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Branch and Bottleneck Scenario Structure

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One of the challenges of branching scenarios is that you can generate so many options and paths that it quickly becomes unwieldy. A branch and bottleneck scenario structure is one strategy for keeping the complexity manageable. Branch and Bottleneck. In a branch and bottleneck structure, you branch into different options for a while, but then all paths return to a single bottleneck. The bottleneck is an event or choice that happens the same in every path.

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6 Reasons Why Online Course Creators Should Use Digital Badges

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Before I dive into the six reasons you should be using digital badges for your online course, let’s take a crash course on WHAT a digital badge is. At its most fundamental level, a digital badge is the new digital education currency. On a literal level, a digital badge is the new diploma. It’s packed full of information regarding the organization that issued the badge and what the recipient had to do to earn the badge.

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How To Get (and Use) Testimonials to Sell Your Course


When selling an online course, it is important to have relevant testimonials can make (or break) your sale. Testimonials give an overview of the course aims and allow new users to identify with others like them, which is important when they’re debating which course plan to purchase. A good testimonial can convince even the toughest sell.

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7 Steps to Conduct Training Need Analysis Using Learning Management System


LMS Empowering Workforce and Driving Organizational Performance. E-learning is not only the evolution of traditional classroom training but an effective strategy that helps to get through the extra mile of corporate training. With evolving training needs, the scope of modern learning management system (LMS) is also increasing by leaps and bounds every year. But, before you implement an LMS system, it is crucial to analyze the need-gaps and align the right e-learning content to performance goals.

9 Warning Signs Your Employees Need Language Training

Most global companies are diverse in perspectives, backgrounds, and yes, language. Language barriers can compound existing communication problems, often resulting in business losses. Learn the 9 warning signs your employees need language training today!

4 Ways Technical Education Can Guarantee Success in Future

Your Training Edge

There’s no denying that we live in a digital era. And with each passing day, technology is making our lives easier with its touch. From booking a cab to availing academic writing service – almost everything is now done on the internet from the comfort of our homes. But do you realize that the advancement in technology is taking us to a point where human assistance will no longer be necessary?

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How to Use Mobile Learning to Drive Employee Engagement


Employee disengagement is a battle that companies across all industries are fighting. Each year, at least $500 billion is lost to employee disengagement, with an estimated 20% of employees considered “actively unengaged.” Mobile Learning LMS Technology Employee Training

Why Investing to Modernize eLearning Training Content is Necessary

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eLearning content modernization has come in the forefront with the rapid development of technology in the recent times. With competition increasing at such rapid pace, it becomes crucial for businesses to look for methodologies that can create lasting learning experience. Organizations cannot overlook the need of updating their eLearning content as the current workforce is keen to adapt to modern techniques to learn and grow. Infographic Content Modernization Learning Technology

5 Creative Ways To Recognize Top Performers In Online Training


Promotions and perks are an easy way to celebrate well-performing team members. Here are 5 unconventional ways to recognize top performance that can be implemented digitally? The post 5 Creative Ways To Recognize Top Performers In Online Training appeared first on AllenComm. Corporate Training Employee Recognition

'Tis the Season of Seasonal Hiring

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Even though the leaves are just starting to turn here in the Midwest, our thoughts have already moved beyond pumpkin spice lattes and caramel apples to prepping the workforce for the holiday season. And for some, this includes seasonal training and hiring – where time is precious and quick, and effective training is at an even greater demand.

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The Ins and Outs of Connecting Technologies in a Modern Learning Ecosystem

Speaker: TJ Seabrooks, former CEO at Rustici Software

Have you ended up with a collection of content inputs and data outputs that might be hard to wrangle? If your organization uses multiple LMSs and has content coming from many different places, or you’re heading in this direction, this webinar is for you.

8 Ways to Enhance Sales Enablement Strategy with a Mobile-First Approach


Being a sales executive is not an easy job. Sales reps are expected to always be on the move, find potential prospects, keep interacting with them and build a rapport, and add to that the tremendous pressure of chasing leads and converting them to clients. After all, an organization’s growth depends upon their sales. Well, that’s a lot of pressure to handle. This is where an effective sales enablement strategy can make all the difference. A business cannot function without a sales team.

How To Enhance Your Leadership Training With eLearning

eLearning Industry

The investment in building leadership skills is vital for any organization to ensure that team members are well-equipped in order to meet business results. In this article, I show you how you can enhance your leadership training through eLearning. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Corporate eLearning Corporate Training Leadership Development Leadership Training Professional Development

Instructional Design Best Practices


Simply put, instructional design in eLearning is the practice of creating engaging and productive online learning experiences that improve stakeholder performance and drive better business outcomes. Online Training Tips and Tricks

Essential skills to look for when hiring for a trainer position


The role of the trainer has changed significantly over the last few decades; our corporate landscape demands employees who not only can do their jobs, but also that they are well equipped to contribute to the ongoing success and resilience of the company. In our contemporary learning and development (L&D) professionals, we need to look for someone dynamic and creative in their approach, who thinks beyond the classroom, and can harness the potential of each employee under their guidance.

Benefits in a Pandemic: What HR Leaders Need to Know

Building a benefits program for a diverse workforce has always been a top priority, but now it’s become both more important and complex with so much change and uncertainty. Download our latest guide that features emerging benefits employees expect in 2021 and beyond.

7 Must-Have KPIs To Measure Training Effectiveness For Learning Analytics

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To measure the effectiveness of training, you will need indicators to show the change in performance. Let’s see how KPIs and learning analytics are tied together. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Design and Development Employee Performance Free eLearning eBooks Learning Analytics Measure Training

How to Get Started with Competency Management


From recruitment through hiring, development, and promotion, many successful companies rely on competency management to optimize the skills of their workforce and give the company a competitive edge. By aligning the skills of your people with your organization’s strategic goals and initiatives, you put the power of your entire workforce behind you. If you’ve decided that competency management is right for your organization, but you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone.

Boost Engagement With These Dynamic Video Transitions (Free Download)

Mike Taylor

As you may know, I’m a big believer in looking at other fields for things we can use for our own work. For example, consider how filmmakers and video producers use transitions when joining two shots together. Instead of just instantly flashing from one scene to another they use a dynamic transition that allows them to convey a particular mood, jump to a new perspective or topic, or generally move their story forward.

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LMS Coordinator

eLearning Industry

TRACE International. This post was first published on eLearning Industry

Use Chaos to Build a Stronger Organization

Speaker: Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner at Sapient Insights Group

As we look to tomorrow, it is time to ask ourselves what lessons have we learned and how do we create flexible organizations that can survive what the future holds. Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group, will share insights, data, and tools that are helping organizations adapt and even thrive in this difficult environment. She’ll discuss the emerging trends in the Learning technology market, and how these exciting new approaches to creating micro, adaptive, and personalized content is changing the face of workforce development while creating strong connections to business outcomes.

“Effective Instructional Strategies”: Let Me Google That For You

Learning Solutions Magazine

“Effective Instructional Strategies”: Let Me Google That For You. jane-bozarth. Tue, 11/05/2019 - 00:00

5 Steps To Apply The 70 20 10 Model In Your Workforce Training

eLearning Industry

Applying the 70 20 10 model in your workforce training requires more than just showing your employees how to complete a task. It’s about creating a holistic learning environment for them, where they can learn through experience, a supportive team, and formal training. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Corporate eLearning 70-20-10 Model Employee Performance Employee Training Free eLearning eBooks

3 Tips for Planning a Successful Sales Kickoff


Think about your last sales kickoff; the session that probably generated the most energy and attention was the “successes from the field” session, in which salespeople discussed their big wins. This content is popular with other sellers because they trust their peers. In fact, research shows that salespeople prefer to get help from their peers. Our own eBook on sales learning success stresses the importance of learning in the field.

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Making Microlearning Work For You

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In a world where everyone has unlimited access to information at their fingertips, learning needs to adapt in order to maintain relevance by taking advantage of technology. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Microlearning Employee Engagement Free eLearning eBooks Microlearning Best Practices Microlearning Examples

6 Ways to Secure (More Of) a Budget for Your Customer Education Program

Whether you’re looking to kickstart or expand your customer education program, you need access to a budget. Learn how you can demonstrate the positive ROI of customer training and make the case for securing a larger budget in our latest eBook!

7 Advanced eLearning Skills You Can Master Quickly

eLearning Company

The eLearning technology is advancing rapidly, and skills that were competitive even a few years ago are quickly becoming obsolete. To stay current in the learning experience design field, instructional designers and eLearning developers should constantly keep up with the new trends and technologies. Here are 7 things you should learn to do today in … Continue reading "7 Advanced eLearning Skills You Can Master Quickly".

Reasons You Need To Revamp Your Employee Onboarding Program

eLearning Industry

If you want to increase your ROI, reduce turnover, improve employee productivity or position your business as an industry leader you should consider revamping your onboarding program. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Employee Performance Free eLearning eBooks LMS Integrations Onboarding Online Learners Retention

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Meet Our Instructors


Check out this after-hours interview with our very own talented trainer, Dr. Ryan Jesperson


OttoLearn Returns: Our 2019 DevLearn Recap | OttoLearn


DevLearn 2019 was a huge success for the OttoLearn team; we had many great conversations with existing and future clients! If you weren't able to make it, here's our brief recap

[On-Demand Webinar] The State of Customer Education: Trends and Benchmarks Report

Speaker: Sandi Lin & Linda Schwaber-Cohen

In this webinar, Skilljar CEO Sandi Lin shared learnings from Skilljar's recent study and her insights on the state of Customer Education. She dug into key findings so you can benchmark against industry trends and understand how your strategy and metrics compare.