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Mobile Learning – A Quick Start Guide: Get The Free eBook

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This eBook called ‘Mobile Learning – A Quick Start Guide’ can help you understand when to use, how to design, develop and implement mLearning in a way that works for your organization. A sneak peek into the eBook. Mobile Learning mLearning mLearning eBook Mobile Learning eBookWe have been saying it over and over again – mobile learning is here to stay!

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New eBook is here


It’s the eBook created by the masterminds of Talent LMS. The eBook is designed for novice to advanced instructional designers. The Introduction section describes the typical user who will benefit from this eBook. If you are convinced, then this eBook will provide meaningful guidance to correct your current eLearning project or to begin your new one. Now you will!

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eBook: Navigating the Learning Ecosystem

JPL Learning

Learn more in our eBook, Navigating the Learning Ecosystem. In our new eBook, Navigating the Learning Ecosystem , you will: Identify what factors influence the learning solution you deploy. The post eBook: Navigating the Learning Ecosystem appeared first on JPL Learning Solutions. Learning Ecosystem eBookI have found that understanding your learning ecosystem is the first step in creating impactful and successful training programs. So what do we mean by a learning ecosystem? Take a look inside your organization. Explore the reasons you have a training need see above.

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Which Responsive Authoring Tools Will Work for Your eLearning Needs (Free eBook)

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eLearning Responsive Authoring Tools Responsive Authoring Tools for Your eLearning Needs X Responsive Authoring Tools eBookSo you need to create eLearning that your learners can access on multiple devices – desktops and laptops, tablets, and smartphones. But 100% custom development isn’t going to work for you. You’re looking for a solution that allows for quicker and simpler development of responsive eLearning courses by non-technical authors. In other words, you’re looking […].

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[New eBook] The 3 Stages of Customer Training Development

Download the eBook to learn more Want to expand your training efforts? You’ll often see success by starting small and growing your program in a sustainable way.

FREE eBook: eLearning 101 – concepts, trends, applications


The team at eFront and TalentLMS have got together to create a FREE elearning eBook to download on everything anyone needed to know about elearning! This eBook will be updated from time to time so if you have any suggestions for chapters you’d like to see please do let us know! DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE EBOOK COPY. And happy reading!

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Free eBook: 68 Tips for eLearning Engagement and Interactivity

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

You can download the free eBook  here. eLearning veterans such as  Cammy Bean ,  Sean Bengry ,  Tom Bunzel , Paul Clothier ,  Sarah Gilbert ,  Amy Jokinen , Amy Leis ,  Susan O'Connell ,  Erick Summa ,  Kevin Siegel  and  Deborah Thomas  provide 68 tips for making sure eLearners are fully engaged. Covered among the tips: Creating engaging content. Creating an engaging interface. Using interactivity to drive engagement. Using media and visual design effectively. Using games for learning.

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LMS Selection Guide for SMBs (eBook)

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Are you a small- or medium-sized business looking at investing in a Learning Management System to manage your learning/training activities? If your answer is positive, you know just too well how buying one, with your limited budget and resources, is a big deal. To be able to leverage the LMS to the fullest and justify […]. Learning Management Upside Learning

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Award-winning Interactive eBook: Reimagine Responsive eLearning with Adobe Captivate 8

Adobe Captivate

I recently published an interactive eBook for creating responsive eLearning courses using Adobe Captivate 8. To read the eBook, follow this link on your iPad to download and install the Interactive eBooks app: […]. It was showcased during the DevLearn DemoFest 2014 event and I received a Best of Show – Vendor Entry award for it.

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How to Choose Between On-Demand and Instructor-Led Training

Download this eBook to learn which option is better at scale, as well as the resources needed to implement each training type Not sure whether to offer on-demand or instructor-led training, or both? Each has its pros and cons and your decision will depend on your organization’s needs and goals.

Responsive eLearning Design & Development – eBook

Upside Learning

From the launch of desktop PCs and laptops to the mass adoption of tablets and smartphones, the world of connected devices has expanded-and how! Today, individuals own multiple devices and shift seamlessly between them depending on task, location and time of day. Learning too has evolved from being traditional (read classroom-based) to responsive. Responsive (multi-device) […]. Responsive Learning Design Responsive eLearning Responsive eLearning Design Responsive eLearning Development

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Featured eBook: 5 eLearning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

eLearning Brothers

Our friends over at Trivantis have put together a new eBook based on a webinar of eLearning expert, Joe Ganci. One poignant detail that the eBook touches on is for eLearning professionals to stay up to date with industry standards and have their ears to the ground regarding technological advancements. Cultural Divides. We live in an increasingly global society. Staying Current.

Free ebook – Beginners Guide to elearning


The post Free ebook – Beginners Guide to elearning appeared first on Administrate. All Free ebooksIt’s hard to escape the ongoing buzz around ‘elearning’ and how it can enhance your training delivery, but knowing where to start with it can be very tricky. We’re big believers in the benefits of elearning, especially when used as part of a blended learning strategy, with that in mind, we’ve Read More. Published on October 19, 2016.

eBooks and Printed Books

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With all this in mind I was pleased to come across an infographic from that extended the reasoning along with a host of statistics on the benefits digital text including eBooks. However now balance this with a more student oriented view in " Why Aren’t Students Using E-Books?" After all, there is little savings to be found in many digital textbooks.

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Best Practices for Launching an LMS

The best and simplest way to stay organized during this process – and be able to measure success – is to follow the tried-and-true practices outlined in this eBook. When launching a new platform to deliver customer and partner training, there are a few key items to keep in mind. Click to download

eLearning On Tablets – Free eBook

Upside Learning

We truly believe tablets are a game changer and that there is strong merit in delivering eLearning on tablets. Tablets are no longer limited to entertainment purposes like watching video or playing games; but now are a part of organizational L&D activities across businesses large and small. The tablet market is showing exponential growth with […]. eLearning Technology Mobile Learning

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[Free eBook] xAPI and cmi5: Plan now for the future of eLearning


This free xAPI and cmi5 eBook was inspired by the questions we have been asked by our customers and partners. Download this eBook to learn about: What is xAPI? Download the eBook here. The post [Free eBook] xAPI and cmi5: Plan now for the future of eLearning appeared first on LearnUpon. Since 2001, SCORM has been the standard for eLearning content. What is xAPI?

A Step-by-step guide to create an Interactive eBook

Adobe Captivate

A few months back, I had created an interactive eBook for iPad using different tools like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Edge Animate, Adobe Presenter, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Photoshop, and Digital Publishing Suite, and wish I could add a few more tools to this list… LOL To be true, I had no experience whatsoever to create InDesign […]. Extending Captivate How do I.

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Beyond eBooks

Clark Quinn

Because, frankly, the ebook formats are still too limited. We can now embed the digital media within ebooks. Why ebooks, not on the web? However, we can’t quite do what I want with ebooks. The ebook standards don’t yet support it, though they could. Wrapping a dialog capability around the ebook, which is another interesting opportunity, only adds to the learning opportunity. Among the things I’ve been doing lately is talking to folks who’ve got content and are thinking about the opportunities beyond books.

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Choosing an LMS for Customer Training

This eBook walks through the unique needs of external trainers and outlines key considerations when choosing an LMS for customer trainingDo you focus on customer and partner education? You likely face different challenges than trainers who focus on internal employees.

Getting More Out Of Your LMS: 10 Pointers – New eBook

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Our new eBook, ‘Getting More [.] Related Posts: 7 Step Guide For Implementing Blended Learning Via An LMS… LMS Switching Guide – A Free eBook! 3 Ways To Get ‘More’ Out Of Your LMS Training Delivery Participate In Towards Maturity’s 2013 Benchmark Survey Mobile Learning – A Quick Start Guide: Get The Free… Learning Management LMS LMS eBook ROI of LMS The LMSs today are not restricted to merely conducting and managing the day-to-day organizational training activities, but embrace a much larger role.

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Free Webinar: Create eBooks in a Snap

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

I'm excited to be offering a free webinar next Monday, February 25 (noon Eastern) where you will learn how to quickly create eBooks  (ePub  and  Mobi ) in record time using tools available off-the-shelf in the Adobe Technical Communication Suite. While this is an event that I'm teaching for the good folks over at the  International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) , IconLogic is sponsoring the event so it's open to everyone. All you need to do is use the link below and register. Register and Learn more. Books ePub Kindle Mobi

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Successful Learning Management System Implementation eBook

WBT Systems

Recently, eLearning Industry invited WBT Systems to contribute to the publication of a free eBook which addresses one of the biggest concerns faced by organizations – the complexity and difficulty of Learning Management System implementation. The post Successful Learning Management System Implementation eBook appeared first on WBT Systems. How will you define your requirements?

[Free eBook] Culture, Content, LMS: Prepare for eLearning success


This free eBook was inspired by the benefits we’ve seen eLearning bring to hundreds of organizations worldwide. Download the free eBook now to assess how prepared you are for eLearning success. The post [Free eBook] Culture, Content, LMS: Prepare for eLearning success appeared first on LearnUpon. First name. Last name. Work email. Course Content LMS Success

eLearning Outsourcing 101 (eBook)

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eLearning eLearning Outsourcing eLearning Outsourcing 101 eLearning Outsourcing eBookOutsource this, outsource that. BPO’s, KPO’s and ITO’s dominate the market share today. eLearning outsourcing too has increased its foothold in the past few years and has been increasingly sought out by many organizations whose core function does not include training. Additionally, some large training companies that need help with content development are also seeking […].

Check out this award-winning interactive eBook!

Adobe Captivate

Last month at DevLearn 2013 conference, I participated in the 9th Annual eLearning DemoFest event and showcased an Interactive eBook for iPad on how to use Adobe Presenter to create eLearning courses. There were 81 participants at DemoFest showing off their latest and greatest development efforts, offering the DevLearn conference attendees an opportunity to see […].

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#DoGreat Custom Learning with our New eBook

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A typical Custom Learning project begins with getting the client’s learning requirements, designing, developing and testing the courseware, and ends with the courseware delivery. ‘Great’ Custom Learning, on the other hand, is the result of a deep understanding of the client’s learning objectives, their learner profiles and the expected performance goals; the entire process underpinned […]. eLearning 99 Tips for Custom Learning Custom Learning Custom Learning Tips Tips for Custom Learning

[Free eBook] LearnUpon’s Ultimate SCORM Overview


This free eBook was inspired by the questions we’ve been asked by hundreds of organisations worldwide about why they should use SCORM, and how to make the best of the format. Download the eBook. The post [Free eBook] LearnUpon’s Ultimate SCORM Overview appeared first on LearnUpon. Last Name. First name. Last name. Work email. Course Content

Free eBook: Build Training Programs That Last


On the Right Track: Designing Training Programs That Last ” is the third ebook in our eLearning Program Success series and outlines how to use backwards planning to create a series of lessons, otherwise known as a training track. In addition to an overview of the Four Stages of Competence, Bloom’s Taxonomy and Backwards Planning, this ebook illustrates the training track planning process with a sample track and provides a free worksheet to assist in your own planning. On the Right Track ” includes all the tools you need to begin building your training track today.

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Ensuring Quality in E-learning Design and Development: Free eBook

CommLab India

Check our eBook ‘Quality Management in E-learning Design and Development’ that provides quality guidelines and more: A brief introduction to quality. Organizations are increasingly using e-learning to achieve their business goals given its myriad benefits. They have the option of developing courses in-house or outsourcing the effort to external vendors. Download it now!

How to Brand Your Course: An eBook!

DigitalChalk eLearning

We have put together a little eBook full of valuable information just for you. Download our new eBook today ! . Online Training Software Tips and Tricks Branding eBooks PowerPoint Today, many companies and instructors are branding their online courses to match their company’s colors and themes. Remember, your content is still the most important aspect of your online course.

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Free eBook: 5 eLearning Myths and How to Avoid Them


Our free ebook, ''5 eLearning Myths and How to Avoid Them'', debunks the five most common elearning myths from “eLearning is boring” to the perceived expense and time-commitment involved with creating courses. Each chapter covers the reality of each elearning myth, as well as shares tips on how to avoid your company falling victim to these myths

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Free eBook: Tips For Marketing Your eLearning Initiative


Trump the Usage Slump: Tips for Marketing Your eLearning Initiative ” is our fourth ebook in our series dedicated to building a successful elearning program. The ebook expands on topics covered in our popular blog series, as well as includes additional exercises to help develop your marketing messages. Also check out our first three ebooks in the series: “ 5 eLearning Myths and How to Avoid Them ”; “ Game Plan: 10 Steps to a Winning eLearning Program ” and “ O n The Right Track: Designing Training Programs That Last. ” . Branding your initiative.

Free eBook: Build Your eLearning Game Plan


The ebook takes you through the beginning stages of building an elearning program, including how to build competency maps to better match courses to your desired skill sets. “Game Plan: 10 Steps to a Winning eLearning Program” expands on the information provided in “5 eLearning Myths” and outlines a step-by-step plan to begin building an elearning program. Left Getting Started

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Free eBook: ROI On Training – How Can You Measure It And Maximise It

EI Design

This free eBook, ROI On Training – How Can You Measure It And Maximise It provides practical help in this regard. While there are a few mechanisms in place to do so, this eBook provides information on measuring and maximizing ROI on training, which are not just useful, but are easy to apply. How Will This eBook Help In Addressing Some Of Your Challenges? About The eBook. The eBook ROI On Training – How Can You Measure It And Maximise It provides answers to the following questions: What is ROI (of online training)? How you can maximize it?

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2015 Learning Resolutions Wrap-Up and Compilation eBook


Check out all of this year’s amazing posts—we’ve also organized them into a free ebook compilation that you can download. And just like that we’re at the end of January! December and New Year’s seemed to fly by. The end of the month also means we’ve reached the end of our Learning Resolutions series for 2015. We heard some great responses from learning pros across the industry!

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