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I've just returned from the SITE 2010 Conference in San Diego. Iowa State had a FIPSE grant, TEGiVS (that I consulted on) that ran from 2005 - 2007 and they developed modules to incorporate virtual education content into teacher preparation programs. I found it somewhat disconcerting that the opening keynote was talking about her recent arrival to teaching online.

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Research to Practice: Games and Simulations

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2005). 2010) A meta-analytic examination of the effectiveness of computer-based simulation games. 2010) A meta-analytic examination of the effectiveness of computer-based simulation games. 2010) A meta-analytic examination of the effectiveness of computer-based simulation games.

How not to do social media

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The Football Federation of Australia (FFA) was born, and in 2005 the A-League kicked off. As my friends can attest, I’m a big Socceroos fan.

Arnold says "Violence in Movies-Good, Violence in Video Games-Bad"

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A ban signed into law by Schwarzenegger in October 2005. When the Terminator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, was first released in 1984 one of the huge complaints about the film was the extreme level of violence. In the opening scene, he beats up some thugs.

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Interesting Mobile Statistics By Tomi Ahonen: mLearnCon

Upside Learning

Note that the Internet growth rate is more than that of PCs from 2005 onwards. In 2010 Estonia has also become the first country to allow tax returns to be filed by SMS. Tomi Ahonen delivered the first keynote address at the mLearnCon last month in San Diego.

Recent Research on Interactive Learning

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

of Geography, 2005) ‘ Measuring the Effects and Effectiveness of Interactive Advertising ’ (Paul Pavlou, David, Stewart, University of Southern California, Journal of Interactive Advertising, Vol 1 No 1 Fall 2000) ‘ An Introduction to Digital Media ’ (Tony Feldman, 1997, Routledge Publishers, NY, Pages 13-20) ‘ Interactive or Non-Interactive?

Knowledge and Learning In The News - 12/29/2005

Big Dog, Little Dog

Gordon, president of Imperial Consulting Corporation in Chicago and Palm Desert, California, has serious misgivings about the future of America in the world economy, which he documents while offering a possible solution in his new book, The 2010 Meltdown: Solving the Impending Jobs Crisis. 2005 (podcast) - IT Conversations. Was Drucker Wrong? - Tom Davenport.

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Another 3D Virtual World Shutting Down

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There avatars wave good bye as the virtual world closes on March 9, 2010. The well-known virtual world called There is closing on March 9, 2010. was then spun off to Makena Technologies in 2005. And, all purchases of Therebucks and member program updates made between midnight Pacific Standard Time February 1, 2010 and 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time on March 2, 2010 will be refunded in full.

Weekly Bookmarks (4/12/2010)

Experiencing eLearning

Lengthy study from 2005 comparing how e-learning is used in Australia and Korea, finding some similar concerns. My interview with the UW-Stout ID certificate students in March 2010. NCVER – E-learning in Australia and Korea: Learning from practice. Like most other studies, this one has found that e-learning “cannnot on its own guarantee successful learning outcomes for students.

5 myths of time management reprised

From the Coleface

I saw that AccountingWeb have republished some tips on time management that I wrote back in 2005. If nostalgia about music goes in 20 year cycles, it seems like the web is going for 5 year cycles… Anyway, it seems like an entertaining debate about how tidy your desk should be has kicked off on the AccountingWeb website.

Weekly Bookmarks (3/14/2010)

Experiencing eLearning

Background paper prepared for the Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2005. Donald Clark Plan B: Moodle: e-learning’s Frankenstein. How Moodle has evolved from its original educational roots. tags : moodle , e-learning , lms. Introduction to Moodle for corporate L&D. Overview of the pros and cons of Moodle in the corporate realm. tags : moodle , e-learning , corporate , lms. Cammy Bean’s Learning Visions: Instructional Design as a practice in corporate vs. academia.

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Quotes and excerpts on the need for Learning 2.0 from the Best of T+D: 2007-2009

ID Reflections

Informal Knowledge Transfer by Eric Sauve A 2005 McKinsey & Company report titled, “The Next Revolution in Interactions,” examines how workplace tasks are completed in developed economies. Gartner , a research institute, estimates that the frequency of nonroutine situations that require tacit knowledge will double between 2006 and 2010.

Before we criticise the next new medium …

Clive on Learning

The article explains that "cinema was denounced as 'an evil pure and simple' in 1910; comic books were said to lead children into delinquency in 1954; rock’n’roll was accused of turning the young into 'devil worshippers' in 1956; and Hillary Clinton attacked video games for 'stealing the innocence of our children' in 2005." Don't Shoot the Messenger , in a recent issue of The Economist, emphasised just how much new media have been resisted over the ages.

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The Contours of Our Times

Big Dog, Little Dog

The latest issue of Wired magazine (February 2005) has an interesting article, "Revenge of the Right Brain", that is adapted from Daniel Pink's upcoming book, "A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age." Link added on Jan 27, 2005: Revenge of the Right Brain. For example, Pink argues that by 2010, India will become the largest nation of English speakers in the world.

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Post D

Clive on Learning

In case you haven't twigged, D is the Roman numeral representing the number 500, and that's how many posts have been issued from Clive on Learning since October 2005. This is post D, a milestone. That's roughly 10 posts a month. My first - post I - was called Bringing e-learning into the 21st century. Interestingly it was a simple republishing of a column I had written for a magazine. Nowadays, the process is reversed: I blog first, then elaborate my favourite postings into columns.

Questions of the Week

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

  Mayer 2005. Adobe Captivate: Can I Stop The Presentation From Continuing After a Web Link? I have a Captivate slide that contains buttons taking the student to one of our Web pages (a link to a URL). My problem is I'm not sure how to get the lesson to stop playing while the student checks out the site. as it stands now, the lesson continues to play in the background. Answer: Show the Properties of the object that initiates the URL link.

Rapid Content Authoring Tools Directory

eLearning 24-7

Identifies SCORM version/edition (may be multiple), AICC (if applicable) or PENS (if applicable): PENS was created by AICC in 2005, but a few vendors are starting to utilize it this year. Listed below is the RCAT (Rapid Content Authoring Tools) Directory. Features 102 vendors. Feel free to use and share directory. File has been tested and is free of spyware, malware, and viruses, and any or all nasties. : ).

Rapid Content Authoring Tools: Market, Mayhem and Reality

eLearning 24-7

PENS was created in 2005 by AICC as a new interoperability standard. As the evolution of e-learning continues, the rapid content authoring tools (RCAT) market follows suit. This is a growing market with new vendors showing up, but at the same time, others disappearing. While the assumption would be that all the products are alike, or that fee based tools are superior to their free counterparts, nothing could be farther than the truth.

Pumpkin Carving for Geeks with Snagit.

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And, I have some pics from the 2005 pumpkin carving contest at TechSmith here. Carving pumpkins is serious business at TechSmith! This week we had a pumpkin carving contest at the office. And, since we're geeks, we had some pumpkins carved with a technology theme.

Serendipitous revisiting

Clark Quinn

So the work I did laying out the appropriate elements for game design in 1998 were appropriate for a book in 2005. In many ways, it can seem like we revisit the same old ideas again and again. I’ve ranged over design, social, games, mobile, strategy and more in many different ways. I try to write when there are new ideas, but many times the same themes are reviewed, albeit extended. This might seem tiresome (more so, perhaps, to me than you :), but there’s value in it.

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The 12 Days of Screencasting - On the Second Day.

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Ian Ozsvald has created over 170 screencasts since 2005, from 30 second tours to 30 minute lessons. He co-founded the screencast tutorial site ShowMeDo in 2005 (used by 50,000 people a month) and founded the professional screencasting company ProCasts in 2008. According to the traditional Christmas carol, " The 12 Days of Christmas ", today we would have received two turtle doves. Well, my true love can keep the birds.

A most fundamental human right

Learning with e's

In 2005 I accompanied a group of students and staff from the University of Plymouth on a two week study tour of South Africa. We spent most of our time in and around Cape Town, visiting schools in the city and in the townships.

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Who Are the Smartest People in the World?


In 2005, Kasparov retired from chess to focus more deeply on writing and politics — he briefly worked on a campaign for President, and was arrested in 2007 for his involvement in a protest against the Russian government.

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eLearning Thought Leaders: Jane Bozarth – DevLearn Preview

eLearning Weekly

eLW: In 2005 you published the book E-Learning Solutions on a Shoestring and now your latest book is Social Media for Trainers. Jane Bozarth likes social media. She lives on Twitter and Facebook whether online at a computer or connected through an app on a mobile device.

Reach out and connect

Learning with e's

Wendy Earle's 2005 discussion on the nature of literacies is a useful starting point. One of the digital literacies I identified in yesterday's blogpost was effective social networking. So what's the big deal about this? We all do it these days don't we?

Interview on


Version 2 was a reality at the beginning of 2005. Finally, on January 2010 we introduced the latest version of eFront (v3.6)

Rare opportunity

Jay Cross

Siegel auction in October 2005 for US $2.7

K-12 Classrooms: Research Review of Multigrade, Multiage, Combination Classrooms

Work Learning

This review was conducted in September and October of 2010. -. Recent research indicates that teachers, tutors, and other learning professionals tend not to be very good at providing instructional explanations at learner’s appropriate levels—but that they can improve on this by specifically being informed of their learners’ level of understanding (Wittwer, Nückles, & Renkl, 2010). 2010). 2005).

The space between us all

Learning with e's

2005) British Distance Education: A Proud Tradition. In this new series I will discuss how distance education has developed and the influences it has had on our current education provision. Comments are most welcome.

Jay’s blogs fork

Jay Cross

Now it’s time for humanity to take the next step on the path, commit to a direction for the future, and start to work.&# (2005).

Making a difference

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Considering its relatively small size and population, (and this is my personal view) the United Kingdom has contributed disproportionately to the rise of technology supported distance education over the last two centuries (Wheeler, 2005). 2005) British Distance Education: A Proud Tradition.

Web 2.0 Strategy

Janet Clarey

Harvard Business Essentials, 2005). I’m finally getting around to reading the ASTD State of the Industry Report for 2009 which was released in November. I found this graphic quite interesting.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Dont Be a Tyrant!

Learning Visions

A post from the Eide Neurolearning Blog from 2005. eLearning Guild’s 2010 Salary Report ID Live with John Graves ► April (5) Audio Interview with Tom Kuhlmann of Articulate Book Review: Love is the Killer App Kineo Insights Webinar: Aligning eLearning with B. Moodle in 2010 Kineo Insights Webinar: Challenges and Best Practi. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Tuesday, May 22, 2007 Dont Be a Tyrant!

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Create a Learning Culture | Fast Company

Marcia Conner

Read the full article , by Marcia Conner June 2005, on the Fast Company website Create a Learning Culture | Fast Company : Companies that value learning outperform those that don’t. A study by independent research firm McBassi & Company shows that it pays to invest in people-focused practices including building learning capacity, knowledge accessibility, and professional development.

50,000 Hit Friday!

E-Learning Acupuncture

Back in the early days of this blog in 2005 and 2006 I had documented that it took sometimes as many as 14 weeks to get 1,000 hits. Today the blog crossed over the 50,000 hit mark! I back calculated and during the last 4 years and 4 weeks it has taken on average 4.9 weeks to get 1,000 hits. That's three times faster than the early days. Happy 50,000 Hit Friday to all the bloggers out there! May your hits come fast and furious!

The Terrible Speed of eLearning

eLearning Weekly

This post has been ruminating around in my head ever since an executive suggested turning some classroom training into podcasts back in 2005. It’s 2010, and elearning is expected to move at fast forward to the nitty-gritty pace. . Sales reps should appreciate this post.

Web 2.0 Strategy

Janet Clarey

Harvard Business Essentials, 2005). I’m finally getting around to reading the ASTD State of the Industry Report for 2009 which was released in November. I found this graphic quite interesting.

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