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Free Articulate Storyline Template Interaction

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We loved this Articulate Storyline Template so much we decided to make it free for anyone to download. This template is based on a conversational scenario. You even can choose how you want your users to interact with the template because we give you the source files. So don’t wait, get this template today. Free Articulate Storyline Template.

Free Articulate Storyline 2 Templates

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Do you want Free Articulate Storyline 2 Templates? We have 31 Free Articulate Storyline Templates just for you. Also, if you didn’t know, we have 178 Articulate Storyline 2 Templates  for full-access members too. But if you’re new to eLearning Templates we’d like to invite you to get a  Free eLearning Templates  account. Click the link below. 2.

Template-Palooza! April’s New eLearning Templates

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This month, we’ve cranked out so many new templates you’d better bring a new pair of socks…because they’re about to be knocked off! Behold the majesty of these new creations brought to you fresh from the minds of the illustrious eLearning Brothers Template Development team. Articulate Storyline Templates.      .  .  .  .  .  .    .  .  . Enjoy!

New Time-Saving Camtasia Templates

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We have recently added several new templates to our ever growing library. With a strong disco feel, this flashy template brings out the excitement of nightlife in the city. Click the image to see the full template! Clilck the image to see the full template! There are many more new templates to be found in our Camtasia library. Let me show you just a few.

Steps to make your Flash courses mobile compatible

template and replace the translated content into the course. Create advanced and interactive templates. For rapid conversion of courses, templates are a must. Create 5-10 interactive templates which you can reuse in all. Templates will save a lot of development time. Create a prototype using the templates and some selected. Download Templates. to. 1.

178 Articulate Storyline 2 Templates

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We have 178 compatible Articulate Storyline 2 Templates in the eLearning Template Library. These templates include eLearning Games, Quizzes, Interactions, Scenarios, Page Layouts, Course Starters, and more! Check Check out these awesome Articulate Storyline 2 Templates by clicking a template below to learn more. More Articulate Storyline 2 Templates. Enjoy!

An Inescapably Awesome Storyline Game Template

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Click on the image to view the template! With our new Storyline Game template, Escape , you can give your learners that exciting experience while teaching them a thing or two. To find this and many other awesome Storyline games , check our Storyline template library today! The post An Inescapably Awesome Storyline Game Template appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Free Responsive Captivate 8 Templates

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Are you looking to spruce up your Responsive Captivate 8 Templates? We have an eLearning Game Template and an Interactive Scenario template that are fully adaptive to the device of your learners. Plus, we added a very special Instructional Design Storyboard Template. Free Responsive Captivate 8 Templates. Click here to learn more about a  Free eLearning Templates.

Free Responsive eLearning Game Template for Adobe Captivate

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Looking for a Free eLearning Game Template for Adobe Captivate 8 with responsive design? The Trivia eLearning Game Template is one of the most popular games in the Template Library. The cool thing about this free template is it uses responsive design so you can make courses for mobile, tablet, and desktop. Free Adobe Captivate Templates. Click the button below. 2.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

can add content “blocks” such as videos, templates, forms, examples or stories, internal or. Seven Simple Secrets to. Off-the-Shelf Course Success. By Megan Torrance, CEO TorranceLearning. Off-the-shelf (OTS) courseware is a growing market attracting both customers and venture. capital. creating yet another course or scheduling yet another workshop. of learners. busy trainers? You’re. goals.

Lectora Templates Imitating Life

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Regardless of your position on the question, we’d like to share with you a few Lectora templates that do their best to imitate life, providing familiar real-world situations to help engage learners in the material. The Flash Card template allows learners to take that experience into the digital realm. Why not both? Flash Cards. Rinse and repeat until you get a perfect score!

Template Library Overhaul

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Instead of putting in a simple query and getting blasted by a Hoover Dam spillway’s worth of information, you can now let us know if your looking for something under our template library, stock assets, cut-out people, or other categories to give you manageable search results that don’t fry your brain. The post Template Library Overhaul appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

FREE Articulate Storyline 2 Book with eLearning Templates Subscription

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We’ve partnered with Artisan E-Learning to provide the best combination of eLearning Templates and Books to break through boring eLearning, bad design, and lack of knowledge! We did it by first making awesome eLearning Templates that speed up development time and eliminate bad eLearning design. Templates to Break Through with Storyline 2. Course Starter Templates.

4 Favorite Storyline Quiz Templates

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Though we have many Articulate Storyline quiz templates, today we thought we would share a few that we really enjoy and some tips for their use in your overall course. Lucky for them, many of our templates can be thought of as gamified quizzes. This particular template is made for Articulate Quizmaker, but you can easily import it into Storyline with  these instructions. Doors.

Quiz 48

14 Essential eLearning Templates


If you want to get links to the free templates as we build more, make sure to sign up for the blog here. have this type of template in the #1 spot because every course I develop has an intro screen. Here’s an article that outlines a simple approach to creating scenario templates and includes a few free templates. eLearning Templates Instructional Design Tips Posts blog

Medical Templates Had a Momentous Month

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Medical Templates had another momentous month in October! We decided to add tons of new Medical Templates to the Library that will save you piles of time. With the majority of the new additions being Medical Templates, we added 200+ Medical Cutout People Images and three new Adobe Captivate Course Starter Templates. Adobe Captivate Templates. Medical Templates.

Free Lectora Templates for Lectora Online V2.0

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Want Free Lectora Templates for Lectora Online V2.0? We have 30 Free Lectora Templates ready for Lectora Online V2.0. We also have  126 eLearning Templates for Lectora Online V2.0 But if you’ve never used Lectora Templates before, we’d like to invite you to get a  Free eLearning Templates  account. Free Lectora Templates. Templates.

3 PowerPoint Layout Templates For a Better Look

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tragic story for the ages… Because not all people are graphic design experts, our designers work overtime to bring you the best-looking templates possible. Put your mind at ease and use one of our beautifully-designed PowerPoint layout templates to create something that truly captures the eye. This business template is the perfect combination of class and style.

Blue Collar Captivate Templates

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Today we’re going to take a look at three Captivate templates in our library that demonstrate the value of hard work. This template sets up a back and forth between two workers (portrayed by cutout characters Kaden , left, and Kacy , right), shifting perspectives with a handful of backgrounds appropriate to the setting. Industrial Shop. Gravel Pit. Server Room.

4 Revealing Articulate Storyline Templates

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The click-and-reveal interaction is a tool used frequently throughout eLearning courses and is a very common Articulate Storyline template found in our library. However you choose to do it, we’ve got the templates to reveal your content just the way you want. These four click-and-reveal Storyline templates will give you a sample of how to get it done. Circles Diagram.

Adobe Captivate 8 Templates Are Here!

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We carry Adobe Captivate 8 templates ! We added several templates to our huge library, and we are adding more all the time. If you are an eLearning  Template Library   member already, you’ll see our Captivate templates being  converted to be Captivate 8 compatible. Another feature you’ll see in the Library is we have responsive Captivate templates.

Fill in the Blank with These Captivate Templates

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This week we’d like to take a look at some simple text entry templates available for Adobe Captivate. Click on the image to view the template in the library! The Crisp 1 text entry template opens with instructions to the learner to fill in each tab with one of six steps in a certain process. Click on the image to view the template in the library! Ordered Lists.

Free Lectora Game Template

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Looking for a Free Game Template for Lectora? The Trivia Game Template is one of the most popular games in the Template Library. Team this template up with the power of Lectora and make eLearning awesomeness for your learners. If you want to download this free template, we invite you to get a  Free eLearning Templates  account. Free Lectora Game Template.

[Video] How to Use Adobe Captivate Scenario Templates

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Need to learn how to use Adobe Captivate Scenario Templates? Take a moment to watch this video and increase your knowledge on how to use Adobe Captivate Scenario Templates. The video will cover Scenarios in Captivate blank projects or Adobe Captivate 7 templates only. Unfortunately, this video will not cover the Adobe Captivate Responsive Templates.

Free Adobe Captivate 8 Template Scenario

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We are excited to announce our Free Adobe Captivate 8 Template Scenario. This template comes with, you guessed it, responsive mobile technology. More information to come about responsive templates. The template we are providing for free is perfect for your new Captivate 8 course. Sign up for a free account to get this Free eLearning Template. Stay tuned!).

What Makes an Awesome eLearning Template?

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They were really templates. remember my frustration with this application when I tried to make modifications to the templates. The concept of using templates for eLearning intrigued me though, and I knew I just needed to find a better way to execute them. In this post, I’d like to share some thoughts on what makes an awesome eLearning template. eLearning Templates.

4 Captivate Templates to Improve Your Orientation Course

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With the help of Adobe Captivate 9 and the templates that we have included with the software, you can move some (if not all) of that orientation course online, saving time and resources whenever there is a new hire. Take a look at these four templates as a way to help touch on common points you would touch on in that course. Click on the image to view the template in the library.

Aren’t You Lucky! Over 40 New eLearning Templates

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New eLearning Templates Recently Launched. This month we’ve released over 40 new templates into the wild. Click here to add a Templates Package! Adobe Captivate Templates.  .  .  .  . PowerPoint Templates ( iSpring , Snap, Articulate Presenter , Adobe Presenter ).  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . Not a member?

The 25 Most Popular eLearning Templates of 2015

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Our Template Package is the most popular bundle we offer, providing access to both our eLearning  Template Library and Cutout People. According to our numbers, these are the 25 most popular templates and cutouts of 2015. #25 Linen Captivate Course Starter. This template is also available in a Lectora version. #23 Millionaire Captivate Game. Yarrr, matey! Avast!

Free eLearning Templates for Lectora

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Today we would like to give you Free eLearning Templates for Lectora. This is such a powerful tool that you are going to need awesome templates to boost your creativity and development time. So in this post I am going to show you some of the free eLearning Templates that you can use with Lectora. Before I show of these free templates, remember to sign up for a free account.

How to Import Flash Templates Into Articulate Storyline

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In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to import a Flash Game Templates into Articulate Storyline. First,   go to the eLearning Template Library. If you aren’t a member, but want to see how awesome our templates  work, then become a Free eLearning Templates Library member. . Make your boss or your clients love you with these  Articulate Storyline Templates.

ELearning Brothers Launch Groundbreaking Mobile Templates

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Elearning Brothers now introduces to the eLearning world a full library of games and text document templates for your PDA’s. But these games and text documents aren’t any ordinary template, they can be used across all mobile platforms from 1988-1999. Want some awesome eLearning Templates for reals? Company Culture eLearning Our Favorites Resources Mobile Templates

Freebie Friday: Storyboard Template

Everything E-Learning

We created a free storyboard template that you can use in PowerPoint—or import into Lectora® if that’s how you roll. Download Template. The post Freebie Friday: Storyboard Template appeared first on. When was the last time you made a storyboard? love making storyboards because they align perfectly with my level of drawing skills—arrows and stick figures! Don’t have Lectora yet?

126 eLearning Templates for Lectora Online V2.0

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With that, there are a ton of new eLearning Templates for Lectora Online V2.0 we’d like to show you. Check out the eLearning Templates available for Lectora Online V2.0: More eLearning Templates for Lectora Online V2.0. Check out the newest additions to the Template Library below. Sign up for our  eLearning Template Library  and get tons of eLearning Templates.

Articulate Storyline 2 Templates: A Feast for Your Eyes

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Sometimes we get asked by Storyline users just how many templates we have in our extensive library. To them we say, “We have nearly 200 templates for Articulate Storyline 2 alone, why do you ask?” Through the efforts of our best eggheads, we have devised a vast array of templates that take all guesswork out of designing. ” “Oh, no reason.

Free Lectora Interaction Template

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Take this  Lectora Interaction Template out for spin! This Lectora interaction template features 12 bottom tabs and allows you to show unique content when you click on each tab. You can find this free template in the freebie section of the  eLearning template library. Sign up for a FREE account  to get this game template. Works best in theme templates 948 x 530.

PowerPoint Template: A Friendly Competitive Game for Classroom Training

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If you are looking to add a little fun competition to your classroom training, check out our GameShow PowerPoint Template (and our  eLearning Games ). The GameShow PowerPoint template is one of my favorites because you can buy a “buzz-in” game system that will add a higher level of excitement to any Q&A. Check out our eLearning Template Library of 30,000+ assets.

3 Responsive Lectora Layout Templates

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We’ve recently rolled out three stylin’ new templates for our Lectora library. Click on the image to view the template in the library! Click on the image to view the template in the library! Click on the image to view the template in the library! The post 3 Responsive Lectora Layout Templates appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Argyle. Scratch.

Free Adobe Captivate Template

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We’d like give you a free Adobe Captivate template! This free eLearning template is one of the many new Captivate i nteractions in the Library. And yes, this template is SCORM compliant. . Sign up for a free account to get this Free eLearning Template. Get Free eLearning Templates. View all our Adobe Captivate Templates. Flash and HTML5 output.