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The common wisdom amongst instructional designers is to avoid creating an information overload. It’s far worse when we turn that folksy wisdom on ourselves and cap our professional development by avoiding information overloads ourselves! Those are some things that I deliberately do to manage an information overload.

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Information Overload is Real: Here’s How to Manage It

TechSmith Camtasia

The post Information Overload is Real: Here’s How to Manage It appeared first on The TechSmith Blog. Feeling so overwhelmed by emails, messages, and meetings at work that you have no idea where to start? Here's how to fix it.


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Accelerate Employee Performance Using the Learning Curve: Part 2 Information Overload

Infopro Learning

Timing is Everything Series: Intro , Anxiety , Information Overload, (Knowledge Formation coming May 24th). Information Overload. Although information overload cannot be avoided completely, there are ways to ensure that this section of the learning curve can be shrunken and performance can be accelerated.

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5 Strategies for Process Training to Prevent Information Overload

Learning Everest

Due to this, the chances of information overload in process training become higher with increased complexity. Organizational processes can range from simple procedures to highly intricate ones. More elaborate processes also require more rigorous training.

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Information Overload: How Microlearning Can Help Combat This Plague

eLearning Industry

Information overload is a harsh reality every modern-day learner experiences. In this article, we'll discuss how microlearning is the key to solving the puzzle of information overload. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Information Overload: The Plague of Learning and Development

CLO Magazine

Studies show how information overload, multitasking and prolonged repetition impair productivity, performance and decision-making. Information overload tends to manifest itself in the following ways: The amount of content that people are expected to process and digest, let alone allow to change their behavior, is overwhelming.

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Effective Induction & Onboarding: Overcoming Challenges


Challenges in Induction & Onboarding Information Overload New employees can be overwhelmed by the amount of information provided during the onboarding process. Break down the information into digestible chunks and spread it out over a reasonable timeframe to prevent information overload.