Google Calendar in Lectora

Integrated Learnings

I've found the Google Calendar to be easy to use and easy to access at home, at work, and on the go. When I was recently asked to teach a class on how to use Google Calendar I started thinking about how to integrate it with Lectora. Grab Code Snippet from Google Calendar.

Get Microsoft LMS integration to improve and enhance your eLearning experience


With this integration, you can have access to your Outlook calendar, chat, document library and mailbox along with all the multiple features that come with Paradiso LMS. Integration streamlines following Microsoft applications with Paradiso LMS: Outlook Calendar.

Customer Experience Key to Product Design

Origin Learning

And, like the exhilaration one gets when the powered-vehicle vrooms, so too is the feel of tailoring service to meet the preferences of travelling customers across 420-plus locations in iconic travel destinations…. Let’s start by presuming that your social learning flight has taken off.

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Customer Training – Best Practices

eLearning 24-7

If your company, business, association and firm are one of the hundreds of thousands places out there that provide customer training, this post is for you. Whether you offer it for free as a benefit for them purchasing your product/service/membership, and so forth, or you charge them, attracting, attaining and growing the base is crucial. Some folks like to refer to customer training as customer education. Nowadays, the term is customer onboarding.

Listen: Discover Financial Services’ Jon Kaplan on tuition assistance programs and the importance of building trust among your learning team

CLO Magazine

He worked his way up from aspiring academic to public school teacher to corporate instructional designer and eventually into the top learning job at Discover Financial Services, a Chicago-area firm with 17,000 employees. In financial services, it’s not really actually.

Big Brained: Smart Ways to Look at eLearning Development

eLearning Brothers

Ivan Bigney is an eLearning Brothers Custom Solutions Consultant and a regular in the local improv comedy scene here. Yes, And:” An Improviser’s View on Custom eLearning. Check out our events calendar to see what else we have planned for you.

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How Your Company Can Use eLearning to Achieve Great Customer Service


Due to the bad reputation customer service can receive, many people dread having to call their service providers for fears of such a situation, which can have an adverse affect on your company. There are two ways in which this fear of customer service can be harmful to you and your company. The first reason is if a customer has a need to call you but is afraid to, then you are unable to help them. What is Customer Service?

6 Key Questions to Consider When Building a Custom Learning Solution

ePath Learning

So, you’ve decided to build a custom learning solution. Carrie Wiser , a Project Manager and Instructional Designer on ePath Learning’s Pro Services team, has over 20 years of experience building engaging and effective custom courseware solutions.

With a little help from our friends: the services we use to build our business


In this post, we’ll have a look at a non exhaustive list of tools, products and services that our various teams use to get their work done. Their service understands developers needs — and that shows in every possible way. G Suite – Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar.

Storyline Games Webinar: Going Beyond the Basics

eLearning Brothers

Brother James Kingsley treated all of us to some instructions on customizing an eLearning Brothers game template for Articulate Storyline this last Thursday. Watch the recording of the webinar below, and don’t forget to check our Events calendar for upcoming webinars!

eLearning Brothers Makes a Powerful Point by Acquiring Get My Graphic

eLearning Brothers

This acquisition continues eLearning Brothers’ commitment to serve the eLearning Community, this time by providing high-end PowerPoint graphics to it’s customers. “This acquisition supercharges what our customers can do by offering more graphics than we ever imagined.”

Join us at World of Learning Conference & Exhibition, to see our award-winning LMS, custom eLearning & learning apps

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Having enjoyed a fully packed calendar of events this year already - including Learning Technologies, LTSF and ATD - we're looking forward to returning to World of Learning to showcase some of our brand new products and projects.The launch of our 'Learning Ecosphere' concept back in February laid the foundations for a new way of considering the challenges presented by organisational learning - including reimagining the relationship between established and new learning methods. (If

5 Popular Categories of PowerPoint Graphics

eLearning Brothers

Anything from status icons, to locks, to calendars are available here, most of which are on slide sets like the one pictured above. eLearning Featured PowerPoint Graphic Library Powerpoint Resouces Products/Services Resources

The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

Talented Learning

Among LMS specialists, differentiation tends to start with the target learning audience: employees, extended enterprise (customers, channel partners and other non-employees), academic institutions, associations or commercial training companies.

Effective Training on Compliance and Patient Safety Using Robust Healthcare Learning Management Systems


In a domain like healthcare, where developments are constant, it is crucial to remain updated about new drugs, services, and medical procedures. Top benefits of using modern LMSs in the healthcare industry are discussed as follows: Create custom online courses.

September News and Notes

AXIOM Learning Solutions

You already know that AXIOM has great classes to offer, quality consultants ready to take on your learning needs, and a staff of in-house learning experts at your service. We can’t wait to tell you how excited we are to customize your learning program! Fall Calendars.

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Email Marketing Tips for Online Course Creators


It helps you build your customer base and is one of the most effective ways to get repeat business and referrals from happy students. Grow Your Customer Base with Effective Email Campaigns. People love exclusive access to deals, products and services.

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Training the External Workforce of a Leading Automobile Company


The client wanted to bring uniformity in the training process by implementing an efficient LMS for their Dealer Network for the Sales as well as Services department. ? We successfully performed the cross-selling using G-Cube LMS v7 for the Services team within the same organization.

3 Secrets Chick-fil-A Leaders Know About Culture That You Should Too


People cannot stop talking about their impeccable customer service or the fact they make more per store than any other fast food restaurant and they are closed on Sunday. It’s Not Just the Customer Experience.

5 Best Educational Website Builders and Platforms in 2019

Your Training Edge

The drag and drop editor includes all the necessary web-building features, a collection of attractive templates optimized for mobile devices, blogging tools and even the freedom to customize the HTML source codes and CSS stylesheets.

5 Best Educational Website Builders and Platforms in 2019

Your Training Edge

The drag and drop editor includes all the necessary web-building features, a collection of attractive templates optimized for mobile devices, blogging tools and even the freedom to customize the HTML source codes and CSS stylesheets.

Creating Impactful Learning: Experiences in the BFSI


The Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFSI) has been a forerunner in adopting the newer ways of imparting training for its ever-increasing and ever-changing training needs. The game had a series of activities to depict customers and their varied queries.

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Education and Marketing – Why the Two Must Team for Success in eLearning

Association eLearning

Marketing should be a coordinated activity within an association and include a team of all the content and service areas.” – Cecilia Sepp, Vice President and Client Operations Officer, Association Laboratory. Who your customers are. •

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Why Comcast (and Maybe Your Company!) Needs eLearning


By this time you’ve probably heard the story, and maybe even the actual recording , of the Comcast customer service representative aggressively refusing to end AOL Vice President Ryan Block’s Comcast service. The service rep continuously asks variations of the same question, “Why is it that you’re not wanting to have the number one-rated internet service, number one-rated television service available?” What is Customer Service?

Training Needs 7: Future and Anticipated Training Needs

Your Training Edge

For example, you may want to assess for future or anticipated needs at the beginning of every calendar or fiscal year. For example, are customer service policies going to be made “tighter” or more stringent?

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How to create effective online training courses on a budget

Your Training Edge

Thus, it becomes very crucial for any online training service provider to develop strategies to develop appealing eLearning courses quickly and cost effectively. As an eLearning service provider, you might have a lot of valuable assets which may seem to be obsolete or irrelevant.

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Top 5 Training Material Development Software


This will help you stay ahead of the competition and better keep up with customer demand. Noted customers. Noted customers. Calendars, messaging, and personal/shared content. Noted customers. Noted customers. Noted customers.

4 Key Benefits to Moving from Self-Hosted Moodle to a Moodle Hosting Partner

eThink Education

We cloud-host all Moodle sites on Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services takes security seriously, considering they host some of the most sensitive websites in the world. Many institutions also have to plan upgrades around their busy academic calendar. Customization.

Paradiso LMS one of the top Learning Management System on the List of Online Learning Platforms


Let’s see in detail: Custom eLearning Solutions : The online learning platform that you choose must have branding options at its deepest cut. Rapid Course Authoring : It is important that the platform you choose has authoring tools to create and customize your courses.

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eFrontPro 4.2.0 – your favorite LMS with extra awesome


It’s summer fever for IT vendors and customers. To handle enrolling and capacity issues, eFrontPro offers automatic waitlist management and automatic iCal invitations (compatible with MS’s Outlook, Apple’s Calendar and most popular calendar applications).­

It’s All About the Brand, ‘Bout the Brand…

Learning Rebels

This is when your customer internally asks: “Why should I buy into this product, concept or idea?” Branding is about communicating to your customer – and do not for one second let your eye leave the prize. The people within your organization are the customer.

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Why Employee Training Should Be as Routine as Timesheets

Formal training, like classes or videos, usually occupies a special place in our calendars. When you shrink training down to a few minutes, your team can fit it into the schedule or even take advantage of the downtime between the last customer call and the next meeting.

eFrontPro 4.2.0 – your favorite LMS with extra awesome


It’s summer fever for IT vendors and customers. To handle enrolling and capacity issues, eFrontPro offers automatic waitlist management and automatic iCal invitations (compatible with MS’s Outlook, Apple’s Calendar and most popular calendar applications).­

25 eLearning Tools You Need Now


The team at LearnUpon organizes eLearning projects and helps customers with course content every day. So we asked members of our development, customer support and design teams to recommend the top eLearning tools they can’t work without. Tool: Google Calendar.

Open Source LMS: The Free LMS that isn’t Free!


Not just access, you can modify the code to customize it exactly according to your needs. Let’s look at the set up and recurring costs (for example) total user-base of 3,000 users in a year with basic level of customization required. Moderate level of customization.

Single Sign-On (SSO)


Large organizations like to use SSO so that their employees only have to log in once to their corporate network, and then access many different apps, platforms, and services without having to provide their username and password again. What is Single Sign-On?

The 7 most important LMS features to support Synchronous Learning


1) Calendaring / Bulletin Board. The way this happens can vary in form, from a calendar-like widget, with cells for each day/hour, a bulletin board type of page with listings for upcoming classes and important dates, or even some dedicated dashboard in your users’ homepage.