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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: David Byrne and PowerPoint

Learning Visions

Friday, April 06, 2007 David Byrne and PowerPoint Remember back in 2003, when David Byrne published a book (described by AP Technology Writer Rachel Konrad as a " coffee table book for nerds ") called E.E.E.I. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Humble Learning Moment

Learning Visions

Ive been reading e-Learning and the Science of Instruction (2003) by Ruth Clark and Richard Mayer. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Saturday, May 05, 2007 Humble Learning Moment File this one under the challenging of outdated theories and assumptions. Id say this is a must-read for learning/experience/ instructional designers, or whatever you may call yourself. For a great summary of the book, head over to Clives blog.

Here Comes Percipio ELSA – Learning Just Got a Whole Lot Easier


Such is the universality of these emotions that even Bob Harris, Bill Murray’s rather enigmatic character in 2003’s critically acclaimed Lost in Translation, talks about kids as being the most interesting people you will ever meet.

Agile Microlearning Explained


Book Review: Michael Allen's Guide to e-Learning, 2nd Edition by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

Michael Allen’s Guide was originally published in 2003. The second edition has been released, containing significant changes. from the original. Design Strategies Emerging Topics Instructional Design Training Strategies

Guide 63

Fitness Training Supports Improved Cognitive Functioning in Older Adults

Work Learning

A 2003 meta-analysis found that fitness training was likely to improve cognitive functioning in older adults. 2003). I'm reprising this because it is one of Psychological Science's most cited articles as recently as September 1, 2016.

Video games as Good Teachers

Kapp Notes

2003). 2003). 2003, May, 29). 2003, May, 28). 2003, May, 29). 2003, May, 29). It is obvious that games are immensely popular, what is less obvious is that they are also powerful teachers who have been “schooling” a generation for the past 30 years. Learning is most effective when the learner has an achievable, well-defined goal.

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How Long Does It Take to Develop One Hour of E-Learning-Updated for 2009

Kapp Notes

Here are survey results from The eLearning Guild The e-learning Development Time Ratio Survey And here is my attempt at a measurement from 2003. Time to Develop One Hour of Training Perhaps the most interesting part of the article is the comparison of 2003 and 2009 numbers.

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Writing & Grammar: Where Did My Name Go?

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

In Word 2003, that function is found under Tools > Options > User Information. Some of his reviewers were working in Word 2003. But the reviewers in question were using 2003, so there was no way anyone had used that tool. Word 2003 has a tool for removing all personal information upon saving a document. " This setting is also present in Word 2007, but only if you are working on a document that has been saved with that option in Word 2003.

Reserve your place for the webinar: Jane Hart in conversation with Jane Bozarth

Jane Hart

Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server. Date: Wednesday, February 22, 2012. Time: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM GMT | 1.30-2.30 PM ET | 10.30-11.30 AM PT. Reserve your seat for the webinar now – there are 100 places available - After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar. System Requirements. PC-based attendees. Macintosh®-based attendees. Required: Mac OS® X 10.5 or newer.

C2 Workshop Reincarnates As LEARNNOVATORS!


Since its inception in 2003, C2 has designed, developed and delivered 5000+ hours of customized learning content for corporates around the globe. C2 Workshop has reincarnated itself… as LEARNNOVATORS! Headquartered in Chennai (India), C2 creates innovative and effective elearning solutions for a worldwide clientele. As it approaches its 10th anniversary, C2 has reinvented itself… born again in an all new avatar, as LEARNNOVATORS.

#C2Xmas Day 2: Samuel Pepys Diary

Jane Hart

The diary entries were published on this site daily, in real time, from January 2003 until May 2012, with readers discussing events each day. Day 2 of my Countdown to Xmas #C2Xmas continues here.

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Podcast: Anna McGrath talks about Conscious Leadership and Self-Organizing Teams


Anna’s extensive experience includes leading west coast operations for a sports management company where she was the area director for 400 people before she launched WonderWorks in 2003.

9 Effective Instructional Design Tactics


2003), What works in schools: translating research into action. Effective online (or offline) instructional design is a critical component to improving learning retention. Without a well through-out instructional model, learning opportunities can be missed – sometimes completely.

Why Skillsoft Channel Partners Should Attend Perspectives


By Paula Thoren I attended my first Perspectives in 2003.

Digital Media – a Constructivist view of principles

The E-Learning Curve

In "E-Learning and the Science of Instruction" (2003), Clark and Mayer explore the research on the impact of media in e-learning across seven design principles. Constructivism is part of the Cognitivist 'gene pool,' and as such it is appropriate to look at the impact of digital media on cognition and learning. Find out more. Continue Reading → The post Digital Media – a Constructivist view of principles appeared first on E-Learning Curve Blog.

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How to Prevent Member Education Burnout

Association eLearning

2003). Proceedings of ASSE’s Safety 2003, Denver, CO, USA. After your organization decides to increase learning opportunities, there is usually a flurry of activity to roll out some eLearning. Classes are designed, written, and posted. Then the waiting begins.

Onboarding Built Today, But Designed for the Future by Seniye Groff

Learning Solutions Magazine

Since 2003, Fortis Construction, based in Portland, Oregon, has experienced unprecedented growth. As expected with a company that grows quickly, this resulted in some growing pains. A key part of the solution has been development of a formal training strategy and a structure that offers consistency and prepares employees to embrace future challenges. Blended Learning Design Strategies Management Training Strategies

How Our Intuitively Designed LMS Administration Saves You Time

Absorb LMS

This was our goal back in 2003 , and it’s the filter through which we look at every new feature that we build into Absorb today. Here at Blatant Media we are focused on one primary goal – To Build Intuitive Software!

Design 208

6 Courses for Simple Software Upgrades


Many are still using software like Microsoft Office 2003 - they’re aware that it is outdated, but are nervous about losing data during an upgrade or facing other difficulties along the way. Is your company running on outdated software?

Anna McGrath talks about Conscious Leadership and Self-Organizing Teams


Anna’s extensive experience includes leading west coast operations for a sports management company where she was the area director for 400 people before she launched WonderWorks in 2003. Listen to full podcast: [link].

FREE Alternative to Microsoft Project


The downside is it does kind of have that “Windows 2003″ feel at times, but it’s effective and completes the task at hand. For those of you who have used, or actively use, Microsoft Project, you know how awesome it is.

Competition & Cooperation in Gamification

Kapp Notes

Crawford, 2003). 2003) Chris Crawford on game design. Some thoughts on competition and cooperation for learning within the context of gamification. For more information on content and structural gamification, click HERE. Competition. Competition is often associated with structural gamification. Competition is when students are “constrained from impeding each other and instead devote the entirety of their attentions to optimizing their own performance.”

Turbo Charge Scheduled Events in Your Learning Management System by Using Tags

Absorb LMS

He passed away in 2003 but it seems appropriate that he be revived symbolically in this Blog post to teach this important topic. Instructor-led sessions, either in physical or virtual classrooms, play a big part of many organizations’ learning strategies.

Successful Business Digitals – How Do They Do It?

Your Training Edge

IBM was stuck at one time losing shares to other companies like Intel & Dell, they re-engineered their whole company, its system, its offerings and its people in 2003 and 2004.

Infographic: How Google has changed what it means to do research


2003: Myspace launched. 2003: Yahoo acquires Overture (for paid placement) and Inktomi (search).

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Resources for Finding Out How Long it Takes to Develop eLearning

Kapp Notes

Several people have attempted to answer that question in 2003 I gathered data and information about the times it takes to develop instruction and then my colleague Robyn Defelice and I explored the idea in 2009. A question I am constantly asked is “How long does it take to develop…&# you can fill in the rest with Instructor-led training, elearning, simulations, etc.

Origin Learning Wins the 2014 Chief Learning Officer Gold Award for Excellence in Social Learning

Origin Learning

Since 2003, the Chief Learning Officer Learning In Practice awards have recognized learning leaders who demonstrate excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs through a combination of qualities such as leadership, vision, business acumen and strategic alignment.

Thinking about Gamification in Learning and Instruction

Kapp Notes

Juul (2003) identified six elements which include rules, variable quantifiable outcome, player effort, valorization of the outcome, attachment of the player to the outcome, and negotiable consequences. 2003).

eLearning Development: How long does it Really take?

Upside Learning

It used to take higher efforts in 2003 but now takes much lesser. How long does it take to create one hour of eLearning? According to an article posted on the ASTD website by Karl Kapp and Robyn A.

Creating a Natural, Engaging Conversation in Your Simulation or Game

Kapp Notes

2003) e-Learning and the Science of Instruction: Proven Guidelines for Consumers and Designers of Multimedia Learning. 2003) e-Learning and the Science of Instruction: Proven Guidelines for Consumers and Designers of Multimedia Learning.

Create Autonomy in Gamification and Other Learning Environments

Kapp Notes

2003). 2003). When thinking about creating a gamification experience (or any learning experience), allow and encourage the learner to make meaningful and consequential choices. Meaningless choices lead to dis-engagement and a lack of motivation and interest in the experience.

Microsoft Translator

Take an e-Learning Break

Check out the new Microsoft Translator - it raises the bar for translating three ways: on the Web, for Office 2007 & 2003, and a unique translation widget for your site. Office Casual: How you can translate better with Microsoft Translator Update any Office 2007 or Office 2003 product with Microsoft Translator, find instructions for the free download: [link] Microsoft Translator widget: [link] To drop text for translation (or a URL) via Bing: [link].

A good read

Moodle Journal

It contains really comprehensive statistics on the many aspects of provision and planning, including VLE'S, with findings like: 76% of colleges compared to 59% in 2003 now have a VLE. I have been having read of the report from Becta "ICT and e-Learning in Further Education", click here.

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