See What’s New In Version 2.4!


Today we are happy to let you know that LearnDash Version 2.4 So without further ado, let’s get to some of the new features you can expect in this version! Version 2.4 So many of you have requested this and we are excited to let you know that in version 2.4 This enhancement has been in progress for quite some time and in version 2.4 If you don’t see this from your admin dashboard, please reference this support article for some guidance on updating.

eFrontPro got talent: version 4.4 released with major new features


allows instructors to add rich interactive content , mini-apps, videos , presentations, games and more to their courses, that they can either create themselves from scratch or download and adapt from the community shared projects at These include: • Content versioning. As far as minor features go, this one is a biggie: past versions of a unit are saved and can be retrieved for future reference, allowing you to keep a history of your unit edits and changes.


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The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Learning

Adobe Captivate

Another advanced version of Intelligent Tutoring Systems is avatar-based training modules which were developed by the University of Southern California to train military personnel being sent on international posts. Content analytics refers to AI (specifically machine learning) platforms that optimize learning modules. Blog eLearning eLearning Community Artificial Intelligence blog custom eLearning content development elearning community

Lesson I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player | LearnNuggets


Some refer to it as the Articulate Presenter Community Player while others refer to it as a Skin. Of the thousands of on-line tutorials I’ve read in my day, I always find myself wandering off in search of a term or an explanation to a topic the author referred to in the tutorial. Hence, the main tool for building a Custom Community Player is Flash. The ActionScript for the player is written in version 2.0 so any version of Flash back to MX 2004 (v.8)

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

to give back to the community. need to create multiple versions of. team members to reference each. Developing a. Results-Driven. Curriculum. 3C O N T E N T S Contents Introduction PA G E 4 Five Steps to a. Results-Driven. Curriculum. PA G E 5 1 Create a project. charter.

Knowledge Acquisition? Skill Develop? Go COP

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I bring all of this up, because in the L&D and Training communities too many people follow a routine when it comes to learning and training. Synchronous-based learning is what I am referring to here. COPs – Communities of Practice. A Community is best when?

8 reasons for using HTML5 for authoring eLearning course

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The advantages of using HTML5 In eLearningcourses are numerous and have been enumerated below for your ready reference. Support for HTML5 courses is extended by all browsers including latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer by Microsoft, iPhone or Apple devices’ Safari etc. Blog eLearning eLearning Community "Elearning authoring tools" blog elearning authoring elearning community eLearning course html 5 html5 authoring tool

eLearning Trends In 2019: How To Use Them To Enhance Your Learning Strategy

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Learners have the flexibility to opt for the recommended learning path or configure their own version. Big Data refers to voluminous data that is aggregated from various sources (typically, LMS, LCMS, learning portals, and surveys/polling or assessments in the context of eLearning). Big Data-reporting and analytics refers to the methodology to present the data in formats that are actionable.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Online Portfolios

Learning Visions

Thursday, August 02, 2007 Online Portfolios Jennifer Madrell shows us a great example of an online portofolio , which she calls a "svelte and sparkly version of this blog - that is a requirement and capstone project at Indiana University." Shes included samples of wikis and courses she has created, links to podcasts, references and her resume. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

Adobe Captivate (2017 Release) : Smart, Fast & Incredibly Flexible

Adobe Captivate

You can even create your own additional device sizes and add them to the list for quick and easy reference to whatever kind of devices you are using. If you are not yet a subscriber, consider subscribing to the service – at @$29.99/mo US, its a great way to get the updates – even a full version update like this one at no additional expense. Adobe Captivate Draft Blog Community Documentation eLearning this week Extending Captivate FAQ Home Page How do I.

SmartUp Platform Facelift and Release of the Assessments Feature


With the Assessments feature, community administrators will now be able to create structured assessments to test the learner’s knowledge. A free trial of the Assessments feature is available in all communities.

Go Beyond Boring: Creating Scenario-based Learning That Engages Participants (Podcast)

Experiencing eLearning

Since the TLDC community has several D&D players, this version of the presentation has some references and examples related to D&D. In this presentation, I discussed why scenario-based learning engages participants.

7 Must-See Corporate Induction And Onboarding Training Examples Featuring Strategies That Work

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In this article, I am highlighting the strategy used to create the online versions. Allowed the integration of various learning elements such as videos, PPT decks, PDF documents, and other reference materials. Blog eLearning eLearning Community blog Corporate Training elearning community Elearning Content gamification microlearning

Free e-Learning books


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 11/14/2010 Free e-Learning books Since I am a great fun of open source software ( Open Source Authoring Tools for e-Learning , Free and Open Source Web Conferencing Tools for e-Learning ) and active member of online communities I created the following list with free e-Learning books. => Hi Mitesh, the blog post refers to Free e-Learning books.

How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (3)

Jay Cross

Activity stream – for monitoring the organization pulse in real time, sharing what you’re doing, being referred to useful information, asking for help, accelerating the flow of news and information, and keeping up with change. Wikis or notes – for writing collaboratively, eliminating multiple versions of documents, sharing information with a relevant group, eliminating unnecessary email, and sharing responsibility for updates and error correction. Third post in a series.

Making the future of education

Learning with 'e's

A lot of institutions are adopting versions of this method, and are employing technology, particularly video and online content to achieve it. Alternatively referred to as hackerspaces or hacklabs, makerspaces are based on the principles of peer learning and knowledge sharing. People teach each other by passing on their knowledge, and learn within their community of practice, focusing on their specialisms.

Developer Marketers, Here’s How You Can Request a Raise


It improves the developer community’s ongoing usage to preserve the long-term growth and success of your product. It also helps your developer community become more educated with your product, API, and marketplace. Community.

5 Creative Ways to Market Your eLearning on a Budget

Association eLearning

Simply reward members for completing desirable actions such as completing a course, retweeting a link to your course catalog, referring a friend, you get the idea! Simple, create an alternate version of your course that includes just a quick taste of your content. You’ve spent months, perhaps years even, curating content and working with subject matter experts to perfect your association’s new eLearning offerings, and it’s finally time to launch your course(s)! Congratulations!

Market 138

Adobe Captivate 2017 release-In Product Project

Adobe Captivate

In the 2017 release of Adobe Captivate, Fluid Boxes, Auto-migrate from non-mobile to mobile, and Adobe Typekit integration are the features which are being used extensively by the community. When you download the trial version of Adobe Captivate, you get access to projects and resources, one of these is the Adobe Captivate (2017 Release) training project which makes use of all the above features. It can also be referred to as a tutorial for this release.

eCombat: Lessons from the Interactive Battlefields of Afghanistan

Vignettes Learning

According to the writer, this upgraded version is far better than previous Army digitized books. The book version of the Vanguard of Valor is free and can be downloaded from iTunes. Historicity Element: Incorporate prior experiences and stories of members, explicitly share the culture and values of the virtual community and make public the history of the community. Our Belief. At Vignettes Learning we use stories in eLearning; however, we make them interactive.

How to Easily Create Powerful Customer Education

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Including creating expert communities. In many cases, you may have several versions available for the different knowledge levels of your customers. As well live webinars can also help you develop a sense of community among users. Customer Education In An Online Community.

Worried About Course Security? Start With Your Website.


Make sure your web host is following secure practices, such as keeping their software, hardware, and PHP version up to date. More sophisticated versions of this attack can add form fields or CTA prompts to your website encouraging learners to give away personal information.

Articulate Storyline – 9 Practical Ways To Make A Great Course Within Your Budget

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Very active online community. These include, Managing Cognitive Load: Cognitive load refers to the number of working memory resources a person is using. Take Advantage Of The Articulate Storyline Community And Field Of Experts.

Adobe Captivate 2017 release-In Product Project

Adobe Captivate

In the 2017 release of Adobe Captivate, Fluid Boxes, Auto-migrate from non-mobile to mobile, and Adobe Typekit integration are the features which are being used extensively by the community. When you download the trial version of Adobe Captivate, you get access to projects and resources, one of these is the Adobe Captivate (2017 Release) training project which makes use of all the above features. It can also be referred to as a tutorial for this release.

Want to Adopt an Accessibility Mindset? 5 Resources To Inspire Self-Learning


According to disability rights activist and writer Emily Ladau, none of these words are necessarily appropriate to use when referring to someone who uses a wheelchair or has a physical disability, but they are all words she has heard used to describe her.

The Web from 1.0 to 4.0


Although experts do not all agree on the distinction between these different phases of the Web, here are the most common versions, which, without being exhaustive, should help you better understand the evolution of this tool that is now an integral part of our lives.

Web 74

International Yoga Day

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Most of us identify Yoga with fitness today, even though Yoga refers to a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines. Since Surya Namaskar is typically the exercise with which you start your day, I would like to introduce this as the “Hello World” version of my first project. Through the coming weeks, I will share refined versions of this project, as it evolves. Many nations have started celebrating June 21 st as the International Yoga Day.

Sun 46

Top 100 Learning Systems 2021-22

eLearning 24-7

That is what I refer to it as, you can refer to it as whatever you wish (hopefully – nice). A TXP who continues to refer to themselves externally as an LXP? A PDF version with links will be available in a few weeks. The List.

How E-learning for Health Changed After Covid-19

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Similarly, different language versions are common to include. For example, in marketing the course to internal staff, partners, and the broader community. For example, different versions could be created for patients, employees, or family members.

Change 169

10 Best eLearning Authoring Tools


No, they are two terms used to refer to more or less the same product. Update legacy content to a modern version. For example, when you create a master version of an image, you should be able to optimize it so that it appears flawlessly on different screens.

Price of Real Learning going from $2.99 to $6.99

Jay Cross

The price of the pdf version of Real Learning will increase from $2.99 Book Reference Page. Participating in a community of practice. Softcover and e-pub versions will be released next month. to $6.99 on October 25th, a week from today. Buy enough for your team now. At $2.99 a pop, you could issue a wake-up call to everyone on your floor for a few hundred bucks. Buy Real Learning here. Table of Contents Bibliography.

PDF 48

Announcing the end-of-life for eFront 3.6 branch, including eFront Open-Source


References, downloads and support material for the open-source edition will be transferred to a new web-site during the next couple of weeks. At this moment we do not have any plans to offer an Open-Source version based on eFrontPro core. Open-Source is not about the license, it’s about the community that is created around a project. It is with a certain sadness that we announce that we shall stop further development for the 3.6

Top 10 Quiz Makers for Teachers and Educators

DigitalChalk eLearning

Some HTML5 quiz makers are built in order to develop online content and may even grade the questions for you, whilst others generate a printable version. Formatting quite bland on the free version. Paid versions come as either ‘Plus’ or ‘Premium’. Plus offers: Automatically generates alternative versions to reduce cheating. The paid version is by far the quiz maker with the greatest variety and freedom in all aspects. The free trial version is 30 days only.

Quiz 70

Docebo’s Mobile App Makes Learning Better


Docebo has some big news that we’re incredibly excited to announce: the latest version of our mobile app is here. He watches it, adding a few notes for all technicians to reference if they ever encounter the problem. The video, edit and curation, and Q&A thread is published to the new ‘Antenna101’ channel in Docebo (and Go.Learn), becoming a valuable asset for the entire technician community within the organization.

Docebo 143

EdCast vs Degreed vs Fuse – The Analysis

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UI – The term refers to user interface which is not a new term, but as it relates to NexGen Expands the capabilities, every vendor will tell you they have a modern UI, the latest capabilities with UI in T4, will explicitly tell you, how true that statement really is. Where do you start?

Introducing the eFrontPro Plugin Guide


The new version of the eFrontPro manual includes information on all the new functionality, several technical how-to guides, answers to common questions, a theme creating tutorial, and, last but not least, a plugin guide. Creative users often make their plugins available to the community for free. The Plugin Guide also informs prospective plugin authors of the best practices and troubleshooting tips, and contains an API reference.

Guide 73



You can also create internal communities of practice around skill sets that need continual attention or specific projects or tasks. The network these communities of practice create can extend far beyond the initial intent of the group and build strong connections among your team.

Online Course Ideas That Inspires You to Create and Teach


Online course Trend 2- Community based curriculum. A sense of community is extremely significant to new learners in an online classroom environment. Creating a group, preferably a Facebook group for learners who enrolls in the course, can make a really wonderful community. .

Ideas 66

How to revamp your sales training and close more business


Allowing your subject matter experts (SME’s) to quickly answer questions and provide feedback to sales reps who are more junior is a great way to build community and replicate success from the best there is.

Sales 214

#SHRMI14 - Post 1: Ashok Alexander – Leadership Lessons from the Field

ID Reflections

At the SHRMI 14 session, he narrated his foray into the community of sex-workers and the third India this showed him—an India where stark and despairing poverty drove women to sell their bodies not once but multiple times each day, where young boys suffering from AIDS knew and accepted imminent death, where violence was the norm. This world shattered all his known frames of reference and his prior assumptions. Here is a version of the talk on You Tube.