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Interesting Learning 2.0 Pattern

Tony Karrer

Tools - A Summary. There's something really nice about this pattern Found via Brent - 23 Microlearning exercises (23 Things). It has 23 Tasks over a 9 week period that helped them get you up to speed on what Web 2.0 is all about. It's a great list and the nice thing is that they offerred a free iPod as a reward for getting it all done. What a great idea.

How to Mold Smarter Learners by Using Patterns

Vignettes Learning

Your morning routine is an excellent example of a pattern. A pattern is a repeated, recurrent behavior of a group or individual. But patterns are not limited to the things we do. There are also the patterns that we see around us and patterns we use to make sense of the world.

Stop Abandoning Your Learners!


The pattern outlined above is most commonly seen in the context of live training events, but it can apply to a variety of teaching methods. I have seen it countless of times.

Session Notes: "Driving Impact with Learning Analytics" Jeff Grisenthwaite #TrainingMag

Learning Visions

Same patterns across different roles, although different questions. scan the data: -- review high level summary reports across all 2. synthesize : combine summary data and detailed analysis to craft an insightful story "We were expecting this and so far this is occurring and here''s the data to back it up." These are my live blogged notes from the Training 2015 Conference and Expo happening this week in Atlanta. Forgive any typos or incoherencies.

6 Best Practices For Applying Spaced Learning In Online Training

Obsidian Learning

Douglas Fields introduced us to the temporal pattern of stimuli related to the long-term memory , while Paul Kelley and his team developed the method that relies on Field’s research. New post 6 Best Practices For Applying Spaced Learning In Online Training on Obsidian Learning.

Tin Can: My First impressions from mLearnCon 2012

Upside Learning

Given below is a short summary of what I gathered from this session and is my first impression. Post the summary I also raise a few questions. I attended a session by Aaron Silvers, Community Manager at Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL).

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Instructional Design in the VUCA World

ID Reflections

Learning design has to take these new usage patterns into account. A summary of how these paradigm shifts may impact the work and skills required of instructional designers are given in the table below.

A Conversation with Reuben Tozman

Kapp Notes

Here is a summary of a great conversation I had with Reuben Tozman who I met one night at a conference (actually, we weren’t at the conference venue we were out getting a bite to eat and something to drink). The curation process is one of determining patterns in content that draws links between content objects in a variety of ways.

Myth of the "Relevant Experience"

ID Reflections

As long as experience makes one resilient, quick to adapt and learn, a good leader and empathetic manager, and increases one''s ability to connect the dots and see the pattern, the experience is relevant.

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The Learning and Forgetting Curve: How to Make eLearning Memorable


Another good habit to adopt when developing eLearning content, is to add a summary section in which you repeat these points again. Frequent assessments not only help gauge progress but also create a stronger memory pattern. You haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a while.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: 31 Days: Day 25 (Go Shopping)

Learning Visions

Go to a mall and spend 30 minutes observing shopping patterns, merchandising schemes, etc. As I think about my own blog-reading habits, I see the same patterns. Darren did a great summary of his lessons learned while shopping as did Michele Martin.

6 Critical Factors that Affect How People Learn

SHIFT eLearning

Here are just some principles you can use to improve retention of the material and help learners make meaning out of the material: association, organization, visualization, familiarity, frequency, rhymes, patterns, and acronyms.

The Critical Connection between Good Listening and Great Training

Training Industry

For example, you will absorb more information if you break the habit of formulating an answer when another person is speaking (a pattern called interruptive thinking). In Summary. Many brilliant thinkers have offered good advice about how to improve your listening skills. They have also noted that you will hear better if you eliminate interruptions and distractions. Those steps produce dramatic improvements in listening, and I recommend them.

Only 14% think that company training is an essential way for them to learn in the workplace

Jane Hart

Firstly, this same pattern of results was visible across all functions. Summary. That was one of the findings of my recent anonymous survey on how people learn best in the workplace, and even I was surprised by the results.

Easily Turn a Technical Subject into an Interesting eLearning Course

SHIFT eLearning

Add Infographics and Visual Summaries. Compared to lengthy verbal or textual content, visual summaries and infographics make learning much easier; for instance, education psychologist Richard Mayer discovered that visuals with a small amount of text are more effective than visuals with a large amount of text. Displaying patterns that would otherwise be difficult to detect.

How To Measure The ROI Of Online Training?

EI Design

In this article, I will begin with a quick summary of the benefits that eLearning offers, what ROI is, and how you can measure it. Level 2: Learning can be easily measured through scoring patterns in the end of course assessments.

ROI 20

Why Content Curation Should be in Your Skillset

Jay Cross

meeting summaries. Sorting through posts made me think critically and see patterns. Curation can boost your profit and help your people grow. It can save millions, reduce frustration, and boost the velocity of information in your organization. It starts in a gallery.

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Make Your Software Training Handy with These 10 Job-aids

CommLab India

It can be a worksheet, diagram, summary, checklist, and more. A mnemonic is a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations which assists in remembering concepts.

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Wonderful Brain

By summary then, we face three elements in our quest to make big data work for organizations: Gathering information factoring the effect gained when combinations of content reveal even newer more, newer, meaningful data. In this article I want to explore 3 connected ideas.

IBM Watson And The Future Of Learning

Upside Learning

I’ve banged on about intelligent personal learning agents based on semantic technologies in the past , and Watson – a ‘natural language processing’ ‘pattern recognizing’ ‘world aware’ engine – is a huge step towards making that happen.

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Creating Visual Stories That Resonate

Experiencing eLearning

An image of this shape is found in this summary of Duarte’s book. Filed under: Lifelong Learning , Patterns , Social MediaThese are my live blogged notes from the webinar Training Online: Creating Visual Stories That Resonate by Nancy Duarte. My side comments are in italics. Any errors, typos, and incomplete thoughts are mine, not Nancy’s. Check out Cammy Bean’s notes too.

Learning Vs. Performance -- The Dichotomy

ID Reflections

Training didn’t teach the meta-skills of learning nor did it foster the abilities for creative thinking, innovation and pattern sensing – all necessary 21C skills. A quick summary of each of the paradigms mentioned above shows how these could probably have an impact on the overall performance of each individual, and on the organization as a whole: Growth mindset - Carol Dweck , in her research, differentiated between Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset. The shift has happened.

Design Considerations for Content Delivery

Training Industry


A close look at training and mobile technology

Learning Wire

Once each client’s needs are identified, the team targets participant usage patterns and how best to maintain an uninterrupted training program: In different locations. For example: Key Points summary in PDF format – 2 minutes.

Engage Your Online Classroom With These 10 eLearning Tools

DigitalChalk eLearning

The vocabulary-memorizing platform is patterned in a way that every student can memorize the spelling by ease because it provides a series of games and satisfactory dictionary.

How humor helps + Powtoon review

Making Change

The same pattern would probably work in any training trailer to boost enrollments. The article “How Laughing Leads to Learning” offers a readable summary of some research and makes several points that are relevant to corporate training. I recently created a funny (I hope!)

Adobe InDesign: Nested Styles

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Nested styles are ideal when the paragraphs being formatted follow a consistent pattern such as entries in a catalog, directory, or bibliography. Notice the summary of formatting properties in the Style Settings section of the dialog.

10Q: Cathy N. Davidson

Learning with e's

When I read the summary, I remembered that Cathy had been the prime mover in one of the first large scale iPod education projects at Duke University several years before. Yes, there’s a pattern here!) Cathy N.

Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

I discussed the fact that there was a common Adoption Pattern that went from personal adoption to work groups to organization. Tools - A Summary and particularly my use of the course wiki as the basis for putting course notes, having each team put up their work, etc. Adoption Patterns Clearly to increase the chances of successful adoption, you should use patterns that are more likely to succeed.

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Effective Learning – Musings from the UnConference

Learning Cafe

This blog post is a summary of the “ Effective Learning ” stream of the Learning Cafe UnConference which was led by Bob Spence.

Ten Commandments of eLearning Design

eLearning Weekly

Here’s a summary of the Ten Commandments, but be sure to read Cath’s post for detailed information on each of the items: Put the pedagogy (not the technology) first. Be aware of workloads and work patterns (yours and theirs). Establish patterns and stick to them. Cath Ellis has a great post outlining her Ten Commandments of eLearning. These basic principles, if adhered to, can make a huge difference in whether or not a project will be successful.

Are We Approaching Collaborative eLearning Wrong? - The Individual is the New Group

Tony Karrer

Instead, " emergence " - the ability of the system to be fairly open and allow patterns to emerge. Tools - A Summary makes me wonder if maybe we aren't being too groupware/Enterprise IT oriented (too restrictive) and not soloware/emergent oriented I ran across a recent article by Stowe Boyd - Matthew Glotzbach on Consumer Collaboration that is an interesting look at how the workforce is changing and it has some implications for learning professionals.

Idea nodes & innovation

Jay Cross

Below the fold, my summary of Ogle’s thesis. one that is becoming fitter), learning — the system's capacity to change effectively — thus takes the form of the alignment of lower-level elements with what lies in the future, a growing but as yet unseen pattern. I am a wanderer, enthusiastically trudging wherever my curiosity leads me.

Getting Started With Working Out Loud


The diagram below by Dion Hinchcliffe is a good summary of why one should practise working out loud and what are the likely benefits of this habit. My posts are usually pretty detailed, researched, and long.