How can e-learning companies USA help sales executives? 

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There is so much stress on e-learning for employees now. The employees have to be equipped with new technologies once they join offices after some time because customers’ behavior has changed. The post How can e-learning companies USA help sales executives?

How to measure ROI on Custom e-learning Content Development?

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E-learning has become very popular and by implementing online learning initiatives, organizations can increase accessibility, and motivate loyalty in their most valued team members. Significance of Measuring E-Learning ROI.


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Top E Learning Content Development Companies In India: The Smart Approach To Education.

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The trend of online education has spun the way to learn and gain knowledge. Recently the rise in the demand for e-learning courses in India, significantly during Covid-19 waves, has changed the scenario of academics and professionalism. Upside Learning: .

“Elearning” An Advance Approach: Learn Better With Top E-Learning Content Development Companies In India

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The trend of online education has spun the way to learn and gain knowledge. Recently the rise in the demand for e-learning courses in India, significantly during Covid-19 waves, has changed the scenario of academics and professionalism. Upside Learning: .

Best Practices to Ensure Successful Custom e-Learning Development

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Today e-learning is the most preferred method for training employees. The learning ease and speed provided by the online platforms allow potential learners to grow and learn faster. Plus, analyze the profiles and learning content of your target audience.

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How is elearning useful for small businesses in marketing? 

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E-learning companies USA need to diversify their clients. Hence, they need to focus on small businesses also because e-learning is as critical to their success as much as big businesses. Hence, the employees’ behavior advertises the company better than anybody else.

Is e-learning required in marketing in the post-pandemic era? 

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Hence, the companies are making sure that they stay in sync. This is a wake-up call for the marketing department of companies because they can’t expect to just survive through offline sales now. The Covid-19 has created emergencies for companies.

Elearning companies help with online test proctoring

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For example, if someone assigns a company employee, the task of babysitting, the client must know whether the concerned person is certified or not. When someone has to be tested to check his eligibility for occupation, it’s tough for a company to create an online test.

3 E-Learning Predictions for 2018


I must confess that this year I have been struggling to come up with my predictions for the e-learning industry. Prediction #1: Growth in Micro-Learning Delivery & Reporting. Yes, this is a similar prediction to last year where I predicted innovation in the micro-learning space. The truth is though that micro-learning is just getting started. This is going to be a significant part of e-learning in the years to come.

Prioritize Building Relationships With Your Students

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

You have no idea how powerful developing a strong relationship with your students can be for your e-Learning business. As a result, your student will have a fantastic learning experience. This will in turn improve their learning experience.

What different kinds of branching scenarios are there? 

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E-learning has taken all over the world as the need of the hour once you want to stay in sync with the most updated knowledge. But, preparing for such courses is a challenge for e-learning companies USA.

Want more learner engagement? Add competitive elements of games in your e-learning course

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Sam, the head of an e-learning company, was about to leave for the day when he got a call from Tom, a client. He was reviewing the statistics on learner participation for the e-learning programs deployed in his company in the past six months, and was disappointed to find the programs received poor response from the staff. The company was developing courses as part of an e-learning program for the next six months and he wanted more learner participation.

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Crossing the ILT Bridge to e-Learning


Of courseI reassured her crossing the bridge from ILT to e-Learning would not outsource her job, but make her more of an asset and help her company retain their employees. She must have found value in my statement, wetalked fora bit and I was given an opportunity to share our custom course development and our custom e-Learning solutions with her and her colleagues. All learning should be trending towards an e-Learning platform.

Skillsoft Rolls Out New E-learning Products

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Skillsoft has kicked off 2017 with a new learning platform as well as new content to expand and deepen its engagement of corporate learners. The global e-learning company launched Percipio, a cloud-based content delivery and learning platform and unveiled new business and leadership skills content. Percipio allows learners to track their goals, engage with recommended and popular content and follow designated learning paths, among other features.

Top 8 2019 e-Learning trends


The year 2019 has just started and it is the right time to analyze the trends that will impact the learning industry all year long, especially the e-Learning landscape. Here’s a sneak peak at the top 8 trends that are going to change the e-Learning game this year: 1. Flexible Learning. The improvements in flexible and adaptive learning are extending the limits of what is realizable with learning. Social and Informal Learning.

E-Learning Course Development

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With the wrong expectations or talent, E-Learning course development can easily miss the mark. knows the E-Learning space inside and out across numerous industries. We’re laser-focused on our clients’ needs and consistently make sure E-Learning courses exceed their expectations. Training is structured to change behaviors and improve employees’ performance. All custom E-Learning courses we develop are SCORM and AICC-compliant.

Corporate Gamification: How Businesses Can Engage Workers

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If you want employees to retain what they learn, how can you make sure that happens? Training can be effective depending on the employee’s desire to learn, the instructor, the topic or other factors. Businesses often don’t have a choice because other companies and government agencies require difference forms of compliance training related to everything from respecting other employees to understanding the Family Medical Leave Act. It’s not for every company.

Don’t Believe the Hype. Learning Management Systems Are Alive and Well

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Recently, Carol Leaman wrote an article for this publication in which she proposed that learning management systems are so five years ago. LMSs, the undisputed Goliath of the corporate learning world, are having their lunch eaten by David,” she wrote. Learning leaders are embracing new platforms that are mobile-first, cloud based, drive voluntary learner engagement and incorporate advancements in cognitive science that map knowledge to how learners best acquire it.”.

6 Tips to Select the Right Online Compliance Training Provider

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As the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) of your company, you have a command over the subject, but don’t know how to transfer that knowledge to your employees? Are you thinking of an online training provider that exactly suits your company’s compliance requirements? You have to look for an eLearning company, who can turn your complex compliance subject into instructionally sound, visually appealing and engaging online learning.

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E-Learning Today: High-Tech and High Touch

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The corporate world made e-learning popular in the 2000s, but the concept has been around since the early and mid-20th century thanks to inventions like the teaching machine created by psychologist Sidney L. For Skinner, the in-person classroom experience was flawed; students learn at different rates, and they need reinforcement, which can be hard to provide on an individual basis. Whatever the reason, this scenario doesn’t bode well for the learning department.

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Five Reasons You Can’t Ignore Gamification

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Learning leaders have found that integrating gaming elements into development offerings can increase productivity, employee engagement and retention, and promote innovation. There may just be whispers about it in the workplace now, but if learning leaders haven’t heard much about gamification yet, they will soon. Learning leaders who have made the jump are motivated by different things. Gamification emphasizes learning and development.

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How to Design Programs Around Outcomes, Unlock Flipped Classrooms, and More with Course Launcher Ellen Martin


There are three major types of courses: learn a process, change a behavior, and a resource course. To learn more about Ellen Martin be sure to head to If we don’t want to learn it, it’s really hard to get us to complete something. It’s just called lifelong learning. They want to learn something. You want to take a course on cooking, or how to learn a musical instrument, or become an entrepreneur?