Simplifying Online Course Promotion


Creating and selling online courses is an exciting entrepreneurial prospect. All you need to do is set aside some time and in a few months your course can be complete (assuming you’re building it on a part-time basis). sell elearning sell online courses

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10 Helpful Resources for Online Course Designers


If you’ve never created an online course before, you may not be familiar with the term “instructional designer,” but that’s exactly what you’re about to become! Online Resources.

Online Course Idea: Language Hacking


One of the first (and still most popular) online course subjects is language learning. You can find a digital course for a large variety of languages. Because let’s face it, if you create a course teaching a specific language then you’re up for some stiff competition.

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Sell Your Courses Online with a Seamless LMS eCommerce Integration


One of the many concerns we get from the people these days is that they are interested to sell their courses online, but they don’t know the medium how to do that. So, here we have a good news for all of them that they can sell their courses online easily to LMS E-commerce Integration.

The Secret to Getting Learning Results May Not Be What You Think

skills and provide opportunities to practice; we build exceptional self-paced online. You had high intrinsic motivation, unlike many compliance training courses!) Of course, as these. Of course cyber security threats aren’t a one-time event – they are constant. –

Facilitating Online Courses

B Online Learning

For the past year I’ve been facilitating our Master eLearning Course while my colleague Ruth McElhone has been on maternity leave (she’s back now).

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7 Online Training Courses A New Employee Must Go Through


Online training is an efficient and convenient method for new employees to quickly get up to speed when learning about the company that just hired them, and what they will be expected to do as a.

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Monetizing Your Podcast with Online Courses


Many people talk about building an online presence through blogging or YouTube, and then monetizing using courses. If blogging isn’t something that interests you then podcasting may be your ticket for building an audience and selling your online course! If podcasting seems like something you would want to do in order to build an audience for your online course idea (more on that later), then you have two options: Purchase guides to learn how to do it yourself.

How to Measure Online Course Effectiveness


Every course or training initiative has at least one of two goals: to bridge knowledge gaps , and/or to transform the learner’s behavior. Guessing at which aspects of a course need to be improved is a recipe for frustration. For example: Did the course increase productivity?

The Worst eLearning Course Ever

Association eLearning

Instead, I built a monster course that showcases a number of these violations in all of their infamy. You read the title correctly. This post is dedicated to pet peeves, worst practices, and other abominations that terrorize eLearning.

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Break Free and Defeat Unemployment by Utilizing Online Training Courses

InSync Training

Guest blogger Jenny Holt explores how training courses provide a potential solution. Fortunately, due to technological advances in education, online training has become a viable option for those who remain unemployed following the Great Recession. Online Training Online Education

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6 Must-Haves Of Effective Millennial Online Training Courses

Allen Interactions

Are you offering them the online training experiences they need to live up to their tech-savvy potential? In this article, I’ll highlight 6 must-haves that you should include in your millennial online training courses. eLearning Course Design Millennials

Maximize Online Course Sales With SEO


FREE Training: “How To Use SEO To Maximize Your Online Course Sales”. Tell me if this sounds familiar… You spend months researching a topic that your passionate about and organizing it into a comprehensive course. sell elearning sell online courses Webinars

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Online Training: Best Practices for Attending a Live, Online Course

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Online classes are here to stay. Is there anything worse than logging into your online training two minutes before it starts only to find out that your corporate firewall won't let you in at all? Request to do a test of the online meeting space software with the course registrar at least a week prior to the class and then, if necessary, have your IT department look into getting you access. Online courses will also often come with digital materials.

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Online Course Creation Has Just Evolved!


Re-use your Lessons, Topics, and Quizzes in any course – at any time! After many months of development and testing it is with great pleasure to tell you about LearnDash Version 2.5 – a game changer for LearnDash and the way you create your online courses.

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Online Courses: 3 Keys to Success [Webinar]


Whether you are creating an online course or you have a client who wants an online course, you will want to make sure you don’t miss out on this free webinar. Creating an online course is pretty simple today. Whether you use a hosted platform or something flexible like WordPress & LearnDash, the technical aspect of setting up an online course is no longer a mystery. Successful courses have higher completion rates, simple as that.

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5 Tips to Craft a Good Story in Online Courses [Infographic]

CommLab India

A few tips to consider while incorporating a story in your online course. eLearning Design Online Courses

Quality Control: Best Practices in Online Course Design and Delivery


Like any other product or service, online course design and development must be subjected to quality control (QC) standards to ensure that its users’ needs are truly being met. and the number of courses offered.

Why Do Learners Drop Out of Online Courses?


Online education is popular. Enrollment in online education continues to rise, with more and more learners each year signing up as part of their college program, for professional training, or simply for personal fulfillment. Yet despite its popularity, many learners fail to complete their courses. It’s not enough to sell your course. And while that’s not entirely your responsibility, it will still affect their experience of the course. online learning

The Real Risk of Selling Online Courses


Over the years I have seen some incredible successes by people selling online courses using LearnDash. I recall one individual who quit her full-time career to focus on her CEU certified course. Not too long ago Matthew Woodward had a six-figure course launch.

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Best Practices for Online Course Design


Instructional designers have many tools to make their courses more entertaining and engaging, like video, audio, image editing, interactivity, and more. Here are a few instructional design best practices to keep in mind when building your next course.

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The Logical Blog by IconLogic

In our online classrooms we have them click something, drag something, or move something every few moments.   In computer training—training that teaches people how to use software, websites, apps, or online forms—we have known since the 1980s that hands-on training is essential.

Online Course Creation Summit!


Every week I have the pleasure of speaking to people who are creating online courses. It really is an exciting process and it’s so rewarding to see people do well when they finish their course and begin making sales. However, I would by lying if I said that everyone experiences success selling their course. As you probably can expect it takes a bit of effort to create an online course worth buying, and then market that course effectively.

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Pricing Your Online Courses


One of the hardest things to do when selling online is to determine your ideal price. The same is true for when you create and sell online courses. When I speak to people who are creating a course to sell, they often struggle with the best way to price their offering.

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Impostor Syndrome and Online Courses


Creating an online course is a great way to supplement your income or possibly replace it altogether. However, I have seen that there are people who start creating a course only to stop before it is even finished. Your online course is no different.

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Gaining Accreditation for Your Online Course


You offer an online course and award certificates but they don’t really carry any weight until your program is accredited. Certificates are great in online courses – and let me clear the air on one thing: you don’t need industry accreditation in order to offer them.

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Best Practices for Improving Online Courses Using Student Feedback


Rarely satisfied with their creations, instructional designers revise, update, and improve their courses throughout every iteration of their delivery. The goal is to ensure that the next version of a course will offer an even better learning experience for students than the last one did.

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ONLINE TRAINER CERTIFICATION: Become a Certified Online Training Professional

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Online training can be great training, but it all starts with an awesome trainer!    More and more companies are embracing live, online classes. If your company wants you to teach online, great. But teaching online isn't as easy as it sounds. Become a COTP!

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LIVE, ONLINE TRAINING TIP: Highlight Your Mouse Pointer

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

  During a recent Certified Online Traning Professional certification course , I was showing my screen and telling class attendees about a cool technique I use when I want to ensure learners can see my mouse pointer. by Kevin Siegel, CTT, COTP.

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Online Courses with Empty Promises


In recent years we have seen a meteoric rise in the number of online courses being delivered. In most cases people want to build a small business around their online courses, and the vast majority of course creators have honest intentions. online learning

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Designing Online Courses for Different Learning Preferences


When you’re planning your next online course, you may envision all the students in that course as being similar due to their shared progress within a curriculum. As a result, not everyone enrolled in the course will appreciate the “standard” content presented.

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Online courses must die!

E-Learning Provocateur

The proliferation of so-called rapid authoring tools over the last few years has coincided with an explosion in the number of online courses developed in-house. These days, however, everyone seems to be creating their own online courses and distributing them via an LMS.

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The Currency of Online Courses


In online marketing people like to talk about “conversions” If you have a website you want to drive traffic to that site so that these people are exposed to your offer. When it comes to an online course, the important conversion factor is course completions.

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Tips for Adapting an In-Person Course to an Online Course


If you have designed and administered successful in-person, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) modules, you may want to convert those classes into online courses to reach a wider audience. What works for your ILT classes, but will need to be redesigned for an online format?

Online Course Forum Tips


Many online courses today have some component of online forum for discussion about the course material. This is especially true for the educational environment as students are often encouraged to provide feedback (and answer questions) based on course.

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Are Online Courses as Effective as In-Person Education?


On one hand, the rapid growth of Internet technologies has seen a corresponding growth in online education. A 2015 survey by Babson Survey Research Group found that online students grew by nearly 4% over the previous year.