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How to Improve the Search Experience on Higher Education Websites

Think Orion

Search experience is more than just a search bar at the top of your website. But do you know how to improve the search experience on higher education websites? Understanding user needs for a search experience involves grasping their intent, refining queries promptly, and delivering relevant results.

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Tony Karrer

This post likely will be quite a bit different because I'm convinced that most people have used different search tools enough that they are pretty comfortable with their current search behaviors. Yes, I personally use Google 95%+ for searching. But I do sometimes jump to other search engines.

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Benefits of e Learning


If you’re interested in any form of digital learning, you might search the terms: “eLearning,” “e learning,” “e-learning,” etc. According to Google Trends, keeping the term as one word — “eLearning” — is the most searched spelling over the past year. As eLearning continues to grow, so does its spelling variations.

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LMS Reporting is Broken


When we say LMS reporting is broken, it's because as we talk to people searching for a new LMS we are continually surprised by how they simply cannot get the right information the right people. Learn more. The post LMS Reporting is Broken appeared first on Wisetail.

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Online Marketing for Elearning Part III: Advertising


Here are the top ones you should keep in mind: Google Ads: Formerly AdWords, Google Ads are the simple text-based advertisements you see when you search for things on Google. A Google Ad is usually Pay-Per-Click, meaning you set an ad budget and a bid to have your advertisement appear when someone searches for a keyword.

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How to Promote Your Online Courses With Google Ads


Creators, online coaches, and edupreneurs use search engine marketing in addition to other marketing and sales methods to find success! Google Ads will appear not just on the Google search engine but also on other platforms within Google’s Network , like YouTube , YouTube Display Network , and Google Partner websites. Keyword tools.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Can Help Your Online Course

DigitalChalk eLearning

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to designing your website so that it appears in the non-paid, “organic” section of search results when people search key phrases on sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If the search engine is unable to read your content, your webpages will not appear in the search results.

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