Top 100 Tools For Learning 2010 – C4LPT Survey

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The final list of top 100 tools for learning for 2010 is now out on Jane Hart’s website. Top100 Tools for Learning 2010. Tags: Learning Technology Social Learning eLearning 100 Tools For Learning elearning tools learning tools list leartning Tools Top 100 Top 100 Tools For Learning Top 100 Tools for Learning 2010 top elearning tools

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Learning Technologies 2010 – Day 2 Recap

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After having a great first day at the Learning Technologies 2010 I was looking forward to an exciting second day. Some bits of what Josh shared in his presentation are available in this complimentary report titled Predictions for Corporate Learning and Training Management 2010 (registration required). Source: Predictions for Corporate Learning & Training 2010 by Bersin.

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GBL 2010 – Recap (Day 2 Part 1): Serious Games

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Related posts: Game Based Learning 2010 – Recap: Day 1 Patterns at Play – Fundamental to Games What are Serious Games? Tags: Game Based Learning DGBL Game Based Learning 2010 GBL GBL 2010 Getting Serious About Games Patient Rescue Triage Trainer I have been thinking about penning this one for a couple of weeks now, but just couldn’t do sooner. And as I worked on this one I realized some of them have already faded away from my memory.

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May 2010 Monthly Roundup: 10 Most Popular Posts

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Tags: Monthly Roundup CloudCourse Does LMS Manage Learning Future of Learning Technology Future of Learning Technology - 2015 HTML5 and eLearning Development HTML5 And Google I/O Instructional Designers Learning Revolution May 2010 Monthly Roundup Monthly Roundup Post May 2010 The Semantic Web Web 3.0

April 2010 Monthly Roundup: 10 Most Popular Posts

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Related posts: eLearning: Top Posts of 2009 – Upside Learning Blog Top 25 Rapid eLearning Blog Posts Game Based Learning 2010 – Recap: Day 1. April 2010 Monthly Roundup augmented reality Effective Learning Measurement Engaging eLearning Free LMS Game Based Learning LAYAR Learning Games Learning Resources Learning Technology LMS Monthly Roundup Monthly Roundup Post Monthly Roundup Post April 2010 open source LMS Rapid eLearning Tablet Computers for Learning in India

Game Based Learning 2010 – Recap: Day 1

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Tags: Game Based Learning Augmented and Alternate Reality games Augmented Reality games Game Based Learning 2010 Games for Healthcare GBL Learning Games Medical Simulation

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2010: My blogging year recapped

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As 2010 draws to a close, I thought I’d take a moment to recap my blog posts during the year. • My 1-liners from LearnX 2010. • My 1-liners from TEDxCanberra 2010. blogging 2010 cartoons e-books engagement events government 2.0 I hope you take the opportunity to read any that you may have missed. Oh, and please leave a comment or two or three…! Learning theory & instructional design. • Taxonomy of Learning Theories.

PowerPoint 2010: Using the Shape Union Tool

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Two of the coolest new tools in PowerPoint 2010 (especially if you like to make your own graphics) are the Shape Union and Shape Subtract tools. If you've been playing around with PowerPoint 2010 but have no idea what I'm talking about, this is by no fault of your own. Check back next week for how to use PowerPoint 2010's Shape Subtract tool. by AJ George.

PowerPoint 2010: Reuse Slides

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by AJ George. Sometimes it would really save time if you could reuse a slide from an existing presentation rather than have to copy and paste all of its elements to a new slide. Here's how to do that. In Normal view, decide where in your presentation you would like to reuse a slide and select the slide directly before it. PowerPoint will insert the slide after whatever slide you have selected.)   From the Home tab, choose Slides > New Slide > Reuse Slides.

Horizon Report 2010 - Mobile Computing

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The Horizon 2010 report has been published and is available for download. 2010 promises to change the way we look at electronic learning , a move from the personal computer/browser environment to the mobile computing environment. Related posts: The Social Media and Mobile Computing Explosion A Great Start to 2010 The Advent of Mobile Learning Technology. It’s definitely worth a read; lots of interesting trends that will affect the way we live and learn.

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Adobe RoboHelp: Word 2010 Support

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The following was recently announced by Ankur Jain , Product Manager, RoboHelp on the Technical Communication blog : "Many of you must be wondering about Adobe's plans to support Microsoft Word 2010 in RoboHelp. Some of you have submitted requests for RoboHelp to support Word 2010, and many others have asked me about it in various forums. Please note that we haven't made any announcements about updating RoboHelp 8 for Microsoft Word 2010."

Reflections on ISPI 2010

Clark Quinn

Early in the year, I gave a presentation online to the Massachusetts chapter of ISPI (the international society for performance improvement), and they rewarded me with a membership. A nice gesture, I figured, but little more (only a continent away). To my benefit, I was very wrong. The ISPI organization gave each chapter a free registration to their international conference, which happens to be in San Francisco this year (just a Bart trip away), and I won!

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Looking Back on 2010 with ADDIE

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By Shelley A. Gable. Though a variety of models guide our instructional design work, I’d argue that ADDIE functions as the basic backbone of the process. Just about every model, trend, and best practice in the field supports one of the phases of ADDIE. So with this in mind, it seems appropriate to take a look at the articles posted to this blog over the past year and organize them according to how they jive with ADDIE. A = Analysis (analyze the problem/opportunity and its causes).


PowerPoint 2010: Note Handouts with Multiple Slides Per Page

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If you have tried to print handouts in PowerPoint 2010 that include the slide notes, you may have noticed a bit of a shortcoming. by AJ George. You can print handouts with multiple slides per page, or you can print handouts that include the notes. However, there is no way to combine these features and print handouts with notes and get more than one slide per page. While it's not possible to do it within PowerPoint, you can enlist MS Word to quickly get the job done.

A Great Start to 2010

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We’re looking forward to more challenging projects in 2010 to provide us the impetus to continue growing and innovating! We are happy to share that Upside Learning has again won global recognition from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and Red Herring. We have been included as a Winner in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific 2009 Program for the second year running.

ASAE 2010 Annual: Leaders of Communities of Practice

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Tags: ASAE 2010

Acrobat 9: Office 2010 and Acrobat

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Mankin Microsoft released Office 2010 not long ago and I couldn't wait to see the upgraded suite in action. After playing with the new software for a while, I really liked the way Word 2010 looked and felt. I needed to convert a Word 2010 document into a PDF. I poked around Word 2010, menu by menu but found no hint of an Acrobat Ribbon or its coveted PDFMaker. or later will not see the Acrobat 9 ribbon in Office 2010 applications. by David R.

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PowerPoint 2010: Secret Passageways, Part II

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by AJ George. Last week I shared a couple of the lesser-known PowerPoint tricks to help speed up your workflow. This week, a few more. Change Your Point of View. Faster You can switch your View options by using the View tab on the Ribbon. A faster way is to use the buttons at the bottom right of the screen. What you may not know is that holding down the [ Shift ] key when you click these buttons will provide even more shortcuts.

PowerPoint 2010: Secret Passageways, Part I

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by AJ George. When you work with PowerPoint frequently, every little tip could help improve your productivity time. A quick Google search will turn up a list of common keyboard shortcuts for working in and presenting with PowerPoint, but here are a few lesser known tips I'd like to share. Give Yourself Room to Make Mistakes Every time I upload a new version of PowerPoint, the first thing I do is increase the number of Undos I can make. This never fails to be a huge lifesaver for me.

Plans for 2010

Clark Quinn

The Learning Circuit’s Blog Big Question of the Month is “ predictions and plans for 2010 “, specifically: What are your biggest challenges for this upcoming year? What are your major plans for the year? What predictions do you have for the year? I’ve already blogged the predictions question, so I’ll just address the first two points. As a consultant, my big challenge is always finding more people who I can help.

Predictions for 2010

Clark Quinn

eLearning Mag publishes short predictions for the year from a variety of elearning folks, and I thought I’d share and elaborate on what I put in: I’m hoping this will be the ‘year of the breakthrough’. Several technologies are poised to cross the chasm: social tools, mobile technologies, and virtual worlds. Each has reached critical mass in being realistically deployable, and offers real benefits.

MS PowerPoint 2010 support in Adobe Presenter

Adobe Captivate

The Adobe Presenter installer needs a compatible version of MS PowerPoint for installation, and previously this prevented Presenter installation on machines with MS Office 2010. The Adobe Presenter installer has now been updated to enable installation on a computer having MS PowerPoint 2010. Tags: eLearning Suite eLearning this week adobe presenter MS PowerPoint 2010 Powerpoint 2010 supoort in Adobe Presenter

September 2010 Monthly Roundup: 7 Most Popular Posts

Upside Learning

In continuation to our series of monthly roundup posts, here is a collection of our top 7 posts for September, each accompanied by a quick brief. Will Mobile Apps Change Training Forever? Discusses how Mobile Learning (Mobile Apps, in particular) would change the game for training, instigating the need for a new approach in designing the training strategy. Also includes a few examples of Workplace Learning (Performance Support) Apps. Do People Really Like To Go On Training Courses?

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My 1-liners from TEDxCanberra 2010

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And finally, Professor McGorry (yes, the 2010 Australian of the Year) outlined his revolutionary approach to the treatment and prevention of mental illness. I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural TEDxCanberra last weekend. Whenever I attend an important event like this, I like to distill it into a series of 1-liners that gives any unlucky non-attendees a bite sized synopsis. So here goes… BTW, I’ll add the video links as soon as they’re ready… so be back soon!

June 2010 Monthly Roundup: 10 Most Popular Posts

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Related posts: April 2010 Monthly Roundup: 10 Most Popular Posts SCORM Cloud- Will It Really Change The Game? In continuation to our series of monthly roundup posts, here is a collection of our top 10 posts for June, each accompanied by a quick brief. Expectations From eLearning Authoring Tools. Lists some features and functions that eLearning professionals normally expect from authoring tools. How To Create Successful M-Learning Strategy: mLearnCon – Part I.

November 2010 Monthly Roundup: 5 Most Popular Posts

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In continuation to our series of monthly roundup posts, here is a collection of our top 5 posts for November, each accompanied by a quick brief. Digital Instructional Media Design 101 – Principles Of Gestalt Psychology. Focuses on how a basic understanding of the Gestalt principles can help create harmonious design and improve the odds that the intended message is conveyed to the learners. India’s Demographic Dividend and NSDC.

August 2010 Monthly Roundup: 10 Most Popular Posts

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In continuation to our series of monthly roundup posts, here is a collection of our top 10 posts for August, each accompanied by a quick brief. Creating Successful m-Learning Strategy – Part 3. Third and final post of the series on creating successful m-learning strategy, based on the mLearnCon workshop, this post discusses about the tools and techniques used for developing mLearning courses. Upside Blog iPhone App Is Here– Download Today.

PowerPoint 2010: Using the Shape Union & Subtract Tools for eLearning

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Over the last two weeks I've introduced PowerPoint 2010's Shape Union and Shape Subtract tools. by AJ George. Now I'd like to give a quick example of how you could incorporate this into your eLearning projects made with PowerPoint. Your end result would look something like this:     Using what you've previously learned about the Shape Union tool , construct a few puzzle pieces. I added a 2 pt width and height bevel to mine to give them some dimension.

July 2010 Monthly Roundup: 10 Most Popular Posts

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In continuation to our series of monthly roundup posts, here is a collection of our top 10 posts for July, each accompanied by a quick brief. LMS- Is It Still About Classroom Training Management? Discusses various reasons why an LMS is still bound to the realms of Classroom Training Management and the possible disconnect that prevents companies from harnessing its full power. This Flash Player (Frash) Runs On iPad.

Moodle in 2010

Learning Visions

Join us at the Learning Solutions Conference & Expo 2010 in Orlando, March 24-26. Back in June, I asked if the corporate Moodle was at a tipping point ? People were on the fence. And then the eLearning Guild published their LMS report in the fall of 2009, with Moodle clearly gaining a foothold in the corporate market. Hear my October 2009 interview with Ellen Wagner , one of the report’s authors). So is Moodle still gaining traction in the corporate market? Surely seems to be.

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PowerPoint 2010: Using the Shape Subtract Tool

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by AJ George. Last week we learned how to find and use the Shape Unite tool. This week we're going to shift focus to its partner command, the Shape Subtract tool.   If you have not already, follow the instructions from last week 's article to add the Shape Subtract tool to your PowerPoint ribbon. Find the shape from which you would like to subtract another shape. I am going to use the flower from last week.

Troublshooting Tips: Upgrading to Office 2010 for Windows XP Users

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by AJ George A couple weeks ago I upgraded from Microsoft Office 2007 to Microsoft Office 2010--at least I tried to upgrade. It seemed like a routine upgrade process until I tried to open Outlook 2010 and was greeted with a message saying something along the lines of " Please wait while Windows Configures Microsoft Office Single Image 2010." There is an option when installing Office 2010 to customize the upgrade process to only upgrade certain programs.

October 2010 Monthly Roundup: 5 Most Popular Posts

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In continuation to our series of monthly roundup posts, here is a collection of our top 5 posts for October, each accompanied by a quick brief. Moving To eLearning. Lists and explains some of the key change factors that lead organizations to adopt eLearning, stand-alone and as a part of the training blend. While some of these factors simply translate to ‘Business Needs’, others determine the ‘Readiness of the Organization’ to adapt to eLearning.

A Few 2010 Training Industry Statistics

Kapp Notes

Here are a few highlights: Average training expenditures per learner in 2010=$1,041. 32% of training budgets decreased in 2010. The average expenditure for training outsourcing was $257,871 in 2010. Every year Training puts out a “state of the industry report&# well worth the read. Average hours of training per employee=40.1 (up up 9 from 2009). 61% of Mandatory or Compliance Training is delivered online. 23% of Executive Development is delivered online.

Learning 2010

The Learning Circuits

The Big Question for December is: What did you learn about learning in 2010? We are going to continue a tradition in the Big Question. If you are a blogger, I would highly recommend taking this as an opportunity to go back through your blog posts over the year and looking for any "aha moments" or highlight the posts that you think were the best/most interesting. If you are not a blogger, please go read Should All Learning Professionals Blog?