Top 43 Websites for Free & Paid Stock Video Footage


Foca provides free photos, videos, and templates for commercial use to use in websites, projects, print materials, social posts, and more. The Life of Vids website has a huge collection of free stock videos that you can use for any purpose.

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Top 15 Websites to Get Free Stock Images


All successful bloggers and marketers know that the best way to ‘decorate’ and customize the way a blog or a website looks, is through stock photography. So, what exactly is stock photography and how can you use it to your benefit? What is Stock Photography?

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Designing Member Engagement into your Website

Web Courseworks

Your website is an integral part of member engagement. Here are 3 tips to design member engagement into your website: 1. Authentic photography is one of the best ways to exemplify your association’s personality/purpose. People resonate with live human interaction and it’s much more interesting than the same businessman stock photo they saw on the last website they visited. The post Designing Member Engagement into your Website appeared first on Web Courseworks.

Top 10 best training websites

Ed App

The best platforms or websites should be easy to navigate, powerful, and full of built-in features to enable you to deliver the best content to your teams. We’ve compiled the top 10 best training websites that help empower you to achieve this. E-learning has taught us a lot.

How to Level Up Your Marketing, Web Design, and Photography with Consultant and Business Coach Jean Perpillant


Learn how to level up your marketing, web design, and photography with consultant and business coach Jean Perpillant in this LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. The problem is is that I do enjoy photography as a hobby, and so I still have that as a service.

10 Reasons to Use Illustrations Instead of Stock Photography in Learning


The grinning woman eating a salad; the perfectly multicultural meeting; the man with a headset: these are the standards for stock photography. And while it definitely has its place, stock photography isn’t the gold standard when it comes to learning. What may work for an anonymous website doesn’t have the same impact when you’re trying to get learners to sit up and pay attention. Learners can sense stock photography from a mile away.

How You Can Build WordPress LMS Websites as a Service with WaaS Entrepreneur Michael Short


Learn about how you can build WordPress LMS websites as a service with WaaS entrepreneur Michael Short in this episode of LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Michael’s products are focused around somewhat of an offshoot of SaaS called WaaS, meaning Website as a Service.

How to Build a Beautifully Designed Training Based Membership Website with WordPress with Melissa Love from the Marketing Fix


Learn how to build a beautifully designed training based membership website with WordPress with Melissa Love from the Marketing Fix in this LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. What has normally happened in the past is, and this might resonate with anyone who has ever built a website.

E-Learning by Design - The New Edition

Web Courseworks

Over the last two years, Bill and Kit have been on sabbatical and have traveled all over the country pursuing a photography interest that they share with the world through their websites (see below for links). William Horton Photography. ASTD Bill Horton e-learning e-learning by design eLearning jon aleckson katherine horton kit horton legend series photography SEWI ASTD Southeastern WisconsinBill Horton is back!

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How to Build an Online Course Landing Page [With Examples]


Register for Free. --> Your website needs to offer all the important information to a visitor. Without this very last piece, not only your website would be incomplete, but it wouldn’t be able to stand alone – not only in terms of web design, but most importantly in terms of content.

How to Create an eLearning Website in 4 Simple Steps & Templates


Are you an educator or a business owner who wants to build an elearning website? The brand new LearnWorlds Site Builder can help you build a powerful elearning website within minutes. How to Create an eLearning Website in 4 Simple Steps [2021]. Photography.

How to Get More Website Traffic and Conversions through Better Messaging, Positioning, Landing Page Optimization, Multi Channel Marketing, and PPC with Pedro Cortés


We dive into how to get more website traffic and conversions through better messaging, positioning, landing page optimization, multi channel marketing, and PPC with Pedro Cortés in this LMScast episode hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Understanding the fundamental difference between your homepage and a landing page on your website is important for how you structure your messaging. Your homepage is the general page many people will hit if they go to your website itself.

ROE Tips for Your Association’s Online Community

Association eLearning

As technology has evolved and become more accessible to the masses, video has taken the place of traditional photography. Social media, your website or blog, and online communities are just a few of the many ways to increase engagement, and as a result your ROI. This is a follow up post to my recent post on ROE vs ROI – A Focus on Engagement ; if you haven’t read it yet, check it out!

Finding Good Photos for Your eLearning Scenarios

Learning Visions

Check out the eLearning Art website and view this one minute youtube video to see an example. (I Tags: photography scenarios Do you struggle with finding good stock photos to use in your eLearning scenarios? You might find the right guy to play the role of the client in your story, but there’s only three shots of him and he looks like a goofball in one of them. So then do you go do a custom photo shoot? Maybe you have the time or the budget. But usually not.

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A drastic ban?

Learning with e's

I am working the the ASCB leadership to "officially" modify the policy on the ASCB website. Tags: thought crime digital photography Twitter mobile phone open scholarship I was somewhat surprised - no, gobsmacked - this weekend to read in a blog post by Abel Pharmboy that one conference in the USA - the American Society of Cell Biology Annual Meeting (sounds full of life) - has expressly forbidden its delegates from tweeting during presentations.

How to Teach Online & Earn Money in 2021: Definitive Guide


Here are a couple of examples from people who turned their know-how to a successful online teaching business: Ran Fuchs Photography, the School of Digital Photography. A group of inspired photography enthusiasts, who are really good at what they do, created this online school.

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Shutterstock vs. iStock for presentation photos


Read to the end to discover where we find our favourite free stock photography too! In many ways the image selection these two stock photography sites offer is similar. Shutterstock is also helpful when you need quite specific photography, like product images.

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25 Most Popular Quiz Categories and Quizzes


Mobile Website Design Quiz. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or experienced, these photography quizzes will have you learning, and enjoying yourself. Digital Photography Quiz. Test Your Photography Knowledge. Online Photography Quiz. DSLR Photography Quiz.

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How to Start An Online Coaching Business in 2021?


The only thing you’re going to need is a website with a set of features for your online coaching business. It could be anything — photography, life surviving skills, dance, chess, and more. . Letting your website audience choose from multiple options makes it a sure conversion! .

The best free PowerPoint templates online


Slidesgo also has some lovely photography-heavy free PowerPoint templates. An effective presentation uses photography intentionally to tell a story, not just to make slides look pretty.

A Guide to Superior eLearning Graphics

Bottom-Line Performance

All too often you find unrelated stock photography , huge chunks of text in awkward places , and mismatched color schemes in eLearning courses. I also am not a fan of stock photography when it doesn’t serve a meaningful purpose. Do you have any resources/websites you’d like to recommend? ” Nothing is more distracting—and, honestly, discrediting—than a hodgepodge of random stock photography and random colors.

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10 useful Skills Help to Build a Successful E-commerce Business


Product Photography: “Good product photography” is the primary way to make sense of the visitors for ensuring the right product sales. It would help if you did your photography with a high-quality camera, lens, tripod, and lighting.

More than PhotoShop training

Take an e-Learning Break

I recently browsed the Kelby Training website. There are some great courses - including food photography that look interesting. I hadn't been interested in the past because I thought it was just PhotoShop training. Cost is reasonable - you can access all the classes per month or per year. You can test drive the courses without having to sign up for anything - a big plus. And the video plays great! Check it out: [link

Podcast: Build your Social Media Presence with Barb Smith


She enjoys hiking, scuba diving and nature photography. Please visit her website at for more info. If you are new to all this, start with a simple 3 page website that has a home page, an about me page, and a contact page. The backbone of Margie’s website is her blog on Once your website is up and running, create social media accounts that match your website’s branding (e.g.,

Barb Smith – Build your Social Media Presence


She enjoys hiking, scuba diving and nature photography. Please visit her website at for more info. If you are new to all this, start with a simple 3 page website that has a home page, an about me page, and a contact page. The backbone of Margie’s website is her blog on Once your website is up and running, create social media accounts that match your website’s branding (e.g., Listen to Podcast: [link].

The Top Trending Course Topic Ideas in 2020


d) Photography. Photography offers the potential to see the world through a different lens, literally and metaphorically. Online photography classes demand by Google Trends. Visit the Virtual Kenpo website to check out this unique online academy for yourself.

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Before You Add One More Image to Your eLearning Course, Read This!

SHIFT eLearning

How often have you gone to a website, looked at the photos, and said “Oh yeah, there are the happy clapping people, and there’s the arrow going into the target, and there’s the thermometer showing sales figures, and… yawn.” And the same things that are beyond boring and beyond overdone on various websites are going to be equally as un-engaging if you use them on your eLearning course. Bad Stock Photos Make for Bad eLearning.

11 localization ideas for global eLearning that go beyond translation

gomo learning

2) Reconsider your photography, visuals, and other media. A good example of this is making sure that your photography and your videos help your audience feel like they’re represented. A classic example of this in design is the ‘busy-ness’ of some foreign language websites.

How to Start an Online School: Step-by-Step Guide (for 2020)


Step 1: Your School’s Branding and Website. Step 1: Your School’s Branding and Website. First off, start building a website that will host your online school. A landing page is the first page your website visitors will ‘land on’, so it makes sense to begin from there.

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3 reasons why your competitors are outshining you

Your Training Edge

However, having a website is not enough – you need real online media presence. Having a website was once an advantage, but now, it’s a necessity. Furthermore, if your business centres on anything where visual appeal matters (from photography to clothing, to drywall) you need to get Instagram. In order to keep your business afloat, you need to fight tooth and nail.

Four-Eyes Forever! Introducing the New Degreed Brand


Along with our logo, wordmark, and colors, we’re changing our typeface and brand imagery like photography, illustration, and patterns. We’ll also be rolling out a refreshed website, social channels, videos, and much more in the coming weeks and months.

27+ Best WordPress Development Companies Based on their Specialization, Location and Cost

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Picking the right development partner is one of the most important decisions you’ll be making for your business website. Website: [link] . Contact Details: Website: [link]. Contact Details: Website: [link]. WordPress Website Development Services. Website Backups.

Black Friday Checklist: 9 Tips and 5 Treats To Prepare Your Online School


However, when everything is ready for your offer (a separate page or template on your website), we suggest making it available from Thanksgiving day. Creative arts like painting, sewing, knitting, music, and photography.

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Using Custom Artwork to Build Beautiful eLearning Without Breaking the Budget

eLearning Architect

but I am sick and tired of seeing eLearning courses that use irrelevant stock photography - it's no wonder that we repeatedly hear learners saying "eLearning is so boring and ugly". (I The key to a successful project Going through the process of outsourcing these small projects has taught me an excellent lesson in using a website like Upwork and managing projects in general. One of the biggest challenges when creating a course is finding relevant, high quality graphics.

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Community Engagement, COVID-19 and Big hART – the promises we must keep


This is what Big hART provides – engagement, self-expression through music, video, photography, animation, dance, an expression of their story, building agency, visibility and safety. Photo by Leith Alexander, courtesy of Big hART.

Online Course Marketplaces and Their Business Models: Everything You Should Know

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

A big reason behind its success is the first-mover advantage – it was the first website of its kind to be launched when it went online in early 2010. 3 years later, in 2009, Khan Academy got its official website and became much more than a YouTube channel being run by just one educator.

How to Make a Tutorial Video Step-by-Step ?? [With Examples]


At the end of the video he encourages people to check out his work through his website – a great sales tactic for every edupreneur! Setting up a home photography studio with Aaron. Ideally, this piece of information it’s worth getting more information about for those who are really interested in photography. Making video tutorials is the best way to get known in your industry. 88% of businesses say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy.

10 best sites like Udemy


Udemy is a glorious website whose notability is often spoken about. I do not think many websites other than a few elite ones, that are very good themselves with the listing, organizing, scheduling of new courses, are in the same class as Udemy in this aspect. The moment you visit edX, there is an unmissable sentence that conveys the complete gist of this meritorious website: Take great online courses from the world’s best universities.

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Taxonomy Tips for Video Strategy

KZO Innovations

How can your brand organize all of its content assets – photography, text, graphics and video – for maximum benefit? After you have aggregated all of your video content you, must identify and confirm the destination where that video will live and how it will interact and interface with all of the other content that lives on your website. In a word: taxonomy.

The Connected Educator: Building a Professional Learning Network

Allison Rossett

The information aggregation tools are used to collect and organize information from various resources (websites, podcasts, blogs). Google Reader ) collect information from various websites in one area. Interest-based groups can be websites, discussion forums, social networking sites or any online place where educators can connect with other individuals around a shared interest. Torrey Trust is my guest blogger. Her topic– personal learning networks, also known as PLNs.