Get the Most Out of Your DevLearn Conference Experience

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In just less than a month, learning professionals from hither and yon will flock to Las Vegas November 16 – 18 to attend this year’s DevLearn Conference. Before you arrive at DevLearn 2016: Find fellow attendees online. Check out which companies will have booths at DevLearn 2016.

Reflections on DevLearn 2014

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Having returned from my first ever DevLearn, it seemed appropriate to capture some rambling reflections and share them. As with any large conference there are some ups and downs, and for those of you considering attending a DevLearn in the future, here are a few of my main take-aways (and pieces of advice for the future). Twitter and my PLN made it a much less intimidating affair than if I went “cold”. There’s a lot of other summary posts on DevLearn out there: [link].

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Demoing Out Loud (#wolweek and #DevLearn)

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There’s an official site for Work Out Loud week: , and a twitter account: @Wolweek , and the hashtag #wolweek , so lots of ways to see what’s up. Second, if you’ll be at DevLearn next week, I’ll be demoing the resulting course at the DemoFest (table 84). The post Demoing Out Loud (#wolweek and #DevLearn) appeared first on Learnlets. Demoing is a form of working out loud, right?

How Twitter Changed the eLearning Community with Conversations

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As I was thinking about it I began to remember other Twitter tools like the open source TwitterCamp we used at live events to display the twitter stream. In the beginning You can find out more about the start of twitter by just Googling it. Twitter launched in 2006.

Inspiration at DevLearn 2014: From Andrea May (Dashe & Thomson)

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In this next segment of the DevLearn 2014 reflections – Learning Rebel, Andrea May of Dashe & Thomson, gives us a great peek inside her world of being a first time DevLearn attendee. You can find Andrea on twitter: .

DevLearn 2014 – It’s a Wrap (and it’s all about community): Featuring Meg Bertapelle

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This is the perfect round up of our DevLearn series. Last week #chat2LRN hosted a twitter chat based on the DevLearn/ Personal Learning Network experience. So today you are not only getting Meg’s view of the PLN experience but those of an entire twitter crowd!

Twitter Conference Ideas

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Twitter has become a pretty great tool to help with socializing at conferences. Here are a few of the things we've been doing Twitter as Social Chat At both DevLearn and TechKnowledge , we created a hashtag and created a specific Twitter account that was the hub.

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The 2015 #DevLearn Backchannel: Curated Resources

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This post curates resources shared via the backchannel of the 2015 DevLearn Conference and Expo being held September 30 to October 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Official 2015 DevLearn Resources. My #DevLearn 2015 session schedule by JD Dillon.

17 Awesome Resources on Micro Learning


Schone and John Polaschek at DevLearn 2009) discusses how Yammer was shortlisted and implemented at Qualcomm for encouraging micro learning within the corporate environment. THE QUOTE: “ I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ”- Winston Churchill.

DevLearn Day 2

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Back for another exciting review of DevLearn’s Expo. For example, there were several vendors making their debut – as in their solution – at DevLearn. Anyway, without further adieu – I name my DevLearn Product of the Show (drum roll or finger snaps please). If you are going to make your debut in the United States (their HQ is in Moscow, RU) at DevLearn no less, then show the product. That’s it from DevLearn.

Coming to Devlearn 2015?


Coming to DevLearn 2015? More than the average Twitter chat, #lrnchat's fun and spirit of community spans time and space. I'll be there with 2 new sessions and a refreshed visit to a fun one from last year. Some has involved extensive new research.

BLP Teases Knowledge Guru Fall Release at DevLearn

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For us at BLP , that means it’s DevLearn season. DevLearn is the premier learning conference for emerging trends and technology. Our team has attended DevLearn for years to learn about the latest, greatest learning solutions before they “hit the shelves” for most of our clients.

Learning Rebel Yell for DevLearn Technology: Tom Spiglanin

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What were his thoughts about the technology side of DevLearn. As displayed in the SnapGuide piece I put together immediately afterward the conference (Journey Through DevLearn) There was an app for that!

For the Love of Learning

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I have just returned from the DevLearn 2014 conference in Las Vegas. So let’s talk about why DevLearn was the place to be this Halloween. Neil Tyson Degrasse – DevLearn Las Vegas 2014. DevLearn EXPO Hall, Las Vegas 2014. DevLearn Las Vegas 2014.

People: The Real Value of DevLearn

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Next up on our Learning Rebel tour of DevLearn 2014 – Laura Payette. You can find Laura on twitter, where she is a great supporter of new ideas and innovations, always on hand to offer up great thoughts and ideas. That’s exactly what DevLearn offers.

Social and Learned Helplessness in Learning

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What I gathered from DevLearn Tweets during Neil deGrasse Tyson’s keynote was that he spoke in part that kids are born scientists, but we beat it out of them. Places like Twitter or Yammer rather than the water cooler or lunch with colleagues (although it could apply there also). Learning Social DevLearn Learned Helplessness Learned Helplessness of Learning Motivation Neil deGrasse Tyson Social Learning Twitter Yammer

Devlearn conference day 2: curation

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Steven calls this ‘curation’ and told us that by publishing (like this blog or a twitter feed) we are all curating information. For us DevLearn is a huge success and we will be back next year at the expo.Yesterday was the last day of the expo so I will have some time to attend sessions today. devlearn Adaptive learning ANewSpring e-Learning EasyGenerator eLearning guildI started with a morning buzz session with Jay Cross.

Vegas, Baby! Stop by the TechSmith Booth at DevLearn 2014

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Are you headed to DevLearn? Find us on Twitter or come to booth #323. Stop by the TechSmith Booth at DevLearn 2014 appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. A few TechSmithies are heading that way and we’d love to see you! Our goals for the trip: Meet-up with old and new friends. We’re excited to hear your feedback! Learn all we can about what’s new in the Training world. Hear about the exciting things you’re working on.

Collaborative learning using Captivate and Twitter

Adobe Captivate

captivate , twitter , collaborative learning , adobe learning summit , devlearn. I’ve finally managed make a decent recording of my session at the Adobe Learning Summit.

I'm Presenting at #DevLearn

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I am very excited to be presenting at the eLearning Guild''s DevLearn Conference this October. If you cannot attend, keep an eye on their Twitter hashtag, #DevLearn , which is a fantastic conference backchannel. Characters DevLearn e-Learning Guild ISD

DevLearn 10 Finale

Jay Cross

DevLearn is my favorite U.S. DevLearn ended on a high note: Richard Culatta, Cammy Bean, Aaron Silvers, Ellen Wagner, and Gina Schreck in serial Pecha Kucha. Jane : don’t let the boss loose with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and a Smart Phone. Slides from DevLearn 10.

Students Are Smarter Than Your Old eLearning Design

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A simple, and regular, search of the term "eLearning" on Twitter reveals an overwhelming portion of NEGATIVE tweets about eLearning experiences. DevLearn 2012 Conference and Expo - ARIA Resort, Las Vegas, NV - Oct.31st-Nov.2nd. Training devlearn ISD learning instructional design twitter elearningWant to know what regular people think of eLearning?

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My #DevLearn Presentation - Be Concise: Designing for On-the-go Learners

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Next week I will be presenting at eLearning Guild’s DevLearn Conference. Be Concise:Designing for On-the-go Learners Also, Thursday night will be the live #Lrnchat (an online Twitter chat), which is always a blast. lrnchat DevLearn ISD

Brent Schlenker Says Good Bye to Litmos!

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I remember meeting the Litmos founders via twitter back when they launched. And seeing them exhibit for the first time while I was Program Director for DevLearn was aThe Big Idea Today Litmos is announcing that I am no longer working as their Chief Learning Strategist. We still plan to work together in the future, but currently have no specific plans to announce. A Quick Look Back.

DevLearn 2013 Wrap Up #devlearn

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Wrapping up a few days in Las Vegas for this year's eLearning Guild DevLearn 2012 conference. Great format as we pulled Jeannette in from Skype and Jane on Twitter. I could NOT miss Halloween with my kids, so flew in Thursday afternoon. So I missed a lot, but still had enough time to talk my head off and soak in a lot of elearning goodness.

The 2016 #DevLearn Conference & Expo Backchannel

David Kelly

This post curates resources shared via the backchannel of the 2016 DevLearn Conference & Expo being held November 16 – 18 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Official 2016 DevLearn Resources. Access the up-to-date DevLearn backchannel [Twitter: #DevLearn].

Using Twitter at DevLearn

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My eyes were very much opened to Twitter at the last eLearning Guild conference. About 15 of us used Twitter to… Keep in touch with other conference attendees, co-workers, and friends, Tell others about good and bad conference sessions (ex. I’m betting there will be tons more Twitter activity at DevLearn coming up in a few weeks. If so, please add a comment and share your Twitter name!

eLearning Cyclops: Heading to #DevLearn

eLearning Cyclops

Heading to #DevLearn. I am very excited to be heading out to the DevLearn Conference and Expo this week. This is my first visit to the conference, but I have known of its reputation as a fantastic conference and enviously followed last years back channel on Twitter. If you do not already know, the conference hash tag is #DevLearn. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. High on my list is blogging about DevLearn and also deconstructing my DemoFest course.

Opening Keynote with David Pogue #DevLearn

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These are my live blogged notes from the opening session at this year's DevLearn, hosted by the eLearning Guild and happening in Las Vegas. Everything has to be real-time like Twitter, FB messaging. Average age on Twitter is 35.

Learning Reflections (part one) – The Ups and Downs of DevLearn: Holly MacDonald

Learning Rebels

I hear from you often through twitter, through this site and through email. I’m happy to announce there are a few Rebels who are wanting to do the same for DevLearn. Having returned from my first ever DevLearn, it seemed appropriate to capture some rambling reflections and share them.

Gearing Up For xAPI Camp – Amazon


We have a couple people planning big projects at this camp and we’ll carry over their progress to the next camp at DevLearn to see where there was success, failure, and learning. Our next camp will be co-located with DevLearn on 9/29. If you can’t make either of these next two camps, hashtag it up on Twitter #xAPIcamp.

#DevLearn Keynote with Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson

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These are my live blogged notes from the opening keynote at DevLearn 14, happening this week in Las Vegas. Tyson has 4 million twitter followers. Forgive any incoherencies or typos. Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson -- Science Literacy and the Future of Work Children are born scientists.

Twitter Captivate Integration

Tony Karrer

I particularly cited a DevLearn demo of twitter being embedded inside Captivate as the basis of a social learning experience. They’ve posted on the Adobe Captivate blog - Collaborative learning using Captivate and Twitter. The basic idea is that students will be able to have a social learning experience utilizing twitter as a messaging systems within a Captivate course. I mentioned in my post 2009 Predictions How Did I Do?