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Caffeinated Lectora News

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The pace at which Trivantis strives to improve their Lectora product is like the Avengers on coffee drips. With the Lectora … Continue reading Caffeinated Lectora News → Development Tools Lectora Multimedia Responsive DesignJust a few months after the 12.0.1 and 12.0.2 updates comes a significant 12.1 release.

Lectora Games with Class

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Today, we wanted to give a little taste of some of our best Lectora game templates that are fun for the whole class. Have a little class and check out these Lectora games and more in our Lectora Template Library ! The post Lectora Games with Class appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Gameshow. The go-to game for any instructor. Popular Choice. Trivia. Parachute.

Free Lectora Templates for Lectora Online V2.0

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Want Free Lectora Templates for Lectora Online V2.0? We have 30 Free Lectora Templates ready for Lectora Online V2.0. We also have  126 eLearning Templates for Lectora Online V2.0 But if you’ve never used Lectora Templates before, we’d like to invite you to get a  Free eLearning Templates  account. Free Lectora Templates. Templates.

Authoring Tool/ Framework Selection for Responsive eLearning Development: Lectora 16

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In this post, we’ll take a look at the latest version of Lectora (version 16), through which we can develop responsive output for smartphones, tablets, and desktops. Lectora 16 Lectora was the first […]. eLearning Lectora Lectora 16 Lectora Authoring Tool Lectora Features Lectora Limitations Responsive Authoring ToolsIn our earlier posts , we looked at the features, advantages, and limitations of Adapt and Evolve authoring tools for responsive eLearning.

Lectora Templates in the Big City

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You don’t have to go into town to find these beautiful, urban Lectora templates. Click here to find these and more in our Lectora Template Library. The post Lectora Templates in the Big City appeared first on eLearning Brothers. eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Lectora Resources Products/Services ResourcesExecutive. Business 03. Business 05.

Free Lectora Interaction Template

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Take this  Lectora Interaction Template out for spin! This Lectora interaction template features 12 bottom tabs and allows you to show unique content when you click on each tab. Video: Updating Visuals in eLB Lectora Interactions. This is a Lectora file, so you can open and edit within Lectora. Lectora Interaction Template Features: • HTML Output.

Lectora Templates Imitating Life

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Regardless of your position on the question, we’d like to share with you a few Lectora templates that do their best to imitate life, providing familiar real-world situations to help engage learners in the material. Allow your learners to make art imitate life in their eLearning with these and many other Lectora templates in our template library. Long Why not both? Flash Cards.

Integrate Raptivity with Lectora Snap


You can add an attractive interaction of Raptivity to Lectora Snap! Community Computer software Education Software eLearning eLearning Software eLearning tools Flash interactive learning PowerPoint rapid learning raptivity Active learning e-learning software eLearning simulations elearning tool flash interactive builder Lectora snap PPT. Read them and save the hue and cry. 1.  

Overview of What’s New in Lectora 12

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Trivantis announced today they released Lectora 12. The announcement gave us everything we have been asking for in a Lectora update and more. It’s a fantastic update to what was already a remarkably powerful tool. A few things you will notice when you open Lectora 12 is the time-saving usability enhancements and the professional tool options. The

Flashy Lectora Animations Without Using Flash

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Use “Move To” for Native Lectora Animation Effects. The ability to import Flash into Lectora in combination with passing variables between the two allows for very complex scenarios.  In that case, the “move to” function in Lectora can be surprisingly useful to build animations and interactions. But what if you want to access your course work on mobile devices?

Flash 55

8 Editing Techniques for Great Images in Lectora

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Lectora introduced some new image editing features with Version 12 which can save time and money. You can either import an image from your local computer, drag an image from your desktop to the working area in Lectora or choose an image from the stock library. Psst: Lectora supports.bmp,jpeg,png,tif,wmf and.emf file extensions). Guest blog by Jennifer Valley. Add an Image.

Free eLearning Templates for Lectora

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Today we would like to give you Free eLearning Templates for Lectora. So in this post I am going to show you some of the free eLearning Templates that you can use with Lectora. Sign up for a free account to get these  Free eLearning Templates  for Lectora. Free eLearning Interaction Template for Lectora. The Lectora Interaction Template (dramatic pause).

[Video] Getting Started with Lectora Templates

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This video is going to show you how to get started with Lectora templates , specifically, for Lectora 11. The best part, I’m going to teach you the basics to help you succeed with Lectora. So, I am going teach show you how to use our Lectora Templates in the Template Library. How to insert an interaction into your Lectora course. It’s a great tool.

Free Lectora Game Template

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Looking for a Free Game Template for Lectora? Team this template up with the power of Lectora and make eLearning awesomeness for your learners. Free Lectora Game Template. Free Game Template for Lectora. Video on How to Use the Lectora Game Templates. We held a Lectora webinar recently and recorded it. Then you have come to the right place.

Choosing Your Lectora Scenarios Wisely

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We’ve chosen to highlight these four Lectora scenario templates that can help shape your next training course down the right path! With over 50 different scenarios to choose from, all of which come included in the purchase of Lectora Inspire, you can’t go wrong. The post Choosing Your Lectora Scenarios Wisely appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Vintage Radio.

3 Responsive Lectora Layout Templates

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We’ve recently rolled out three stylin’ new templates for our Lectora library. Find these and other Lectora layouts in the template library or directly in the sidebar of your Lectora Inspire interface. The post 3 Responsive Lectora Layout Templates appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Argyle. Click on the image to view the template in the library! Scratch.

How to Optimize Your Lectora Templates for Branding

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In this tutorial, I’m going teach you how to use Lectora Templates  to brand your course. Some of them have a generic grey background and blue buttons. I am going to go into my Lectora 11 software and show you how to change these templates for branding purposes. Keep How to Optimize Your Lectora Templates for Branding. See More Lectora Templates.

Lectora Interactions to Add to Your Tab

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Having a wealth of tabbed Lectora interactions in our template library alone, we’d like to show off a few of our favorites. You can find these and other great tabbed interactions in our Lectora Template Library ! The post Lectora Interactions to Add to Your Tab appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Scratch. Our Scratch tabbed interaction is simple, yet interesting.

Create a Little Magic with Lectora 12 Themes

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The built-in themes of Lectora 12 can provide it! Tell us about any Lectora magic tricks that you have worked in the comments below! The post Create a Little Magic with Lectora 12 Themes appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Authoring Tools eLearning Featured learning management system Lectora Resources lms Products/Services lectora Lectora 12 Lectora 12 themes

3 Productivity Tips for Naming Files in Lectora

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One of the major differences between Lectora and some other authoring tools is the method used to import and reference images, videos, and other files. Rather than copying them directly into the Lectora AWT file, images are automatically copied into an “images” folder, the audio or video into the “media” folder and other files such as PDFs or DOCs to the “extern” folder. Did You Know?

A Knockout Year for Lectora

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It was a pretty big year for Lectora. At the beginning of 2013, we were graced with Lectora 11, or—more properly—Lectora Inspire version 11. Rounding out this brilliant new Lectora 11 were new versions of Flypaper, Camtasia, and SnagIt. After a few months, we got Tin Can (a successor to SCORM) support in Lectora’s 11.1 But it was the release of 11.3

Win a Lectora Inspire and eLB Stock Asset Library License

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In order to celebrate the integration of our eLearning Library into the Lectora 12 Inspire interface, we decided to let our favorite people (you) in on the fun. Just to prove that this is even more awesome than you at first suspected, Lectora is giving you a chance to when a one free Lectora license as well as a free subscription to our expansive Stock Asset Library.

Stock 46

How to Work With Grids and Guides in Lectora

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One of the most helpful, underutilized, and misunderstood tools in the Lectora developer’s arsenal is the layout and design guide. Using Grids in Lectora. I don’t see the grid tool used much, but it is priceless when positioning multiple items on the stage and trying to get spacing and layout right. Using Guides in Lectora. Click the button below to see Lectora Templates.

Ah, Wilderness: Outdoorsy Lectora Templates

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In the spirit of reconnecting with Mother Nature, today we’d like to feature a few of our favorite Lectora templates that showcase the beauty of the wilderness or otherwise incorporate rugged and outdoorsy elements. To learn how to import any of our HTML5 templates into Lectora, watch this video! Fishing Game. That is, until the learner clicks in front of a fish to cast a line.

Free Download: Lectora Interaction

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Need to create a scenario in your Lectora® eLearning course? The Trivantis Community is your place to connect with Lectora and CourseMill® users across the globe, share and showcase the content you’ve built in Lectora and Lectora® Online, or browse the Knowledge Base for resources like webinars, articles, and video tutorials. The Trivantis Team is here to help!

Authoring tool review: Lectora 16 


Lectora - a powerful off-the-shelf authoring tool that can create everything we dream up and design, both visually and functionally. The recently released version, Lectora 16, publishes out responsive content - one of the first of the off-the-shelf authoring tools to go down this very welcome road. Lectora now works on pretty much all devices and browsers, from the latest releases down to older browsers like IE6 (by using different versions of Lectora). .

The Newly Released Lectora Crossword Puzzle Game

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This popular crossword puzzle game made its debut into our Lectora templates recently and we think you’re totally going to want to make “a descending duplication” of it! Lectora users can down the template right now through their software as a part of their purchase of Lectora Inspire. Click on the image to view this template in the library!

Lectora Conversation Scenarios Around the Water Cooler

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Our Lectora template library is bursting at the seams with conversational scenarios: a branching scenario in which two or more characters interact, guided by the learner’s conversational choices.Those who purchase Lectora Inspire also get in-app access to our Lectora templates. Download a Lectora conversational scenario template today at our template library !

The Definition of Great Lectora Templates

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The capabilities of Lectora as an authoring tool have allowed us to make some really cool templates that do just that. Perhaps I should have saved that comparison for this Lectora game template, patterned after the show’s premise. Let us know which Lectora templates are your favorites in the comments below! Flash Cards. Glossary. GameShow.

Detecting Mobile Platforms the Smart Way for Lectora

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Lectora has some great features to take learning off the desktop and on the road, such as dynamic templates for mobile layout, but one of the more interesting ways is the ability to check the platform type as a condition for an action. ” The post Detecting Mobile Platforms the Smart Way for Lectora appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Lectora Inspire 16, the Darling of the E-learning Development Community [Infographic]

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Lectora Inspire – a popular rapid authoring tool used extensively to develop multi-lingual online courses. Lectora Inspire was one of the first tools to support the development of HTML content, compatible with most mobile devices. Trivantis, the developer of Lectora Inspire, has recently unveiled the latest version of this powerful authoring tool – Lectora Inspire 16.

Custom Lectora Video Controls

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Video can be an engaging enhancement to an eLearning course built with Lectora. Fortunately, Lectora offers another way to control video playback. With Lectora, it’s possible to overcome these inconsistencies and create a custom set of basic video controls using only the button wizard and a few actions. Lectora Actions Lectora Video Usability Visual Design

The New Trivia 2 Lectora Game

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We’ve recently revamped our ever-popular Trivia game as a new Lectora game template. Find this and many other Lectora templates in our vast template library! The post The New Trivia 2 Lectora Game appeared first on eLearning Brothers. eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Lectora Resources Products/Services Resources

eLearning Magic: 3 Lectora Course Enhancement Tips

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We love Lectora for its versatility and quality. Lectora does the job, and it does it well. Today we’re talking about a three types of Lectora templates that will work wonders, raising the visual quality of your Lectora course to the umpteenth degree. The post eLearning Magic: 3 Lectora Course Enhancement Tips appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Lectora Inspire 16 [Infographic]

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Lectora Inspire is one of the widely used authoring tools. Access this infographic to know about the default keyboard shortcuts available in Lectora Inspire and steps to set up customized shortcuts. Learning Technology Lectora InspireThe current generation rapid authoring tools have cut down e-learning course development time drastically and made developers’ lives easy.

Lectora User Conference Sessions You Should Attend This Year – #LUC2015

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The  2015 Lectora User Conference  is just around the corner, and so far the upcoming sessions look very impressive. Before you start deciding which Lectora User Conference Sessions to go to, there are two sessions by Adam Leibler I strongly suggest you attend this year. eLearning Lectora Resources Resources lectora Lectora User Conference Lectora User Conference 2015 LUC2015

Incorporate Lectora Course Starters into Your eLearning

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Our Lectora course starters are the perfect business tool to help you get a large amount of work out of the way, so you can focus on making your content look just right from the beginning. These Each one of these templates and cutouts are included in Lectora Inspire! Start browsing through this and the other great Lectora Inspire tools today! And the best part? right away.