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Stunning Statistics That Prove The Power Of eLearning


Check out these shocking statistics that show how valuable eLearning is in today’s corporate environments! When IBM adopted a new eLearning program , they found out that employees were able to learn between 3-5x more when training – compared to using physical manuals, books, and classroom education. We’ll convince you!

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Fascinating eLearning Statistics 2022

Learngenix Blog

eLearning Market Size and Industry Growth Statistics The eLearning industry can be profitable. eLearning and COVID-19 Statistics Among many other effects, COVID-19 shut down most of the schools in the United States at one time or another, and the classroom shifted to virtual settings. eLearning Statistics in the U.S.


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Top 10 eLearning Statistics for 2013

DigitalChalk eLearning

These are 10 eye-opening statistics about the eLearning industry and how they may affect you. Of course, there are still plenty of traditional companies who haven’t conformed to the rest of the corporate world. Looking forward, the eLearning industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. ). eLearning represents $56.2

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IBM Looks at Global Innovation

Kapp Notes

Recently, I got my hands on IBM's Global Innovation Outlook 2.0 In fact, you may want to check out a number of reports and ideas flowing at the IBM Innovation Web site. So it is filled with images, quotes and statistics from a variety of sources all juxtaposed to provide punctuation points to the information they are providing.

IBM 100
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University of Pittsburgh Launches $15K Master of Data Science on Coursera — No STEM Background or Application Required


Within 20-36 months, this 10-course program teaches students: Core computational, mathematical, statistical, and ethical concepts needed to responsibly collect, analyze, and mine large data sets. Graduates of SCI programs have secured positions at Apple, IBM Research, Microsoft, and the National Security Agency.

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The Business Case for Online Training

Association eLearning

Noteworthy Statistics. According to an IBM study for every dollar spent on training there is a return of $30 in productivity. After taking their training online, IBM saved around $200M (IBM Study). After taking their training online, IBM saved around $200M (IBM Study). The statistics are impressive.

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Calculate the ROI on Upskilling


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in early 2022 that over 48 million U.S. In fact, workers are 12 times more likely to quit their jobs if they do not have sufficient professional development opportunities at the company, said a 2021 IBM study. One of the key challenges U.S. organizations are facing right now is retaining talent.

ROI 52