4 Micro-Learning Trends to Watch in 2019


Micro-learning is no longer a trend—it’s a permanent e-learning development. It seems like micro-learning has been topping trend charts for years. To my mind, micro-learning has proven that it’s here to stay, and that moves it from a “trend” to a full-blown industry powerhouse, complete with its own trends. If you’re not already finding ways to use micro-learning in your course content, now’s the time to give it serious consideration.

The Myth of Micro-Learning

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There’s no question that micro-learning components can offer effective learning preparation or reinforcement. However, here are four situations where you should explore more robust learning solutions. Click here to read full version


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What is Micro-learning?


Micro-learning is learning presented as short and focused nuggets of content. Micro-learning presents only as much content as required for learners to achieve a specific learning outcome. With today’s workforce comprising of Generation Z and millennials, it is particularly valuable in corporate learning. Micro-learning solves learning problems that plague today’s workforce. Benefits offered by micro-learning.

Learning Technology: How it can support workers to deliver results


Learning and development’s future is set to be impacted by three key factors. . Meanwhile, new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, are expected to increase labor productivity by 40% , representing a clear indication that the need for skills development in those areas is paramount to enabling these new workers to do their jobs properly, while equipping them with the knowledge they need to adapt to change as those technologies continue to evolve. .

How to design micro-learning content in 4 easy steps


Micro-learning caters to this reality and helps in planning out content to be delivered in the most effective manner. ( 5 reasons why micro-learning is perfect for today’s workforce ). So how does one design micro-learning content? Using the Criticality Analysis – a 4-step approach inspired from the INCITE Micro-learning Framework. Remember, micro-learning is about bite-sized content, and that is where the collation focus should be.

How to design a micro-learning system for your organisation in 6 easy steps


Designing a learning system for any organisation is a critical task. Not to forget, coordinating and collaborating with different entities like Learning Consultant, Human Resources, IT and so on. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting … The INCITE Micro-learning Framework – a step-by-step framework to help you design a Micro-Learning system for any organisation’s training need. Understanding the objective of the micro-learning system.

Your Learning Technologies 2020 to do list

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If you’ve been to an event like Learning Technologies before you’ll know it’s easy to get caught up in the magical land of freebies and bright lights, but forget what you’re actually there for. Here are 4 things you need to add to your Learning Technologies to do list: 1. The Learning Experience Platform, or LXP, has risen rapidly as the technology of choice to ‘keep up’ with the ever-evolving skills landscape.

5 Situations Where Micro-Learning Can Help Pharma Sales Reps

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Micro-learning is the preferred choice when it comes to training sales reps in the pharmaceutical sector as it provides positive results and better ROI for sales training. Micro-learning modules are the ideal solution for training on-the-go pharma sales reps. Our pharma sales rep, Jack, encounters many situations in his job where micro-learning has helped. Micro-learning modules helped him know about the topics and evaluate his content knowledge.

Navigating Next Generation Learning Technology


A single, integrated, all-in-one technology ecosystem may work for some organizations sometimes, but it won’t work for everyone all the time. Learning is already too fragmented, and it’s only getting more diverse and complex as new ways to learn like video, chatbots and augmented reality become mainstream. Diverse : They provide a diverse mix of macro-learning (like live and online courses) and micro-learning (like articles, videos, and search).

4 ways to market your learning using games


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Designing Micro-learning Modules – A Few Lessons from Hollywood

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Many e-learning designers believe the short spans of micro-learning modules are the panacea for all learner engagement issues. While it is true that learners are more engaged with short courses, online course designers need to focus on certain other aspects such as an interesting beginning, visuals, audio effects, narrative, and the use of technology. This post lists 5 Hollywood blockbusters that e-learning designers can draw inspiration from.

7 Tips for Employee Learning and Development: Expert Tips on How to Train Your Employees


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[FREE WEBINAR] 2019 learning technologies: what’s hot and what’s not?


How are your plans for learning technologies in 2019 looking? Will artificial intelligence top the charts this year as the hottest technology in L&D or is that all buzz? Has adaptive or personalized learning finally peaked out and become part of our standard L&D strategy?

10 hot topic talks at Learning Technologies 2016

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Learning Technologies 2016 is just around the corner, and Europe’s leading L&D exhibition and conference is bigger than ever. Hear what Donald Taylor, chair of the Learning Technologies conference, John Curran, Chairman of the Elearning Network and Laura Overton, Managing Director of Towards Maturity think are the next big thing, and find out where you can discover more about each hot topic. Multi-device learning One of the topics discussed at length in the.

[FREE WEBINAR] 2019 learning technologies: what’s hot and what’s not?


How are your plans for learning technologies in 2019 looking? Will artificial intelligence top the charts this year as the hottest technology in L&D or is that all buzz? Has adaptive or personalized learning finally peaked out and become part of our standard L&D strategy? The survey asks respondents from all around the world to choose the hottest technology from the following list: Virtual and augmented reality. VideoCollaborative/social learning.

6 must have apps for every HR professional


Corporate Learning Best Practices e-Learning Employee-Training L&D professionals Micro-learning Mobile Learning Press QuoDeck Social Learning Trends best practices HR learning technology LMS m-learning millennials Mobileapps trainingOne of the most crucial functions in any organization is the Human Resources.

Big Benefits in Small Packages: The Neuroscience of MicroLearning


Are your stakeholders demanding “micro-learning,” without necessarily understanding whether or not this solution is right for your learning audience? Are you struggling with the question “Just how long should micro-learning take?” ” If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, come to Big Benefits in Small Packages: The Neuroscience of Micro-Learning to find the answers.

5 ways to leverage AR and VR for training your employees


In fact, according to STRIVR , learning retention rates with AR/VR can be as high as 75 percent as compared to just 10 percent retention rate through reading or lecture. For you, it means your employees will be ready to get started with their work right from the first day since their learning curve will reduce greatly. With AR/VR technology, your employees can understand these case studies in a more interactive way, as they will be able to see those examples in action.

5 reasons to leverage mobile for performance support


These five moments of need are- for first-time learning,for in-depth knowledge,for recall and application,for solving problems and for changing according to upgrades. The usage of videos and other multimedia devices in eLearning and m-learning are constantly rising.


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I was building an interest and understanding of my role (learning technologist), my work place, and the kind of ‘things’ I needed to understand. I would not have produced, managed, edited and published four books , nor would I have gained the peer-reviewed CMALT qualification, the invitation to be a trustee for the Learn Appeal charity , or the various accolades I’ve collected over the years. Conversations are powerful learning opportunities.

Visiting Learning Technologies? Here’s what you can expect from Unicorn this week…

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Learning Technologies returns to Kensington Olympia across Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd February – bringing together over 7000 visitors all keen to get their hands on the latest in education tech. From tomorrow, we’ll be joining over 200 of our contemporaries from across the learning industry as we exhibit at this year’s show. What are the implications for e-learning design? Where are you in the Learning Ecosphere?Mark

How Long is too Short? Determining the Ideal Duration for Bite-Sized Learning

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trademarked the term ‘Microlearning’ the L&D industry has been using different terms like ‘bite-sized learning’, ‘just-in-time learning’, and ‘learning nuggets’. In this blog post, we examine results of some popular surveys and insights from industry-leaders to determine the ideal length of bite-sized learning. Snackable Learning. Snackable Learning’ is one more term coined as a substitute for microlearning. Two Distinct Bite-Sized Learning Capsules.

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Developing Online Microlearning Modules for Sales Training: A 6 Step Process

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The tiny attention spans of this new age learners is compelling organizations to come up with micro-learning modules. In this post, we will look at the 6 step process to create good bite-sized online learning courses for training your sales reps. Is the online learning nugget being developed to help them handle customer objections? Once you are clear about the purpose of developing the micro-learning course, you need to collect all the relevant learning material.

4 Basic LMS Technical Integration Concepts You Need to Know


Part of choosing the right Learning Management System for your organization is understanding the LMS technical integration requirements. Technology integrations are just as important as the learning content itself when it comes to a successful launch of a new LMS. Remember, a successful LMS isn’t only about the content and the features , the integration is crucial for reaching learning objectives too.

4 Basic LMS Technical Integration Concepts You Need to Know


Part of choosing the right Learning Management System for your organization is understanding the LMS technical integration requirements. Technology integrations are just as important as the learning content itself when it comes to a successful launch of a new LMS. Remember, a successful LMS isn’t only about the content and the features , the integration is crucial for reaching learning objectives too.

15 ways a successful LMS for onboarding can ramp velocity for your organization ???


You may not realize it, but your learning management system’s (LMS) onboarding program is pivotal for building trust and establishing a strong report with new employees. Accommodate multiple learning audiences with specific training . Initiate learning paths.

Are Short Product Knowledge Learning Modules The Need Of The Hour?

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If you are anywhere close to using short learning modules for training your Gen Y sales force, you are on the right track and need not worry. Short learning modules or Microlearning modules are 5 to 10 minute standalone modules each targeting a single or at the maximum, two learning objectives. These short learning modules deal with one learning objective at a time, thereby avoiding cognitive overload on the sales reps. Go with short learning modules!

Why Just-in-time Learning is the Talk of the Town

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The advent of just-in-time learning in the training arena has thrown the doors wide open for your training delivery. Just-in-time learning, also known as Microlearning, is a learning technology that imparts learning in small learning units. Why just-in-time learning helps. These small learning units satisfy their training needs by giving them not the whole, but bites they can easily digest. Happy training with just-in time learning!

Use Small Learning Units for Big Impact

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In such a situation, asking employees to go through hour-long e-learning courses is not a good idea. Enter micro-learning, essentially small learning units that deliver learning in bite-sized pieces. ” Small learning units are acceptable to learners and organizations can achieve their training targets by delivering micro-learning modules to receptive employees. Small learning units: Suit the millennial workforce.

Five Interactive Learning Trends That Could Be the Game Changer This Year


The learning technology adoption rate has been growing steadily over the last few years. Better, newer technologies and devices have come to the limelight, and people have welcomed them with an open mind. All this is facilitated by new technologies and trends making their way into mainstream. Micro-Learning Micro-learning is already mainstream. With increased smart-phone usage, the demand for micro-learning will only increase in 2018.

We’ve Entered a New Generation of Enterprise Learning


Technology continues to evolve and enhance enterprise learning activities – what’s next for L&D? In just the past few years, learning technology has evolved from a simple LMS, designed to house and manage learning content, to cloud-based systems that offered new functionalities designed to bring organizations closer together, no matter their location, and deliver stronger security functionalities. . 2: They want more control over their learning journey .

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Moving on up

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Here are a few thoughts and articles I’ve read and/or talked about: Foldable phones … will these have the same hype afforded to curved TVs, and eventually be seen for what they are: technologically advanced, but actually pretty useless ? Is there a correlation between learning design and student wellbeing ? Reading Lorna Campbell’s post learning to love your blog , which led me to revisit an old idea, and.

How to Add Depth to Micro-Ideas

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What pushes the popularity of micro, small bites learning or learning by snippets and drips? In the words of Dr. Minimol Anil Job and Dr. Habil Slade Ogalo in the article "Micro-Learning As Innovative Process of Knowledge Strategy," published in the International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research , "Current technological, economic and social changes trigger the need for new concepts and strategies to support lifelong learning.

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e-Learning technologies help in training ROI measurement

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Why don't we have an innovation using e-Learning, rapid e-Learning, Web 2.0 technologies and other technologies to measure training ROI? Over the past few months I have been involved in a small study on: "How to help learners apply what they learn from training and conferences." I wondered: Can we not use new e-Learning technologies to solve this problem? This is what I learned: 1.

ROI 40

The Future of Mobile in L&D

Growth Engineering

The future of mobile learning is sure to change the face of L&D. This means that the learning assets will remain more relevant since the learners are constantly updating them. But how will mobile technology affect your training initiatives? In fact, we’ll begin to see the hidden 90% of informal learning coming to the fore. Learning gets more Personalised. Wearable Learning. As technology evolves, it keeps getting smaller and smaller.

How many slides can I have in my Interactive Deck?


There is no limit as such on the number of slides that can be created within a single deck, but as per micro learning principles we recommend to have about 30 to 40 slides in a deck. This is the number we have experienced our learners find most comfortable for consuming the learning content. e-Learning Mobile Learning Q & A QuoDeck QuoDeck Creator Queries QuoDeck Learner Queries #QuoDeck elearning Learning management systems learning technology

Sahana Chattopadhyay – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


ABOUT SAHANA CHATTOPADHYAY (Social Learning & Collaboration Strategist, Performance Consultant Exploring Emergent Learning, Blogger). Sahana Chattopadhyay is a performance consultant and an L&D professional with 15 years of experience in the field of academia and organizational learning. Her passion is to help organizations become learning organizations through social and collaborative learning. Technology is merely an amplifier and enabler.