Adobe Captivate: Say Hello to Version 7

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Case in point: version 7 of the Captivate software was released today. Provide audio feedback in response to the learner's drag-and-drop actions. HTML5 Support for Microsoft PowerPoint Import your PowerPoint project, including text, shapes, audio, and animations, into Adobe Captivate 7 and publish them directly to HTML5. Allow your learners to access additional web-based reference material that complements course content. by Kevin Siegel.

3 Steps to Play Audio in Adobe Edge Animate

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One of the most common requests with Adobe Edge Animate I have seen from the very beginning has been the ability to play audio within HTML5 animations. Edge Animate does not natively support audio so it is not a simple import option like it is with Flash. Since audio is almost a necessity for eLearning, “How do I play audio in Adobe Edge Animate files?” So let’s use Edge Commons for our eLearning audio.

Audio 104

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How Avaya Built Its Own Version of Khan Academy

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My proposal was to put together an Avaya version of Khan Academy. Camtasia gave us great features like the ability to use templates, splice video and audio in, as well as special editing features to highlight or zoom to certain parts of the screen. We’ve also partnered with the product documentation teams to include references to our program directly in the product documentation. The post How Avaya Built Its Own Version of Khan Academy appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

Why You Need Audio Descriptions to Make Online Course Videos Accessible

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Not only does the ADA Section 504-refresh highlight the need for audio descriptions in higher education videos, but it’s also an accessibility best practice that has the potential to benefit all students. Learn the different types of audio descriptions, how they work, and how to create them so your institution stays compliant. Are audio descriptions like captions??. Audio descriptions (AD) talk through what’s being seen. Audio descriptions help many types of learners.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

audio elements, including your voice. be referred back to at any time. provide processing on video and audio content. refer to the assets and features your learners see and use as they navigate your courses. different version of your courses for the myriad.

5 Reasons You Should Check Out Upside2Go’s New Version

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Just yesterday we released the new version of Upside2Go , our revolutionary mLearning platform. A first, major release since Upside2Go’s launch back in 2011, the new version takes mLearning delivery and performance support to a whole new level. Accommodating everything from video/audio files to documents in a mobile device becomes a challenge after a point with the large sized files starting to consume a good bulk of the device space.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Essential Reading for Instructional Design?

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As an instructional designer/eLearning professional, what books are the essential tools in your reference library ? They might refer to theory, but they dont get bogged down in it: e-Learning and the Science of Instruction by Ruth Clark and Richard Mayer Michael Allens Guide to E-Learning by Michael Allen Gadgets, Games & Gizmos for Learning by Karl Kapp Last May, I started a bit of a list in this post: Beginning Instructional Designers Toolkit.

Lesson I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player | LearnNuggets


Some refer to it as the Articulate Presenter Community Player while others refer to it as a Skin. Of the thousands of on-line tutorials I’ve read in my day, I always find myself wandering off in search of a term or an explanation to a topic the author referred to in the tutorial. This player will have the ability to turn on and off audio, although in this example I did not record any. The ActionScript for the player is written in version 2.0

Hotspots for a 2D image – worfklow 1

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This first post shows a project where the functionality of VR hotspots is being duplicated as close as possible: When user clicks a hotspot, text, image and/or audio will appear, and automatically disappear after a specified time (here you can also use video, which is not possible in a VR project). You can download the project file (created in version from this link. Here is one example screenshot for the hotspot referring to the Virtual Reality project: Conclusion.

Presenting Event Video with Portable Network Graphics and JavaScript

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The downside of the “Delay” method is that when you enter a slide, a short amount of video is played resulting in movement within the playback frame and an audio “pop”. My solution involved editing the videos so the first couple of seconds were occupied with a still image with no audio track. I really enjoyed creating the original proposal for my client, and this version, as well. References. Click to Play Project.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Online Portfolios

Learning Visions

Thursday, August 02, 2007 Online Portfolios Jennifer Madrell shows us a great example of an online portofolio , which she calls a "svelte and sparkly version of this blog - that is a requirement and capstone project at Indiana University." Shes included samples of wikis and courses she has created, links to podcasts, references and her resume. Cammy at Learning Solutions #ls2010 Audio Interview with Will Thalheimer on Common Des.

E-Learning Screen recording and video solutions – Should b simple, so why isn’t it?

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Audio Recording and Editing. The ability to record audio in real time or post time makes a lot of sense and eliminates the need for using Audacity (albeit it is a wonderful and free product). However, just placing the ability to record audio pre or post is not enough. There are more vendors who do not offer the ability to post – i.e. add audio afterwards it is quite amazing. Editing Audio. People want to edit their own audio, but here is the thing.

Go Beyond Boring: Creating Scenario-based Learning That Engages Participants (Podcast)

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Since the TLDC community has several D&D players, this version of the presentation has some references and examples related to D&D. You can listen to the audio (which should still be meaningful, even without the slides).

LSDX 2021 Week 2 Highlights

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Avoid teaching in alt text; include the information in the main text, then refer back to it in the alt text. Invest in audio first, then some inexpensive lighting and a green screen. Last year, I attended an earlier version of this presentation by Diane Elkins and Amy Morrisey.

6 Content and Design Best Practices When Creating Multilingual Corporate Training


Voiceovers in videos and audio elements are similarly essential. Avoid Slang, Localised Terms, and Local Cultural References. Will the content of the course change and, if so, what impact will that have on the translated and localised versions?

10 Best eLearning Authoring Tools


Importing Audio. An eLearning authoring tool is a type of software to create digital content such as video, images, online courses, online tests, audio, and games for training purposes. No, they are two terms used to refer to more or less the same product.

Learning Content Development: The Agile Way With Xyleme

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Incremental and Iterative: Agile focuses on incremental development in fixed iterations, also referred to as sprints. Instructional designers can reuse content, images, and audio/sound effects from the library by dragging and dropping them into a course. This information can be used to publish multiple versions of the same course for different user profiles and helps to make the content searchable. Maintain versions of content and outputs.

Xyleme 278

dominKnow | ONE vs Articulate 360: an eLearning Authoring Tool Functionality Face-Off

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If, for example, you want a fixed-pixel course with a mobile-friendly supplement or reference, you’ll be able to dynamically share project assets between the two for faster creation and editing. There are actually two current versions of Storyline.

Time Estimates for E-Learning Development

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I find it helpful to refer clients to these sources, especially if they think training development should take barely any time. Audio Production: 6%. I’ll assume less than that because it’s a conversion and a lot of analysis has already been done with the face-to-face version. Audio will be created by someone else, so I won’t include that in my estimate either. That’s not including writing a script or recording audio.

eCombat: Lessons from the Interactive Battlefields of Afghanistan

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According to the writer, this upgraded version is far better than previous Army digitized books. Maps shift, videos load, audio plays and pictures scroll to complement the text.” The book version of the Vanguard of Valor is free and can be downloaded from iTunes. Our Belief. At Vignettes Learning we use stories in eLearning; however, we make them interactive. The emphasis is getting learners involved in the story and not just telling the learners the story. Synthesis.

Book Review: Visual Design Solutions

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As instructional designers, we often communicate visually as well as with text, audio, and other media. I have an electronic version of the book, and I think I would have enjoyed a print version more. I tend to buy physical books for my reference texts (as this book will be). If you’re normally a Kindle person, don’t let this stop you, but if you’re not sure, I’d go with the print version.

Podcasting for E-Learning: Putting it all together

The E-Learning Curve

I have edited this piece down a little but in the unedited version of this podcast, the lecture proper does not begin until nearly two minutes into the podcast. Which podcast has more value for your audience? __ References: Pafford, I. Tags: Audio content development educational media technology in education podcast content authoring I've been discussing one of the lesser-covered aspects of podcasting: delivering effective voice-over narration.

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Learning

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Smart learning content can also be used to design a digital curriculum and content across a variety of devices, including video, audio, and an online assistant. Another advanced version of Intelligent Tutoring Systems is avatar-based training modules which were developed by the University of Southern California to train military personnel being sent on international posts. Content analytics refers to AI (specifically machine learning) platforms that optimize learning modules.

Keeping Video Content Up To Date

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Depending on the audience and goal, content designed for a previous version might still be relevant. Greetings, software version numbers, small interface changes, references and corporate branding elements come as regular examples to mind. By purposefully leaving out the version number in the second example, the video content can likely be repurposed for the next version of the Camtasia software without causing user confusing. Edit audio and video separately.

Breathing life into Employee Development Trainings – An e-learning perspective


Job-aids were imbedded within the course for easy and ready reference – as per the need of the learner. To address this need, two separate versions of the course was created – one with minimal text but enhanced graphics and animations and the other with descriptive text, audio descriptions and minimal interactivities. The learner could choose the version that would best suit him or her and proceed to learn effectively.

Articulate Storyline – 9 Practical Ways To Make A Great Course Within Your Budget

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You can add animation, audio, video, screen recordings, and software simulations to create many user interactions, such as clicking, dragging, and typing as well as quizzes and assessments.

Reflowable Format: KITABOO Delivers Enhanced Digital Content Through Automated Liquid Format

Kitaboo on EdTech

This not only allows you to build on your knowledge but also refer to supplementary materials to clarify your concepts. Elearning facilitates learning on the move – audio books take this concept one step further.

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

The Learning Dispatch

It’s sometimes referred to as web-based training, sometimes as online training. Those with cognitive challenges might need a simplified version of the text, support within the text (such as definitions of unusual words), or highly structured text (using headings and sections), to make the points covered in the text clearly comprehensible. For example, WCAG requires that non-text content (such as images) have a text alternative (often referred to as “alt text.”).

e-Learning budgets: Doing more with less


Use audio and video to create impactful learning. Contrary to popular belief, audio and video can be introduced in an e-course without creating a hole in training budgets. Your SME can double up as your audio-voiceover artist. You can ask the SME to create a rough-cut audio recording accompanying the content – all the while keeping it informal and simple. This rough-cut can then be transcribed and edited to create the final script for the audio-voiceover.

Budget 203

Top 5 Factors to Consider While Choosing the eBook Conversion Service Provider

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The professional eBook conversion service providers include various interactive elements such as audios, videos, links, graphs and more in the development of eBooks, thus enhancing the readers’ engagement levels. . Audio, video and animation.

Top 10 Quiz Makers for Teachers and Educators

DigitalChalk eLearning

Some HTML5 quiz makers are built in order to develop online content and may even grade the questions for you, whilst others generate a printable version. Formatting quite bland on the free version. Paid versions come as either ‘Plus’ or ‘Premium’. Plus offers: Automatically generates alternative versions to reduce cheating. The paid version is by far the quiz maker with the greatest variety and freedom in all aspects. The free trial version is 30 days only.

Quiz 70

What is SCORM & Why Do You Need it?


SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. Step 2: Create an HTML version of your course – Since your learning content needs to be displayable in browsers, you’ll need to upload your content as HTML pages.


The Ultimate eLearning Definitions Dictionary: All The Terms You Need To Know


That’s why Knowledge Anywhere has created this no-nonsense eLearning definitions dictionary, for you to reference when you need it. Commonly used delivery methods include recorded audio, video presentations, and discussion tools.

How E-learning for Health Changed After Covid-19

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Similarly, different language versions are common to include. For example, different versions could be created for patients, employees, or family members. As well, a quick reference guide was also created. As part of the visit, the nurse would bring a large reference binder.

Change 169

How (and Why) to Add Music to Tutorial Videos

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According to our research about people’s video viewing habits , the most critical characteristic of a video is the audio quality. Use it as a reference while you’re searching. Refer to your brand guidelines when selecting tracks for your videos.

Music 52

dominKnow | ONE vs Articulate 360: an eLearning Authoring Tool Functionality Face-Off

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If, for example, you want a fixed-pixel course with a mobile-friendly supplement or reference, you’ll be able to dynamically share project assets between the two for faster creation and editing. There are actually two current versions of Storyline.

dominKnow | ONE vs Articulate 360: an eLearning Authoring Tool Functionality Face-Off

Tesseract Learning

If, for example, you want a fixed-pixel course with a mobile-friendly supplement or reference, you’ll be able to dynamically share project assets between the two for faster creation and editing. There are actually two current versions of Storyline.