Comprehension: choose, cite, convert, select, distinguish, estimate, and give examples. Have you ever participated in a marathon? A cross-country marathon? Maybe a walk for a cause?

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6 Mistakes To Avoid When Developing Compliance Online Training

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As well as convert text-based training tools into real-world activities and microlearning online training resources. Convert step-by-step task manuals into engaging video demos or online training tutorials.

Role of L&D in Creating Effective Sales Enablement Strategies


Sales teams need the right communication tools to convert leads into customers. Sales teams get a bad reputation in the market when they fail to engage customers and are seen as wasting their time. In the age of rapidly changing customer behavior and preferences, businesses are constantly searching for new ways to help sales teams garner leads and acquire customers. Sales enablement technologies” is the current buzzword, signifying the urgency for sales effectiveness. .

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Top 10 Online Learning Platforms


Its reputation has no boundaries. To ramp up students’ enrolment, WizIQ lets teachers convert their courses into MOOCs. There’s a world of difference between achievers and losers. Losers fail to learn from their failures. Achievers are lifelong learners. Achievers know the importance of continuous learning. Organizations and businesses love to recruit achievers. How to stay relevant? To stay relevant in this intensely competitive world.

When it comes to executive education, the challenge is to design for desired success

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Most universities offer executive or continuing education in some format and the cost, quality and reputation has changed tremendously. When impact is converted to money and compared to the cost of the executive education program, the ROI may be calculated.

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