4 Best Practices for Keeping an Organized eLearning Video Library

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I’m not talking about your closet; I’m talking about your video library. But it got me thinking… you need to keep these same ideas in mind as you build and organize your eLearning Library. This same idea works with your eLearning library too – keep only what you’re going to use now and discard the content that’s only taking up space. The best eLearning libraries provide content “just as needed.” It’s March!

eLearning Stock Library Tour

eLearning Brothers

I’m sure you have heard, we added an eLearning Stock Asset Library to our offering. One of the most impressive things about the Stock Library license is that these assets are royalty-free. Watch the video below for a quick tour of the search features, and see how to get started using the Stock Library in your next project. Take a Tour of the eLearning Stock Library. The post eLearning Stock Library Tour appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Stock 110

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OpenSesame announces partnership with Real Projects to expand business skills and information security course library


Portland, OR – 20 July 2019 – OpenSesame, the elearning innovator, announced the addition of Real Projects to its popular OpenSesame Plus subscription, to expand its curated library of topics of remote working, business travel, cybersecurity and business skills. .

The future of libraries?

Clark Quinn

I had lunch recently with Paul Signorelli , who’s active in helping libraries with digital literacy, and during the conversation he talked about his vision of the future of the library. What I heard was a vision of libraries moving beyond content to be about learning, and this had several facets I found thought-provoking. Now, as context, I’ve always been a fan of libraries and library science (and librarians).

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

libraries. gives learners a lasting resource rather than a one- off face-to-face session with an expert. received, as well as an evergreen library of highly useful. into your authoring tool’s content library, then record an. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Fall For These eLearning Resources

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To get you into that fall mood, we picked out a few resources from the Template Library that pair well with pumpkin flavored everything. You can also find several other interactions in our Template Library that match this design, for a full course’s worth of rockstar style. Our Stock Asset Library is full of beautiful fall background photos, illustrations, and other assets to give you everything you need to bring the spirit of the season into your next project. .

Digital eBook Library- How Can Institutions & Publishers Benefit


Colleges and universities have huge libraries stacked with books. Brick and mortar libraries are still standing strong and are maintained by educational institutions. And an e-library is the perfect place where all digital learning content can be saved.

eLearning Brothers Revamps the Free eLearning Library

eLearning Brothers

Over the past few days, we at eLearning Brothers have completely refreshed our Free Library with over 95 new templates, stock assets, custom resources, and even a course from our new Customizable Courseware offering. So let me walk you through and show you some of the coolest assets in the new and improved Free Library. Prioritize Like A Pro: To celebrate the release of our new Customizable Courseware offering, we have put a course into the Free eLearning Library.

Overview: PowerPoint Graphics Library

eLearning Brothers

As you may be aware, we at eLearning Brothers have a boatload of PowerPoint graphics docked in our template library. Watch the video below for a full overview of our PowerPoint Graphics Library ! The post Overview: PowerPoint Graphics Library appeared first on eLearning Brothers. eLearning Featured PowerPoint Graphic Library Powerpoint Resouces Products/Services Resources

Leader Learning Library

The Performance Improvement Blog

Online resources for leaders and wannabe leaders are quite extensive these days. While Masters in Leadership has created an excellent resource, that has something for everybody, as with any best-of list, each of us can think of people and organizations that we would have included. Human Resource Development Leadership Leadership Development Organizational Learning John Baldoni leader leadership servant leader Wally Bock

How to Get the Most Out of Your Camtasia Library

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When you download a template from the eLearning Brothers Camtasia Template Library , it comes to you in one of two ways. If you’re on a PC, it comes as a Library Zip file that you can import into your Camtasia library. Library Zip files are great, and it’s important to know how to use them to effectively use any sort of Camtasia template on PC. Edit a template and then save the new and improved template to my library. I’ll select “Add to Library”.

Rockstar Resources for PowerPoint

Mike Taylor

PowerPoint & Presentation Design Resources. I’ve assembled a big collection of resources for you to support your work in PowerPoint. BrightCarbon has compiled a great set of resources to help you master the art of presenting and up your PowerPoint game, And they’re all free!

3 Hidden Tools of the eLearning Template Library

eLearning Brothers

One of the major reasons people subscribe to our eLearning Template Library is to save time. All three of these are found in your Product Subscription Dashboard, under the “Templates Library” section. When you click on the “Downloads” link, you will see a history of every file you have downloaded from the Template Library. Collections are one of my favorite tools in the Template Library. eLearning Template Library.

There’s More than Scissors and Glue in Our Common Craft Library!

eLearning Brothers

That’s why I think the Common Craft library is so helpful. Rather than wasting time attempting to create engaging, consistent and designer-quality images, eLearning creators can use what’s available in the Common Craft library to build out a visual style that makes their courses stand out from the rest. You check the library and find four videos that might be just what you need to get this program off the ground: Social Media and the Workplace.

Virtual Bookshelf: Your All-You-Can-Read Digital Library


As with the conventional bookshelf, the virtual bookshelf allows you to catalog and organize your library of books on multiple shelves, or in other words, organize based on different categories. Some of the more popular virtual bookshelf websites include: Library Thing.

OpenSesame announces partnership with Mind Tools for Business to expand its leadership and management library


At Mind Tools for Business, we are proud of the essential role that our digital learning resources and tools play in so many of our clients’ learning ecosystem,” said Nahdia Khan, Head of Learning Community and Customer Voice at Mind Tools for Business. “We

Win a Lectora Inspire and eLB Stock Asset Library License

eLearning Brothers

In order to celebrate the integration of our eLearning Library into the Lectora 12 Inspire interface, we decided to let our favorite people (you) in on the fun. Just to prove that this is even more awesome than you at first suspected, Lectora is giving you a chance to when a one free Lectora license as well as a free subscription to our expansive Stock Asset Library. The post Win a Lectora Inspire and eLB Stock Asset Library License appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Stock 113

Introducing our editable microlearning Content Library

Ed App

We are thrilled to announce the release of a fully editable microlearning content library for use within our award-winning platform. This library is a transformative tool for authors to easily access and create lessons. . Want to discover the Library for yourself?

Introducing our groundbreaking, editable microlearning Content Library

Ed App

We are thrilled to announce the release of a fully editable microlearning content library for use within our award-winning platform. This library is a transformative tool for authors to easily access and create lessons. . Want to discover the Library for yourself?

eLearning Brothers Launches a First in the Training Market – Customizable Courseware

eLearning Brothers

The first Customizable Courseware library to launch is the Professional Soft Skills Library which will be followed shortly by the Sales Skills Training Library. The topics in this library include: Managing Others. The Professional Soft Skills library comes bundled with all supporting material to make a completely blended solution. Salt Lake City Utah – eLearning Brothers announced today a first in the training industry – Customizable Courseware.

eLBX Online Day 26 – A Beginner’s Guide to 508 Compliance

eLearning Brothers

Here are some additional 508 compliance and accessibility resources: Section 508. Blog Conferences eLBX eLearning Featured Instructional Design Resources PowerPoint Graphic Library Resources 508 compliance Accessibility eLearning Brothers eLearning Development section 508 universal design usabilityWe are in the final week of eLBX Online! Today we kicked things off with a bang with guest Laura Silver, Chief Operating Officer at Trivantis.

Benefits of a Digital Library for Associations and Non-Profit Organizations


A digital library , also commonly called an electronic library, is a vast repository of documents and files in categorized digital form, available over the web or on hardware storage devices like memory disks, flash drives, etc. Trained resources for online help.

New compliance courseware added to our editable content library

Ed App

Our completely free content library is constantly growing, and some new editable compliance-based courseware has just landed. As a resource for workplace bullying, this courseware outlines the facts to help identify workplace bullying in all its forms.

OpenSesame named a 2020 Training Industry Top 20 Online Learning Library Company


Selection to the 2020 Training Industry Top 20 Online Learning Library Companies List was based on the following criteria: Industry visibility, innovation and impact. The post OpenSesame named a 2020 Training Industry Top 20 Online Learning Library Company appeared first on OpenSesame.

Why a crowdsourced library could overcome global challenges

Ed App

Fortunately, there is: crowdsourced libraries. . In the same way as crowdfunding for startups pools financial help, crowdsourcing for libraries pools information. Crowdsourced libraries are powerful. The purpose of a local library is to serve the local community.

Why a crowdsourced library could overcome global challenges

Ed App

Fortunately, there is: crowdsourced libraries. . In the same way as crowdfunding for startups pools financial help, crowdsourcing for libraries pools information. Crowdsourced libraries are powerful. The purpose of a local library is to serve the local community.

22 Great Free ActionScript 3.0 Learning Resources

Upside Learning

Some of these resources will also help AS 1.0/AS 2.0 Do let me know of any more resources you’ve found useful and that can be included in this list. Social Media Libraries for Flash eLearning Development: Useful Firefox add-ons. Learning Resources AS 3.0 Learning Resources Flash Free ActionScript 3.0 Learning Resources Free AS 3.0 Learning Resources About a year back we realized using AS 3.0 in the custom eLearning development would be essential.

Creativity within Constraints: When Cost, Resource Scarcity, or Deadlines Make Effective Elearning Seem Out of Reach

The Learning Dispatch

Developing Effective Custom Training While Respecting Resource Limitations. And when training doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do, there’s a risk of defunding it in favor of other business priorities, leading to fewer resources for training and more constraints, creating a vicious cycle. At Microassist, we often work with clients who have different levels of (and sometimes seriously limited) resources available for training projects. Budget limits. Deadlines. Legacy tools.

9 Reasons Why Publishers Should Move to Digital eBook Libraries


The idea of digital eBook libraries replacing the traditional ones isn’t new. And in the new world order of remote learning, digital libraries play a critical role. Here’s why traditional book publishers should opt for a digital eBook libraries-.

The Only Place for Captivate 8 Templates and Learning

eLearning Brothers

The eLearning Brothers library is the largest, fastest growing eLearning Template library on the Planet with over 25,000 assets including cutout people images, games layouts, templates, interactions, sounds, graphics, skins and quizzes with over 10,000 assets added in the last year alone. eLearning Brothers provides the planet’s largest, most interactive library of assets for rapid eLearning development.

Whither the library?

Clark Quinn

I go to libraries, and check out books. And some recent debates have got me thinking about libraries in general, public and university. As the editor on one for-profit journal (British Journal of Education Technology), and now on one ‘open access’ (Impact: Journal of Applied Research in Workplace E-learning), I’ve been thinking more about the role of the journal, and the library. Libraries democratized access, by aggregating purchasing power.

Learning Pool release ‘Future of Work’ library to help organizations adjust to the ‘new normal’ of working

Learning Pool

The all-new Future of Work library contains a blend of Adapt courses, as well as resources, tips, tricks and videos so that organizations and its teams can become proficient and effective in working remotely while also preparing for a transition back to office working.

OpenEd.com's Learning Library Now Integrates with Moodle Learning Management System

Lambda Solutions

OpenEd.com, the world’s largest archive of free K-12 educational material, recently announced that their library of over a million resources will now be integrated with select learning management systems, including Moodle LMS. blended learning e-learning tools

Libraries without walls

Learning with 'e's

I recently wrote about how libraries are adapting to the digital age. The traditional library is viewed by many as a place for stacks of books to gather dust, and where stern librarians in tweed jackets tell you to keep quiet. Libraries are shaking off this image, and embracing new technologies and approaches to support learning in the 21st Century. In Library 2.0 I firstly wanted to find out what the contemporary library had to offer today's 'tech savvy students'.

Library 2.0

Learning with 'e's

What does the future hold for our university libraries? The library has long been seen by many as a very traditional, conservative institution, and is often portrayed as a place where rows upon rows of antiquated book shelves slowly gather dust. Yet a visit to the university library today will reveal a substantial investment in technology to streamline research and provide users with a more seamless and rewarding experience. Publications such as Kelly et al's Library 2.0

Reasons to Build a Corporate Digital Library and Encourage Employees to Read More

eThink Education

Why is a Digital Library Valuable in the Workplace? This is precisely why you should encourage your employees to read more and facilitate access to titles by having a corporate digital library available at all times. Organizations that want to grow and succeed recognize that books are invaluable resources for building a strong and educated workforce. 8 Reasons to Promote Reading Within Your Organization with a Digital Library.

Introducing the Knowledge Guru Tutorial Library

Knowledge Guru

With more people using Knowledge Guru today than ever before, we’ve been hard at work creating resources to make the game creation process faster and easier. That’s why I’m pleased to announce the new Knowledge Guru Tutorial Library. We’ve taken every how-to resource we offer and consolidated them in one location. Use the library in conjunction with our free instructional webinars , held every two weeks. Topics covered in the Tutorial Library.