Cyber Security – Online Training Course and Certification Program

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Welcome to the world of virtual reality wherein every organization is responsible for ensuring Cyber Security. Implementing effective security measures will not only offer liability protection, but, it also increase efficiency and productivity. The ability to protect an organizations information system from impairment or theft is essential.

The Need for Employees Refresher Training

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Even if it entails, avoiding security complains or escaping expensive lawsuits, training investments will make a vast and yet a desirable difference. . Thus, the provision of discrimination and harassment training will lead to reduced liabilities by ensuring that the employees are aware of what is ethical. Cyber-security. This is aimed at keeping enterprise technology systems secure. Most of us think that workplace refresher training is valueless.


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Managing the Risks of Social Media in the Workplace

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Security & Privacy Issues. Despite the efforts of social media platforms to beef up their security, criminals still seem to find a way around it, making social media one of the easier targets for hacking, phishing, and other malicious online attacks.

4 Tips For Protecting Your Business Finances

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Whether it is insurance against the impact of natural disasters or general liability insurance to protect your business should someone be injured on your premises, insurance is a valuable tool to have. Keep Your Data Secure.

Why do banks need a BFSI LMS?

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Computer-Security Incident Notification Requirements for Banking Organizations and Their Bank Service Providers. Although services like Net Banking have been introduced, there is a need for a lot of security so that no data breaches occur through the bank’s server.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Roofing Company

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As you know, insurance is quite important as it protects you from cost and liability. The insurance cover is meant to make customers feel secure and protected during the roofing process.

Tips for Starting to Freelance

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… Strength and security is found in diversity, not homogeneity.” Professional Liability Insurance. One thing I didn’t initially realize I needed is professional liability and errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. In August, I quit my job as a long-term contractor at Cisco to officially make the leap to freelancing. I did some side projects earlier in the year, but not enough to replace my full-time income.

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How The “IoT” is Progressing The E-Learning Industry


Security liabilities. Privacy and security aren’t the same thing. A breach of privacy may involve an application collecting an abundance of personal or sensitive data, but it can still store that data securely. Meanwhile, a security breach can steal data that the user gave knowingly and willingly (such as a password or username) without the user’s personal privacy being compromised.

Just Fired an Employee? How to Protect Your Business From Their Revenge

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Not every fired employee will go rogue, but when one does, they’re a huge liability. The second way is that an employee won’t want to do anything that might jeopardize their ability to collect – they’re out of a job and they need that severance to keep them afloat until they’re secure in a new position. If your business is something like retail or foodservice, you may not need to be concerned with physical security.

3 Ways to Use a CME Course Hosting Provider to Your Advantage


They also become a liability waiting for security patches. Automatic security updates. In addition to website monitoring, hosting providers should update your security proactively, never reactively.

Benefits of Using a Learning Management System for Your Ongoing and Recurring Training


You run the risk of having poor-performing employees and face liabilities if you do not offer consistent ongoing and recurring training. Ongoing and recurring training are vital types of training that contributes to the success of the business.

Top 10 Data Protection Courses

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This course delves into the requirements for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Topics include general principles of the GDPR, user rights, obligations of data controllers, enforcement mechanisms, and liabilities and sanctions.

The Link Between BYOD and Increased Productivity


50% of companies have experienced a data breach due to inadequate device security. 43% of companies have unveiled a BYOD security strategy. Companies Forbid BYOD for Security-Related Reasons. First and foremost, a bring-your-own-device policy can increase the chances of breaches in security. This is the main security risk associated with BYOD. Survey respondents were from 22 countries and all indicated they influenced IT security policy.

Ask a learning architect: Is it time to break up with your LMS?

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That tiny change could, for example, earn you around a third fewer general liability issues and a quarter fewer worker’s comp claims. Q: I’m writing about my learning management system.

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In case of emergency: 5 compliance training topics you should start with


Reducing risk and removing legal liability should of course be high up on your list, as well as ensuring that your employees are aware of their responsibilities. Of course some regulations, like the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), apply to all industries.

Exactly How to Choose The Most Effective Driving School in Northern Suburbs Melbourne


You need to be shielded from any liability. Always ask if they have their training automobiles guaranteed for your security.

NYS Sexual Harassment Training: Laws, Requirements, & Prevention


This will ensure compliance, an ethical workforce, plus lesser risks and liabilities. avoid business liabilities arising from sexual harassment. Many people in positions of power use threats and intimidations to get sexual favors in return for job security or promotion.

Why is Compliance so Hard? And Why it Doesn’t Have to Be!

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Compliance training is essential for several reasons - to ensure compliance that drives better process adherence and performance, to avoid legal liability for violations, and to add business value and ensure competitive advantage. In the insurance industry, compliance ranges from anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, data security and privacy, fraud management, claims management and more.

Easily Overcome Your Top Compliance Training Challenges

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And yet they continue to invest—not because they think it’s necessarily productive but because they fear exposing their organizations to greater liability should they fail to spend enough. within your LMS provides a secure centralized repository and a single source of record. . Compliance training is mandatory across nearly every industry; including healthcare, life sciences, banking, and hospitality to name but a few.

What You Need to Know: GDPR & xAPI


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of regulations designed to accomplish two primary objectives: ensure the privacy and security of European Union (EU) residents and their personal data (any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person), and. A special focus on security of processing. Supervision, remedies, and liabilities. Everyone seems to be talking about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) right now.

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Cotton Patch Cafe Focuses on Simplicity in Launch of DiscoverLink Talent LMS


Prior to engaging with DiscoverLink, Cotton Patch was using a file sharing platform to house recipes and training materials that was clunky, difficult to access, and not as secure as they liked.

What is Workplace Violence Training?


Violence in the workplace entails a lot of liabilities. Security Measures. Implementing strict security measures in and around a workplace are yet another step you can take to contain violence in the workplace. Table of Contents. What is Workplace Violence Training for Employees?

Top 5 onboarding strategies in 2021

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This onboarding needs to help secure your investment in the human capital you have brought on board. In fact, not onboarding employees can lead to many more mistakes or non-compliance that could become a huge liability for the company. Why onboarding strategies?

10 Vital Benefits Of Training & Tracking Compliance Software

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This type of software helps organizations ensure compliance with local and federal laws for safety, security, or confidentiality concerns. Compliance training lowers liability risks and helps your company stay current with the newest provincial, state and federal regulations. Compliance software empowers companies to train employees on compliance topics.

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Why Compliance is so Hard? And Why It Doesn’t Have to Be?

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Compliance training is essential for several reasons - to ensure compliance that drives better process adherence and performance, to avoid legal liability for violations, and to add business value and ensure competitive advantage. In the insurance industry, compliance ranges from anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, data security and privacy, fraud management, claims management and more.

What Everyone must Realize Financial Planning


you’ll even be liable for early withdrawal penalties, tax liabilities, and lost interest from the quantity withdrawn from your old-age pension. Do not assume that Social Security benefits will provide you with enough money to measure on.

Everything You Need to Know About Women Empowerment at Work


Women are great at building relationships, empowering others, tuning into people’s needs, and balancing a staggering number of responsibilities — skills that are great assets, not liabilities, in the workplace. Both men and women should feel safe and secure in their working environments. “Empowering women isn’t just the right thing to do—it’s the smart thing to do,” Barack Obama said once on International Women’s Day.

How to be in Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation


The GDPR mandates that equal liability is applied to data controllers (the organizations that own the data) and data processors (organizations that manage the data).

What is Workforce Management Software?


Security is a major consideration in mobile workforce management systems as critical data is stored, accessed, and transferred online. The idea is to ensure that employees are not only productive, but they work in a secure environment with customers’ interests in mind.

5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an eBook Distributor for your Publishing Needs


The eBook distributor you choose must prepare a clear agreement on the commission, inventory, and geographical locations to be covered, along with any kind of financial liability that needs to be addressed. Guide: How to Create a DRM Protected eBook and Distribute it Securely.

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How to Raise Your Credit Score by 200 Points


You can be able to get a cellphone on contract without necessarily having to pay any security deposit. You will avoid the security deposits on utilities. In the meantime, what you should do is a get what we call a booster card or a secure credit card. Step 2: List down all your liabilities: Liabilities refers to what you owe. Step3: Subtract the liabilities from the assets. Credit score is a 3-digit number, that tells a lot about you.

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7 GDPR Principles – How Excel Spreadsheets Represent a GDPR Risk


Confidential and secure. Accountability and liability. Security Risk. Legacy Systems. Legacy tracking methods such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets has sufficed in some instances for several years, however that is all about to change. A once-off ‘tick-box’ approach is likely to present significant compliance risks, therefore planning an ongoing compliance approach is essential. Download the infographic.

Hospitality Training Pays Off: Get Started at Your Company


An untrained employee is not only less productive and less consistent, he or she can be a liability to your operation. Critical areas for training in the hospitality industry include new employee orientation, guest service, safety, security, as well as position-specific, front and back-of-the-house skills training such as front desk and housekeeping for hotels and kitchen operations and table service for restaurants.

How to Choose the Right eBook Distribution Platform


Also make sure that you are clear on all financial terms and that you address all financial and other liabilities before signing the dotted line. What is eBook distribution?

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Flash currently optional, soon to be obsolete


When technologies grow old, they simply turn into liabilities, riddled with operability and security problems. The reason for this change is simple: security. If average Internet users have decided to switch Flash off for security reasons, they won't have access to these providers' rich media offerings. Flash currently optional, soon to be obsolete. One of the hallmarks of an overall push toward HTML5 has been the decline in the use of Flash to play online media.

The importance of digital asset management


As Deloitte University Press researchers suggested in an article, although digital asset management is a relatively new area for businesses to navigate, failure to adapt to a "radical shift in the digital marketing landscape" will likely result in privacy and security issues that hurt their performance. DAM secures rights and permissions to rich media content, such as images, video, text and other multimedia and interactive components, and it is central to responsible content management.

Why Hospitals are Switching to Virtual Training Software to Deliver EMR Training


These challenges included absence of computer skills, time, training, cost, technical support, workflow disruption, and security/privacy concerns. He said he was accused of creating “a liability for the clinic.” In 2009, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was signed into law to promote the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology.

6 Industries that can benefit from Virtual Reality Training


This also translates into lower liability insurance costs and fewer cases of malpractice and negligence. They can learn how to read a suspect’s body language during an interrogation or how to securely disarm an assailant. Virtual Reality headsets are a dream come true for global gamers, but eLearning professionals should also be excited about this futuristic tech.

Top 6 Due Diligence Checklists for Hiring Outsource Partner!

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This includes insurance, liability, collaboration time frames, and other crucial clauses like confidentiality and security while drafting the contract. Every business wishes to quickly reach a point where they start to witness a considerable amount of business growth and businesses that actually reach this point look forward to expanding their business operations. For this, they need more infrastructure, employees, technology, and most importantly, the budget.

How can I start my own e-learning business?


E-Learning Business registration: When you get ready with your business structure, you must decide whether you will operate as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. Moreover, maintenance is easy along with lifetime security updates to your eLearning development system. Starting an e-learning business is one of the most trending business in 2019.