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AI-Powered Personalization: The Future of Corporate eLearning in 2024

Infopro Learning

Have you ever contemplated the idea of corporate eLearning going beyond mere information and, instead, being tailored to suit your individual requirements? Picture this: an eLearning program that understands your learning preferences and strengths, adapting seamlessly to help you achieve your professional goals. billion in 2022.

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7 Critical Tips While Developing eLearning for Remote Sales Teams

Hurix Digital

Table of Contents: What Is eLearning Sales? Utilize Sales Dashboards to Illustrate Effective Messaging Use Automated Software Tools Schedule Regular 1:1 Meetings With Every Team Member Takeaway What Is eLearning Sales? Also Read: How Important is Localizing Your eLearning Content for Sales and Marketing Team 2.


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Games, Organizing, & Motivation: ID Links 10/25/22

Experiencing eLearning

This post includes links on games built in Twine, storytelling, organization, useful tools, motivation, and transitioning from teaching to ID. Games built in Twine. Top games made with Twine – All of the top games made with Twine on the hosting platform Storytelling and CYOA books.

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Top 5 Tips For Innovative eLearning Development

Adobe Captivate

Amongst the challenges that Learning and Development teams and Learning Consultants face today, the top 2 pertaining to training would be: 1) How to increase the efficacy of training?, and 2) What learning strategies should be adopted to ensure that the learning and business mandates are met? Innovative eLearning Development.

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The Lonely eLearner: Creating Social Learning Anchors | Social.

Dashe & Thomson

The gist of it was that even though we have an enormous amount of tools available to enable social learning across far reaching boundaries, the self-study type of eLearning seen in so many workplaces today can potentially cut learners off from any type of social interaction during the course of the learning.

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Podcast Interviews on Scenarios, ID Careers, and More

Experiencing eLearning

L&D and D&D: Learning and Role Playing Games. L&D and D&D: Learning and Role Playing Games. On TLDC, we had a conversation about role playing games like D&D and instructional design with Matthew Pierce, Jonathan Rock, & Luis Malbas. Instructional design careers, freelancing, consulting.

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Presentations on Scenario-Based Learning and More

Experiencing eLearning

Using scenarios can make your elearning more engaging and relevant. While branching scenarios are one effective strategy, a range of options beyond branching are available for incorporating storytelling and scenarios in elearning. Many of these strategies can be used regardless of what development tool you use.