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Gamification In Application Software Training


It is considered to be among the top five enterprise learning trends, according to forecasts by many leading educational technologists. We are highly excited to see this trend because, like most of you learning professionals, we too believe that the best way to learn new software is by doing real tasks in a real environment, in a fun way. ” ~ Karl Kapp. INTRODUCTION.

5 Reasons Why an Extended Enterprise LMS is Right for Your Business

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What is an Extended Enterprise LMS? A  learning management system  ( LMS ) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of electronic educational technology education courses or training programs. An Extended Enterprise is facilitated by a LMS to keep track of all your users, content, and the relationship between the two.

Multi Tenant LMS – When you need an ‘Extended Enterprise’ e-learning Platform!


Heard the term ‘extended enterprise’ in context to a multi tenant LMS? multi tenant LMS works at all levels – be it across global enterprises, B2B, B2C, amongst channel partners, departments, divisions, clients, customers, employees and many more. Our LMS seamlessly integrates with more than 100 platforms, which makes it stand out amongst the other LMS players. Licensing.

Next big innovation for Enterprise Social Software - Simplicity

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One of the things I remember reading about, early on in my enterprise 2.0/ social business journey was Andrew Mcafee's definition of what makes social software tick. As I look at how enterprise social software matures it seems to be moving away from those characteristics quite a bit. To the extent, that enterprise social software loses the edge it promised to provide. Each of these platforms keep things quite simple. Enterprise social bloatware? Compare this to a lot of the enterprise social software you see. And more!

Meet the team #2: Periklis Venakis the Software Architect


You’ve enjoyed the platform, you’ve dug the features, you’ve appreciated the support and you loved the end product. Today we’re talking with Periklis Venakis, eFrontPro’s software architect and all around nice guy. My name is Periklis Venakis and I hold a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Patras. Do you have a general philosophy when it comes to software?

GetApp ranks TalentLMS as #1 LMS platform for Q3 2015


Here at TalentLMS headquarters, building a great LMS platform is not just a business for us — it’s also our passion. GetRank is GetApp’s quarterly ranking of the top 25 Cloud-based business apps across different enterprise-focused product categories (CRM, LMS, HR, etc). The post GetApp ranks TalentLMS as #1 LMS platform for Q3 2015 appeared first on TalentLMS Blog.

What every software company needs in a learning management system


We understand what cloud-based software companies need from a learning management system – because we are a cloud-based software company! As two young companies, we’ve quickly established reputations by developing software that helps customers to achieve their goals. Here’s what every great software company should demand from a learning management system.

The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

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Among LMS specialists, differentiation tends to start with the target learning audience: employees, extended enterprise (customers, channel partners and other non-employees), academic institutions,   associations  or commercial training companies. For example, Litmos acquired extended enterprise specialist View Central last year. These aren’t  Nostradamus-style prophecies.

Dev Corner - Software Development Methodology

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Tricia shares what she has learned about working with a variety of different software development methodologies. As a developer, lead developer, project manager and now the director of development, I've been in the business of building software for a number of years. Perception: If you are struggling with building software, the fault rests solely on the methodology. Enjoy!

Identities 2.0 - The Human Face for Enterprise Social Software

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I'm a big believer of the notion that enterprise social software needs porous walls. Can we use our social business platforms to build a composite brand for people using their activity from across the web? How can we make corporate identities on social business platforms intermesh with people's existing brands on the public internet? twist to them? See you there!

Embedding social learning into texts and enterprise software

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He ran Michael Milken’s Knowledge Universe Interactive Studio before he became VP, Platform & Technology for Second Life at Linden Labs. Learning is social. Business is social. People are social. So why are so many of the forays into learning technology anti-social? Friday afternoon I had a delightful conversation with a kindred spirit, Joe Miller. Joe has been marrying people, technology, and learning since the early days. He worked on the PLATO system for Control Data. He did early stuff with Atari, EPYX, SEGA, and Leapfrog. Learning. Give personalized suggestions to users.

Can web training software replace your offline training?


All the familiar ingredients of an enterprise (offline) training session circa 2000. No wonder most enterprises have since embraced online training with both arms. For enterprise training it’s of course even worse, since it’s often performed in an ad-hoc manner, by instructors who lack pedagogical skills and/or teaching experience (e.g. Offline training is costly.

Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

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It’s time once again to take stock of what happened in enterprise mobile learning and see if any of my 2011 predictions hit their intended targets. think case studies from enterprise organizations on the leading edge will abound by year’s end for successful mobile learning initiatives by thus providing the “I want to do what they did!” a.k.a. How On Target Were My 2011 Predictions?

Is Multiple Activity Streams the Way Forward for Enterprise Platforms?

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As an enterprise community manager, I am often faced withvaried user questions and needs. Before I move on let me briefly explain how Jive --whichpowers our social platform--works. Jive offers users the ability to customizetheir two activity streams--one stream reflects everything the user is Following on the platform and thisincludes people, places and content. Moreover, from an enterprise context, finding relevantcontent at the point of need is of paramount importance. heavy user of TweetDeck and Hootsuite , I could identify withthe need for further granularity.

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2012

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Here on the last day of the year, I offer my predications for the big and shaping trends we’ll see in the enterprise mobile learning space for 2012. Whatever it is, this one is music to my ears after many years of toiling away to make mLearning a reality for the enterprise. Is enterprise mobile learning best delivered via native mobile apps or using mobile web apps? We also think hybrid apps that mix the best of native apps and mobile web apps will have a bigger impact on enterprise mobile learning thoroughout 2012 than just pure mobile web apps for that same market. 4.

Course Development Management for eLearning Teams: The Software Advantage


Course development – software advantages. Including cloud-based software adoption in your elearning team’s overall course development strategy poses many known benefits, including but not limited to: Reduced time to market. If your project management software is hosted in the cloud, it can be accessed by authorized users regardless of device, time and location, as long as they’re connected to the Internet, a clear benefit for mobile/remote team members. Platform for collaboration. Course development – the challenges. Conflict. Failure to meet deadlines. Lower costs.

Benefits of moving your online learning platform to the Cloud


And, more specifically, is moving your online learning platform to the Cloud a good idea? It’s 2016 already, and it has proven itself time and again in the market, as well as having been adopted by all major (and most minor) enterprises and organizations. Cloud platform like TalentLMS is not only created to be scalable, but it’s also provably scalable. Jump to the future.

My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

mLearning Trends

As 2012 draws to a close, its time to evaluate how in focus my lens on the future of enterprise mobile learning proved to be this past year and how many of my year ago predictions hit their targets. Whatever it is, this one is music to my ears after many years of toiling away to make mLearning a reality for the enterprise. Here’s the analysis of how it all played out. On Target But.

Here are 6 Social Learning Platforms you can enable 'On-Demand'

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A few weeks back you may have read my recap of Jane Hart's webinar on choosing the right social learning platform. Jane outlined a variety of parameters that you should use to select your social learning platform - I've tried to summarise them in the picture above. Now before you run off to find yourself a social learning platform, let me play party-pooper a bit. Ready?

How Performance Support Apps Are Faring In Today’s Workplaces


What are the six key areas for enterprise mobile architects in 2014? This post (by Kate Williams) reviews the report published by enterprise software provider Verivo based on a survey conducted with enterprise architects at Global 2000 companies. It contains the ‘six big considerations’ enterprise architects need to take into account when developing apps.

Bob Little – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Last year, Docebo – the Italy-based Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Enterprise learning management system provider – published the results of its researches into the worldwide e-learning market. It believes that Cloud-hosted solutions will continue to make LMSs more attractive to the small-and-medium enterprise market. It argues that, coupled with the increasing sophistication of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) pricing models, LMS usage levels will continue to grow. In the near future, watch out for the growth of: Adaptive learning platforms. LCMSs.

Customising your Social Business platform - 5 things to keep in mind

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Most social business platforms are maturing quite fast. That being said, often times the stock platform isn't 'exactly' what you want. You may need to customise the platform to get the most out of it for your company. While this is quite common in the enterprise, it's also a big opportunity for you to destroy every chance of success that you can potentially have.

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LMS Technology Trends: Why Focus Is The Next Big Thing

Talented Learning

Later, I moved into high-end LMS sales for 13 years — specializing in solutions for corporate extended enterprise and associations. They’ve largely ignored the much more profitable and unexplored needs of the extended enterprise. There So I co-founded Talented Learning as the world’s only research and consulting firm focused primarily on advancing  extended enterprise learning. 2.

Top 20 Guides for Setting Up an Internal App Store


THE JOURNEY: After our inspiring and thought-provoking interview with Geoff Stead, we were left wondering about the significance of having an internal app store (also known as ‘Enterprise App Store’) within organizations. An Internal App Store (also called ‘Enterprise App Store’ or ‘Corporate App Store’) is the solution for addressing these challenges. Tools/Platforms. Survey.

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The Top 10 Challenges that eLearning Professionals Face Everyday


Every year brings with it new tech tools, gadgets, and software that you can use for your eLearning course design. There are so many eLearning authoring tools and LMS platforms to choose from and so little time. Case Studies Learning Technology Trends customer training ELEL employee onboarding Extended Enterprise SaaS growth sales enablementUnrealistic Deadlines. START A TRIAL.

E-commerce for your Educational Products

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The truth is you do not need to pay more money and have an extensive e-commerce platform to sell your educational training products. LMS integrated with full e-commerce platform. Platform is more complicated and harder to use. To sell your educational software and training systems you need a smaller system that can encumber flexibility, is nimble and easy to use.

The Rise of LMS Specialists: A Tour of Learning Tech Innovation

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In the last decade, the rise of the  SaaS business model, cloud technology and extended enterprise learning  has opened the door to more than 650 new learning platforms.  So far, I have formally reviewed and currently track 120 of them. Knoitall is a learning and content platform blazing a new path that can be thought of as a “Dropbox” for learning. Not anymore.

Snagit Tips for Lectora e-Learning Software


Learning Authoring Software Made Easy. CourseMill LMS - Enterprise. Enterprise Learning Management System. Mobile eLearning Platform for All mLearning. -->. Snagit Tips for Lectora e-Learning Software. Snagit® for Lectora® is a handy screen capture tool that comes bundled in Lectora Inspire e-Learning software. CourseMill LMS - Enterprise. Forum.

eFront was presented at the Enterprise Learning! Conference & Expo 2011


Georgios Kalfas , eFront Sales Manager was present at the Enterprise Learning! Media Group , the industry voice of the enterprise learning and workforce technology market, announced t he Best of Elearning! Epignosis is the vendor of eFront e-Learning platform that is distributed in more than 50 countries on 5 continents. Conference & Expo on September 28th, 2011. Elearning!

Refresh Your Development Skills with Lectora e-Learning Software


Learning Authoring Software Made Easy. CourseMill LMS - Enterprise. Enterprise Learning Management System. Mobile eLearning Platform for All mLearning. -->. Refresh Your Development Skills with Lectora e-Learning Software. Even if you use Lectora® e-Learning software daily, it’s always good to freshen up your skills with a review of the basics. Forum.

4 Corporate LMS Flavors: Which Do You Choose?

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These vendors range from global software conglomerates to tiny, regional cloud startups.  The Rogue Extended Enterprise LMS Buyer:  Rarely in HR . Specialized extended enterprise LMS vendors know this and have developed their solutions specifically to target extended enterprise use cases — and budgets. Corporate LMS Market Snapshot. Flavors of Corporate LMS .

Why So Many LMS Vendors?

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These LMS vendors range from global software companies to tiny cloud vendors.  believe a combination of the cloud, SaaS and rise of extended enterprise learning can help explain the spike. Every customer has its own unique, secure area with its own content, users and business rules, and is unaware of any fellow clients on the common platform. Why are there so many?  Conclusion.

Brandon Hall Group: Companies see real business results with a new LMS


User experience (UX) is important with all l earning management systems (LMSs) because, more often than not, this software is the first interaction a new employee has with an organization. A new study from the Brandon Hall Group indicates a strong positive correlation between companies implementing a new learning technology and growth in their bottom line. DOWNLOAD THE INFOGRAPHIC.

Top 10 Free and Open Source eLearning Projects to Watch for 2012


Fedena - The best way to manage your school or college Fedena is a multipurpose school/campus management software which is used by thousands of educational institutions worldwide for all administration and management related activities. All with no software to install. Best Learning Management System – eFront Enterprise, and 2. Enjoy! Wallwisher - an online noticeboard maker.