20 Training survey questions

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Out of eight different categories, Survey Templates are geared to gather feedback from learners about your lessons to gather feedback, ratings, suggestions, and more to ensure you’re delivering the best training to your teams. . It is using the Free Text Survey Template.

Survey: What will the training industry look like post-COVID?

Arlo Training & Events Software

In March, we surveyed training providers to get an understanding of how COVID affected their business and how they were adapting. Six months on we surveyed our training providers again to see what’s changed, and how they’re building out their long-term strategies for delivering training in a post-COVID world. Only 21% of respondents in our March survey had a solid eLearning offering as part of their training programme at the time, which has jumped up to 55% in September.


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Net Promoter Score: How to engage with your users

Challenge to Learn

Using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to engage with our customers proved to be very useful for Easygenerator. Wat is a Net Promoter Score? The Net Promoter Score is the outcome of a simple question: How likely is it that you will recommend to a friend or a colleague?” Based on the responses given, the users are divided into three groups: Promoters ; with a score of a 9 or a 10. Passives ; with a score of a 7 or a 8. How do you calculate a Net Promoter Score?

Score 136

L&D challenge survey: the outcome

Challenge to Learn

259 L&D professionals took part in my L&D survey. In this blog post, you will find a link to the full survey results, along with my initial impressions. Click here to access the full survey findings. Every challenge scored an average between 6 and 7 (on a scale of 1 to 10). I checked whether managers responded differently to the survey compared to non-managerial respondents, but the difference was negligible.

Survey 133

Employee Engagement Survey Questions: The Best 100 to Maximize Productivity


Maybe employee engagement survey questions are more of an afterthought for your company. businesses with 50-500 employees were surveyed and 63.3 Companies today are using employee surveys to look for issues long before they escalate into losing key team members.

What is Net Promoter Score


Well, if you are a business owner and not sure what your customers think of your product or service, it’s time you start surveying them. With Net Promoter Score (NPS) you will be able to measure their loyalty and drive business growth. What is Net Promoter Score. NPS is calculated by surveying the participants and asking the question, “on a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend to a colleague, friend or family?” How to Calculate the Net Promoter Score.

Score 47

How to Automate Your User Score Text in Lectora

eLearning Brothers

I recently discovered a better way to show your user’s score on your “Pass or Fail” page in Lectora. The Old Way to Show User Score Text. First, let me show you an old method for showing user’s scores. Text to explain your score. You have successfully completed this course with a score of 80%.” Automated text to show the user’s score. The New Way to Show User Score Text.

Score 101

Annual User and Client Survey Results (2019)


Each year, we conduct an annual user and client survey in order to collect feedback surrounding our platform and service.

Survey Says… (authoring tools)

eLearning 24-7

Hi, this is the ghost of Richard Dawson bringing you another exciting episode of Authoring Tools Survey. We are in the final round and our contestant, Craig Weiss, will try to ascertain what the latest data from his recent survey means to the masses. Survey Information. Craig – are you ready to enter the final round of Authoring tools survey? I want to thank you for reading in on the latest authoring tool survey data.

Learning Analytics - Beyond Quiz Scores and Completion

Nomadic Learning

One thing we know is that quiz scores and completion, the traditional metrics for e-learning , are no longer enough. Carefully designed poll questions embedded in the learning experience elicits more honest responses than a survey where the explicit intention is to gather employee feedback. The four data points we can use to measure ROI in learning. As new digital learning approaches emerge, so do new ways of measuring learning.

Score 40

New Webinar Series: Surveying the Landscape for Restaurants in 2018


In the final webinar of our series, we explore the technology that restaurants, like McDonald’s and Taco Bell, are adopting to save time and money, boost employee engagement, and increase CSAT scores. Watch the Series > The post New Webinar Series: Surveying the Landscape for Restaurants in 2018 appeared first on Inkling. We are excited to introduce our new restaurant webinar series.

Survey 100

New Webinar Series: Surveying the Landscape for Restaurants in 2018


In the final webinar of our series, we explore the technology that restaurants, like McDonald’s and Taco Bell, are adopting to save time and money, boost employee engagement, and increase CSAT scores. Watch the Series > The post New Webinar Series: Surveying the Landscape for Restaurants in 2018 appeared first on Inkling. We are excited to introduce our new restaurant webinar series.

Survey 100

2015 LMS Satisfaction Survey


As a result of these low satisfaction scores, new trends are expected for the coming year. This is a major issue, and echoed by the fact that 31% of survey participants indicated that they would not recommend their current LMS to a colleague. Another finding in the survey that is perhaps not so surprising was that ROI satisfaction scores were worse for companies that were paying more per user.

Survey 138

Stop Conducting Training Surveys


Earlier this month, I wrote a blog post about five ways to make your training survey questions more effective. This week, I’d like to discuss whether we should do survey questions at all? Part of me thinks we should not conduct training surveys at all. . ” The problem is that we don’t always take action on survey results, and if we do not take action on the data, we should not collect the data, right? Training Survey Review Process.

Short answer question or Scrolling Text for Survey?

Adobe Captivate

” It seems logical to use short answer quiz slides, in Survey mode, for this use case. Short Answer quiz slides, Survey mode. No right/wrong answer means that scoring has no sense, change the stqtus of the quiz slide to ‘Survey’ Nevertheless a score slide will be inserted but you can hide it easily. The post Short answer question or Scrolling Text for Survey? Intro. Once in a while a question like in this thread pops up: “….students

Case Study Customer Satisfaction Survey and Response


A customer satisfaction survey is a common way for thousands of companies all over the world to reach their business goals. More often than not, they use Net Promoter Score, which is one of the most convenient metrics on merit. NPS is a Customer Satisfaction Survey Standard. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the best measurement of customers loyalty, allowing a questioner to discover a state of play. Why Net Promoter Score?

10 Online Training Survey Questions You Must Ask


Surveys provide actionable information for all kinds of online training environments. When you gather feedback from training participants through the right post-training survey questions , you get a feel of the quality of training, what learners feel about it, necessary areas for improvement, and whether you need to change your training approach. Importance of Framing the Right Training Survey Questions. This can’t be truer than when you speak of surveys.

High Customer Satisfaction Scores Might Make Your Training Organization Obsolete

Training Industry

If you’re a trainer or training professional, you probably use some type of customer satisfaction score to measure how happy students are with the courses that you offer them. If your satisfaction scores are high, you communicate that message out to the organization to highlight what a great job you’re doing. In fact, high satisfaction scores might well be hiding the fact that many of your training customers are ready to jump ship and find another provider.

Score 55

5 time-saving tips for your next learner survey

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Learner surveys are one of the most popular techniques used to evaluate elearning. But too often, surveys focus on the wrong things, or miss opportunities to gather more valuable learner feedback. We’ve compiled this quick guide to getting the most out of learner surveys. Download Learner Survey Template. Why do learner surveys? Beyond learner reaction, surveys can contribute to the job of measuring the impact and value of the learning.

Employee Engagement: What to Make of Survey Findings

The Performance Improvement Blog

In reference to a recent Gallup survey of employee engagement that shows that 71% of employees are not engaged in their work, Wally Bock, in his Three Star Leadership Blog , offers these provocative observations: After a full decade of high-priced experts and "engagement partners" laboring away, engagement scores have not changed significantly.

Survey 136

The pros and cons of using surveys in eLearning


The question of how useful surveys can be for eLearning evaluation has been up for debate over the past few years. Surveys are still a staple for many eLearning professionals who believe they offer a simple method for soliciting feedback about course effectiveness. Others claim that using surveys to assess eLearning is over and that there are more objective ways to evaluate learning outcomes. Pros Of Using Surveys To Assess eLearning . How We Improved Surveys.

How to Use Post Training Survey Questions to Improve your eLearning


A simple way to capture learner feedback is with post course survey questions. In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to plan out your LMS surveys for maximum impact. How to get the most out of LMS surveys. An effective survey should bring to light any pain points your learners have. Before we get which questions to ask, let’s first delve into how to get the most out of your LMS surveys. Here are some basic considerations: What are your survey objectives?

Surveys in Articulate Storyline? Here’s How

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Did you know informal surveys can be conducted through eLearning courses using Articulate Storyline? The survey contains 18 questions. This way you can conduct surveys through Articulate Storyline. Related Posts Articulate Storyline-Display Correct & Incorrect Questions in Result Page How to Display a Single Score Using 2 Question Banks in Articulate Storyline Rapid E-learning through Storyline Tool: 5 Infographics Sharing Key Features.

Survey shows people take training as infrequently as they go to a conference; but they learn continuously in other ways

Jane Hart

Last week I invited readers to take my latest Learning in the Workplace survey , where I asked how regularly are you “learning” in the workplace. Although there have been well over 100 responses to the survey, once again, as with my previous survey a pattern to the responses appeared quite early on. So to make it easier to read the data, I took a snapshot of the results once 100 responses had been received.

Survey 187

Survey Reveals Most, Least Stressful Jobs

CLO Magazine

Audiologist, which scores as the least stressful job of 2014, helps a wide variety of patients with particular hearing needs and can assist them over the course of a lifetime. Jobs that require unpredictable conditions and high-stakes situations — enlisted military personnel, firefighters and airline pilots — were among the most stressful of 2014, according to a new report. Carlsbad, Calif. — Jan.

Which Learning Content Trends Matter Most to You?

Talented Learning

Feedback can be tangible like surveys and star ratings, but often is manifested in lack of repeat visitors or sales. Learning Content Survey: What Are Your Priorities? Surveys show that organizations want stronger functional integration , and built-in authoring capabilities continue to improve. Clearly, there’s an interest in how xAPI helps measure learning , but it tends to be missing in action from trend surveys.

How upskilling turned everyday employees into ardent advocates for change

CLO Magazine

What’s Your Digital Fitness Score? With each new topic, the app gives users an assessment to gauge their existing knowledge, which Atkinson likened to a digital fitness credit score. “It’s The app uses that score to suggest content that will close gaps and help users build confidence with the topic. Profiles & Case Studies agent of change digital fitness score digital revolution PwC upskillingSarah McEneaney, digital talent leader for PwC.

Think Like a Start-Up, Act Like a Product Manager

CLO Magazine

Test and Measure: Net Promoter Scoring. The typical way of measuring success in learning is to look at test scores. However, test scores do not always tell the full story. Instead of relying solely on test scores, it is important to adopt a data-informed approach when determining the success of a specific piece of learning content. Again, the world of software development offers a simple, elegant solution: the net promoter score. Survey the employee landscape.

Build a Branching Scenario in Google Forms

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While tailor-made tools like Twine may be easier for building branching scenarios, it’s possible to use a survey tool like Google Forms. Most survey tools have the option to jump to different questions or sections based on responses.

Google 485

Business-aligned strategies for Performance Transformation: An Interview with Anu Galhotra, VP, Learning Solutions, Infopro Learning

Infopro Learning

Are you creating the program to improve sales, customer service or the net promoter score? Behavior change measured through learner surveys or supervisor surveys can expose leading indicators to measure business performance effectively.

Insights in a Nutshell: Developing Highly Effective Customer Service Training Programs

Infopro Learning

This can be done easily through providing short surveys and questionnaires. This can be done without surveys or talking to employees and customers. Customer satisfaction score s This score is measured by asking customers to rate their satisfaction of the service they received.

“Are Search and Social ousting L&D?”

Jane Hart

Although the Learning and Workplace Survey is still open, the results of 3,500 people* who rated the importance (value/usefulness) of 10 different ways of learning in the workplace are shown below – ranked by their combined Very Important + Essential scores with the red shaded areas and red figures highlighting where the most responses have been received.

Search 186

Unhappy sheets

E-Learning Provocateur

Few things in the L&D profession attract as much disdain as the Level 1 evaluation survey. And the survey shouldn’t be too long; that’s the fault of its design, not of the concept.

Score 179

Can a Flipped Classroom Improve Your Training Delivery?

Infopro Learning

Instructors have recently reported a 12% average improvement of student test scores (2). Out of the instructors surveyed 71% said the method improved test scores (2). Everyone knows that providing your employees with high-quality training content is great for business.

Cutscenes in Branching Scenarios

Experiencing eLearning

We have good scores on our satisfaction surveys. We have good scores on our satisfaction surveys. In video games, cutscenes are short, non-interactive scenes that “cut away” from the action. They can move the plot forward, show conversations, or build emotion.

Five Myths of Social Learning


According to a McKinsey executive survey , a whopping 71% of enterprises are using Web 2.0 Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc. Home > Social Learning > Five Myths of Social Learning Five Myths of Social Learning December 3rd, 2009 Goto comments Leave a comment There is no question that the rise of social networks is creating a profound shift in the way training departments are delivering knowledge to their employees, partners, and customers.

7 Steps To Define Your Learning Data Strategy

Dan Keckan

Remember when learning data was limited to course registrations, completions, test scores, and survey responses? Those days are gone.