Examples and Samples of Game Design Documents

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These samples will give you some ideas. Chris Taylor Game Design Document Sample : As the web site says, "for all of you who have ever wondered what they look like or need one for your own personal game project, check out Dungeon Siege creator Chris Taylor's example" Example Blank Design Document : This one is simple and too the point, not much detail but it will get you stared. Here is a collection of several game design documents and information about game design documents.

How to write references Harvard Referencing Guidelines

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Birmingham City University How to write references Harvard Referencing Guidelines Version: 1st September 2015 Library & Learning Resources [link] Standard Job Reference Page Template. <<

AP Central - AP English Language and Composition Course

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Explore timing and format for the AP English Language and Composition Exam, and review sample questions, scoring guidelines, and sample student responses

Training Plan For iPhone Application Development

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Upsidelearning Blog -Read series on IPhone-User interface guidelines 1-3. Explore following samples. Videos: Ingredients of Great iPhone App- Some samples of great IPhone apps. Explore samples related to it. Explore following samples. Explore samples related to it. iPhone Human Interface Guidelines. Sample codes (Explore samples). Understand user interface guidelines. Explore samples.

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10 Helpful Resources for Online Course Designers


It includes lots of templates and samples that instructional designers can apply to their own projects. Graphics for Learning: Proven Guidelines for Planning, Designing, and Evaluating Visuals in Training Materials (Ruth C.

Webinar: Customizing a Customizable Courseware Scenario in Storyline

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For one, in most cases, you aren’t able to customize them to your company branding guidelines. To check out a sample module, you can grab one from our free library: [link]. Many companies turn to pre-made courseware for their professional soft skills training needs.

Visual Cues


UDL is a set of guidelines to support high quality content development that provides students equal opportunities to learn, regardless of their abilities. sample quiz icon and directions. You can also set also up default text that will automatically populate whenever a user selects the icon (see sample below). sample default text that has been setup for a video. We’ve talked a lot about the important connection between the brain and learning.

Sample 111

Book Review: Performance-Focused Smile Sheets

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Will Thalheimer’s book Performance-Focused Smile Sheets changes that by giving guidelines and example questions for effective evaluations. The chapter of sample questions with explanations of why they work and how you might adapt them is highly useful.

Quality Control: Best Practices in Online Course Design and Delivery


In their “ Hallmark of Excellence in Online Leadership ”, The University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) has established some guidelines for best practices in distance learning quality.

An eLearning Workflow

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    I start with the client's brand guidelines (or style guide), an important part of the design process. I work within the brand guidelines for colors, fonts, general look and feel, logo placement rules, etc.

Microassist Elearning Examples Drawn from Texas DSHS Projects

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Our HIV/STD Program Case Management Training sample showcases a custom elearning project for the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). We are looking forward to improving our “ Examples of Our Work ” page with new and updated samples and improved navigation.

Creating Successful m-Learning Strategy – Part 3

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Some samples developed on JQTouch are available here. iWebKit lacks interactivity but has many samples and can be easily modified to support multiple browsers. IPhone- User Interface Guidelines- Part I , Part 2 , Part 3.

Measure competencies using Geenio


Here is a quick guideline how to start using the feature: 1. Let’s add Customer Relationship element into a sample course with the nonlinear architecture: Different achievements for pass and fail results.

Score 130

Accessibility in Online Learning


Sample Bar Graph that Includes an Accessible, Alternative Version in a Table. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), internationally agreed-upon criteria from WC3 , are used to measure compliance with these accessibility laws. The New Guidelines in WCAG 2.1

Tight Cultures and Loose Cultures

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Here are some guidelines: Understand the meaning of trust: Trust in a tight culture is widely assumed (unconsciously) within social norms and is often closely associated with extended family obligations and relationships. Here is a sample map for instilling trust: Bridge the Gap.

How to Add Closed Captions to Video and Audio in Lectora


Lectora® and Lectora® Online make it easier to comply with Section 508 requirements as well as conform to Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 The sample has three parts: Header information, Text Styling information and the Body (caption text).

FLV 88

Instructional Design: The Process – Part 2

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Recording of Voice Over – Voice samples of the panel of professional artists is selected and the VO for the course is recorded. Send out Teasers and Registration Guidelines. In the last article , we discussed ID, ISD and the various models and frameworks associated with both.

Tight Cultures and Loose Cultures

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Here are some guidelines: Understand the meaning of trust: Trust in a tight culture is widely assumed (unconsciously) within social norms and is often closely associated with extended family obligations and relationships. Here is a sample map for instilling trust: Bridge the Gap.

Online Occupational Health and Safety Training Courses

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Below is a sample of our Tanker Rollover Course. Below is a sample of our Heart Attacks and Cardiac Emergencies course. The course laser safety explains how lasers work, the types of lasers, laser hazards, and laser safety guidelines. Below is a sample of our Hand Safety course.

Informal Learning About Accessibility

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This is an extremely small sample size, so please don’t consider this scientific research. Reading the guidelines/law (e.g., Two weeks ago, I posted a poll that asked How Do You Learn About Accessibility? The poll is still open, so you can still vote, but I wanted to share the results so far. I had 76 votes total but that counts the number of votes, not people. If you checked three choices, that’s three votes.

Setting Meaningful and Measurable Learning Objectives: The importance of goals


There are well documented andragogical guidelines for setting measurable learning objectives. So, using the above template as our guideline, let’s build sample measurable learning objectives for a hypothetical corporate learning program.

Active Training Series

Web Courseworks

One of Mel’s personal guidelines was, “It’s not what you give them; it’s what they take away that counts.” Following is a sample of the book’s ten tips format that makes for rapid learning opportunities. New eLearning Books by Elaine Biech.

Learner Assessment in Online Courses: Best Practices Course Design


Although group projects, and particularly the assessment of those projects, can be more challenging in the online environment, establishing guidelines for collaboration and collaborative assessment can help with this task.

Walking down the Interactive Learning Path with Raptivity


Many Raptivity interactions provide support for Section 508 Guidelines. You can explore through some interesting samples here. One of the major challenges that educators face is holding learners’ attention and helping them retain information. With a tool like Raptivity, educators can bridge this gap by adding meaningful learning interactions (such as brainteasers, interactive diagrams, 3D worlds, games, simulations, assessments and much more) to their digital content.

The 7 Best Practice Steps In eLearning Project Management


We have read about and practiced eLearning project management guidelines many times. What happens when you use text-based eLearning project management guidelines in the real-world? Also, include samples of your voice-over talent for the client to approve.

Working with E-Learning Vendors: The RFP

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You can find sample RFPs online. (I I did a search for Sample RFP and came up with several samples for different types of projects.) The most common problems I’ve seen with RFPs include lack of input from all parties (such as IT), sketchy details about the project and what is expected, and unclear guidelines about how the vendor should respond. Last month I gave some tips on how to create a Request for Information (RFI).

RFP 46

5 Things To Do While Building Accessible Products

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Define your own detailed guidelines. Choose a few essential samples that are representative of your collection and share them with your implementation team. Accessibility levels the playing field and allows everyone to participate in an experience.

How to Use Lectora to Create Accessible Courses


When you select this option, Lectora will automatically enable certain features in the application that will assist you with meeting Section 508 standards and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 AA guidelines. Creating accessible courses in Lectora® isn’t hard to do.

Customize Your Certificates


Many organizations are very sensitive to having their brand recognized and adhere to their branding guidelines whether it is shown to their internal and external customers alike. With Custom Certificates, Admins and Trainers can create their own certificates that adhere to these guidelines.

A Counterpoint to Ruth Clark’s “Why Games Don’t Teach”

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In his article he listed these studies as a very small sampling of the studies available showing efficacy of instructional games: Meta-analysis of Simulation Games Effectiveness for Cognitive Learning (PhD dissertation), Indiana University, M.

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Active Training Series

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One of Mel’s personal guidelines was, “It’s not what you give them; it’s what they take away that counts.” Following is a sample of the book’s ten tips format that makes for rapid learning opportunities. New eLearning Books by Elaine Biech.

eLearning: What's the Best Microphone for Voiceover Audio?

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You can hear samples of audio created using the Mac's built-in headset by viewing any of the videos I've created within the past 6 months on our YouTube channel. See also: eLearning Voice-Overs Microphone Guideline and Tips for Capturing Audio. by Kevin Siegel.

6 Insights on Onboarding from the US Presidential Transition

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So their onboarding program definitely provides relevant guidelines to tackle those challenges. The Presidential transition center prepares online transition guides, checklists, and sample templates to facilitate a smooth transition.

Writing & Grammar: Commas and Clauses

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Once you are sure the element is introductory, you then decide whether the comma is needed by the guidelines mentioned in my previous article. " If you incorrectly punctuated some of the sample sentences, check this: a comma is required if the introductory element has five words. by Jennie Ruby    I wrote about  commas in introductory phrases  last week.

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Creating Visually Appealing e-Learning Courses


Font as per the brand: Use easy-to-read fonts with the brand guidelines in mind to make your text legible that allows learners to acquire the information they need quickly and conveniently. Contact us for sample courses and free product demo! With e-Learning taking over the K-12 education sphere, it is important for educators to make learning fun and interesting.