Tagging Reality - Enkin has huge learning potential

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It combines GPS, orientation sensors, 3D graphics, live video, several web services, and a novel user interface into an Great submission for the upcoming Google Android mobile platform. The rather dense description is: "Enkin" introduces a new handheld navigation concept. It displays location-based content in a unique way that bridges the gap between reality and classic map-like representations.

The changing Web

Learning with e's

The web is constantly changing. Social media - often referred to as Web 2.0 , or the participatory Web - is shaping up to be one of the most important tool sets available to support the promotion of change in education. Essentially, Web 2.0 Web 2.0 Web 2.0

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Web 2.0 Learning

Tony Karrer

I've read a bit from ( here , here , and here ) about Jet Blue's use of web 2.0 / social media tools to communicate between their staff of learning professionals. The Awareness platform includes tools such as blogs, wikis and social bookmarking / tagging.

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Taxonomy 101 from an Association Learning Technology Perspective

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information about an object that people can use to search and locate that object) can add value, so it’s important to seek out an LMS solution with a proper minimum feature set to accommodate (and enhance) these types of tagging, filtering, and sorting operations.

The survival of higher education (3): The Social Web

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Below are four reasons why the Social Web and associated media are changing higher education. Firstly.the Social Web connects people together At Plymouth University, we very quickly began to explore the ways Social Web tools could support our students.

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The tribal web

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When observed in its entirety however, the trails of evidence emerging on the Web can readily support the notion of the virtual clan. The evidence for clannish behaviour online is abundant too, as seen in the creation of specific cultural artefacts that identify distinct web user groupings.

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#40years of educational technology: Social media

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Around the turn of the century we all began to be aware of a surge in the use of the Web for creating content. They are vital components of the web, and social media are important for education - because learning is essentially social and personal.

Business issues and the social web

Janet Clarey

I traveled to Buffalo, New York (yes, on purpose ; ) last Friday to speak at the ASTD Niagara Chapter meeting about learning in the workplace through the social web. The social web is not private. Tags: Uncategorized ASTD social web

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Semantic technologies and learning

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This is nicely facilitated by Social Web technologies (e.g. Traditionally, the Semantic Web is associated with semantic technologies (Gaevi, Jovanovi, & Devedi, 2007 ). Due to the intensive use of Web 2.0 Despite the initial perception that Web 2.0

Watching the paint dry

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Watching the paint dry' is usually a euphemism for boredom - but on this occasion, I found it truly rivetting to watch them explore Web 2.0 I also touched on social tagging and the theory behind it - the use of Delicious tagging was a particularly popular part of the session.

Wham, Slam, thank you m'ams

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I thought Josie Fraser , Helen Keegan and Frances Bell caught the mood of the ALT-C conference today with their excellent workshop this morning entitled: 'Web 2.0 That's me pictured with Helen doing a Web 2.0 Slam on social tagging using bits of crumpled up paper.

Webinar Digest: Benefits of Cloud Authoring

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Web Courseworks CEO, Dr. Jon Aleckson, and Dr. Paul Schneider, VP of Business Development at dominKnow, discussed the Benefits of Cloud Authoring. These web-based tools, such as dominKnow , ensure team collaboration and development allowing course authoring to adapt to the new standard.

Dead personal

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Since I posted the ' Two fingered salute ' earlier this week several people have asked me what I meant by 'personal web'. The report goes on to define personal webs as self created and consisting of online tools that suit each individual's unique preferences, styles and needs.

Even learning is miscellaneous

Clive on Learning

The problem was that our courses were neither pure soft skills (where technology rarely rears its ugly head) nor IT training (where good design in presentations, printed documents or web content never gets a mention). Tagging and other technologies free us from the necessity of deciding on a single system of classification, in which every object is assigned a single category. In my 20s I spent a couple of years working in management accounting for a large multinational.

Content creation

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Without organisation and tagging (the use of key descriptive words) such content is not searchable. In my next blog post in this series on digital literacies, I will explore this facet of the social web in more detail.

Podcasting Equipment Setup and Software I use on the 10-Minute Teacher


Tagging and uploading. IT Coaches and Directors Librarians Mac Podcasting Teachers Tech Tips Tools Web Tools Windows-PCA Behind the scenes peek at the 10-Minute Teacher From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter.

The survival of higher education (2): Changing times

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My two keynotes were conceived, written and presented over a decade ago in 2000, at a time when the Web was still in its infancy. I was certainly speaking for a time before the advent of what is now referred to as Web 2.0 or the ‘social web’. The Changing Web (2.0) Web 2.0

Digital literacy 6: Organising and sharing content

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The very act of creating content, whether it is a video, blogpost or podcast, is often with the intention that it will be shared in some way, usually on the web. Now we have the social web, there are more ways than ever to make your content available to a vast audience.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): 8 Random Facts Meme (via Karyn Romeis)

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So I was thinking about how to respond to this tagging - Im a rebel, I live on the edge - you know, blog fast and die young, so I wanted to do something a bit different. books futures Web 2.0

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The architecture of learning

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One of the characteristics of Web 2.0, As far as Tim O'Reilly is concerned, Web 2.0 This facet was explained very clearly in Michael Wesch's excellent video Web 2.0. The Machine is Us/ing Us , which shows how web tools work better the more people use them. Web 2.0

Making Connections: Trends in Social Learning

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Web 3.0 The “Web 2.0″ As described by Bryan Alexander (2006), Web 2.0 But a new buzzword is just around the corner: Web 3.0. In “Web 3.0,” microcontent is tagged (that is, marked with metadata that describes the nature of the information).

LearnTrends: The Immernet Singularity

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Four technology arenas, 2D Synchronous Learning, Knowledge Sharing Spaces, Web 2.0 Tools and Virtual Worlds, are on a convergence trajectory towards an immersive web future that will redefine how we work, learn and play. Web 1.0 “Connect To&#. Web 2.0 “Connect Through&#. Web 2.0 i-web = immernet = immersive internet. Web 2.0 knowledge discovery, blogs, wikis, tagging, RSS). Q: 90-9-1 makes it tough to get Web 2.0

New spaces, new pedagogies

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Here's the abstract for my keynote: New Spaces, New Pedagogies: Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Education A rapid emergence of social media – the so called ‘Web 2.0’ – has opened up new opportunities for participatory learning in all sectors of education.

LearnTrends Live: Harold Jarche on PKM

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“Making explicit&# is tagging and pigeon-holing. Dave Pollard’s notion of critical thinking overlaps Harold’s PKM model: Convergence Improving the process of Innovation Web 2.0Personal Knowledge Management. BIG KM (corporate) | Little KM | Personal KM. Lots going on.

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Turn and face the strain

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Below is an extract from a forthcoming chapter I'm publishing soon in a book edited by Manuela Repetto and Guglielmo Trentin, on Web Enhanced Learning. It has the optimistic title of: Teacher resistance to new technologies: How barriers to Web Enhanced Learning can be overcome.

Everyone has one

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As they gain more knowledge of their subject, broaden their personal learning networks and gain access to more content, so they modify their PLE to accommodate all the necessary storage, tagging and co-creation of content that ensues. Personal Learning Environment PLE Web 2.0

Tags, Search Effectiveness, Personal Benefits

Tony Karrer

From Bill Ives - Where Tagging Works and Where Tagging Doesn’t Work – Search Engine Lowdown I guess I tend to agree with Danny Sulliivan about the tagging and search but that is not the original intention of tagging. Interesting, Bill points to a search on Google for "Web 2.0" A closely related great series of articles can be found at What are the Personal Benefits of Tagging? -

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Going geographical

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Here are the title and abstract of my presentation: New Spaces, New Pedagogies: Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Education A rapid emergence of social media – the so called ‘Web 2.0’ – has opened up new opportunities for participatory learning in all sectors of education.

Many encounters

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tools (I demonstrated the wisdom of crowds, folksonomies and social tagging through a number of 'get out of your seat' activities which seemed to go down well) and problem based learning. Stay tuned - or whatever they say, in this web enabled world.

Up Pompey

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Web 2.0 I hope to explore some of the possibilities and potential of tools such as blogs, wikis, microblogs and aggregators, and will also explore mashups, social tagging, and concepts such as 'wisdom of crowds' and folksonomies. Tags: Manish Malik Folksonomy blog Web 2.0

Weekly Bookmarks (1-2-2011)

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3 Web-Based Tools that Generate Awesome Tag Clouds. tags: visualization tagging tools. Better than your average tag cloud–interactive, colorful, shaped like clouds, etc. Four Steps to Effective Virtual Classroom Training by Ruth Clark : Learning Solutions Magazine. Four-step model by Ruth Clark on designing for synchronous online training via Elluminate etc.

How Mobile Apps Can Act as Social Learning Tools

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A native app (in contrast with a web app) can let you access content even when you are not connected to the internet. Social learning and mobile learning have a lot in common. After all, what do we use mobiles mostly for? Communication, right?

#ICELW Opening Keynote with Steve Wheeler @timbuckteeth "The Future is Mobile…Social…Personal"

Learning Visions

In 1999, we said the future is the Web. Sir Tim Berners Lee, on the web “ this is for everyone”… What’s the next disruptive technology? Learners create their own content map through tools, sharing, collab, tagging, voting, networking, user generated content. gestural) > Interface Smart Mobiel Technology > Tools Collaborative Intelligent Filtering Web 1.0 The Web Web 2.0 The Social Web Web 3.0 Semantic Web Web 4.0

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New wine in old bottles

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which will take the form of a debate over the ethics of research and intervention in Web 2.0 I'm going to argue that using, and researching the use of Web 2.0 Do such demand characteristics alter the results of Web 2.0 Another ethical problem arises when researchers 'eavesdrop' on Web 2.0 The camera was open for a long time before the speech began, picking up off the cuff remarks, and broadcasting on the web as the speaker set up his slides.

Blended Learning: Not your Mother’s, Grandmother’s, or Possibly Even Older Sibling’s Training

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Make no mistake, today blended learning goes beyond merely tagging on a movie or performing a Web Quest on the internet. Blended learning is not new to training.

New offerings provide a gateway to Learning 2.0

Clive on Learning

Although the use of Web 2.0 technologies for learning is on the up (see Learning 2.0 - an update from the eLearning Guild ), it's also true to say that most employers don't know which way to start (see How are employers responding to Gen Y and Web 2.0? ). " The new system integrates with other tools in the Saba suites, including web conferencing, performance management and other HR processes. Saba's new offering is a leaning towards Web 2.0 The Web 2.0

EDEN saw play.

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I'm thinking about the Web 2.0 I followed as the third speaker, with my session on wikis and collaborative learning, and the session was capped off by an overview of social software from Antonio Huertas (Open University of Catalonia, Spain) who dealt with 'Wikis, blogs and tagging in education'. Other sessions dealing with Web 2.0 Papers on podcasting, mobile technologies and Multi-player Games along with a super paper entitled 'How to cope with the complexity of Web 2.0