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Top 7 Custom eLearning Articles on our Blog in 2013

Bottom-Line Performance

Our goal is to educate and inform, and to that end we invest considerable time creating and researching content that the learning and development community will find useful. To me, the seven top articles from the past year are really a checklist of what’s important and pressing to learning professionals. You’ll notice that games and gamification are mysteriously not on this list of articles. I hope you find one or more of these articles helpful.

Customize Your LMS to Support Your Brand


There are plenty of best practices to drive toward that goal, including customizing your LMS interface. What does this have to do with a customizing your LMS? Custom brand SAP Litmos Training for a better learner experience. What Can You Customize?


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How to Create an Online Course (in 2020)


Creating and selling online courses can be quite profitable, with many professionals achieving 6- and 7-figure incomes. How can I create a profitable course? Well, we created this massive guide to answer all those questions for you. How to Create an Online Course. First Steps to Creating an Online Course. How to Create an Online Course (Step by Step). Create a beautiful online school without any technical skills. Creating the Course Content.

Create an Interactive Course Using a Single Image

Rapid eLearning

I used the free image to create an interactive course prototype for an upcoming workshop activity. The example above was created in Storyline 2 and uses the zoom region feature and triggers to pause the timeline. How to Create an Interactive Course Using a Single Image. If you had access to a graphics designer you could create anything you want. The challenge with this is that it can be difficult to modify or customize the free downloads that you find.

7 Tips To Create A Self-Paced eLearning Course


In this article, we’ll share 7 helpful tips for creating effective and engaging courses for learners who want to learn at their own pace. How To Create A Self-Paced eLearning Course. Create Personalized eLearning Plans. However, there must be a foundation they can build on, such as a customized eLearning plan. For example, asking online learners to team up and create blogs, online presentations, and tutorials with the help of eLearning authoring tools.

How to create effective online training courses on a budget

Your Training Edge

In this article, I will discuss four techniques to develop effective online IT training courses which captivate online audience without costing you a fortune. . You can use old tutorials, resources sections, forum questions and answers, customer service responses, website blogs, etc. to create new content quickly and cost effectively. You can scale the repurposing of the old content by developing a process and content development calendar.

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2018 in the Rearview Mirror


Technology companies have been taking significant steps to meet that need without making their customers do the leg work. The candidate experience, employee experience, customer experience -- organizations and providers alike spent the last 12 months truly diving into what it means to be an employee or a customer who uses these systems. This is a shift towards more of a B2C model of understanding and catering to customer preferences and needs.

Ten Interactive Online Platforms to Deliver Holistic Learning to Students


Accordingly, to deliver eLearning, you need an interactive online platform that can help you create and deliver courses, include resource libraries, tools for collaboration, analytics, reporting and feedback, and interface for all stakeholders, including teachers, students, and course administrators to access all data and information. Here in this article, we have listed the ten most popular interactive online platforms to deliver holistic learning to your students.

How to Improve Training Outcomes with Microlearning Interventions?

Tesseract Learning

The L&D professionals set up the training calendar, roll out the training as per the schedule, and their job is done. In my recent interactions with L&D professionals and customers, I have been advocating for increased usage of microlearning as a great tool to enable better learning, improved retention of concepts, and more importantly, as a tool that helps apply the concepts learned to the job. Blog Custom elearning Microlearning

Draw from New Buckets to Fill Your Non-Dues Revenue Needs

Blue Sky eLearn

By creating an overall communications strategy that pulls from each of the buckets below, it allows your association to create diverse advertising offerings, customize relevant content for different member groups, strengthen your brand and emerge as an industry thought leader. There are two ways to offer sponsored content: The advertiser can sponsor content created by your association, or the brand can contribute editorial they’ve created through their own thought leadership.

4 Steps to Run Better Video Conferencing Meetings

Sales Hacker

When everyone can see each other, you create more meaningful connections. Video conferencing tools that offer integrations with things like instant messaging services, calendaring, and scheduling tools can significantly improve the experience for your teams and drive productivity. Custom backgrounds and updated tools for things like muting and screen sharing can drive higher performance in your business and help your teams have more fun as well! Closing Articles

The 7 worst scary-bad corporate training mistakes


So, aim to create continuous learning programs that reinforce education via a blended learning model , across modalities and activities, such as social learning and coaching. To breathe new life into existing courses and/or to create better new ones, consider applying some tips from this recent webinar on how to engage learners. Plus, new modules are added all the time, so you can continually grow the course library that you offer your employees, customers, and partners.

Covid-19 Aid: Free Tools and Resources for Virtual Learning and Remote Work

Talented Learning

Normally as the calendar shifts from March to April, we celebrate the arrival of warmer weather. To help educational institutions, healthcare providers, municipalities and non-profit organizations embrace “the virtual workplace” LogMeIn is offering Emergency Remote Work Kits to new customers. To help distributed workers or learners connect, communicate and collaborate, Cisco is making Webex online conferencing tools available for free to new customers for 90 days.

What's really ready for prime time in corporate learning?


Once you recognize that your own use of mobile is more around notes, navigation, calendar, contacts, pictures, and more, not courses, you can start to explore the possibilities. People are already finding value in things like quick references, how-to videos, expertise finders, custom calculators, enterprise search, and more. This can be important if it’s customer facing, in particular. And it’s now easy to create and make available these resources. Articles

8 Top Priorities For Your LMS Needs Assessment

Petra Mayer

In this article I will review what needs to be considered for a thorough Needs Analysis with the effect that as an organization you are able to make the most educated choice when selecting your new Learning Platform. In those instances, you do not need to create technical eLearning files that provide you with detailed tracking. This will often require an API customization. Calendar tools. Customer service platform.

Beyond Buzzwords: The Down & Dirty Realities of Modern Learning


Or, are you creating learning journeys enhanced by artificial intelligence to empower people on their learning paths? We want to be able to prove that our efforts are driving outcomes like better employee performance, more consistent customer success, a more energized culture, and reduced risks for the company. What’s more, workers want to design their own destiny and create custom learning paths that propel their careers and spark their interests.

Arlo + Zapier just got better

Arlo Training & Events Software

In just a few clicks you can set up workflows for your data to be automatically synced to and from Arlo, with systems such as Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Excel, Outlook Calendar, Salesforce and more! Read the article Ready to get started?

The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

Talented Learning

Other organizations such as Maestro and Allego have created specialized mobile applications for internal and external sales force learning that can’t be replicated by a traditional LMS. #12 Among LMS specialists, differentiation tends to start with the target learning audience: employees, extended enterprise (customers, channel partners and other non-employees), academic institutions, associations or commercial training companies.

Email Marketing Tips for Online Course Creators


Simply creating an online courses and putting a price onto it will only get you so far. It helps you build your customer base and is one of the most effective ways to get repeat business and referrals from happy students. Together we will create beautiful gardens, exchange ideas with other gardeners and learn about courses that take our craft to the next level. Grow Your Customer Base with Effective Email Campaigns. TIP: Try Calendars and Newsletters.

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5 Best Educational Website Builders and Platforms in 2019

Your Training Edge

Educational websites and blogs are great enablers for students as they can find information about the syllabus, extra reference articles, coursework and even live tutorial videos and lectures. But Weebly has also released a version which specially caters to educators, enabling them to create and manage learning portals and forums. Innovative, intuitive and informative, Weebly Education lets users design websites, post reference articles, learning programs, and assignments online.

Introducing Arlo’s Zapier integration

Arlo Training & Events Software

These are often things that happen frequently enough that doing them manually creates a bottleneck in your process (which eats up both time and money). Integrations help create a source of truth for applications, ensuring that not only all data comes from the same place, but it also helps eliminate errors caused by manually moving the data around. Arlo comes with built-in integrations for the platforms that our customers use the most. Calendars.

5 Best Educational Website Builders and Platforms in 2019

Your Training Edge

Educational websites and blogs are great enablers for students as they can find information about the syllabus, extra reference articles, coursework and even live tutorial videos and lectures. But Weebly has also released a version which specially caters to educators, enabling them to create and manage learning portals and forums. Innovative, intuitive and informative, Weebly Education lets users design websites, post reference articles, learning programs, and assignments online.

15 Best Online Course Themes For Your WordPress LMS

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

When you’re creating an e-Learning site (or any type of site), choosing the right online course theme becomes a very important part of the process. In this article, we will be talking about the various popular WordPress LMS plugins and the best themes for each plugin.

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Top Training Management System Features: Key Training Sales Cycle Management Features for Vital Sales Activities

Training Orchestra

In our Training Management System Features blog series, we’re exploring the key features needed to ease the complexity and optimize these core training back-office processes: Operations and logistics, scheduling and resource management, financial performance and budget planning, reporting, and in this article, sales cycle management. Plus, you can encourage customer success by supporting customers post purchase with a customer portal.

Coassemble’s 2020 wrap up!


We’re thankful for our incredible team and amazing customers to keep us going. We were able to also grow our marketing, customer success, and sales teams to enable an even higher level of service to our customers. CoLab Webinars, Newsletters, Blog Articles, and Podcasts!

4 Ways an LMS Facilitates Competency-Based Employee Training


” In the article The Importance of Employee Competency Development , Employee Performance and Talent Management staff wrote, “The actual number of competencies an organization may choose to use varies widely from one organization to the next, but a good rule is between 10 and 20. A social learning management system allows peers to easily give and take knowledge via social media, engage in video conferencing and calendaring, and chat online in realtime.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | October 11, 2019

Mike Taylor

Created for PC users by PowerPoint experts at BrightCarbon , the BrightSlide add-in will help you create, polish, and edit presentations at speed. This article from Boston Consulting Group talks about how a third-generation learning organization is a “human + machine” machine, in which artificial and human intelligence are focused on their respective advantages. Fliplet : Prefab: The smart way to create custom apps.

Free Sales Tools Reps Can’t Live Without


In this article, we’ll explain the types of free sales tools, their uses, and how to build a sales software stack that helps you find and close more business. Easily create and share 1-to-1 videos. CreateMySignature (free version): Create a professional email signature.

Sales 72

11 Best WordPress Education Themes – 2020

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

If you want to create a professional education website that scales rapidly and provides a good experience to your learners, it’s necessary to choose a good WordPress education theme. In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about WordPress education themes – what they are, how they’re different from other themes, and how can you select one for your online education platform.

Top Training Management System Features: Operations & Logistics Features Every Training Organization Needs

Training Orchestra

<< Today’s article will focus on: Training Management System Features for Operations and Logistics Management: To-Do List Consolidation.

ILT 52

10 Sales Resources to Help You Close 2019 with Momentum


The following is a curated set of articles and other materials we’ve found to strengthen your strategy and help you close 2019 on a high note. She reminds us of the all-important elements of a good pitch and why taking a more natural approach to customer communications might be the answer. In this article from Andreessen Horowitz, we get some great tips for negotiating and creating a partnership that’s beneficial for both parties.

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15 Must-Have Knowledge Sharing Tools

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

GOOGLE DRIVE Features: Access to the entire Google Suite which includes Google Docs, Forms, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Sites, Calendar, Hangouts and Google+ for all of your collaborative and storage needs. Features: Ability to leave feedback, set sharing options, create to-do lists, monitor revisions, give approval on projects, and more. Disclaimer: I am not paid nor am I a representative of the companies mentioned below.

Zoho 40

8 Tips To Facilitate Negotiation Skills In Sales Online Training

Infopro Learning

In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to help your sales employees seal the deal and improve customer satisfaction. Sales employees require a broad range of skill sets to address customer needs and persuade them to purchase. They have to articulate why the product or service is worth the investment and convince the customer that the price is right. Replicate customers and situations that your sales staff may encounter in the workplace.

Sales 221

Using LearnDash for Schools


In this article I will share some of the relevant features and add-ons used within the classroom (traditional education) setting. Resources – Other useful articles and resources worth reviewing. This quizzing feature allows you to display up to 15 different custom messages depending on how a student performs on a quiz. This add-on makes it possible for many teachers to create their own courses and manage their own students all on the same LearnDash installation.

Quiz 156

9 Best WooCommerce Product Availability Plugins

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Customers often get attracted to products that are available for a limited time. Or if there is a countdown ticking, indicating the arrival of a much-awaited product, then you can expect customers to sign up for waitlists to buy that product.

How Sellers Can (and Should) Adapt to a Virtual World


This article appeared originally in Forbes. Reps are not doing their research to find out if they’re connected to any other customers, digging into their DISC style or personality, looking for hints in their LinkedIn profile, or reading something that they wrote.

Surprisingly Cool Things You Can Do with an LMS


Not all Learning Management Systems are created equally. So instead of "Surprisingly Cool Things You Can Do with an LMS" this article may be more aptly titled, "Things You Did Not Know GyrusAim Could Do for You" However, it is best to gaze upon this list with the intent to evaluate your current LMS, as it too may have some of these capabilities hidden within its standard operating features. Custom APIs. Surprisingly Cool Things You Can Do with an LMS.

9 Ways Screen Capture Will Make Your Life Easier

TechSmith Camtasia

Then, you type out some text like, “check out the article found at this link. Send a personalized video to a customer to touch base about an existing account. Support your customers with clear instructions that explain how to complete a task. You can view full video, My Favorite Outlook Calendar Tips and Tricks , on YouTube. Create an on-demand presentation by recording PowerPoint slides. It’s happened to all of us.

XBlocks in Open edX: An Introduction


Trainers and educators at companies and higher education institutions are consistently on the lookout for ways to improve the way they build and create courses for their learners. By the end of this article, you’ll understand how XBlocks fit into Open edX and how you can use them to create engaging course content for your learners. integrations with Google Drive and Calendar.

Open 50

Campaign Strategy: How To Build And Monitor Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns


The goal of a social media marketing campaign can be anything – raising brand awareness, strengthening customer loyalty, generating fresh leads, driving conversions, and many more. It will help you to understand the customers you are approaching, which means you can create more appropriate content for the target audience. Create a Schedule of Activities schedule of social media activities. Video tools: mysimpleshow to create animated explainer videos.