Megatrends in MOOCs: #4 Microlearning Paths

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This larger picture here is not just a shift in how learning is measured, but an entire re-visioning of what effective training looks like. This has resulted in a new interest in microlearning, which is essentially any type of learning done in very short bursts.

9 Tips to Create Engaging Microlearning Content


At the risk of stating the obvious, microlearning is a brief and targeted learning approach where learners consume instructional content in short chunks or bites. Microlearning Examples. Let’s see the different ways microlearning can be leveraged in your day to day business.

Two Good: Why Social Learning And Microlearning Make A Great Combination

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In this article, I will provide insights on why it makes sense to use social learning and microlearning in conjunction. Social Learning And Microlearning: A Great Combination. What Is Microlearning? 7 Reasons Why Social Learning And Microlearning Make A Great Combination.

A Case Study on Microlearning as Performance Support to Reinforce Existing Training

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Microlearning, one of the hottest eLearning trends, is catching attention amongst eLearning fraternity like never before. Our recent discussion on a LinkedIn group received a stream of thoughts and perspectives on microlearning. Then What is Microlearning?

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

At LinkedIn, for example, the L&D team gathered success stories from across the. LinkedIn Learning (2017), ‘How to Overcome Top Challenges to Advance your Learning Culture’ 3 Quick, Accurate Auto-Captioning. the video shorter (taking advantage of microlearning).

The Biggest Players In the Microlearning Industry Today

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Microlearning, with its roots tied firmly in the science of learning, spaced repetition and knowledge retention has become a go to solution for many companies and institutions trying to solve this issue. The microlearning industry is quickly replacing traditional learning solutions. So here is a run down of the biggest players in the microlearning industry today. One clear area where microlearning is being quickly adopted is the corporate sector. LinkedIn Learning.

9 Ways to Create Highly Effective Learning Videos

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Several research giants like Bersin, Gartner, LinkedIn, and Forrester recommend it. A study released by LinkedIn in 2017 says: “80% of L&D pros agree that developing employees is top-of-mind for the executive team. Related: How to Implement Microlearning in Corporate Training.

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Creating Powerful Employee Training With Social Learning – Featuring Microlearning Videos

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In this article, I share the benefits of social learning and show you how you can use microlearning videos as an effective social learning tool. How To Create Powerful Employee Training With Social Learning – Featuring Microlearning Videos.

Curated Insights: Seeking a Practical Definition of Microlearning


Microlearning seems to have taken the lead from virtual reality and big data in the “2017 L&D Most Popular Buzzword” competition. Carla Torgerson just published what appears to be the only English-language book on microlearning on Amazon. Stakeholders in a variety of industries are reaching out to solutions providers looking for microlearning. Definition of MicroLearning by Will Thalheimer. Microlearning is just learning that fits.

What is microlearning?

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There’s a buzz around microlearning these days—one of the hottest new trends in learning and development. She also had a coffee chat with a colleague who has recently created over 30 microlearning bursts, each one minute, related to new corporate processes and procedures.

What the Future Holds for Learning and Development

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LinkedIn’s “2018 Workplace Learning Report” suggests that more than 58 percent of employees prefer to learn at their own pace, which increases the need for more digital learning solutions than ever before.

Microlearning under the Microscope: How to Incorporate Microlearning into Online Training


Microlearning generally involves dissecting learning into “microscopic” learning bursts (typically 2-10 minutes each). Supporters say microlearning matches human brain processing capabilities, combating learner boredom, disengagement, and poor retention. Microlearning is hands on.

How Microlearning Impacts Coaching and Behavior Change - Tip #149

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My work on Microlearning leads me to believe and practice the following. Learners usually decide they want to change behaviors, not because of the content or learning materials, but because they see it as a necessity to be effective in doing their work.

Two Good: Why Social Learning And Microlearning Make A Great Combination

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In this article, I will provide insights on why it makes sense to use social learning and microlearning in conjunction. Social Learning And Microlearning: A Great Combination. What Is Microlearning? 7 Reasons Why Social Learning And Microlearning Make A Great Combination.

Learning at Large Ep6: Measuring the effectiveness of human-centred learning


Nick has just published a new book called How People Learn , which unpicks established theories of learning to propose a more effective way of managing performance improvements. The disruptive technology that lies ahead of us is not microlearning; it is performance guidance systems.

No-Nonsense Employee Training: The Best Articles of This Week

What Microlearning is Not and What It Should Be. Although microlearning is a fairly new concept for L&D, it can be very practical and easy to implement. It won’t replace your program, but it could be an effective supplement and result in better training transfer and recall.

We’ve Entered a New Generation of Enterprise Learning


There is now a wider acceptance of learning technology and a renewed focus on the actual outcomes of learning as an effective way of driving organizational performance, and, therefore, revenue. .

Innovative LMS Features: Real or Hype?

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Second-generation mobile apps are much more useful and effective. 5) Microlearning. In its purest form, microlearning is exactly what it says – small chunks of learning. If your organization wants to initiate a microlearning strategy, don’t start by looking for a new LMS.

The 3 Most Powerful Ways to Monetize Corporate Training


How microlearning has evolved traditional corporate training efforts. One of the best learning delivery tools is a microlearning platform, which delivers your training content in bite-sized chunks. Learning Learning & Development Learning Technologies Microlearning

Engaging Learners with Blended Learning

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Did you get a chance to read the LinkedIn 2018 Workplace Learning Report ? Hence it is quite evident that blended learning is here to stay and will be used in tandem with bite-sized/microlearning to foster corporate learning. Cost-effectiveness.

8 Corporate Learning Trends in 2017

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Microlearning. For those of you who are wondering— what is Microlearning , it is a short, focused learning chunk of information on topics that is designed to fulfill a specific learning objective.

Let The Deskless Frontline Employees Be Your Brand Evangelists


Source: LinkedIn. Effective training: More than 50% of deskless workers do not have access to relevant training, the same source notes. Effective onboarding and higher engagement naturally leads to reduced attrition, and in turn, increased business output.

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Employee Onboarding: The missing link in your business strategy


Effective onboarding is the extent to which you are able to integrate a new joinee into your culture. Starting off on the right foot – making your onboarding relevant and effective. Continuous Learning LMS Microlearning

Learning Thursday #5: Overcome Your Blended Learning Phobia

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If a course element isn’t effective according to your learners, ask why. Connect with the author on Twitter or LinkedIn. . Discussion Learning Programs Management adobe captivate prime blended learning classroom training Corporate Training curriculum eLearning Program Learning and development Learning Management System learning technology LMS microlearning video virtual classroom YouTube

6 Strategies to Create Digital Learning Success

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Before jumping into developing or reinvigorating a digital learning initiative, learning leaders should consider the following six ways to maximize effectiveness. To be effective, digital learning initiatives need support from upper management.

How Docebo 7.7 Helps You Amplify Digital Learning Experience to Produce Better Learning Outcomes


Personalized learning is one area of learning and development (L&D) that, until now, has been limited (and cumbersome) because the technology required to do it in an effective and meaningful way hasn’t been there. Updates to the Docebo LinkedIn Learning integration.

Increase Course Performance with These 7 Tips for Bite-Sized eLearning


How You Can Deliver Highly Effective Courses Through Bite-Sized eLearning. Here are 7 tips and tricks for creating microlearning materials for your bite-sized eLearning program: 1. An example of a spaced eLearning approach might be one microlearning lesson every day.

The Top 3 LMS Features Requested? Survey Says…


So, in instructional design terms, learners are asking for microlearning , gamification and social elearning. MICROLEARNING. Microlearning involves dissecting learning content into “microscopic” learning bursts of a few minutes per burst. Learn about microlearning.

Task List for Your Learning Management System (LMS) Implementation

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Exploration of the benefits of xAPI, and how it can be effectively introduced. Discuss how to utilize assessments and surveys more effectively. Are they cost-effective? Connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn. If you’d like to attend a free webinar on how to implement your LMS, join me tomorrow ! Quite a few of us hear the words “learning management system implementation” and run for the hills.

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Seven 2017 Learning Trends: Novel or Norm?

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Videos, VR, and games all lend themselves to stories so the ability to craft compelling stories is going to be key to effective use of technologies. Microlearning. However, it’s an excellent tool for microlearning.

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Using Intuitive and Deliberate Learning in Story Lessons - Tip #150

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You’ll find several tips in this blog alone citing many studies affirming the effectiveness of stories in helping people learn. e-Learning Strategy eLearning instructional design micro-scenarios microlearning ray jimenez small bites learning social learning stories story-based

Why a Reflection Pause is Critical to Performance - Tip #142

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Telecommunication companies are now media companies ( AT&T buys Time Warner ), software companies combine with others to enhance their services ( Microsoft buys LinkedIn ), and even your local grocery stores are being swallowed by online retailers ( Amazon wants to buy Whole Foods ).

The big digital learning trends for 2019, according to the experts


Can microlearning get meaningful? Trends: More (please, no) microlearning. ” Linkedin | Twitter. Read more on how to do microlearning well – going beyond a mass of meaningless content. Trends: Microlearning to gain meaning, with the help of campaigns.

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Mobile Learning Infographic – Benefits and Features


Text of Infographic: Why is Mobile Learning so Effective? Effective mobile learnings highlight specific learning objectives. Microlearning. Modern, more dynamic content allows for a greater utilization of media and ultimately superior effectiveness.

The 8-second attention span; or, I'm fine if goldfish are more patient than millennials


If you do a quick search of the phrase "attention span" in posts on LinkedIn, for instance, you will see what I mean. In the world of L&D, the "8 second" claim has been used to support a conceptual shift in instructional design widely known as "microlearning."