Free and Open Source Text to Speech Tools for e-Learning


This post is a post of the series "Free e-Learning Resources" and I am going to talk about free and open source text-to-speech tools for e-Learning. So, let see the list of the free and open source text-to-speech tools for e-Learning. =>

When or When Not to Use Open Source LMS?


You love Microsoft! The presentation than briefly turned into a debate between open-source and proprietary systems. Now, this was not the first time when someone asked me to compare open source vs. proprietary systems, and I am sure it won’t be the last.

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Open source in corporate learning – The need to take it seriously.

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Using Open Source approach is one such opportunity which should be given serious consideration. Let us first talk about the open source approach and how you probably use it without being aware of it. So what is the open source approach ?

Uplift – ASP.NET 5: The MS Move to Open Source Software


What: With the release of RC1 of ASP.NET 5, Microsoft has officially thrown its full support behind the open-source software community. Additionally, the new.NET Core CLR has been made completely open source and allows.NET web applications to be run on nearly any operating system. Join us as mLevel’s Senior Developer, Brett Davis, presents on ASP.NET at the Uplift Conference which focuses on elevating diversity in technology.

DevCorner: Microsoft TechEd 2014 – Recap and Major Takeaways

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This is the place for i nterviews with our devs, source code samples, and an inside peek at some of the cool stuff we’re working on… TechSmith recently sent fourteen of its own to attend Microsoft’s TechEd 2014 conference in Houston. Openness.

Vote for the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013


A vote for Microsoft Office will be split over Word and PowerPoint, so please vote individually for these tools, i.e. Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook etc. eLearning Learning Open Source Tools learning management system Learning Technology LMS Below is an extract from the original post on the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies blog. Vote for the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2013. The annual Top 100 Tools for Learning list has become very popular.

Kineo Insights Webinar: The Truth About Open Source – a conversation with Sakai’s Executive Director

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Today as part of the Kineo Insights webinar series – a conversation on open source. The following are my notes from Part 1 of the webinar: The Truth About Open Source: A conversation with Michael Korcuska, Executive Director of Sakai. The Truth About Open Source Who writes the code? And other burning questions about source… Poll #1: How many of you currently use open source LMS? 5% currently use one 95% do not use an open source LMS.

An Open Source Environment for E-Learning Content Development

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As I'm in the process of updating my website ’s Learning Content Management System (LCMS), I though it would be interesting to discuss open source environments, and how they can be implemented in an e-learning content development ecosystem.

DevCorner: Introducing Hyde, TechSmith’s first open source project

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Today, TechSmith is excited to release its first open source project called Hyde. Hyde does three things very well compared to the Microsoft libraries for accessing Azure Storage: Hyde makes unit testing easy.

Open Source E-Learning Development 3: Open

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By creating one appropriately-tagged XML-based master document, content can be refactored as a printable manual, an HTML-based guide, a PowerPoint-type presentation, and integrated into an e-learning content delivery platform, all based on one set of source XML-based information.

Top Ten Tools for Learning 2014

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LinkedIn , especially LinkedIn groups, is a source for many useful conversations and resources. Microsoft Word isn’t exactly the most glamorous tool here, but it is a tool I use regularly for design documents, storyboards, and other projects for clients.

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Free and Open Source Text to Speech Tools for e-Learning

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Free and Open Source Text to Speech Tools for e-Learning Open source software can be used as we wish, without long-term commitments and with a community of professionals that extend and support them. This post is a post of the series "Free e-Learning Resources" and I am going to talk about free and open source text-to-speech tools for e-Learning. Free and Open Source Text to Speech Tools for e-Learning View more presentations from Christopher Pappas.

ID and e-Learning Links (4/6/14)

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Five free Microsoft Project alternatives – TechRepublic. Some are open source. Learning CSI: Learning Needs Investigation | Learning Rebels. Approaching needs analysis as an “investigation” without assuming that a course is always the right solution. tags: learning training analysis performanceconsulting performancesupport instructionaldesign. Gantter – web-based project scheduling made easy. Web-based project management tool.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Is Facebook the next Microsoft?

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Thursday, July 26, 2007 Is Facebook the next Microsoft? Have you seen this article from TechCrunch: Could Facebook Become The Next Microsoft? Little Shots of Theory Instructional Design as a practice in corporate vs. A Conversation with Karl Kapp ► February (11) ID Live with Charles Reigeluth on EdTechTalk Kineo Insights Webinar: Kronos Moodle Case Study Kineo Insights Webinar: The Truth About Open Sourc.

State of the Authoring Tool Industry 2015

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Drag n Drop with lots of objects, add the ability to API from Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive right into your SaaS Authoring Tool, allow other API possibilities as well (that make sense). Recently added the ability to publish a storyboard in Microsoft Word.

Free-to-use e-learning development 12: Microsoft Producer

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Today, I'm moving from the realm of open source software proper into the domain of free-to-use e-learning software. Free-to-use e-learning development 12: Microsoft Producer is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog. Tags: e-learning authoring t authoring tools content authoring gratis libre debate media Microsoft Producer

A peak under eFront’s hood


We’ll just give you a high level description of what powers eFront, the software analogous of opening the hood of a Ferrari to take a peak at its engine; you don’t need to be mechanic to appreciate that. Open Source doesn’t mean amateurish.

10 Reasons to invest in a cloud based LMS


A cloud based LMS , as opposed to an in-house LMS, provides learners with a vibrant, open and fun platform on which they can access training material and interactive tools which transform the learning experience into something a lot more immersive and dynamic.

Is MOODLE Compatible with Section 508?

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The quest to provide equal opportunities to everyone, irrespective of their physical condition, has opened the doors of accessibility on the web, and it eventually spread to Learning Management Systems. According to a survey by Capterra , MOODLE is the most popular open source LMS.

5 E-Learning Forecasts for 2012

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LMSs/LCMS/CMS/learning platforms in commercial and open space continued their presence. I have seen continued interest and downloads for open source AR tool kits. Augmented reality opens those doors. Kinect technology was not created at a Microsoft lab, rather it was created by a group of folks in Cambridge, England. It would not surprise me, if a vendor or two develop partnerships with AR houses to build, nor create AR apps using open source toolkits.

Tech Tuesday: Translating mLevel Events to xAPI Statements


Upon verification completion, mLevel pushes this event payload out to a Microsoft Azure Event Hub to be consumed by anything that is subscribing to it. The other option is called Learning Locker which is an open source LRS which does require a server to host the LRS.

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Virtual Reality – The Reality is that VR is not ready for real time learning (at least not yet)

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Razer OSVR – Open Source VR – Not ready for prime time, projected delivery 2016. Just as I see it moving from the within the app experience to the whole new world of doing many items just by using your eyes – open a web browser, search for courses, etc. To me the big difference maker to this whole VR experience will not be Google, rather Microsoft HoloLens. Virtual Reality. Creating an immersion experience in a virtual environment.

10 Popular MOODLE Plugins for Workplace Learning

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Being an open-source Learning Management System (LMS), Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment ( MOODLE ) has become popular and stands out amidst other learning management systems. Atto: Microsoft Word File Import.

11 Free Game Creation Software Programs (At least for 30 Days)

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Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, with financial support from the National Science Foundation, Microsoft, Intel Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Google, Iomega and MIT Media Lab research consortia.

When You Should Build Your Own LMS


I have seen this first hand on some pre-sales conversations for our LMS where we are sent a Microsoft Excel document with hundreds of features/requirements listed. The learning management system has grown up quite a bit over the past decade.

Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning


Microsoft Office Online Free photos and clip art from Microsoft Search Engine for Free Photos Every Stock Photo Every Stock Photo is a search engine for free photos. These come from many sources and are license-specific.

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Evolving the E-Learning Experience for the 21st Century

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A greater number of people, worldwide are using SaaS then ever before, mobile products, tablets – especially the iPad – is growing at a feverish pace, people are using online storage, beyond just placing photos and media, and open source is continuing expansion. The growing number of businesses leaving Microsoft Outlook to Internet e-mail is amazing. Free open hard drive space – especially with video hungry files. Can be open source, cost?


eLearning: How to Pick a Font Set

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If you know for a fact that your design will be viewed on a large, high-resolution machine, your design options open up pretty drastically. The catch here is that Google Fonts do not correlate to fonts found in Adobe or Microsoft software lines. by AJ Walther.

My 10 Ten Tools for Learning

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Microsoft PowerPoint (Creating) The much maligned app is probably where I do most of my design work, either for scripts, demos or indeed, using Articulate, developing finished products. It's slow, a resource hog and really is only there to open the web to me. evaluation rapid tools marketplace articulate c4lpt Moodle LMSs elearning wikis open source silly excitement thought leaders social learning

My 10 Ten Tools for Learning

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Microsoft PowerPoint (Creating) The much maligned app is probably where I do most of my design work, either for scripts, demos or indeed, using Articulate, developing finished products. It's slow, a resource hog and really is only there to open the web to me. Tags: evaluation rapid tools marketplace articulate c4lpt Moodle LMSs elearning wikis open source silly excitement thought leaders social learning

Software Courses Sell Really Well


Head on over to (or a similar site) and you will find that the most popular programs are often around software like Microsoft Office Suite or Adobe Photoshop. Another good example is OSTraining , which focuses on courses around the open source software market.

Build your multi-device strategy in 6 questions

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Offering your formal training content in the same place as the other sources should be part of your plan. If they need to know how to add a signature to an email in Microsoft Outlook, there are around 38,000 videos on YouTube that will show them how.

Linden Labs Raising Prices But Extending Discount for Current Users

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Or something like Web.alive or the Finnish open source product realXtend. It is an interesting state of affairs in the industry especially layered on top of Microsoft’s recent purchase of Vivaty. If someone makes an open invite, might a switch occur. As you may know, Linden, on October 4th, announced a plan to raise prices for educational and non-profit users of Second Life and not a little increase, a whopping doubling of the previous discount.

The Top 10 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools: Part 1


Now, you could go with what everybody uses (Microsoft Word) or its open source alternative (Open Office), and both will surely more than capable for the task. Deciding to embrace eLearning for your employee training has become a no-brainer nowadays.

E-Learning Takeaways

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Let’s see Microsoft has only been announcing the coming of Windows 8 for several months, but as usual desktop authoring tools are behind the times. I am hearing from some vendors that they are having issues with Windows 8 and that Microsoft typically makes it difficult to really make it work. Windows 8 – 20,000 apps (not bad since it launched two months ago), Microsoft executives are reporting that by Jan. 12-21-2012. For some people ominous times are ahead of us.

LMS Decision Making Criteria B4 U Buy

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Many vendors use sites such as Rackspace, Amazon or Microsoft Azure. Say open source?

Time to go on an elearning diet?

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New research by Microsoft suggests our digital attention span could have dropped to just 8 seconds! Adapt is an open-source e-learning authoring tool that creates fully responsive, multi-device, HTML5 elearning content using the award-winning Adapt developer framework.